March 7, 2010

The Over/Under on Oscar Politics

A few quick thoughts on this years Oscars presentation tonight. Here are some numbers that represent my views of the median number of possible Oscars or mentions for various subjects. The over/under represents my prediction of the outcomes.

  • Avatar Oscars - 4
  • Mentions of President Obama - 3
  • Mentions of President Bush - 1
  • Mentions of Global Warming - 1.5
  • Hurt Locker Oscars - 4.5
  • Mentions of Iraq - 1
  • Mentions of health care - 4
  • Mentions of the number of nominees per category - 6
  • Mentions of Haiti - 1
  • Mentions of Chile - 0.5
  • Mentions of Democrat scandals - 0
  • Michael Moore Oscars - 0
  • Micheal Moore mentions - 0.5

Someone hopefully will let me know how I did - I have no interest in watching. The Oscars, are overly long, typically boring, self-congratulatory, self-indulgent pap. They are often tilted so far left in their speaking content, I'm surprised the statues don't fall over.

UPDATE: Hurt Locker seemed more liberal so I picked it to beat out the also liberal, but animated Avatar. Hurt Locker won 6 awards, Avatar I think, won 3. As for the other categories - I didn't watch the liberal-fest, so I don't know how it turned out on those predictions. Anyone who can assist, let me know.

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