March 9, 2010

Senate votes 100-0 to highlight spending

From The Hill; the Senate voted 100-0 to highlight spending increases not covered by other spending cuts or tax increases.

In a rare 100-0 roll call vote, the Senate adopted an amendment offered by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) that would create a running tally on the secretary of the Senate's website of any new mandatory spending that isn’t paid for through offsetting spending cuts or tax increases.

Way to go Senate, but wait a minute...

Isn't that bi-partisan? Well, yes actually - because it's a good idea. Bi-partisanship exists when ideas are good, unlike the current healthcare bill(s).

More importantly wasn't Jim Bunning just lambasted in the media for the same thing?
Beginning last week, Jim Bunning took the Senate floor for five straight days to object to Harry Reid's call for unanimous consent to wave through a $10 billion spending bill. First, the Kentucky senator demanded, show me how we're going to pay for it.

His own leadership abandoned Bunning. Susan Collins of Maine assured the Senate and country that Republicans did not back their colleague: `Sen. Bunning's views do not represent a majority of the caucus. It's important that the American people understand that there is bipartisan support for extending these vital programs.'
Yeah, I guess he was. And Democrats joined in.

Maybe they'll all apologize to him now...*holding breath*

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