March 30, 2010

Democrat Kook Arrested For Cantor Death Threats

I don't like getting into the tit-for-tat and they-started-it arguments, but for the record, the man arrested for threatening to kill Republican Eric Cantor, apparently donated to the campaign of Barack Obama. It's tough to stand aside when the left keeps hurling accusations at the right which, quite often are completely unsubstantiated and meanwhile, the FBI has a case, and a confession from this guy.

Buried at the bottom of the Politico article;

Leboon does not appear to be particularly politically active, but he does appear to have donated to President Barack Obama. On back-to-back days in June 2008, a man who called himself “Norman Leboon Sr” from Philadelphia gave $255 and $250 to Obama for America. The Democratic National Committee will donate $505 to charity if it was the same man that threatened Cantor. The DNC condemned the threats to Cantor and his family.

Buried? Right at the bottom.  If there were footnotes, it probably would have made it in there instead. Kudos at least to the DNC for doing the right thing in this case.  I likely won't be able to say the same for the Mainstream Media, which is to report that fact with the same fervor as this. Dan Riehl offers video proof that just maybe, it wasn't quite like the spin.

Getting into the business of your radicals are crazier than ours is probably folly, but then again so is letting liberals get away with what they do in this regard.  On the scale of violence, accidentally spitting on a Congressman while yelling at him in frustration rating about a 3, putting a bullet into someone's house and making 2000 threatening videos rates about an 87.

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