February 6, 2016

Saturday Learning Series - Geography (Argentina)

Another geography lesson? Yeah, geography is kind of important like history.  It's fundamental stuff when it comes to geopolitics.  Today, Argentina.

February 5, 2016

Crowder - Hitler was a socialist

On the right we've all pointed this out countless times: Hitler was a socialist. The truth doesn't seem to be sinking in fast enough. Steven Crowder however does it especially well, and provides evidence along the way. So it's worth sharing.

Friday Musical Interlude - Comics

Caravan Palace's Comics (2015). Oh, the French. So odd.

This is good advice

Bill whittle, dispenses some of his considered wisdom.  As usual, well said.

February 4, 2016

Thursday Hillary Bash - Disingenuous

Defending her speaking fees from Goldman Sachs. Cringey.

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