February 11, 2016

Thursday Hillary Bash - outsourced today

Busy today so I'm outsourcing my Thursday Hillary Bash to this very informative visual post over at Vanden Brink's Blog.

It's must see stuff. Well done.

February 10, 2016

Chris Christie torpedo theory

Do you think it's possible that Chris Christie took his shot at Marco Rubio in the last New Hampshire debate, knowing that if he could successfully torpedo him it would make him a prime candidate as the #2 on the ticket for someone else who is polling better and isn't going to drop out of the race this week? Indications are that Christie is about to drop out

I'm just speculating.  I know a lot of people are thinking that other candidate might be Donald Trump. But I was thinking Jeb Bush. Sure, Trump makes sense, but so does Jeb.  All Christie had left to offer was his steamroller tactics. Not money, not sufficient support.  Both Trump and Bush have support and money.  Both could use Rubio out.


Would Trump really go for a NY Republican - NJ Republican ticket and think that it might be a winner for him?  Jeb might think Florida NJ is a good geographic mix.  Would Trump want Christie on the ticket if he could ask for Cruz who offers him some grassroots support. Jeb Bush doesn't appear to be interested in the grassroots voters.  He appears to want an establishment running mate.

Plus, there were rumors that Bush, Christie and possibly Kasich were colluding to take out Rubio prior to the debate. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Again, I'm just speculating, but I think Christie is banking on Jeb.  Then again, he could have deals with both Bush and Trump.  

Socialist Pope redux

I'm not sure how I missed this back in July of 2015. But it's worth noting. Supposedly Pope Francis was 'surprised' by this, but the fact that Bolivian president Evo Morales felt in a position to offer this to the Pope, says a lot about the image he has projected - at a minimum.  I for one, am not surprised that this happened. I don't think the Pope really was either, unless he wants to be a stealth socialist Pope and this blew his cover.

Yes, that's a hammer and sickle crucifix.

(CNN) The look on the face of Pope Francis says it all.

Why am I being presented with a wooden crucifix laid on a hammer and sickle, the Communist symbol conceived during the Russian Revolution?

The Pope received the gift from Bolivian President Evo Morales on the latest stage of his South American tour. He later celebrated Mass with nearly 1 million Bolivians in Santa Cruz.

The links and battles between Communism and the Catholic Church are an extremely sensitive subject in Latin America, the Pope's home continent. While he was an archbishop in Argentina, Francis tried to strike a delicate balance between championing the poor and avoiding class warfare.

According to reports, Morales told Francis that the "Communist crucifix" was modeled on a design created by the Rev. Luis Espinal, a politically active priest murdered by right-wing paramilitaries in Bolivia in 1980. The Pope stopped and prayed at the site of the shooting on Wednesday evening.
That is not cool.

February 9, 2016

Et tu FOX?

Fox News has it in for Trump. Like him or not you have to be concerned about Fox using MSNBC tactics against someone they don't like.  Fair and Balanced?

Trump did not use the F word, even though Fox made it appear he did:

Rupert Murdoch loves Hillary Clinton, remember? Oh, and Jeb Bush.

Blind Handicapping New Hampshire for fun

I haven't had a chance to follow any polling updates today to see how the New Hampshire primaries are trending.  So, rather than  reading up, I'm going to blindly handicap the outcome, just for fun.  Here's my stab in the dark.


Trump - 34%
Kasich  - 16%
Rubio  - 14%
Bush  - 9%
Carson - 8%
Cruz  - 6%
Christie - 5%
Fiorina - 4%
Gilmore - 1%


Sanders - 58%
Clinton -  42%

I'm not even sure the percentages add up to 100%. I'll just attribute any shortage or overage to rounding errors.


After I posted, I read up.  Here's Allahpundit's prediction. I may be not as far off as I thought. At least on the order, except for Cruz.  I'll take it.
Prediction time: Trump 26, Kasich 18, Rubio 16, Bush 14, Cruz 14
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