March 29, 2017

Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten - pro Trump?

This speaks for itself on both Brexit and Trump. Also on Islamic terrorism for that matter.

Gorsuch imminent - mark the date

Friday.  Either president Trump's first nominee is his first success and Democrats play fair, or the nuclear option is used or the Republican senate is full of it.  Mark the date.

Consumers on Trump: Winning

The media and the left may still be apoplectic about a Trump presidency, but consumers seem to be quite happy with the trajectory of a Trump presidency otherwise you would not see this;
Consumer confidence surged to a new 16-year high in March, fueled by strong job and wage growth, lofty stock prices and cheap gasoline.

An index of Americans' perceptions of the economy and labor market jumped to 125.6 – highest since December 2000 -- from an upwardly revised 116.1 in February, the Conference Board said Tuesday. Economists expected a dip to 114, according to a Bloomberg survey.

”Consumers feel current economic conditions have improved over the recent period, and their renewed optimism suggests the possibility of some upside to the prospects for economic growth in the coming months,” said Lynn Franco, the Conference Board’s director of economic indicators.

Consumer confidence is closely watched because it can foreshadow household spending, which makes up about 70% of economic activity.
Consumer Confidence is higher than any time since almost a year before 9/11.  The liberal left will of course want to derail that as anything potentially indicative of Trump momentum is anathema to their world view and to their political agenda. 

Brexit Divorce Papers Filed. Insane Bill Sent.

Today Britain has officially triggered the E.U. exit clause.  The E.U. responded vindictively.
Britain has officially launched the Brexit process, triggering Article 50 and starting a two-year countdown before the country drops out of the European Union.

The historic moment came as a letter signed by Prime Minister Theresa May was delivered to the Brussels office of European Council President Donald Tusk, notifying him of the UK’s intention to leave.
But the E.U. responded like a jilted lover.
As in many divorces, the first area of conflict is likely to be money. The EU wants Britain to pay a hefty bill -- Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the EU's executive Commission, put it at around 50 billion euros ($63 billion) -- to cover pension liabilities for EU staff and other commitments the U.K. has agreed to.

Britain acknowledges it will have to pay something, but is sure to quibble over the size of the tab.

Negotiations will also soon hit a major contraction: Britain wants "frictionless" free trade, but says it will restore control of immigration, ending the right of EU citizens to live and work in Britain. The EU says Britain can't have full access to the single market if it doesn't accept free movement, one of the bloc's key principles.

Both Britain and the EU say a top priority will be guaranteeing the rights of 3 million EU citizens living in Britain, and 1 million Britons living elsewhere in the bloc.

The two sides also appear to disagree on how the talks will unfold. EU officials say the divorce terms must be settled before negotiators can turn to the U.K.'s future relationship with the bloc -- and a deal on that could take a decade. British officials want the two things discussed simultaneously.
Like most divorces, this could get contentious.  Suggesting Britain owes $63 billion for E.U. staff pensions and "other commitments" is a good indicator of why Britons voted to exit the E.U.  If that's just the U.K.'s share of pension obligations, the E.U. cannot possibly think of itself as sustainable.

March 27, 2017

These hearings matter

Anyone  who wants to comment on wiretapping, or email deletion should listen to the Comey Congressional hearings.  Here's a lengthy excerpt. Note - there is no swearing in these exchanges.  The implied swearing is only from the Youtube poster.

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