October 30, 2014

Fire Mary Landrieu! (part 3)

Fire her because she's been lying about serving her constituencies.  For example:

Fire Mary Landrieu! (part 2)

If you don`t care that Mary Landrieu votes with Obama 97% of the time, how about corruption as a reason to fire her?

Fire Mary Landrieu!

Because she is a rubber stamp for president Obama:

Joni Ernst = Iowa

Brayley panics and resorts to the name Koch Brothers, but Joni Ernst proves she is there for Iowans.  Koch Brothers is like a Pavlovian bell to knee-jerk liberals and I guess Brayley figures throwing it out there will earn him a few votes.  Cheap. But Ernst responded with class.

Virginia: Ed Gillespie has a shot

This race wasn`t supposed to be close.  Ed Gillespie trailed Warner by 20 points at one point.  It`s down to single digits and he`s done it without financial help from the GOP.  He`s a better choice than Warner and Gillespie could really use your vote.  He`s got the potential to be a great senator for the state of Virginia.

There`s Mark Warner:

Then there`s Ed Gillespie:

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