October 1, 2016

Things you should know.

When Donald Trump complained about having a defective microphone during the debate, Hillary Clinton responded that Trump complaining about his mic meant he wasn't having a good debate.  Except, now the debate commission admits that there were problems with Trump's debate microphone.

The U.S. has unilaterally given up oversight of the Internet:
The US Commerce Department announced that its contract had expired with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which manages the internet's so-called "root zone."

That leaves ICANN as a self-regulating organization that will be operated by the internet's "stakeholders" -- engineers, academics, businesses, non-government and government groups.

The move is part of a decades-old plan by the US to "privatize" the internet, and backers have said it would help maintain its integrity around the world.

US and ICANN officials have said the contract had given Washington a symbolic role as overseer or the internet's "root zone" where new online domains and addresses are created.

But critics, including some US lawmakers, argued that this was a "giveaway" by Washington that could allow authoritarian regimes to seize control.
China buying Hollywood? Why would they bother? 

 Did this really happen?

Trump had seemingly pulled ahead in Florida, it appears to be a tie once again.

Saturday Learning Series - The Dunning Kruger Effect

Wait, what?

September 29, 2016

Wikileaks - Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS

 Wow. Is this for real???
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is a controversial character. But there’s no denying the emails he has picked up from inside the Democrat Party are real, and he’s willing to expose Hillary Clinton.

Now, he’s announcing that Hillary Clinton and her State Department were actively arming Islamic jihadists, which includes the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

Clinton has repeatedly denied these claims, including during multiple statements while under oath in front of the United States Senate.

WikiLeaks is about to prove Hillary Clinton deserves to be arrested
I am truly shocked. Waiting for more information to come in.

Refugee supports Trump

This. Is. Awesome.

Hillary Clinton taken down on taking credit for Bin Laden

Hillary Clinton has a history of rewriting...well, history. From going into Bosnia under "enemy fire", to Benghazi to her private email servers, she's not trustworthy. Now there's this - she's taking credit for getting Bin Laden.  Not so fast says the man who took out Bin Laden.

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