October 25, 2014

Saturday Learning Series - new topic!

Last week we looked at the Marshall Court. The Constitutional History lecture series is now complete.

On a different note today, a one off documentary on magnetism.

Baggage in Alaska

Speaking of lying, Mark Udall...

Democrats caught on camera talking about lying for the purposes of election victory is new, only because now they're getting caught on camera for doing  it. The Mark Udall campaign joins the parade.

Kentucky: Grimes crimes (at least her campaign's crimes)

A campaign that espouses lying is not a campaign that you want to win power.

Kentucky can do better.

October 24, 2014

David Perdu for Georgia

I shouldn't have to spend any focus here, but it seems I do. Georgia should be a reliably Republican state, and David Perdu seems to be a great option for voters. So support David Perdu, Georgia.

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