January 16, 2017

Quick Hits - Streep Sweep

Meryl Streep - I never liked her acting.  She always seems to be on the verge of tears. Her film choices seem pretentious and self-important.  They are generally not entertaining, certainly not as entertaining as the NFL.

I could care less what she has to say about politics because she is vapid, self-involved and smarmy.  Doctors don't tell astronauts how to do their job, and actors don't understand economics. She took the opportunity of her speech at the GOLDen GLOBeto slam Donald Trump.  A bunch of rich, primarily white out of touch Hollywood type applauded her because they feel like they are the most hated group of people in America, along with immigrants and the press and that Trump is Darth vader incarnate.

It's stupid to care.  Rush Limbaugh broke it down quite well nevertheless, last week.

January 15, 2017

Sunday charity

Faith in humanity restored.

Anyone who wants to outsource their kindness to government welfare programs is abdicating their responsibility as a human being.  These are things we should all be doing in our everyday lives individually and in community groups. Sending money to a government bureaucracy for things like HUD or welfare or Obamacare not only adds layers of inefficiency as money gets eaten up for salaries and government buildings etc., it also removes your own personal responsibility to other people and to yourself.

Quick Hits - Trump vs Buzzfeed

I'm playing catch up on my posts because 2017 has started out for me unusually busy.  Consequently my coming posts will be shorter than normal.  Who knows, maybe that is a good thing.

Here's my first catch up post: Trump vs Buzzfeed and CNN. Liberals clearly want to delegitimize Trump's presidency and they don't care how they do it.  After weeks of decrying fake news, an ultra-liberal media outlet, released fake news and it was quickly picked up by CNN, an ultra-liberal now pseudo-news organization.  They fail to realize they continue to de-legitimize themselves instead and are growing the chasm between the public and themselves.

Sunday verse

January 14, 2017

Saturday Learning Series - Physics 101.

I'm enjoying the Geography Now series on countries but I spent all of 2016 pretty much on geography, so I'll be including them as ad hoc bonus items this year and be moving on to new topics in 2017.

Here's a map explaining all of the different areas of physics that we have today. It's a good starting point in understanding what physics does for us.

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