July 12, 2020

COVID19 Deaths vs. New Cases in America

The number of COVID-19 related deaths in the United States is clearly declining, even as the number of cases rises. This of course explains the media's new obsession with the number of cases as it paints a worse picture for the president.

The two charts below show the decline in deaths and the rise in cases in a time series.

This is not to say that deaths might not surge once again, but there are a lot of factors in play here besides reopening states for business: seasonality, the increasing number of tests being conducted, people's behaviors, co-morbidity and how the cases are being counted, the demographics of the newly infected, BLM protesters not being admonished for not social distancing, and a number of other things.

To draw any conclusions about the path of the disease over the next few months is no better than speculation.  It is incumbent on the media to report both the above trends rather than sensationalizing the news cycle or using it for political purposes. 

A great #WalkAway account

I've occasionally shared #WalkAway stories in the past.  This one from a Muslim woman I don't think I shared but even if I did previously, it is worth revisiting.

Never again will I excuse Mitt Romney

I can't believe in 2012 I supported Mitt Romney.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt on Romneycare and more importantly president Obama was such a disaster, an over-ripe pineapple would have done a better job.  I'm glad this 

It turns out turncoat Mitt Romney is an over-ripe pineapple.  For the second time his personal bitterness towards president Trump has led him to an unwarranted criticism of president Trump.  First it was voting with the Democrats to try to impeach president Trump.  Now he is criticizing president Trump for commuting the sentence of Roger Stone. 

Where was he when president Obama pardoned, commuted, or rescinded the conviction of an unbelieveable 1927 sentences compared to president Trump's 25 pardons and 11 commutations? Each of president Trump's four predecessors commuted sentences of far more people than president Trump has.  Did Mitt Romney complain? Nope.  Not a word.

Politically irredeemable is how I would describe him.  Anyone in Utah who votes for this over-ripe pineapple again deserves the lackluster, feeble, effete representation they will get from him.

Sunday verse

July 10, 2020

WTF Joe (part 2 and that's just for today)?!?

Joe Biden steals ideas from president Trump.

And when he doesn't do that, he goes full socialist.

WTF Joe?!?

There are so many things wrong in this soundbite I can't believe he actually spoke this drivel out loud.

Let's see, there are lies about the Obama administration wanting to lower business taxes. Then there is the idea of raising business taxes to bring jobs back (that's the exact opposite of what is needed). Then there's the fact that Amazon paid $162 million in taxes in 2019 (a small amount granted but I'm sure president Trump is already all over that since he's no fan of Jeff Bezos) and Biden's lie that the days of them paying no taxes being over if he becomes president - too late Joe. Then there's putting an end to shareholder capitalism. That is so beyond stupid that I am starting to think Joe does not really want to be president.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a Marxist organization

I had been thinking about doing a post explaining how Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization.  Thank you Prager U for saving me the work and doing a great job at this.  This needs to be shared, not enough people realize this.

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