April 23, 2018

Toronto tragedy

Toronto is my home town, and this is really saddening.

It's been reported that the driver, in custody is known to police. It was a terror attack, even if the motive is not currently known.

Cambridge Analytica was playing by Facebook rules

So says a researcher at Cambridge Analytica. Whether it was used improperly is still a debatable point but there was no hack, there was no Russian interference in this at all.  Facebook didn't care what CAmbridge Analytica was doing until it turned out that it was benefiting Trump.  And even then it seems like for Facebook, Cambridge Analytica makes a convenient scapegoat, and that's all they really care about at this point.

April 21, 2018

Saturday Learning Series - Geography (Honduras)

A Central American geography lesson.  Honduras.

The Honduran flag:

April 20, 2018

April 18, 2018

White Privilege Debunked

A few well spoken videos deconstructing the myth of white privilege. First a video I stumbled upon by Brandon Tatum, it's brilliant.

And Ben Shapiro speaks to it brilliantly as he always does.

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