June 29, 2016

More on BREXIT

Via The Rebel, a discussion on BREXIT below spurred some thoughts for me, which follow.

Take the opinions out of the equation, there are some parallels that do indeed apply to the United States.  BREXIT does have some implications for the U.S. elections in November, and for Trump in particular, the vote was like a rebuke of the elite, and a rebuke of unfettered globalism. It's more like the equivalent of a vote to leave NAFTA and that plays into Trump's message.

Another concern that comes up as part of a broader question that I  have. Why is it socialists are pushing so hard for globalization?  Why are labor union leaders pushing for trans-nationalism in opposition to the interests of their members whose interests are mostly about secure, good-paying jobs?  Why did the Labor party in the U.K. push so hard to remain in the E.U.?  This is bizarro world stuff.

Right Angle on BREXIT

A good conversation on BREXIT with Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Steve Green.

June 28, 2016

What everyone is overlooking on Benghazi

The Benghazi reports are out.  The Democrats' report mentions Trump over a dozen times - clearly it was a planned political report.  The Republican report points out that help didn't arrive because American forces could not have reached there in time.

You know what everyone seems to be overlooking?  Everyone is overlooking what could have made it there in time.  A phone call from the president of the United States to Libyan officials demanding that they mobilize and protect foreign nationals or face consequences from America.

Why didn't that ever happen?  Oh wait, this bunch of collective intelligentsia either didn't think of it or else couldn't back up the threat with enough credibility to make it happen.  Or perhaps they all simply reacted like a deer in the headlights. Either way, there was no one in that room ready to make a 3 a.m. call.

A Trump retrospective

All hot air aside...

June 27, 2016

Sanders supporters still unconvinced about Hillary?

Sour puss.

Via RCP, this tasty morsel today:
Although the delegates Hillary Clinton earned in primaries and caucuses, coupled with superdelegate endorsements, put her over the top for the Democratic nomination mathematically, the YouGov survey (and other polls) show that she has made little headway in converting the last big chunk of Sanders loyalists to her cause. In fact, the reconnect poll shows that since February the number of Sanders voters willing to support her in the general election has actually dropped slightly, from 68 percent to 66 percent.
Make of it what you will - either she has room for growth within her Democratic base, or she can't make the sale to what should be a locked up portion of her constituency.

Stephen Colbert's Political Blackface

Ben Shapiro explains what he means by political blackface, and why Stephen Colbert is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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