November 25, 2015

More proof Obama just doesn't get it.

Barbara Streisand gets a Presidential Medal of Freedom from a tone deaf president.
WASHINGTON — The 17 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year are "extraordinary people" who have left their mark on politics, entertainment, athletics and the United States itself, President Obama said Tuesday.

From singer-actress Barbra Streisand to NASA mathematician Katherine G. Johnson to filmmaker Steven Spielberg to recently deceased baseball star Yogi Berra, Obama paid tribute to American originals with the nation's highest civilian honor during a White House ceremony.
Now to be fair it is a civilian honor and it has been given to a number of similar people in the past. But there's also the optics of repaying political friends.  Barbara Streisand has said some pretty acrimonious things about her political opponents in the past.

November 24, 2015

Obama - Evil or Just Dumb? A Discussion

An interesting pair of takes on Obama's failures as president courtesy of PJ Media greats, Klavan and Whittle.

World War III, or World War I all over again?

It's trending on Twitter.  I mentioned it 10 days ago.  This Russian jet shot down over Turkish airspace is just another link in the chain of events caused by a myriad of geopolitical interests in close proximity, and events ratcheted up at every turn and it started with a single terror event (the events in Paris). 

Unfortunately, these are interesting times.

November 23, 2015

Don't celebrate just yet

Via The Week, Obamacare is falling apart;
UnitedHealthcare, the nation's largest insurer, announced that it might quit ObamaCare's exchanges next year. Should UnitedHealthcare act on this threat, there may not be enough (red) tape in the desk drawer of even future President Hillary Clinton to put the ObamaCare Humpty Dumpty back together again.

United announced during an investor briefing Thursday that it was expecting a whopping $425 million hit on its earnings this year, primarily due to mounting losses on its ObamaCare exchange business. "We cannot sustain these losses," United CEO Stephen Hensley declared. "We can't really subsidize a marketplace that doesn't appear at the moment to be sustaining itself."
Don't celebrate the death of Obamacare just yet. This is all part of the single-payer plan, and has been all along;
Avik Roy, who serves as GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio's health care advisor, suspects United may just be the first domino to fall. Other commercial insurers, such as Aetna, Anthem, and Cigna, have raised premiums by double digits and still say they can't make the numbers work in their favor. Hence, they have withdrawn from counties where their losses were particularly acute.

For-profit companies that have shareholders breathing down their necks don't have much latitude to absorb losses. But even companies that don't face similar profit-maximizing pressures can't escape the basic dilemma confronting the industry.
This was the agenda all along. You didn't actually believe that if you liked your plan you could keep your plan, did you? Silly American.

November 22, 2015

Ignore this

This is self-serving geopolitics at it's most obvious:
U.S. actions in the Middle East helped Islamic State to gain influence, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, according to Interfax.

The strengthening of Islamic State “became possible partly due to irresponsible U.S. politics” that focused on fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad instead of joining efforts to root out terrorism, Medvedev was cited as saying in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.
Unfortunately a lot of Russians will gobble it up.  The reality is that ISIS has a foothold because Obama was naive on Iraq and assumed ISIS was JV and not an issue at all.  So at least Medvedev was right about the irresponsible part.  He just got the details wrong, deliberately.
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