April 19, 2021

Saul Goodman got a job at the White House?

When did the White House decide that Saul Goodman would make the perfect sign language interpreter for press briefings? I'm just asking for a friend...

Jordan Peterson vs. the Communist Manifesto

Jordan Peterson's critique of the Communist Manifesto.  Worth watching.

April 18, 2021

April 16, 2021

When facts don't back Fauci up, make up something

Dr. Fauci, improvising facts.  

Whether or not people are obeying the lockdown is irrelevant.  Texas has no lockdown and they are near the bottom of the cases per day rankings.  Further, where are his 'facts' on people not obeying the lockdowns?  He's just making up stuff to cover his ineptitude. Also, what's with "you're talking too fast" and "I can't see that"? Is he taking elderly lessons from the guy who can't walk up the steps of Air Force One properly?  President Trump should have fired him long ago.

April 15, 2021


 They are more than half mad.  Bill Whittle on fire as usual.

Democrat power grab is now out in the open

 Supreme Court packing in full effect:

GOP must filibuster this.  MUST.  Joe Manchin must allow the filibuster to continue.  MUST.  Patriots must protest this en masse (assuming you are in a non-lockdown scenario or are not yet fed up with that too).

The time to act is running short, as Democrats have gone all-out power mad.  This power grab would be the end of liberty and the beginning of tyranny on a  massive scale.  Do not doubt this.

Project Veritas hits CNN (again)

 Remember when I said James O'Keefe might be Superman?  Check this out:

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