February 17, 2020

Evidence that the mainstream media is lying about the coronavirus

Washington Post and New York Times are calling recent reporting about the source of the coronavirus "already debunked".  Why because a Republican has said we should be open to all possibilities because China lies. 

It's politics over truth for these rags.

The ethanol scam

You know how they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions?  That seems to be how the ethanol fuel industry got started.  With OPEC making living more expensive for everyone, it seemed like a good idea to use a renewable American resource as an alternative fuel.  And then of course it was supposed to be cleaner and better for climate change. But as is typical, when regulations got involved, it turned into a scam.

February 15, 2020

Wait, the FBI collaborated with the Clinton campaign?

We know the Clinton campaign was crooked.  We know the FBI was corrupt.  So as surprising as these revelations are, why should we be surprised? Nevertheless these new findings are shocking.

Saturday Learning Series - How Americans got manipulated to buy into Egalitarianism

Yaron Brook explains how Americans got tricked into a false sense of equality - egalitarianism.

February 14, 2020

No charges against McCabe???????

Ridiculous.  This is feeling more and more like the swamp has circled the wagons and everyone is going to come out unscathed - McCabe, Comey, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and others.

Meanwhile Roger Stone they wanted 9 years in prison for lying to Federal agents, but McCabe did exactly the same thing.


Is this designed to help Joe Biden regain some momentum, in the face of his self-imposed tanking? Is it Barr's push back on president Trump's comments on the Roger Stone case?

One other thought - WTF is taking thew Barr investigation so long? I mean we don't want to see a slapped together case like the Democrats did with their phony impeachment, but come on.

February 13, 2020

Why would any country accept Huawei?

It's the back door / Trojan Horse company that is ensnaring other countries for the Chinese government.  Why would anyone want that, other than communist China?

February 12, 2020

Joe Biden, tanking on purpose?

Joe Biden has had a string of gaffes this election cycle that I would like to say are inexplicable except that he has a track record of gaffes and mistakes every time he runs and most of the time in between.  He's not electable and Democrats have already recognized that despite the fact that they have as their best other options a socialist and a cardboard cutout or a racist, billionaire.

But this time it has been especially bad.  Look at these:

He insults a supporter:

He tells a potential supporter to vote for someone else:

He called a former marine a fat liar at a town hall meeting:

So why has the formerly presumed front runner tanked so badly? Is it possible that he's hoping to derail his own candidacy because he's worried about the Hunter-Biden-Ukraine-Burisma scandal blowing up if he becomes the nominee?  After all, president Trump for the most part has the levers of power at the moment (minus the resistance of the swamp) and the AG is looking into the Biden corruption linkage.  If Joe slinks away, maybe the scandal goes away too.  He's made his money, his family has benefited financially from his career, and maybe he's decided that's good enough.

True Biden could rebound in South Carolina but each passing day it his prospects are looking worse.  He's not coming in 2nd or 3rd in these early states, it's 4th and 5th.  Either Biden really is an unelectable hack or he is deliberately trying to bow out without making it look like he wants out.

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