August 14, 2020

An actual Friday Musical Interlude - The Cure

An 80's flashback from 1987 -- The Cure, Just Like Heaven. Hard to believe, but this is 33 years old now.

No, this is not turning into a music blog.

August 12, 2020

Kamala Chameleon

Normally I wait until Friday to provide a musical interlude on this blog, but since Joe Biden has selected Kamala Harris as his VP I felt it was only fitting to do something today.  Since she's positioned herself as both highly progressive and a hard law and order anti-progressive type (more on her two-faced nature to follow)  I thought I'd dedicate a song to her that captures her two-faced, chameleon-like nature.

I give you, Culture Club:

For context, here's a discussion on some of her two-faced nature:

Contrast looters vs. business owners

The looters seem to think it's their right to loot.

Seems pretty selfish. The business owners on the other hand are the victims here:

Looting is not reparations (setting aside the relative validity of that concept). It's theft. It's driven by selfishness from the same far leftists who

August 11, 2020

Biden selection for VP announced

Joe Biden has selected his running mate. Kamala Harris.  I though that was the wrestler that just died recently but whatever.  This was not a big surprise.  However, the deceased wrestler would have been a better pick.

She's a radical.  Proof to follow.

Want to see authoritarianism in action?

Stop saying it's Trump, look at the Chinese Communist Party.  This is the type of government ANTIFA types want in America:

So many people do not understand the garbage they are supporting - that means not only leftist progressives who excuse anything that happens in countries like China but also people who unwittingly support unfettered globalism and have, through their own ignorance, allowed China to usurp every other country's production and industrial base.

Don't be blind to it or else you are part of the problem.  You are an enabler, both at home and internationally.  Do not allow this to continue.  Buy American.  Support local business.  Stand up for your country and your flag and the beliefs of the country's founders.  They are not evil beliefs, they are right.  Don't keep that notion to yourself.  Share it with those who doubt.  Explain it to them, or guide them to others who can do so if you do not feel qualified for the task.  And if you feel unqualified, educate yourself so that it becomes easier next time.

America is facing an existential threat to its existence and its guiding principles.  If you do not defend it, you do not deserve it.  Then maybe if we, as humanity, are luckily it will be born again someplace else in the future.  But don't count on it.

August 10, 2020

Coronavirus Karens

Watch well into this video to see a potential root cause of why people are acting the way they are (hint - it's media misinformation and hysteria).

Sweden - the case of the COVID-19 curve

Sweden took a "light touch" approach to COVID-19, allowing much of it's population to be exposed to the disease and using primarily voluntary social distancing as the method to prevent the spread of the disease.  Experts in Sweden even said the approach was a mistake.  But the data, the graph does not lie:

Compare that to the response in the United States, and the resulting curve:

Obviously the geography is different in the United States. There's a much bigger land mass, and as the infection spread to new areas, new cases occurred.  So too, new deaths.  The United States has a much larger population than Sweden.  Taking the same approach as Sweden in the U.S. would result in a much larger death toll than otherwise, as Sweden did have the highest death rate from the disease in all of Europe.  As the Washington Post, favoring all things Democrat-panic as it relates to COVID-19,  pointed out:
Deaths in Sweden, though, have been eight times higher than in Denmark and 19 times higher than in Norway, even though Sweden is only double each neighbors’ size.
On the other hand, perhaps all Sweden has done is skip flattening the curve and taking the death toll  hit all at once. After all you cannot keep people isolated forever. It's very likely that Denmark and Norway will continue to see deaths and their death curves lag on for some time as they slowly revert to normal, or else see the lower rates indefinitely as their economies lag behind Sweden's over the longer term. 

It's apparent that there would be far too many deaths in the U.S. if it followed Sweden's approach, what's not clear is whether it would result in more deaths, or just more in a shorter period of time.  Only time and more data will tell.  This is one more example of my 50 Experiments Theorem that if different places try different approaches, it will yield a variety of results from which we can select the best option.  The alternative is one mandate for everyone (in this case in the entire world) and if it doesn't work, we're all going to be screwed.
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