December 1, 2020

Statistics support the idea of voting anomolies

 Here's some graphical views to consider, via Tim Pool:

These examples sure support the case for the existence of voter fraud in certain areas, and on a rather massive scale.

Steven Crowder on Democrats and media flip flop on voter fraud

Steven Crowder points out the last four years Democrats were really concerned about voting machine vulnerability and election stealing.  Not now.

November 30, 2020

FBI investigating election fraud & how to red pill someone

In the middle of this video, Tim Pool offers some great advice to conservatives, "open the door".  You can refer a liberal to a video like his or a story about voter fraud, where the source identifies the issue in a reasonable manner.  Let them walk through the door.

In any case, the evidence is there.  Let them Red Pill themselves.

If you're not sure you are going to win, you still fight

It's hard to understand Republicans and conservative pundits who think it's pointless to fight the election fraud and believe we should just succumb to the socialist tide.  If now is not the time to fight back against the cheating, there's no point in ever fighting back. Give in and get what you deserve surrender-publicans.  There's fight left in us and there's reason why the fight is not lost:

No one is ever sure they are going to win, unless they are fools (Hillary).  The New York Yankees in their most dominant years, never KNEW they were going to win.  They believed they did, but they had to go out and play the game to prove it.

This is the tenth inning for the 2020 election.  You don't forfeit now.  You play out the game.  You surrender only if you never wanted to play in the first place. Yes Trump's chances now put him as the underdog, but underdogs do win.

The real concern here is the clock.  Do these legal challenges get anywhere in time?  That's the real challenge for the president.

November 29, 2020

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