January 17, 2021

Some final thoughts on today's videos

Brandon Vogt interviews Bishop Robert Barron after his talk with Jordan Peterson to get some of the Bishop's thoughts on what transpired:

I discovered Bishop Robert Barron today, quite by accident.  His videos were interesting and made me reflective, so I thought they were worth sharing.  It was especially true after I saw him talking with several people I admire intellectually.  My hope is that anyone watching them were moved to think about the matters being discussed more deeply as well. 

Jordan Peterson interviews Bishop Robert Barron

Back in 2019 as Jordan Peterson was somewhere earlier on his journey towards belief, interviewed Bishop Robert Barron.

"A priest, a rabbi and a comedian walk into a YouTube studio..."

 A discussion on spirituality between David Rubin, Bishop Robert Barron and Rabbi David Wolpe:

Ben Shapiro talks with Bishop Robert Barron

 Rational discourse, how to arrive at God, and the Catholic church of today. 

Ideas have consequences, especially philosophical ones

 I'm going to provide a few posts today on religion (along with usual the Sunday verse) and how it relates to our day to day life. A philosophical take on where we are at today and how we got here:

Sunday verse

 A sermon today, instead of just a verse:

January 16, 2021

January 15, 2021

Front Page Friday - An alternative to the deletions on the horizon?

Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott discuss a developing alternative to the Internet's biggest problem - Big Tech Overlordship and selective deletion of opposing voices:

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