June 22, 2024

Merrick Garland's inherent contempt

Merrick Garland - This guy almost made the Supreme Court, he's clearly a threat to democracy and thankfully, his time in D.C. in an official capacity is almost up. His inherent contempt is coming up to a vote.

Tulsi Gabbard on Donald Trump

Is Tulsi Gabbard still in the running for Trump's VP pick? Regardless, sounds like she'll be voting for him:

June 21, 2024

Some Friday Levity

 Shocking news from Oliver Anthony a few weeks ago that I'd missed:

Trudeau's Pravda

I'm Canadian by geography, not by choice. That is especially true since Justin Trudeau became our prime minister.

In Soviet Russia the news was delivered by Pravda (Russian for 'truth'). They were only interested in delivering propaganda, not the truth. That's the Orwellian system Justin Trudeau wants for Canada; a news media delivering the propaganda he decides.

June 20, 2024

Polls Primer

Pollster Scott Rasmussen provides an explanation/primer of how to read polls.

If Vivek is saying it...

Let's Go Brandon isn't going to be the Democrat nominee for president:

Great speech from Vivek Ramaswamy, but the take-away here is that Let's Go Brandon is probably going to be replaced because he keeps losing ground against Trump. It's not winnable.  I don't think if they replace him it will matter, but it could make a difference. That's a concern.

June 19, 2024

Vote early

Vote early (not vote often). The Democrats have developed this 'last word' approach to vote counting.  What they have done is encouraged as much early voting as possible.  Ostensibly the purpose was to get out the vote, but in reality if there are 200,000 ballots to be counted on election night, and they mysteriously all turn out to be Democrat votes, that's a cheat code. They can rig those late counted mail in votes.

If conservatives vote early too, and the counting is done with transparency, there is no cheat.  In fact if they start counting early, with transparency, there's no waiting a week to hear the Arizona results for example. It's also easier to see if someone voted early and also showed up to vote on election day. 

The RNC is actually working on these things, and more, and they want you to vote early.

June 18, 2024

KJP is claiming fake news

She is the fake news:

Conspiracy fact

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm no conspiracy theorist. But this is no conspiracy theory, it's conspiracy fact: The Justice Department is one of many government departments that must be fixed.

June 17, 2024

I hope this is not true

I'm no conspiracy theorist, and I hope this is hyperbole, but it's very scary if this is true.

Trump IS the ground game

In the Obama years, I used to bemoan the fact that the Republican party seemed to have very little ground game. Despite that issue, Trump was able to win in 2016. Why?  Because Trump is the ground game. While the GOP has been slow to improve, Trump has picked up where he left off in 2020.  It's working better now than in 2020 because people have seen the disaster that is Let's Go Brandon and are awakening, or at least open to the notion that Trump was not as bad as we were told.  Trump is maximizing that opportunity, by going to places where Republicans have previously written off as unwinnable.  

He's not only being the ground game, but doing something even more important; he's expanding the map. You win by playing offense, not defense - especially when playing defense with a weaker hand; the GOP HAS to expand the electoral map. Trump is doing that with remarkable effectiveness.  It's forcing Democrats to play defense.  It's forcing some Democrats into denial.  It's forcing some Democrats into indifference. It's causing some Democrat voters to switch sides.

WTF is this?

Let's Go Brandon, time to leave the stage...

June 16, 2024

It might actually happen.

As Let's Go Brandon poll numbers continue to crumble, it's more and more plausible that Democrats dump Let's Go Brandon after the upcoming CNN debate. When even The Hill is pointing Let's Go Brandon mistakes and freeze ups, the Democrat playbook is being exposed - they are probably going to replace him.  I don't like saying that because he is an albatross around the necks of the Democrats.  He will help the chances of a red wave in November. A replacement candidate would be a wildcard.  I don't think it helps the Democrats much and might even be worse. But you never know. 

The Democrats cannot run this guy and win. I think they are starting to finally realize that.  They can no longer lie their way into victory. They can probably continue to cheat, but when the scope of the cheating becomes too big, they have to roll the dice.   I once thought they Democrats wouldn't do that, but now, I'm starting to think it's a more than 50% chance.

The irony is that if they had eased up on the lawfare cheating, and actually started giving a damn about the  border, they might have continued to have a chance at a 2024 win. Not that I would have liked it, but those two changes could have really helped them. 

Sunday verse


June 15, 2024

Trump Veepstakes update

With respect to Trump's VP choice in 2016, do you think he chose Pence to shore up his support among evangelicals, or was it to have a non-exciting VP who wouldn't outshine him?  Because if the former is true, Tim Scott might be a good bet.  If he needs to shore up his support among women, there's only one choice on his apparent short list.

The other choices on the list are from safe Republican states and don't do much for Trump in the obvious Electoral College sense. But there is one other possibility; Trump might put together a Dream Team, to really make a difference.  This is his last chance to create a legacy (which for him seems to be that he wants to be the guy who saves America).  In that case a number of people on this list make some sense in certain ways - not just for VP, but for various administrative roles.

Trump has also mentioned that first and foremost it has to be someone who would be a good president in case it came to that.

Let's see what Fox has to say about it:

It's like watching two toddlers argue astrophysics

Not really, but this video is not as sophisticated as Doug In Exile would have you believe. Yes, there's some good things to note but it's not quite great. Watching a conversation between John Fetterman and Bill Maher is a different thing than it would have been even four years ago. Four years ago it would have been mind numbingly painful, but now it's tolerable.  Don't be mistaken; neither man is about the to jump sides and become a Republican (and probably not even an independent) because the Democrat party has gone full-tilt, off-the-map crazy.  

They are entrenched. Dave Rubin thinks Bill Maher will wake up and see the light one day, drop his Trump Derangement Syndrome and become a conservative. He truly believes Maher is on the edge of doing that. It's not gonna happen.  Maher has some common sense but he still suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. He still believes Democrats are the party of liberty.  He doesn't believe the radical elements represent the majority of the party.  They are a lunatic fringe in his mind.  On Megyn Kelly he outright denied that Hillary Clinton has been an election denier since 2016 - despite the video evidence otherwise. If he hasn't come around by now, he won't.  He's in too deep to realize he's buying garbage and being told it's gold.  

A lot of people, including Doug In Exile in the video below,  think Fetterman will leave the Democrats. It's not going to happen unless the Democrats end up kicking him out of the party. There's been a lot of talk about Fetterman turning more conservative since he had a stroke. There's several data points showing that to be true. But I don't think he's likely to "leave the plantation", he's more likely to stick it out and try to win from the inside of the democrat tent.  The strategy is doomed to fail, but I'm not opposed to him trying. As is mentioned by Doug In Exile in the video below, the more infighting among Democrats, the better. Democrat disunity and division is definitely a winning formula for conservatives. The longer it goes on, the better.

The whole video is a good watch. At 3:47, Doug In Exile starts making some fantastic points about the left.  They wrap themselves in terms that in action, they actually oppose.

June 14, 2024

The January 6th Committee coverup

The January 6th committee was designed to get Trump, just like the NY felony case, and the Georgia case, and the civil case, and... you get the point.  In each of those cases the attitude has been "justice be damned, we want to get Trump so he can't win re-election".

But as we have known for years, Pelosi was culpable. Trump was not.  The truth will come out eventually. 

June 13, 2024

Was Karl Marx an atheist or something worse?

Jordan Peterson and Paul Kengor discuss whether Karl Marx was not an atheist but rather a satanist. My take is that it doesn't really matter which one Karl Marx was, his effects on the world were both radical and evil.

June 12, 2024

Terrorists flooding in

Open borders will eventually lead to tragedy. Glad they caught these guys, but they can't (and by choice, won't) check everyone, so they won't catch and stop every potential terrorist. Let's Go Brandon is letting ISIS into America. Insanity.

June 11, 2024

DEI down in flames?

The reason DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is bad is simple.  Diversity of skin color, or religion, or gender, or ethnicity, is not true diversity; diversity of thought is true diversity.  Equity is an amorphous word; equality of opportunity but equity or equality of outcome, is communism. It's anti-progress. And Inclusion can mean anything you want it to mean, which is exactly why we have trans women competing in women's sports. DEI leads to bad outcomes.

I'm all for equality of opportunity, equality in education quality, but not equality of outcome.  I want the best players on my baseball team, not the best players who tick certain ethnic/gender/color/religious boxes. I want the most qualified pilot flying my plane, not the most inclusive-centric pilot.

DEI will eventually collapse in on itself.  Does this development mean it's happening? Not yet, but this helps.  

June 10, 2024

EU voters swing right

You can smell the green tears...

How long until this goes off the rails?

I'm busy with family dental issues today, so meanwhile, here's something crazy to chew on:

June 9, 2024

Trump mistrial has to happen now

I couldn't let the day pass without sharing this: yet another reason the Trump NY conviction was bogus.  Even the compromised judge in the case had to say something about this problem.

Unfortunately this is probably the best case scenario for Democrats.  Their lawfare against Trump was backfiring and they needed a way out. A Let's Go Brandon pardon was one way out, but even that wouldn't have made a difference in the court of public opinion.  

With this, the judge can declare a mistrial, throw the case out and the Democrats can continue to crow that Trump was convicted but got off on a technicality.  If I were Trump I would, after the case is tossed out, still pursue legal action for redress. 

That said, I don't think it does any better in the court of public opinion than a pardon; it still show and even admits that the verdict was a foregone conclusion and the system is corrupt.

Sunday verse


June 7, 2024

Where is this coming from?

Why on earth is Let's Go Brandon talking about this subject with this amount of specificity?  At this point, I'd appreciate him going back to the incoherent mumbling. 

Whether U.S. weapons are actually used to hit the Kremlin or not is a strategic matter.  But does Putin need to know that the option is off the table?  If it doesn't actually happen there is virtually no risk of nuclear war, but Putin knowing it won't happen gives him strategic insights to which he should not be privy.

It's like playing poker and showing your cards before the game is over. You don't volunteer this information willingly.

June 6, 2024

The list of flaws in the NY Trump felony conviction case

There's even more ridiculousness than what the Wall Street Journal lists below, but from a strictly legal standpoint, this is WAAAYYY more than enough to overturn this conviction:

...The state offense with which Mr. Trump was indicted, “falsifying business records,” requires proof of an “intent to defraud.” To elevate this misdemeanor to a felony, the statute requires proof of “intent to commit another crime.” In People v. Bloomfield (2006), the state’s highest court observed that “intent to commit another crime” is an indispensable element of the felony offense.

New York courts have concluded that the accused need not be convicted of the other crime since an “intent to commit” it is sufficient to satisfy the statute. But because that intent is, in the words of Winship, “a fact necessary to constitute the crime,” it is an element of felony falsification. Due process requires that the defendant receive timely notice of the other crime he allegedly intended to commit. It also requires that he have opportunity to defend against that accusation and that prosecutors prove beyond a reasonable doubt his intent to commit it.

Mr. Trump’s indictment didn’t specify the other crime he allegedly intended to commit. Prosecutors didn’t do so during the trial either. Only after the evidentiary phase of the trial did Judge Juan Merchan reveal that the other crime was Section 17-152 of New York’s election law, which makes it a misdemeanor to engage in a conspiracy “to promote or prevent the election of any person to a public office by unlawful means.”

To recap, the prosecution involved (1) a misdemeanor elevated to a felony based on an “intent to commit another crime,” (2) an indictment and trial that failed to specify, or present evidence establishing, another crime the defendant intended to commit, and (3) a jury instruction that the other crime was one that necessitated further proof of “unlawful means.” It’s a Russian-nesting-doll theory of criminality: The charged crime hinged on the intent to commit another, unspecified crime, which in turn hinged on the actual commission of yet another unspecified offense.

To make matters worse, Judge Merchan instructed the jury: “Although you must conclude unanimously that the defendant conspired to promote or prevent the election of any person to a public office by unlawful means, you need not be unanimous as to what those unlawful means were.”

Due process demands that felony verdicts be unanimous...

There's no doubt this will be overturned on appeal but the Democrats, the courts don't care - they just want to stop Trump from winning the presidency, and  this gives them their sound bites and political ad fodder. Ironically, it looks like it is going to work in Trump's favor, to the detriment of Let's Go Brandon or whomever else the Democrats will try to foist upon America in his place.

The list (in part) of Democrat/Deep State abuses

Hugh Hewitt has enumerated the gross political shenanigans the elite, the media, the deep state and Democrats have continued to perpetrate in discussing why the American public have had enough.  There is a lot of rot in the system and this is merely part of the fraction that we know about.  How deep this goes is anyone's guess. 

50 reasons why people may have reached a new level of disgust late Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning and contributed to the various campaign websites. Each of these "straws" brings consciously to mind a discrete abuse of power since Trump came down the escalator in 2015, and the eruption of the contributions volcano is evidence that the outrage is real and widespread:

1. Hillary’s private server, the rules it violated and the threat to national security it posed, and no prosecution for it.

2. Hillary’s lawyers’ deletion of half of her emails and no prosecution for that.

3. Hillary’s use of Bleach Bit and hammers and again no prosecution.

4. Former FBI Director James Comey’s "nothing to see here" conclusion on the Clinton emails on REP. Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

5. The Steele Dossier.

6. Marc Elias and his then law firm Perkins Coie and their roles in the 2016 campaign, which included retaining Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to "conduct the research" and create the Steele dossier.

7. The leak of the Steele dossier to Mother Jones and other media outlets

8. The meeting (ambush?) of President-elect Trump by then-CIA Director Brennan, then-FBI Director Comey and then-DNI Director Clapper at Trump Tower in January 2017, at the conclusion of which Comey briefed the president-elect on the most salacious parts of the dossier. (The news that Comey had done so almost immediately leaked.)

9. The recusal by Attorney General Jeff Sessions from any matter involving the Trump 2016 campaign.

10. Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein naming Robert S. Mueller III to serve as Special Counsel to oversee the investigation of Russian government efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election and related matters.

11. The team of hyper-partisan prosecutors assembled by Mueller

12. The revelations from the Peter Strzok-Lisa Page messages about the corruption atop the FBI

13. The 22 months Mueller and his attack pack took to find…nothing.

14. The two thick volumes of "Mueller report" intended to cover the dry holes Team Mueller had drilled.

15. The refusal by Team Mueller to send to then-Attorney General William Barr a version of the report that Barr requested, a version redacted of classified information so that it could immediately be published, which the Mueller team did not do.

16. The smear of Barr that he was hiding the report and then the smear of Barr that his conclusion that there was no obstruction was somehow flawed.

17. The leak of the Trump phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky.

18. The manufacture of Impeachment One based on that call.

19. The lies of Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., throughout the Mueller investigation and then throughout the impeachment.

20. The changes in voting rules because of COVID. 

21. The "Zuckerbucks" and "Zuckerboxes."

22. The Commission on Presidential Debates 2020 selection of moderators and its unilateral decision to cancel one of the debates.

23. The Hunter Biden laptop and the censoring of most stories about it when the New York Post got the scoop.

24. The letter from "51 former senior intelligence officials" concluding that the emails on Biden’s laptop "has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation."

25. The lawlessness of the summer of 2020 following the murder of George Floyd (and the refusal to call out that protestors were violating COVID guidelines even as churches, beaches  and playgrounds were closed.)

26. The second impeachment after the 1/6 riot at the Capitol, an effort undertaken even as the transition to President Biden in two weeks would obviously prevent a timely proceeding with even minimal attention to the process due any official much less the outgoing president.

27. The set-up by the FBI of the meeting with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (USA, ret.) and his subsequent prosecution.

28. The conduct not just of Comey, Page and Strzok but also of the Bureau’s Andrew McCabe and James Baker.

29. The manipulation of the membership of House Select Committee on 1/6 by then-Speaker Pelosi who vetoed future Indiana Senator Jim Banks from becoming the ranking minority member and proceeded to name two anti-Trump Republicans to the show trial "committee." The entire charade reflected this original breach of trust with voters, rigging the proceedings to run as they did.

30. The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

31. The appointment of Jack Smith as Special Counsel (despite the Supreme Court having tossed his prosecution and conviction of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell).

32. The appointment of a different Special Counsel, Robert Hur, to President Biden’s classified documents case and the obviously different standard for prosecution applied to Biden than was applied to Trump.

33. The conduct of and civil case against Trump brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

34. The conduct of New York judge Arthur Engoron during that civil proceeding, and his outrageous setting of the bond.

35. The E. Jean Carroll proceedings and verdicts.

36. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg campaigning for office on the promise of getting Trump.

37. Bragg filing an indictment against Trump resurrecting time-barred misdemeanors but without specifying in the indictment the "second crime" that turned those time-barred misdemeanors into felonies ripe for prosecution.

38. Trial court judge Juan Merchan’s symbolic contributions to the 2020 Joe Biden campaign and two hard left causes —in contravention of black letter New York law governing judicial conduct— and Merchan’s refusal to recuse himself from the Trump trial.

39. Merchan’s anti-Trump rulings on many, many issues ranging from admitting plea bargains with Michael Cohen and David Pecker that the defense objected to, to refusing to allow former Federal Elections Commission Chair Professor Brad Smith testify to the extent of his knowledge, rulings which telegraphed the judge’s push for a conviction.

40. The blistering by Merchan of defense witness Robert Costello and the judge’s interference with Costello’s testimony.

41. The failure of the judge to clearly instruct on the state of mind "the second crime" would require.

42. The jury not declaring what the "second crime" was on the verdict paper.

43. The conduct of Judge Tanya Chutkan in attempting to rush a trial in federal district court in D.C.

44. The gag order on Trump issued by trial judge Engoron in the case brought by James.

45. The gag order on Trump issued by trial Judge Chutkin in the case brought by Smith in D.C.

46. The gag order on Trump issued by Merchan.

47. The four-days-a-week of trial in the spring of the election year, a schedule requiring Trump to be in a Manhattan court room for six weeks, thus interfering with the presidential campaign

48. The conduct of both Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fanni Willis and her lover and co-counsel Nathan Wade.

49. The refusal of all of these prosecutors and judges to wait on the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity from criminal proceedings based on acts taken while president.

50. Arizona’s Democratic State Attorney General Kris Mayes’ and her grand jury’s indictment of 18 people in an election interference case filed in late April.    

There is much more, such as the Colorado and Maine efforts to toss Trump off the ballot...

Share this list with your liberal or independent friends, ask them if they were aware of any of these.  The only way to stop it is to get more people to vote against it.  The only way to do that, is to make people aware; not enough people know this stuff.  This is how you can help put a stop to it - show them what is going on. 

Joe Rogan believes it's banana Republic time in America

It's really hard to say he's wrong because he's not. Speaking about the bogus conviction of Trump and the Democrats' lawfare as a political tool, Joe Rogan was not impressed with their antics. 

Via RCP:

"What's scary is how many Democrats are willing to allow this kind of stuff to happen. A lot of them are aware of it," Rogan said. "Especially if you wanted to look at past presidents with the same scrutiny... Imagine if, when Obama got into office, he decided to prosecute Dick Cheney and George Bush for crimes against humanity... Even what Obama did -- during the administration, they dropped a drone on a US citizen. No trial, no nothing. Boom."

"Trump didn't even go for Obama. He didn't go for Hillary. He could have tried them for things. Especially Hillary with the whole email thing, the deleting the emails."

"They're all crazy. That's what they don't want you to know. It's like sluts that are always talking bad about other girls for being sluts," he quipped.

..."If you change the way people are allowed to go after political candidates, and you change the way you're allowed to silence and imprison your candidates, then we're like Mexico. We're just not assassinating people yet. We're like a third-world country. We're like a banana republic," Rogan said.


June 5, 2024

Trump has raised $300 million in 4 days

I pray this is a real number:

$300 million in 4 days? I hope that's real and not just hype. 

Let's Go Brandon is gaslighting you

Abbott responds to Let's Go Brandon on the Sean Hannity show: 'Nothing more than gaslighting' on illegal immigration.

June 4, 2024

The 'elite' are more out of touch than you think

How out of touch are the the 1% "elite"?  This badly:

June 3, 2024

Democrats know the Trump verdict is a farce, this is what they are after

What the Democrats want, is an opportunity to stack the polls as a result of the faux Trump verdict. Take a look at the few polls that have come out since the trial verdict:

We've had a steady Trump lead in national polls for a while now but since the verdict, Two versions of ties and from Reuters, and Morning Consult, polls with Biden leads. Yes, Forbes has two versions of a poll with Trump still leading, but they are probably planning to flood the zone with faux polls between now and election day, so they can claim that when they stuff ballot boxes, Biden did 'really' win.

Department of Defense might have PTSD after this

The DoD posted this for PTSD awareness month, they may end up with PTSD after their stupid mistake (more below).

Those with PTSD who have served their country deserve more respect.  How does the DoD screw up so badly? It's a lack of focus, pure and simple. It's not only disrespectful, it's disgusting.  This is just one more reason why the country needs to get this 2024 election right.  Not only must Trump retake the White House, the country needs a Republican majority in Congress (both the house and senate).  Not just a slight majority, a significant and substantial majority is needed.  

It's the only way the country gets fixed.  The beaurocracy needs to be gutted of the rot and set anew with a focus on serving the people of the nation. Not the 1%, the 99%. That is only achievable with enough of a Republican majority that the RINOs no longer matter.

Megyn Kelly caught something on the lack of due process

This is just one of many reasons Trump will eventually not be convicted in New York. Kudos to Megyn Kelly for catching it and for her willingness to back Trump even after their own rocky history.

June 2, 2024

June 1, 2024

A little bit of Saturday humor

To lighten the mood from the ridiculously flawed Trump conviction:

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