September 9, 2019

Dave Rubin talks to Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard has been systemically removed from contention for the Democratic primaries to run for president.  I'm not a fan of hers but she provides some interesting insights in this conversation, and she does so in a way that conservatives can mostly appreciate - she's far more civil than her Democratic cohorts.  In addition, she raises important questions about the whole system  - the DNC, big tech, etc.

Good news / bad new from the Fed

A few days ago, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the Federal Reserve is not expecting a U.S. recession:

The news you don't hear:

  • no looming recession
  • job market growing faster than available workers
  • strong market for consumer 
  • moderate growth
Here's the bad news for president Trump and for borrowers, it sure sounds like rate cuts are not going continue. They will probably remain stable for the rest of the year, barring 

Is CNN in the tank for Trump?

I'm still playing catch up from not posting for a couple of weeks.  Here's a great summary of the Democrats' nationally fatal proclamations on climate change from the equally insane CNN 7 hour town hall on climate change.

Obviously the proposals are insane.  They are a form of national suicide by economic hemorrhage.  But CNN uses it's platform for a 7 hour climate change discussion, gets terrible ratings.  You compound that with two years of never letting up on hammering president Trump on everything, being proven wrong time and again and losing viewership month after month you can only surmise 1 of 2 things is true about CNN.

Either CNN is so blindly anti-Trump they don't care if they eventually die in the process of their ongoing hatred, OR, maybe they are secretly in the tank for president Trump.  Perhaps they want to be his foil.  They want him to succeed and they are playing the villain and losing on purpose.

It sounds crazy but is it any less crazy than the first proposition?  I know it gets into conspiracy theory territory but there are a couple reasons they might want to support the president by being deliberately stupid.  Their ratings clearly are not one of them because the other mainstream media anti-Trump entities, particularly MSNBC are outperforming CNN.  Continuing to chase that same market segment is not working.  So why support Trump?  They could feel that anti-Trumpism is all they have left and without it, and therefore without him,  they have nothing left.  So they could feel they are in this symbiotic relationship with their arch enemy and it is keeping them on life support - the alternative is complete ratings death.

The other reason, even more cynical, is that those behind the far left liberal progressivism that CNN spouts are the same as a lot of other rich liberals - they are secretly greedy crony capitalists and they like the tax breaks.  It's not as likely as them being just blindly anti-Trump liberal elite, or them wanting to continue to produce goods in China and American workers and America be damned.  

Is CNN in the tank for Trump?  It's highly unlikely, but it is possible.  Their actions have been so inexpiable for the past few years, that anything is possible.

September 6, 2019

Hollywood zealots walk back their full-tilt crazy

Debra Messing wants to out Trump supporters. Pure McCarthyism.

It's so ridiculous, so evil, that even dependable liberal Whoopi Goldberg had to call out the Will and Grace stars.

Erik McCormack the other Will and Grace star, did do some backtracking:

Kudos to Whoopi Goldberg and John O'Hurley for standing up for what is right.

Dictator Watch - China vs. Hong Kong

Yes, China is a dictatorship.  Hong Kong was supposed to be different when it was returned to China from Great Britain.  Except China wants it to be like the rest of the communist country.

Here's some background on what's happened if you have been living under a rock.

And here's why people in Hong Kong are fearful of extradition to China:

Hong Kong is a blight on China's image of itself.

Despite the recent decision to scrap the controversial law, protesters had 5 demands, and the protests are not going to stop.  This is likely to get even uglier and it is a potential global powder keg.

Dave Chappelle & Drew Brees are clearly scum

Look at what terrible, terrible things they have done.  Man, the world America has gone crazy if these are the bad guys.

First, Drew Brees had the gall to promote the Bible.  

Then there's Dave Chappelle whose recent comedy special took a run at cancel culture.  Immediately the Left was apoplectic. 

Fact checking the fact checkers

Turns out they are Democrat operatives.

Friday Musical Interlude - Patsy Cline

Crazy. Just crazy.

Go away for a while and the world gets crazier

I've been away so long I feel like it's going to be impossible to catch up.  When I say away, I mean busy with my day job.  But I've missed out on blogging on so many things I kinda feel like Dave Rubin in this interview on his own show:

I need to get back to posting my thoughts, because just like this Jeffery Epstein story, things just keep getting crazier.

August 19, 2019

August 18, 2019

My silence on the Democratic candidates

I've been watching the Democrats vie for the nomination to be their presidential candidates.  I've made very few remarks so far, mostly based on a quote that I read once that's attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte:

President Trump is happy to chime in on what he sees.  Maybe he's right because there is nothing he can say that will sway the party to become more rational.  I doubt there is anyone who can swing them back to sanity and away from free healthcare for illegal immigrants at this point.  They may be beyond recovery at this point.

Sunday verse

August 14, 2019

Project Veritas releases more Google insider info

The Google-is-evil rabbit hole is deep:

More Walkaway Wednesday stories

A few more stories about people walking away from the Democratic party.

August 13, 2019

Jeffery Epstein conspiracy theories are less crazy than normal

I like a good conspiracy theory even though most are ridiculous and implausible.  They're still entertaining.  But in the case of Jeffery Epstein and his sudden suicide while incarcerated and on suicide watch (or at least he was for a time) I have to wonder.  I'm not in any way prepared to say his suicide was actually a homicide but I can't blame anyone for thinking that he was murdered.  There is enough strangeness around his entire history, let alone his apparent suicide, to give us pause to consider the possibility.

I'm going to wait for more information to come in, but here are some interesting takes on the situation:

and then there's this...

August 9, 2019

Ohr 302s show 'disturbing' desperation to oust Trump

The truth is leaking out faster now:

It's just a matter of time that this cabal of Justice Department / Establishment insiders come to justice.

On Trumpian fundraising

Fox Business reports that president Trump's fundraising is going well, despite the protesters trying to prevent even donations to the president:

Friday Musical Interlude - The Death of Melody

A sad but accurate commentary on the state of music.

August 8, 2019

Republican leader gets banned for calling out threats

Republican senate majority leader Mitch McConnell pointed out the threats to him.  But it gets worse. Twitter leaves Leftist calls for "Eradication".


August 6, 2019

Not racist

The knee-jerk liberal cries of racism any time the president (or anyone) makes a point liberals cannot refute, are being taken less seriously every day.

August 5, 2019

It was all Trump's fault.

...because the media tells you so.  Think for yourself, like these guys:

Here's the president's measured and thoughtful response:

August 3, 2019

August 2, 2019

Is Hong Kong setting itself up for an invasion?

The one part of China that remembers democracy could be in really big trouble.

Friday Musical Interlude - Working for a Living

Huey Lewis and the News, Working for a Living from 1982. Because it's Friday.

August 1, 2019

Must See: "Mueller Report meets the Rule of Law"

Sidney Powell is the author of License to Lie, the most widely read book on institutional and individual corruption at the US Department of Justice. She is a writer, commentator and former Assistant United States Attorney with inside knowledge and experiences of how the US Department of Justice actually operates. Licensed to Lie is a frightening story of how “justice” is really delivered by the federal government’s most important and most powerful law enforcement agency.

July 31, 2019

Wage growth booming

Wage growth proves president Trump is making a big difference.

Deep State Exposed

Judge Jeanine: "If you questioned the deep state's existence, you just saw it".

President Trump is no racist.

Larry Elder breaks it down for everyone.

Warren goes unConstiutional

Elizabeth Warren wants to tax and re-tax wealth. Not income, actual wealth. UnConstitutional.

Ignore the redistribution proclivities in the video, even debaters on the stage with Warren said the proposal was unConstitutional.

July 30, 2019

Democrats hypocrisy on president Trump's Baltimore comments

More laughable stuff.  The rats in the story are the Democrats and the media running cover for them:

Celebrating the Democrat candidates' debate tonight

They're all the same - laughably bad.

Elizabeth Warren's trade plan is delusional

This is a plan destined to destroy America.

Kamala Harris tax will destroy Wall Street

Kamala Harris' idea to tax trades to fund her exorbitant campaign promises are (1) not really taxing Wall Street (2) trade suppressing (3) not likely to generate the revenue she claims and (4) likely to drive trades to foreign markets instead.

All-in-all, as dumb as her promises.

July 26, 2019

July 25, 2019

Let courage be contagious

Project Veritas reveals more Google leakers and the truth about what is going on inside Big Tech. In their preamble they have a powerful message about courage that is equally worth absorbing.

July 24, 2019

What Mueller got horribly wrong

Mueller's report was a partisan hit piece lacking substance.  The result, a laughable report that flouts the Constitution.

Mueller testimony was horrible

Robert Mueller was unable to answer a lot of Republican questions.  He came across as an out of touch figurehead in the investigation which ergo, was run by Clinton supporting lawyers.

Here's just one example of him not being able to justify what went on as Rep. Jim Jordan decimates the obvious bias present in the investigation:

Mueller didn't even seem to understand the make-up of his own investigative team.  Here's one just one example:

July 22, 2019

This ->

I've been too busy this month to post much but I've got a lot of thoughts to share.  I'm hoping to catch up this week.

Meanwhile, here's some common sense - if you immigrated to America and hate it, please leave.  There are those of us who would move there and love it (and what America really means) and we are missing out because of ingrates like you.

July 13, 2019

AOC be like "Illegal means illegal?"

Pardon the lingo, but this needs to attract attention because she really does have the equivalent knowledge level to that of a wooden post:

Saturday Learning Series - Steven Crowder's Masterclass (episode2)

A continuation from last week:

July 12, 2019

Friday Musical Interlude - amazing guitar work

Roy Clark doing 12th Street Rag on the guitar with amazing speed and skill.

July 10, 2019

Anti-Trump British ambassador resigns, finally

Ya.  This guy made his own situation impossible.

Phony Republican Justin Amash torched on CNN

Phony Republican Justin Amash is a goof, a useful idiot for the left, and he's at it again.  Becoming an independent will increase the odds of a GOP loss in his district.  He could have stepped aside and allowed a real Republican to run in the district.  He won't pull Democrats but could very well cannibalize some Republican voters and it would be enough to torpedo the Republican's chance of winning the congressional seat.

Sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton were shockingly close

They are going to try to lambaste president Trump with this scumbag, but the Clinton's are the ones who need to be under the microscope.

This is complicated. Here's a good explainer:

Bill Clinton was more than just a casual acquaintance of the sex trafficker. This from back in 2016:

As it turns out there was even more trips by Clinton on Epstein's private jet with underage girls on board.  More will be coming out on it for sure.

Meanwhile president Trump chose his words carefully yesterday, not defending Alexander Acosta per se but saying he has known him as a good worker and that he would be looking into the situation.  President Trump knew Jefferey Epstein as well, but was "not a fan".

Women's World Cup soccer team demands equal pay. What is equal?

The Left is leveraging the American women's World Cup soccer team's recent championship to argue that their pay should be on par with the American men's team. But what does that mean exactly?  What is equal pay?

First here's some background:

Here's the problem, equal can mean a lot of things.  According to BigThink,
The men's World Cup currently generates more money, by far. For context, FIFA earned upwards of $6 billion from the 2018 men's World Cup. Meanwhile, the women's 2019 World Cup is estimated to earn FIFA about $131 million.

So, even though the U.S. women's team is more successful than the men's team, the numbers suggest that men's soccer is currently a more valuable product — especially on the international stage.
Allow me to extrapolate - when viewed as a percentage of revenue, the women are actually making more than the men.  While you let that marinate, consider the implications of having flat pay regardless of gender; what about regardless of sport? Should field hockey players get the same pay too?  What about regardless of industry? Should McDonald's workers not also be entitled to the same pay as Ruth's Chris Steakhouse staff?  Or as the men's national soccer team?  What about regardless of country?  Should the women's, or men's Bangladeshi soccer team get as much as the Americans?  All of those notions are crazy and here's why:

Some things are more valuable than others. Gold is more valuable than silver.  This also applies to jobs.  Brain surgery is more valuable than floor mopping.  Both have value, but not equal value.  I would not want my mother's brain surgeon making the same as the guy who mops the hospital floor.

This is not to imply that the men's team is more valuable in contributing to national pride than the women's team.  The women's team does better in that regards as they are more successful.  But the product itself, women's soccer, is not as coveted as men's soccer. Therefore there is less revenue available.  Therefore the absolute value of the pay is lower because the pie for men's soccer is so much bigger.  It has more viewers, it has more history, it has more prestige.  That does not make that right, it is just a statement of fact.

Which brings me to my final point.  The women's team is more successful than the men's team because they face far less relative talent.  Many countries don't even have women's soccer teams.  Many of them are newer than the American team, and less established.  Frankly there are only a handful of countries with competitive teams.  In the case of the men, soccer is a global phenomenon, with billions of viewers and millions of participants. It is considerably more difficult for the men's team to do well than it is for the women.  Again, this is just a statement of fact.

So everyone screaming about equality think about what you mean.  There is equality of opportunity, there is equality of talent and equality of outcome.  The only reason anyone should want to see equality of outcome is if, and only if, there is an equality of talent (for soccer this is a relative situation re: men vs. women) and equality of opportunity (for soccer this would mean demand for the product and the ability to be able to compete at it).

Anyone wanting to see equality of outcome without those other conditions is frankly, a Marxist.

Meanwhile, president Trump is making inroads with voting blocks

In contrast to the Left's growing Crazy Train, Mark Dice takes a look at African Americans who are starting to lean towards Trump.

Should African Americans support president Trump in numbers that reflect what he has done for them, his landslide win in 2020 will be of epic proportions.

Impeach-Trump billionaire Tom Steyer enters presidential race

Tom Steyer is enviro-crazy and depending on how he runs his campaign, I can foresee the potential for scorched earth primaries on the Democrat side.  I imagine he might jump in as a favorite (not necessarily in polling, but in odds because of what he will spend to win).

He will be excoriated by other Democrat hopefuls because as the race progresses his position and odds of winning will improve.  They have to go after him right away, and I suspect for the most part, they will.  What's interesting is whether he wins or loses there will be fallout.  If he wins, will his opponents support him after what is likely to be a slugfest of a personal campaign.  If he loses, will he continue to throw his money behind beating president Trump.  He may not because if he is torched by Kamala Harris and she wins, would he want to support her?  He seems like a narcissistic personality and that would mean, no.

It's gonna be fun to watch the whole process.

July 9, 2019

Democrats are making themselves more unelectable

Democrats 2020 - hopeless. They are moving away from electability at an astounding rate.

July 6, 2019

Saturday Learning Series - Steven Crowder's Masterclass (episode 1)

Steven Crowder has started an American Masterclass and it's great.  Here's episode 1, which focuses on the first amendment to the Constitution.  Let's hope it does not get demonitized or shadow banned by YouTube (a.k.a. Google) for some unspecified and invalid reason.

July 5, 2019

Friday Musical Interlude - Lowdown

Boz  Scaggs song Lowdown from 1976's Silk Degrees album.  The song is so smooth the video just might slide of your laptop or tablet.

July 4, 2019

Suing Antifa thugs

Antifa thugs beware, you are about to be sued into oblivion.

Googles lame response to Project Veritas video on Google

Geeks + Gamers updates the Google bias situation, as a result of their biased removal of the Project Veritas expose on Google's bias.  It's circular I know, but it needs to be a forefront issue every day because Google is getting worse, not better.

Mini AOC doxed by leftists

There is no low to which the hate-filled progressive left will sink, this time outing a little girl.  She got death threats. The Left have no standards, they have no morals, no qualms about violence, no low to which they will not sink in their grotesque hate-filled anger at normal people.

Justice Roberts, what happened to you?

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts sides with the radical left, far too often.

First, he abdicated his responsibility on the Constitutionality of Obamacare:

That was followed by a number of other odd decisions:

And now, he's at it again on the census:

I ask in all sincerity, Justice Roberts, what happened to you?

Happy Independence Day

July 4th is a demarcation point in human history, a point where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were defined as inalienable rights, free of government dictates to the contrary.  It is a unique declaration and it deserves to be celebrated as one of the most important points in human history.

Keep that in mind as you celebrate the birth of your nation.

July 1, 2019

Antifa = violence

Antifa is violent.  Period.  They are communist.  They are domestic terrorists.

June 29, 2019

Saturday Learning Series - Geography (Lithuania)


The flag of Lithuania:

Twitter about to flag president Trump

The latest move by Twitter is clearly aimed at president Trump.

Note about the clip - Twitter does NOT have clearly defined rules, as one panelist claims.  Clearly he is not aware of the Tim Pool, Joe Rogan conversation with Twitter in recent months where several examples of Twitter malfeasance and double standards were brought to their attention.

Saturday Learning Series - Engineering (concrete)

What do you know about concrete?  Can you make it when the zombie apocalypse happens? If not, this might help you a little.

...and why does it need reinforcement?

June 28, 2019

Post Trump world (Part 1)

Watching the Democrats debate health care coverage for undocumented (illegal) immigrants last night got me thinking. This brief piece in particular, in case you missed it:

Free health care for illegal immigrants is what they are all raising their hands to agree on. But free comes at a price.

I really should be supporting the Democrats if they want to decriminalize illegal immigration and throw in free health care. I want to be an American someday and this group would make it really easy for me to come in and get free health care coverage. What a deal! So why don't I support these lunatics? Because the proposed idea will obliterate what America is. Firstly America would be crushed under the burden of easy citizenship and free health care. There would be no America left of which to be part. It raised the obvious question: Why struggle to be part of something that you end up destroying? 

It's just like the liberals who are fleeing liberal states (e.g. California, New York, New Jersey) for a better life in conservative states (like Texas) and them trying to vote those states into liberal becoming ones with socialist policies and making them have the same problems they were trying to leave behind in the first place. 

 The suicidal tendencies of liberals are unbelievable. This extends to both sides of the illegal immigration equation. Democrats see the illegal immigrants as future locked in voters, damn the American solvency issues. Damn what America was that made it great, our power is all that matters. And the illegal immigrants trying to escape the destitution-inducing effects of socialism in their home countries come to American and end up voting for socialist government policies that they were trying to escape. That is suicidal for both parties. 

And establishment Republicans who want the importation of cheap labor or offshoring of jobs to serve corporate bottom lines are looking at it at the expense of American jobs and at the expense of American national solvency and are exhibiting the same national suicidal tendencies. They clearly are too short sighted or are equally anti-American as their socialist counterparts in the Democrats party.

What is needed is a coalition of labor and small business against the self serving dictates of the cabal of establishment Republicans, socialist Democrats and big business that is bad for everyone else in America. That's a tough sell in today's partisan climate but it is the solution to stopping the otherwise inevitable.

Enter president Trump and his not entirely surprising upset presidential win.  Main street voted against this self-serving cabal that would drive America off the cliff, not only economically but notionally regarding the founding principles that made America great (i.e. the ideas of free speech, equal justice under the law, equal opportunity).

But President Trump is not going to be around forever, even if he is re-elected in a landslide. What happens after Trump? There is no one else on the GOP side who is openly America first. Remember America first is not a bad thing.  Democrats would kill the golden goose in their greed for money and power.  So too would establishment Republicans and crony-capitalism big business.  So too would too many immigrants incapable of being self-sustaining. No, nationalism is not a bad word. To do the greatest good in the world America has to be alive to do it.  In an airplane emergency they always tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before helping someone else.  There is a reason for that.  

If America is uniquely great (and it is), it is nationalism (i.e. the national interest) that will sustain that greatness. Wanting to accept everyone in and be just like Europe in every way is a recipe for becoming something other than America. It is a recipe for failure. After decades of postmodernist anti-Americanism being inculcated into our children through public education, the media and culturally become Europe is in fact what too many Americans seem to want.  I fear post Trump that is a very plausible eventuality. 

To be continued.

Friday Musical Interlude - Stevie Ray Vaughn

Texas Flood, live at the El Macombo in Toronto.  If you want to be amazed and don't have the patience to watch the entire amazing piece, skip ahead to 7:30 and be wowed.

June 27, 2019

Google is unfair

Sargon of Akkad says so, and he's not wrong.

Passing this along, unfiltered & uncommented

Tim Pool
Published on Jun 27, 2019
Big Tech Is Purging Project Veritas For Exposing Their Corruption. Project Veritas is being systematically purged from various tech platforms following their continued work exposing Big Tech censorship. First they removed the pinterest expose, then Google censored the expose on them citing privacy.

Veritas has been banned from Reddit and Now Vimeo following their continued investigations into silicon valley censorship and corruption.

Following this we still see media, such as CNN, insist there is no evidence that social media companies are biased against conservatives, but the evidence is now overwhelming. Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU have all been smeared in a leaked email advocating censorship.

Mark Dice dices up Democratic national debate

Earlier I posted that I could not watch the Democratic candidates' debate and shared a reaction of someone who could sit through it.  Here's a more entertaining and concise reaction:

Democratic candidates' debate

I have to applaud those who sat through the clown show that was the Democratic candidates' debate in order to critique the absolute buffoonery on display; I could not make it through 10 minutes.  It was painful to watch and I just couldn't do it.  I was hoping the foolishness would be entertaining, and I'm sure in the right context it would be.  But here's the problem - too many people in the venue believe the garbage being spewed is gospel.  So too, too many people watching on TV are swallowing this tripe whole.  And what's worse, I thought a lot of the candidates do not actually believe their own hate-filled, factually deficient bile, but it seems they actually do believe their own rhetorical extremes.

Kudos to these guys for sticking it out and offering their opinions; they have stronger stomachs than I do.

I know at some point I will have to watch some of these train wrecks but I can wait until they've whittled it down to a reasonable 12 or so candidates...

Carlos Maza is on an evil crusade and must be stopped

First he came for Steven Crowder and the YouTube Adpocalypse followed in it's wake with possibly tens of thousands of YouTubers, mostly conservative, were demonitized if not outright removed.  Only those impacted and their fans stood up. 

Next it seems, Carlos Maza, emboldened by his success, decided to continue with his evil quest by going after the Donald Trump subReddit.  Yes, it actually happened. Here's his tweet about it:

Then the subReddit was quarantined. 

This is no mere coincidence. Maza must be stopped. He is systematically taking down any opposition to his communist agenda (he's a self-proclaimed Marxist).  Tim Pool pointed out that the Reddit situation was (i) not as bad as implied and (ii) probably trolled with fake racist and homophobic accounts to set up this take down. 

The larger point, free speech, even bad ideas, must be protected.  The "world is not flat" was once considered a bad idea.  Bad ideas are merely a matter of perspective.

June 26, 2019

Please be sure to primary Justin Amash for 2020!!!

If you live in Michigan's 3rd congressional district you have got to primary useful idiot Justin Amash.  The same Republican who wants to impeach president Trump based on no collusion and no obstruction (so what, for bad hair?) is at it again.
The Democrat-led House Oversight Committee voted 25-16 to authorize a subpoena for Kellyanne Conway over (non existent) Hatch Act violations.

And surprise, surprise, Trump-bashing GOP Rep. Justin Amash (MI) was the lone Republican to side with Dems to authorize the subpoena.
This man is no better than a Democrat,  In fact he's worse - he's a Republican not voting the way his constituents voted.  He was once supposedly a Tea Party darling. If that was ever true, it is clearly not so now.  He's either a double agent Democrat in the guise of a Republican or else just a useful idiot for the Democrats.  Either way he's baggage for conservatives.

Remember this recently? [Aside -- When I did a search for the video of the criticism, FYI, YouTube served up MSNBC, CNN et. al. with coverage of applause for the congressman. This video did not turn up until the 16th video in the search results. Google, still evil].

Or perhaps you recall this bit of putrescence from 2 years ago:

Primary him, primary him, primary him!

Google, still evil as of 10 minutes ago

To recap, Ted Cruz grilled a Google spokesperson on the Project Veritas expose as well as other evidence that Google has gone well beyond bias:

Tucker Carlson last night gave the Project Veritas story the coverage it deserved, since Google has removed Project Veritas' ability to speak for themselves.

Not surprisingly, the Leftist media is ignoring the story.

This double standard and duplicity must not be allowed to stand.  If you are an American and you love your country you need to vote straight ticket Republican in 2020.  Yes, there are a lot of lackluster Republicans every election cycle, but the alternative to a crushing defeat of progressivism at the ballot box is not something that will allow America to be sustained.

Even if you are a liberal like Tim Pool is, you cannot abide by the destruction of free speech.  You must not abide by the existence of a shadow government trying to thwart a duly elected president and the first amendment rights of all Americans simply by hiding behind the notion of being a private entity.  They are no more a private entity that was the phone company which was broken up for far less nefarious reasons than those being attributed to Facebook.

Mueller subpoena is a mistake for Democrats

Geraldo Rivera of all people points out how bad the Mueller subpoena will be for the Democrats.  I contend that it won't change much for the Democrats - most voters are now entrenched in one camp or the other - but it will be bad for Mueller and probably others involved in the prosecution of the president process.

If it turns out that it damages Democrats, good on them.  They have been playing a dangerous self-serving game that has damaged the Republic for the purpose of political gain.  They deserve the fallout, I just don't see much of, no matter how badly this plays out for them.

Trump abuses Fed Chair Powell

Maybe abuse is a little harsh, but he certainly criticizes Fed Chair Jerome Powell.  His criticisms are valid - without the aggressive rate hikes GDP certainly would have hit 4% and possibly even stretched to 5% for 2018.  And the stock market would have definitely responded with more strength than it has shown.  The fact that they are considering a rate cut only proves it.

Conversely, without the rate hikes we may have seen inflation but the preemptive nature of  the rate hikes was definitely too aggressive.  The president's criticisms of Powell while perhaps a bit strong, are not at all unfair.

President Trump reacts to Google bias

Via Fox Business, president Trump reacts to the Project Veritas Google expose:

The Google putsch

A putsch is a violent overthrown of a government, so maybe that's not exactly right.  Google is attempting to subvert the election of president Trump and ensure that it does not happen again.  They know better than you who should be president so let their Orwellian dystopia just happen.  There have been those of us raising red flags about Google and other social media giants trying to dictate the outcome of elections, trying to limit any free speech that does not agree with their vision of fairness or truth.

This has to be stopped.

June 25, 2019

It begins: Ted Cruz grills Google Exec

Based on the Project Veritas undercover report (interestingly, removed by YouTube, which is owned by Google) exposing Google bias, Ted Cruz asks some pointed questions and gets some boiler plate answers from Google:

This will not be the end of this - Google will be broken up no doubt.  And that is as it should be.  But here's my concern; isn't it odd that the week before a Commerce Committee meeting this video comes out, and now we have conservatives demanding Google be broken up or regulated differently (or perhaps more).

Look, I've called for Google to be broken up myself.  They clearly exhibit the bias of all of Silicon Valley as very liberal to the point of censoring any speech with which they do not agree.  They are not vehicles for free speech.  But let's be clear, this is a dangerous road.  This could lead not to, or only to Google's break-up as if it were Standard Oil.  This could lead to Google, or it's component parts, beholden to new, more onerous government regulation.  

Do we really want to trust how to deal with Google to the government?  Even if we have no choice, they could impose things on Google or it's successors that are anti-competitive and America could lose yet another area in which they currently possess a technological advantage.

There will be unintended consequences no matter what happens.  But maybe the weakened American tech advantage is worth the cost, if it means that unelected tech barons are not allowed free rein over the American political landscape.  Additionally allowing monopolies is typically not good for consumers or business, and that is doubly so when the tech giants control the means of communication. But that does not inform how to solve the problem. The point is that there are no simple paths to solving this.  Therefore it behooves us not to rush headlong down the path to solving it.  There are a number of potential pitfalls, many of which we may not yet have even considered.

Google should be broken up, but it should be done with prudence. As for regulation, even more prudence is required.

Iran is itching for war

Clearly Iran is not interested in diplomacy.  Or at a minimum the sanctions are really really hurting them and they are trying to scare president Trump, who many claim has blinked on Iran by not responding to Iran's downing of a U.S. drone, into backing off on the sanctions.

President Trump is no 3D chess master that some of his supporters claim, but he is clearly very shrewd and most certainly knew, when he gave Iran some breathing room, that one possible outcome would be that they have escalated their war of words on the United States. A lot of his comments on various situations are along the lines of "we'll see what happens", knowing that he has a next step planned regardless of the potential reaction of the other side - in this case, Iran. He had to have known this was a possibility and likely already had a plan of action for it.

What that action might be is hard to say. He may prefer the added sanctions deepen the trouble for Iran and slowly strangle them into behaving like an honest and fair player in geopolitics. Maybe he does initiate a military action in response to Iran's next provocation. We'll have to wait and see. No doubt though, he has a plan. Who knows, maybe he really is playing 3D chess.

June 24, 2019

Tim Pool reacts to being content-suppressed by Google

Worth the watch:

Knitting website bans Trump support as white supremacy

Someone is spinning a yarn.  Just wow.

Here's a video from a person who is a crafter who reads the policy announcement and comments on it.

From the policy announcement "Support for Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy".   Truly we are on our way to hell in a (knitted) hand basket.

Project Veritas explodes Google secret anti-Trump 2020

This speaks for itself, and it is truly scary.

UPDATE:  And now that the video was dubiously removed, it speaks even louder.

June 23, 2019

Princeton professor calls climate change scientists a cult

Via Fox Business:

Lengthy President Trump remarks

President Trump unfiltered, from yesterday:

"Everyone was saying I'm a warmonger,now they say I'm a dove. I'm neither. I'm a man with common sense and that's what we need in this country."

Sunday verse

June 22, 2019

Saturday Learning Series - Defending Capitalism (Part 11)

This series featured a while back in Saturday Learning Series, but this recent John Stossel video has to be included if not for the title alone, then for the content.

For previous episodes, follow this link.

Saturday Learning Series - Engineering (Water Towers)

Engineering, not social engineering is essential for civilization.  Saturday Learning Series is going to delve into some engineering with a look at how water towers work, via Practical Engineering on YouTube.

Saturday Learning Series - Geography (uh...Limberwisk is a thing?)

Limberwisk is apparently, a country:

And the flag info:

June 21, 2019

Damn. Doxing is serious

Democrat senator aide is going to jail for doxing.

Friday Musical Interlude - Freebird, live 1976

Lynyrd Skynyrd performing Freebird live in 1976, at the Knebworth fair show in Hertfordshire England, with the amazing multi-guitar run.

Trans-Mountain pipeline in Canada moving ahead despite "outcry"

Okay, there is no outcry in Canada, or anywhere.  Just lame excuses as to why not to expand it:

It's not as warm as you think

Global warming, is in your head.

June 20, 2019

Lindsey Graham: No weapons for Saudi Arabia, but this

I'm not sure why Graham thinks president Trump should not be selling weapons to Saudi Arabia but at the same time feels Iran should expect a severely painful response from America to their hostile actions of late.

Why wouldn't selling arms to Saudi Arabia be a better option? Israel is not the only option in the region and American and Israeli battle deaths are definitely not the best first choice.

YouTube Purgepocalypse is underway

YouTube is going to strangle itself to death.  Frankly that may be a good thing.  But the purge is an attempt to destroy content providers that will work, unless some other platform presents itself, and damn  soon.

Tim Pool explains what is going on.

June 19, 2019

#WalkAway Wednesday

I haven't shared any of these in a while.  Here's another.

The takedown continues

Why this is not a rallying cry across the interwebs I do not know.  The take down of conservatives continues with TrumpFanNetwork on YouTube shut down for "copyright infringements". Yeah, that's what's really going on.

Via Tim Pool:

This is scary stuff. We need a wing to shelter under. Parler is great but it's not it, at least not so far. The WhiteHouse portal for complaining seems, so far, like a dead letter office. Jordan Peterson's new alternative is not here.

They are fighting a war against conservative opinion and no one is organizing on our side.  Time is running out.  

Canada: Climate emergency but also pipeline

Clueless liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau on Monday declared a climate emergency.  Tuesday he approved the Trans-Mountain pipeline expansion.  Just, L.O.L.

June 18, 2019

Is James Allsup Alt-Right?

I'm going through my YouTube related videos and one from James Allsup shows up.  I've heard of James Allsup but I don't think I have knowingly watched any of his YouTube videos.  So I do a Google search and Wikipedia and I see terms like Alt-right, Far Right, white supremacist, etc.  That's scary but I'm aware enough to know that just because the left labels someone a certain way that does not make it true.  In fact, most often it's a lie.

I mean come on, they labelled Ben Shapiro alt right at one point.  He's not.  He's an exceptionally gifted speaker, thinker and debater and they hate that,  so they have tried to vilify him and others like him.

I have seen articles about James Allsup vs. Ben Shapiro, I have seen articles about Allsup deleting content to scrub his past.  Again, these are secondary sources.  So I decided to watch a James Allsup video for myself.  I watched this one about Google being sued for anti-conservative, anti-white bias.

There's nothing overtly bad about this video, in fact he raises a lot of good points.

I'm hardly an expert on James Allsup at this point, so I will be doing more personal research and deciding for myslef. However, if you have an opinion and you are a conservative, tell me what you think in the comments below. If you are a liberal and reading this, I'm sorry but I'm not interested in your opinion: your side has committed so much slander on people like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and others that are legitimate thought leaders, that they have disqualified your opinions for me. You should be mad at your own shrill, slanderous loudmouths for doing that.

Trump should be even harder on China

You know, I'm thinking that maybe this would be a good time for president Trump to up his demands on China regarding the trade dispute.  With Hong Kong residents in the streets over China trying to tighten the reigns on the free market zone, and China buckling under the tariff situation, this might be the best time to wring more concessions out of the communist regime.

With this in play:

As well as this:

The important thing to remember is that president Trump is tackling an existential issue that no one else prior, and many still now have deliberately ignored. Leaving China free to continue under the status quo will ensure both China's ascendance and America's decline.

Joe Biden has promised to cure cancer if elected.

The important part is in the first few seconds but if you want to see how in the tank CNN, watch the host not really press on it.  Can you imagine the blowback if president Trump had promised that?

Also, we'll turn lead into gold. Talk about waving a magic wand (I'm looking at you Obama).

June 17, 2019

Daily Wire Backstage discussion

Had to share this discussion from last week:

Conservatives should want tech monopolies busted

Bill Whittle makes the case that anti-monopoly moves by government are pro free market. More specifically, he argues why we should break up YouTube, Google and Facebook.

June 16, 2019

The myth of the gender wage gap explained

Via PragerU, the explanation is pretty simple, really:

Censorship: Are we are living in Inception now?

Tim Pool's video about censorship is being censored by YouTube. If the video below about the censorship of censorship is censored then we are living in the movie Inception.

Sunday Verse

June 15, 2019

Has Parler become the censorship-free alternative to Twitter?

Parler is the French verb to speak, (pronounced Par-LAY) and it might be becoming the free speech alternative to Twitter.

Left wing media bleeding viewers and jobs

A lot of conservatives are jubilant about the slow and agonizing death of far left fake news media outlets.  Count me among them but I cannot but help considering what the unintended consequences of the displacement of all these radicals into unemployment or jobs at Starbucks.  Okay, maybe only a little.

Saturday Learning Series - return to geography (Liechtenstein)

It's been a while since geography featured in the Saturday Learning Series, but it's back now with Liechtenstein:

And the flag:

June 14, 2019

I can't let this pass.

The Toronto Raptors  are the 2019 NBA Champions:

And some earlier series' highlights...

Project Veritas is fighting back - this time it's Pinterest

Project Veritas reveals that Pinterest is also anti-free speech:

Then the guy who came forward, sadly, got placed on administrative leave.

And then Project Veritas also got hit:

This is a coordinated big tech exercise to silence dissent, nothing less.

Paul Joseph Watson & Jordan Peterson are fighting back

Paul Joseph Watson is trying to fight back against Youtube and other social media censorship:

So is Jordan Peterson:

Are these the final answers to YouTube and Facebook? Probably not, but they are steps in the right direction, even if only temporary solutions. Perhaps if one of them takes off then maybe conservatives, and free speech advocates will have a real, viable platform sooner rather than later.

Friday Musical Interlude - Roseanne Cash

Seven Year Ache, from 1981.

Demonitized week - episode 7

YouTube is broken according to Sandman:

June 12, 2019

Coldest, wettest and fewest fires on record

Climate change junk continues to be debunked.

Demonitized week - Episode 5

Literally hundreds of YouTubers demonitized.

Here's another example.

Trump to lose bigly in 2020

Apparently there is an anti-Trump landslide coming in 2020. Am I worried?  Absolutely not.

June 11, 2019

China espionage of intellectual property continues

Fake Nike.
A recent FBI news release indicates that last week they caught a foreign national trying to steal medical device technology:

...Lu’s secret goal was to use trade secrets stolen from his employer to strike it rich in his native China. However, thanks to an FBI investigation, his plan was thwarted, and Lu is now serving a 27-month prison sentence.
Lu worked for several different U.S. companies, all of which developed high-tech medical equipment, such as clot retrieval tools and balloon-guide catheters. In each job, Lu signed a non-disclosure agreement for his research and development work.
Despite signing the confidentiality agreement, Lu routinely did “data dumps” from his various medical research employers for about three years until his arrest in 2012...
...The investigative team learned that Lu had planned to create and run his own medical device manufacturing company in China using the stolen technology and Chinese government funding. He had even applied for Chinese patents using technology stolen from the American companies. (China’s government creates policies that disadvantage American businesses, and hacking against American companies and interests is a common tactic.)
That's all well and good but notice the date of 2012?  This was posted on the FBI's website just this month.  Why the delay? Was this a FISA case, was it public knowledge that Lu had been convicted?   That's one curious aspect of this news release  that otherwise shows China has been unrelenting in their theft of intellectual property.


Joe Biden would be the worst president on China.  Here's why.

The Left silencing conservative women

A brilliant video from PragerU on the left trying to silence conservative women:

Demonitized week - episode 4

JB Gunner TV was also demonitized this month by the YouTube overlords of leftist dogma.

Warning - a lot of language, which according to the vlogger, is not about to change.

June 10, 2019

Demonitized week - episode 3

Yet another example of recent demonitization by YouTube. Red Pill Philosophy calls out YouTube for bragging about censorship.

June 9, 2019

Demonitized week - episode 2

Here's another example of a recently demonitized channel, in this case it was back in April.  The channel is known as Jake Eyes.  I'm posting it during demonitization week in hopes that (i) it helps bring the issue to light and (ii) it helps demonitized YouTubers understand what is going on.

I'm not sure it will accomplish either goal but still...

More climate "science" debunked

Experts predicted the ice in Glacier National Park would be gone by the year 1948, then 2002, then 2020 and now 2044. But there are reports coming out that the glaciers have been growing for the past decade decade. NOAA responds in their usual fashion by tampering with the temperature data.

Sunday verse

June 8, 2019

Demonitized week - episode 1

YouTube has demonitized  A LOT of people this past week.  Every day I will share some videos of people who have been demonitized by YouTube.

Firstly, here's the obvious one - Steven Crowder:

Here's another Haasio Draws, demonitized under a dubious rationale:

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