December 26, 2019

John Bolton slams president Trump on Korea

It's the 'why' that's unclear.  The president is trying a different approach on North Korea to the one used by previous administrations that clearly has not made the slightest bit of difference towards the rogue nation's nuclear ambitions.

The clip explains president Trump's rationale but not Bolton's. It suggests that Bolton is a neocon (neo-conservative). But it does not explain why neocons might want a more aggressive, military approach on North Korea. Since neocons are globalists, a military option would probably be Bolton's preferred option. I have always respected Bolton's tough stance on a number of foreign policy issues. But a tough stance does not always equate to an effective approach. President Trump is trying a new tack on an old, heretofore unsolved problem. Given that the old approach has taken decades and resolved nothing, it would seem a new approach deserves a fair shake, which does not mean just two years.

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