December 23, 2019

Are the Democrats deliberately torpedoing their own candidates? If so, here's why.

This is not exactly crazy.  It's possible,  Something odd is happening with the impeachment of president Trump, and theories have developed as to why.  One such theory is that Democrats are creating a self-inflicted wound, deliberately. Democrat could be torpedoing Senators Warren and Sanders primary chances.  But that's only the beginning of the story. 

Firstly, Tim Pool explains the Sanders supporters' conspiracy theory and the background and rationale:

So who does that help? As Tim Pool points out in the above video, not surprisingly mostly Biden and Buttigieg. But Democrats have to know that not only has impeachment helped president Trump's support levels, but they also have to know that Republicans have a Joe Biden investigation looming. It's possible that the Republicans could be holding that in abeyance until Warren and Sanders until after Warren and Sanders are critically hurt by the Pelosi impeachment timing ploy. Democrats surely are aware of that. Then Biden could possibly be critically hurt too. While that could turn out to be a positive for Joe the same way impeachment has for president Trump, it's not exactly the same thing and my calculus says it will hurt Biden - a lot. That would leave Buttigieg as the front runner.

Could Pelosi be hoping a wipe-out in 2020 could lead to a socialist purge in the Democrat party? It would be an admirable goal. That's why I don't buy into it. 

 It's more likely she and other establishment Democrats could be angling for a fractured, brokered convention and the opportunity for Hillary Clinton to swoop in and save the party with a late candidacy, minus the campaigning, which Hillary is clearly truly terrible at doing. Not only that, it would allow Hillary to save her war chest for the general election too. It would keep her from scrutiny for the primaries as well.  There are a lot of reasons to do it if that's the end goal.

I'm skeptical.  It's not that I don't believe Democrats are that political, that nefarious. They are.  But there are some big ifs to the theory.  It would require that Pelosi drop the impeachment on the Senate during the primaries.  That has yet to happen, so the proof at this point is mere speculation (almost as bad as the wishful thinking of the impeachment itself).  Until that timing occurs, take the conspiracy theory with a wheelbarrow full of salt.  

But suppose it does.  It also requires the notion that Democrats are willing to risk their primary voters' wrath to pull off a Clinton nomination, or a purge.  As closed-door establishment as the insider Democrat cabal is, that is an awfully big risk.  It requires the belief that they are not sick of Hillary Clinton and her anemic record of presidential runs.  It also requires the belief that they are smart enough to come up with this idea but dumb enough not to see it's fatal flaws.  Long term purging of socialists from the party would be a healthy move, but Democrats, especially establishment Democrats are not long term thinkers.  Political expedience is their forte. So that is the most far-fetched scenario.

Is it possible that a Democrat plan is afoot? Yes.  Is this the plan? I doubt it, highly.  As much as I would love for it to be true, I just don't see it.  Not yet, anyway.  It's more likely that they just do not have a way forward with the impeachment and in their zeal to get it done because they have nothing else, and they are indeed on an all-in strategy that they have lost control of managing.

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