December 20, 2019

Impeachment Saga - The Leadup (2 of 3)

Previously I noted that there was absolute glee among many Democrats (as well as the media) in the mindless march towards a political impeachment.  Nancy Pelosi was busy reminding the country that this was terrible, sad and a somber thing.  The MSNBC video below was from September 2019.

Even as impeachment day arrived, Democrats, pre-vote were busy reminding the voters (and perhaps each other, for appearance's sake) how truly sad they were and how somber this moment was:

It was a sad day indeed.  The Democrats were so pathetic in their zeal to impeach president Trump they forgot to hide it along the way.  Now they are trying to change the narrative, all while hiding the fact that there are no facts behind this impeachment, just a lust for power.

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