March 28, 2010

Sunday Reading - Mar 28/10

Once again, I can't post much today, but here's some worthwhile Sunday reading.

It begins - Obama afraid to face Senate fights after Obamacare, creates 15 recess appointments

AnnoyTheLeft has an interesting piece on the hypocrisy of attacking Tea Party protesters

A rundown on the real costs of Obamacare

CNN can't count when it comes to the Tea Party.  The most dishonest name in news?

Analysis of David Frum's firing from RWN.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    I'm looking at that recess appointment thing tonight. Bush used it 179 times in 8 years. My question is, were any of those that Bush appointed rejected rather than stalled as one of Obama's appointments was?

  2. Recess appointments are a legitimate use of Executive power. The interesting thing in this case is not only the timing - following the contentious health care battle - but also the fact that so many of Obama's appointments apparently weren't well vetted (e.g. Daschle) and could use the 'scrutiny'.


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