September 24, 2021

The COVID Matrix

 It's so good to have non-liberal comedy available.  Thanks Babylon Bee:

Boxing reflects the decay of society

Boxing is but one example of how society has changed for the worse.  It also shows that all change is not good change.

NFL virtue signaling hypocrisy called out

Comedian Bill Burr makes the connection and roasts the NFL or the hypocrisy of their hollow virtue signaling:

Many of these supposedly woke corporations are only in this for the virtue signaling, and in most cases it's a matter of "...don't come after me next!" It's fake. It's hypocrisy in the case of the NFL.

And the solution is not to destroy these corporations as Marxists would have you do.  The solution is to leave politics at the door and let sports be sports.  Let music be music.  Let movies be movies.  Just movies.  They don't need to lecture us.  They are there to entertain, well at least they are supposed to be.  But the left has infected pretty much every part of the culture.  They may be driving us all back to doing more outdoor activities as our only means of escape from their tripe.  Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Kudos once again to Bill Burr for calling this out.  He's not afraid to not be woke. That's what we need as a role model.

September 23, 2021

Massive voter fraud in Arizona ?

Arizona is about to release the results of an audit of voting irregularities tomorrow.  Apparently there are going to be a lot of questions after it is released. 

Project Veritas exposes more COVID stuff

 Two more videos from Project Veritas exposing the web of lies around COVID:

September 22, 2021

This is your vaccine cult 'leader'

This guy (he whose name shall not be mentioned by me), is the current 'leader' for the vaccine-pushing cult. Listen to what he is saying. "Protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers" sews us-and-them division in the worst possible way.  "Patience is wearing thin" is threatening. "This is not about freedom" is downright evil because freedom is a fundamental principle. "If you want to work with the federal government, do business with us, get vaccinated" is criminal coersion (or blackmail).

"And by the way, show some respect." Right back at ya fella. Right back at ya.

The cult of vaccination, and the death of the Republic

I've always thought anti-vaxxers were nuts.  Measles vaccinations work. Polio vaccines worked, smallpox vaccines worked.  And even thought it is impressive that they were able to come up with a vaccine so quickly (under president Trump's push to do so), the FDA usually takes years of testing before approving a drug.  They didn't do that this time in the rush to address the "COVID crisis". Insufficient testing and approval leads to problems. You want an example? I give you Thalidomide. So have I become an anti-vaxxer? No.  But I am highly suspicious of both the efficacy of the COVID vaccines and the potential side effects (both short term and especially long term).  I haven't had my shot yet.  I'm letting the woke crowd be the human lab rats.  Maybe I'll take it in a few years if nobody sprouts extra limbs.

I've also become an alarmist on the whole vaccine passport notion, and I think very justifiably so. The extended lockdowns were bad enough, damaging economies and lives, with little critical thinking into the the idea that the cure may be worse than the disease.  Faith in "The Science" has become it's own religion or rather a cult. Those who do not believe are ridiculed.  That's a cult. Those who disagree or ask questions are disparaged and punished.  That's a cult.  Those who follow blindly or are willingly brainwashed are praised and rewarded with being allowed to continue their jobs and not starve to death and/or become homeless. That's a cult.

This is what happens with cults:

COVID doomsayers who love "The Science" have become a cult.  And it's a foolish cult at that; science is not meant to become policy and beyond that, "The Science" is clearly not complete or settled when it comes to COVID. Jordan Peterson discusses just that with Steven Crowder.

Project Veritas has started a new undercover sting, this time on insiders on COVID.  This is my biggest concern, science happening (in this case human deaths or dangerous side effects) and reporting on that being stifled. It's like they want you take the vaccine and they don't care if they have to lie to you to do so.  How can you make an informed decision if you hide truthful information from you?

And if they can lie about this, if they can lie to our faces about the failures of the Afghanistan withdrawal they can lie to us about anything. They can lie to us about what happened on January 6th, 2020 at the Capitol.  They can lie about who won the 2020 election.  Anything

The American Republic, the one and only bastion of true individual liberty in the history of the world, is on the precipice of becoming just another authoritarian regime. As a non-American, I implore you - do not let this happen to your country. You are better than this.

Comic books and how to cancel cancel culture

I've never been a big comic book fan, and don't pretend to know the industry. But this video caught my eye and I watched it, and there's a lesson to be learned from it.

Let me preface the video by observing that in an age of increasing competition from video games and anime as well as the younger generation not reading as much as previous generations in pursuit of those other types of entertainment, the comic book industry was bound to lose ground.  But here's the thing, when that happens, you have to get better at your craft, not worse.  It appears the comic industry has doubled down on wokeness instead, putting that ahead of good storytelling.  From a progressive perspective I get it; get them young and brainwash them into your cult.  But thankfully that will not succeed long term because you are shutting down industry after industry in doing so.  People will look elsewhere for their entertainment instead of being lectured to by idiots.

The lesson here has to do with how to cancel cancel culture. If you don't like something, don't buy it, don't support it.  Change the channel.  Many on the right are loath to support the idea of boycotts because it's cancel culture and there is something fundamentally wrong with cancelling someone's livelihood just because you disagree with them.  Disagreement is fundamental to a free society, and that's what the Left really want to cancel; no disagreement means no liberty.  Why play that game?

But building parallel societies is a form of indirect cancellation. We'll use GETTR or  Parler and get off of Twitter. That is in effect causing Twitter to begin to wither and die.  Of course it's no longer our fault because as they double down on thought policing their product, they grow smaller by degree each time. Just as those fed up with woke comic books buy retro comic books instead, or turn to video games or sports or something else to take it's place, you cancel cancel culture not by engaging it but by building a strong, healthy and appealing alternative.  It's like that old saw that says you attract more flies with honey than vinegar, except it's not flies you are attracting, it's minds.

September 21, 2021

More on Mass Psychosis

 From Academy of Ideas.  Does this ring a bell to you at all?

Canadian election meant nothing, and American pundits getting it wrong

The votes are still being counted so there may be a small shift of one or two here and there, but Canada has just completed a snap election that did absolutely nothing, despite high turnout. You'll likely see news clips of Prime Minister Trudeau claiming he has a mandate, it's a lie. I'm not just saying that as a disgruntled conservative who had been hoping for a better outcome (though that does describe me).  Take a look at the graph below.

Every party has almost exactly the same number of seats as it did after the 2019 election.  The changes were insignificant.  The net effect of this election was basically to revert to the results of the previous election and remove the impact of minor changes including members of parliament who left the liberal party after Trudeau's mistreatment of female party members.  Trudeau called a snap election unnecessarily, hoping to capitalize on great polling numbers, that faded quickly after he called the election. People it seems did not care for his opportunism.

In Canada, the executive and legislative branches of government are the same.   In order to have a majority government and control all legislation, a party needs 170 seats of the 338 seat available. The Prime Minister is the leader of the party with the most seats, whether they form a majority government or have to create a coalition with another party.  The Liberals had a minority government prior to yesterday's election, so they worked with the socialist New Democrat Party to get legislation passed. They had hoped to change that, but they failed. The Conservatives hoped for much more success with a new leader, he was so forgettable that they too failed. 

Unfortunately, the status quo is bad for Canada, as it ensures that the Liberal Party will continue to work with the socialist NDP party and continue to drift the country ever further leftward.

I have seen a lot of American pundits claim that Canada's Conservative Party is still a left leaning party when compared to Republicans. That is a gross inaccuracy.  The conservative voters in Canada in large part would be considered conservatives in America.  The same is true of the members in the Conservative Party.  But there is a significant problem.  Canada is dominated by left-leaning liberals and when combined with socialists, that represents the majority of the electorate.  Conservatives have won majority governments in parliament as recently as Stephen Harper's leadership less than a decade ago. But in order to do so, they have had to moderate their conservative values. The high-water mark for conservative voters in Canada is about 40%. So in winning, the Conservative Party have had to moderate their platforms to be palatable enough to hit that 38% to 40% range.  But when they win, they have been able to push the center back towards the right somewhat.  Stephen Harper lowered taxes, pushed conservative values but had to walk a thin line to do so.  The difficulty with that is that in order to get back to where a right-leaning Republican would feel at home living in Canada, it would take about 40 consecutive years of Conservative Party leadership and slow change.

That sucks, but it is the reality of the situation.  Canadian Conservatives are like Democrats in the U.S., they have to be dishonest about their positions in order to have any chance to win.  We don't love it, so don't judge us.  Saying I am not as conservative as Lisa Murkowski is offensive (don't worry it doesn't bother me) but more importantly it's outright wrong (that does bother me).

One more aside on this, in order to vote I either need an election card or two pieces of identification, one of which must have a photo and both must have my current address.  Why does that seem so difficult to do in some states? (I know the answer, but it really should be a big focus for Republicans nationally).

September 20, 2021

It's just a COVID question; no cancelling allowed

I find myself asking why the unending COVID scare is becoming unending.  Is the virus mutating faster than we can keep up?  Possibly but I don't think that's it.  Neither is it that deaths from COVID are unsustainable for humanity globally.  But lockdowns and masks and vaccine mandates persist and ramp  up time and again.


Could it have something to do with the fact that the same party that  unilaterally foisted Obamacare on America is trying to use the pandemic to foist single payer (government) health insurance on the entire nation?  Are they trying to leverage the pandemic to evolve a scenario where centralized health care appears to be the only option? As the pandemic drags into towards a second full year, the administration that promised a quick end with the supposedly "nothing to do with Trump" vaccines available, is continuing to up the COVID problem with intense hysteria-generating hype and illegal mandates.  


Who benefits from COVID mutations and continuing lockdowns and mandates?  Mostly nobody.  But Big Pharma does.  And Democrats do too but only under certain conditions.  Continued use of the pandemic pits one leftist (Rahm Emmanuel) rule "Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste" against another leftist Alinsky Rule "A tactic that goes on too long becomes a drag".  Two years of COVID hysteria are a drag to everyone, leftist foe and ally alike.  They risk losing support from their base by dragging this on to long.  So what's the potential upside?  If they can nationalize health care, they can achieve a longtime socialist goal as well as regain, likely even up the level of support from their base of support.

But how?

It's going to be argued as the only financially viable option, as this obscenely progressivist Newsweek article, full of erroneous arguments claims:

When the benefits of one country's investments in public goods spill over into other countries, international coordination is needed. When these spillovers are global—as is the case with pandemic preparedness and early response—this international coordination must be global.

The same principles should hold to payments—contributions should be universal and progressive. All countries that benefit, which is to say all countries, should pay something. Countries with the largest and most open economies should pay the most—both because they are able and because they gain the most in economic terms from pandemic prevention.

Not only are they haphazardly arguing for nationalized health care, but rather globalized health care, at least relative to pandemics, with richer countries like the U.S. paying a disproportionate share of the global cost.

Is this what you progressives really want? 

BLM as useful idiots?

Black Conservative Perspective makes an interesting suggestion about using Black Lives Matter (BLM) over their reaction to a New York City restaurant incident, as useful idiots to show that vaccination passports are causing division in America. I've argued for this approach myself in my Rules For Patriots (Rule #9). But it's tricky because BLM clearly wants to portray this as a racially motivated incident. 

However leftist policies have not just unintended consequences, but seriously dangerous ones; they are promoting racial division at the same time creating ridiculous COVID policies that facilitate further division, creating an amplification effect.  This is setting up a liberal versus liberal altercation wherein it might just be better to stand back and let the left eat itself instead of stepping into the fray. Additionally, you are putting a business that has been squeezed by Democrat COVID regulations and lockdowns, trying to comply with mandates just to stay in business into further jeopardy if you enable BLM in order to point out how asinine liberal policies actually are.  So are they just collateral damage in the bigger picture? Even if Carmine's is run by ultra-leftists (and I don't know that it is), conservatism is about protecting the little guy in the face of an overbearing government.  They shouldn't just be dismissed as collateral damage.

Lastly, I am 99% certain that BLM won't turn this into a vaccine passport issue, because for them it's a race issue.  They will focus on that.

All that said, they can still be useful idiots.  In fact they already are.  You are going to have ultra-liberal NYC prosecuting three black women, and BLM fighting them on it.  Either way, a leftist liberal body is going to lose this fight) and it doesn't matter which one it is because they are spending time and treasure fighting each other.  My biggest hope in this case is that the fight drags on for a long time, costs a lot for all involved (except the restaurant) and derails as much as possible on both sides.

September 19, 2021

The best Canadian candidate (who won't win)

With the Canadian election tomorrow and the Liberal Party's mysterious late resurgence in the polls vs. the Conservative Party, I thought I'd share a video with an interview with the leader of the underdog People's Party of Canada (the closest thing we have to Trump).  

In a comment on a YouTube post I mentioned I thought it was a wasted vote to support a party with only ~6% support in the polls (which may be a mirror of that U.S. guy with a 17% lead over president Trump in 2020).  Unfortunately I still believe that's true, but Maxime Bernier is a smart guy and he should have been chosen as the leader of the Conservative Party rather than the current leader.  His positions make the most sense.  Rather than just giving him and his newer party short shrift, I thought it would be beneficial to share his interview by Jordan Peterson. 

The administration is anti-American and anti-humanitarian

These people are being used.  A good administration would not allow this to happen, let alone encourage it for political gain.

Ask yourself, if most of these illegal immigrants are Haitian, why are they at the Texas border?

Sunday verse


September 18, 2021

That's it, you're in this world now

Have you ever thought about weaponizing language the way the Left does?  They do it all the time, as if it were a hobby.  Everyone except American patriots have done it.  China does it as evidenced in the first section of the below report:

So why are we not doing it?  This is part of the political battlefield we exist within.  In his Rules For Radicals, Leftist Saul Alinsky suggested the following: RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

Here's one example that I've often wondered about.  When those on the left complain about being  "triggered", they are using a word heavily related to guns.  So "triggered" should be a trigger word for them.  Call them on it.  In fact, why not go one step further and suggest an alternative.  Then suggest the alternative because you are the one controlling what it might be.  How about instead of "triggered" maybe they should say something like "bothered".  If they see your point and start using that, you've effectively marginalized the impact of the trigger event and indeed the whole notion of triggering.  When someone says "that bothers me" it doesn't carry as much weight as "I've been triggered".

In fact the phrase "bother words" instead of "trigger words" sounds ridiculous and minimizes entirely the extent of the concern, putting it on a level it deserves to be. "I said something politically that bothers you?  So what?"

Their immediate acceptance of the idea that the phrase "trigger words" is in itself trigger words, gives us the opportunity to replace it with something belittling of the notion that they may not even immediately realize. But only if we have that alternative suggestion at the ready.

September 16, 2021

Ya, but you cannot undo that now, can you?

 Voter remorse/regret does not help now.

More on Milley treason

Milley was a treasonous general, doing things he cannot possibly justify. This is one more example, in case you missed it.  He was out of control.  President Trump never nuked China like general Milley seemed to fear.  This is not how a democracy or representative republic is supposed to work.  It's how a banana republic with a military junta operates.  Milley should be in jail for putting himself above an elected and serving president in the chain of command.

Nicki Minaj just shocked me.

I've never been a fan of Nicki Minaj's music. But I may have just become a fan of her political positions, and I am truly surprised by that turn of events. Kudos also to Tim Pool for covering this.

Unelected people deciding for themselves

General Mark Milley, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, apparently went behind president Trump's back in the days following the January 6 attack on the Capitol because he thought Trump was crazy.  Because unelected government officials can do whatever they want, right?

September 15, 2021

More on the California fail

 This result is disheartening but frankly, not surprising: 

California fails, again.

If you are conservative, you have no reason to stay in California. The cheat is on now, always.  Move to a red state and help ensure that they cannot cheat there.  Pay lower taxes and live in a sane world. Tim Pool has the update but some of the wrong conclusions:

September 14, 2021

Rules for Patriots - Rule #9: Screw Purity

 This is a continuation of my Rules for Patriots series, designed as a patriot's guide to success in fighting the creeping progressivism infecting America. It's a conservative response to Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. This series is a lengthy read, but it is very important to understand.  This one happens to be a video, so it's more digestible. Being able to use this approach, as a team, will simplify, streamline and expedite achieving our patriotic objectives.

Links to previous rules: Rule #8Rule #7Rule #6Rule #5Rule #4Rule #3Rule #2 and Rule #1.

Screw purity. No one is you.  Therefore nobody shares 100% of your beliefs.  Your version of what conservatism means is not universal, nor is anyone else's version.  Conservatism, even what we mean in the West (what could be defined as classical liberalism), can come in many forms.  There are gay conservatives, there are atheist conservatives, there are religious conservatives, social conservatives, Trump (America first) conservatives, fiscal conservatives, many types of libertarians and the list goes on. No one will see eye to eye with you on 100% of conservative issues.

Ronald Reagan remarked "somebody who agrees with you 80% of the time is an 80% friend, not a 20% enemy".

That's important to remember.  So is the idea, attributed to Vladimir Lenin of "useful idiots".  Anybody can help you.  Anybody has the potential to be "red pilled". Anybody can provide synergy in your direction, even if it is not readily evident.

Republicans, unlike Democrats are not designed to march in lockstep.  Conservatives are not meant to not question authority.  So disagreements are inevitable.  But if someone who is "pro-choice" agrees with you on securing the borders and national security (be they Republican or Democrat), it's okay to work together with them on what you agree on.

This is why purity tests make no sense.  The more narrowly you define who constitutes an ally, the fewer allies you have.  The idea of purity should remain fluid from issue to issue - it should change depending on the circumstances and the particular battle being engaged.

Nobody likes RINOs - except those who keep voting them in. Do they cave to Democrats? Yes.  Are they unreliable? Yes.  Are they the enemy? Yes, but less so than an ardent leftist; a socialist or ultra leftist Democrat would be far worse a representative than a RINO would be in say Connecticut.  Even if a Connecticut  Republican only voted with the party 40% of the time, that's still 100% more than a Democrat would do so.

I'm no fan of RINOs, but in states where that is the best option, I'll take it over the alternative. Call them useful idiots if it helps you sleep at night.  The only way to change a far left state from Blue to Red, is slowly.  Elsewhere, in places like Texas, where a 40% dependable Republican would be a disaster, the definition is obviously different.  There you might need at least an 85% dependably conservative vote. Anything less might require a change. But Vermont is not going to get there overnight.  So setting up an unelectable candidate to unseat Bernie Sanders there is a waste of time and resources.  Instead start with a moderate.  Or better still, vote in Democrat primaries to unseat Sanders with a less liberal. 

Being red pilled from so far to the left is not an incident, it is a process; one that will take time.  It's not ideal, but it's the truth. As we like to say to those on the left, facts don't care about your feelings.  We have to work within the realm of possible, not the realm of fantasy.  You don't have to like it, just deal with it. Purity will only lead to more and more isolation, and that is a fact simply because, no one else is purely you.

Rose McGowen is not afraid

 Via Adam Crigler:

Wake up woke people!

 For the woke:

September 13, 2021

Are Republicans being blocked from voting in California recall?

 Are California Democrats cheating?

Bill Maher red pilled?

Probably not, but at least he's coming around a little.  That doesn't excuse the bashing he has done in the past, but one more awakened person instead of woke person is still good.

September 12, 2021

Sunday verse


Lessons from the past - homebuilding

Here's what the likes of ANTIFA get wrong; they are grossly uninformed or misinformed about history. The reason the past matters, is that people learned and improved.  To discard the past is to lose knowledge.

Here's a good example from homebuilding that shows what was done in the past was done well and we can learn from it.

September 11, 2021

They're not even denying it any more

They don't care about the disconnect, they don't care that you know, which means they don't care about you.

Where does that leave you?  If you don't care about this, you will become a slave to the state.  If you do care about this and don't do anything, you will become a slave to the state.  If you care and you do something and it isn't enough, you will become a slave to the state.

The only way out of this, the only way, is to do something and help others to see and have them do something too, alongside you.

9/11 - 20 years later

 Never forget those who perished. And never forget why those who perpetrated this evil act did so - hatred.

September 10, 2021

Resistance is NOT futile!

I want you to watch this Academy  of Ideas video and truly understand it.  Overcoming tyranny requires NOT just resistance but more importantly a parallel society.  That is the key.  The information in the video below was something I was working on for a future video (more on parallel structures than societies), but it's so important it needs to be shared now that it is available.

Now watch this Tim Pool and you can feel the encouraging idea that in the United States at least, it might actually already be happening.  Tim by the way is exactly right on the legality in the discussion below.

Do not sit idly by and not pick a side.

September 9, 2021

September 8, 2021

Some interesting parallels between Canada and the U.S. here

 That guy in the U.S. get berated in New Jersey:

Meanwhile on the campaign trail in Canada, Justin Trudeau actually gets rocks thrown at him.  While I do not condone violence, it's a bit ironic to see the guy who legalized marijuana in Canada nationally getting stoned:

Dictator Watch - China updates

 A few updates on China courtesy of China In Focus:

September 7, 2021

Welcome Back Crowder

Normally I wouldn't post an entire show, just specific content related to a specific topic.  But  Steven Crowder is finally back, and hopefully well and good.  So I had to share his return show:

September 6, 2021


 We all know who decides what is newsworthy, so this is really no surprise.

September 5, 2021

September 4, 2021

Red Tide, maybe?

 Red Eagle Politics on the chances of the Republicans re-taking the senate in 2022.

September 3, 2021

WHO argues against vaccine passports

The WHO (World Health Organization), which has done a terrible job relative to COVID so far (unless you view it from a China's self-interest perspective), has made the case against vaccine passports.  Normally I'd say "even a stopped clock is right twice a day".  But this is the WHO.  They must have a reason (beyond what they are claiming is their concern for arguing against it).  

September 2, 2021

Canada election - ditching Trudeau & Canadian voter ID

Canadians are a going to the polls this month (September 20th) for a federal election.  The Conservative Party of Canada has, after trailing in the polls for years since Stephen Harper was Canada's most recent Prime Minister, have pulled ahead slightly with only weeks to go before the election.  While their lead is slim, it seems to have some slow momentum behind it.

Tonight is the first leaders' debate and a good showing by conservative candidate Erin O'Toole has a strong potential to sway women voters, seniors and possible some other demographics towards a conservative vote, potentially replacing the disastrous and embarrassing leadership of Justin Trudeau with something else. At this point anything would be better, but a real conservative would be ideal.  I'm not sold 100% on the bona fides of O'Toole but that won't dissuade me from voting for his party.  There is another conservative party that has formed, more grassroots, but it is far too young to support and would only be stealing votes from the Conservative Party of Canada, which is the only one that has a chance to displace Trudeau's Liberal Party. 

Wish us luck!

Incidentally, in order to vote, I require either (1) photo ID or (2) an Election Voter Registration Card and an accepted piece of non-photo ID that has an address that matches the voter registration card or (3) you can still vote if you declare your identity and address in writing and have someone who knows you and who is assigned to your polling station vouch for you. The voucher must be able to prove their identity and address. A person can vouch for only one person (except in long-term care facilities).

The intention is that latter option is a rare exception.  Voter ID is a good thing America, you should try it some time (I'm looking at you PA, WI, MI and a few others).

This is a good first step. BUT still have to petition for dismissals of school boards, because outrage is nothing without mobilization.  Nevertheless, this is a good first step:

This is happening

Gavin Newsome sees the writing on the wall, Larry Elder is likely the next governor of California.  Joe Rogan even shows Larry Elder some love:

September 1, 2021

Mark Dice breaks down recent news bites

 Mark Dice is a funny, and factual guy.

That guy is either a traitor or a bumbling liar

Afghanistan, just the latest in many months of gaffes, is a blunder of massive proportions and the global impact from it is not yet played out.  The results are bad, really bad from an individual level all the way up to a geopolitical level.  The guy making the decisions is either lying to America to cover his mistakes, or he is deliberately tanking the country in EVERY. POSSIBLE. WAY. he can. Either way, he's not fit to serve.  

Project Veritas exposes ultra-left teachers. Now what?

 Fox News covers the story:

I don't think anyone is surprised anymore that this garbage is being dumped on children. What surprises me is that not moe is being done about it. Parental outrage it seems, is not enough to create real change in the schools or even the school boards. The only thing that might work is economic pressure.

Perhaps collectively withholding municipal property tax until something is done could have an effect for example. Maybe not. But more needs to be done across the nation, at a local or state level to get this sort of anti-American behavior to stop being taught to children as some sort of moral good. It's the exact opposite and you know it. Unless you help put real pressure on school boards, teachers' unions, schools  and teachers, this is not only going to keep happening, it will keep getting worse until it's too late to save the Republic.

August 31, 2021

Disproving my last post

 The video in my last post contained a video of a state department statement that was clearly, clearly a lie.

I agree with Tim's point that the U.S. should have kept Bagram air force base as part of the withdrawal plan. It would have smoothed the transition out a lot. The problem was the revised plan was not a plan.  

Ignominious retreat

The war in Afghanistan was almost never well managed, but the withdrawal became an ignominious retreat and an absolute disgrace of uncoordinated, ill-conceived, morally bankrupt failure.  It's shameful how America abandon Americans in the country as well as Afghani Christians, women and anyone else who believed that the country had a hope for a real future.  Instead, the walked away and handed the Taliban the victory.

This lack of knowledge is highly indicative of the failures of the administration and excuses for the same.

August 30, 2021

Uh oh.

Russia often creates some high tech military equipment.  The thing is they cannot afford to produce very many. Their new fighter might be the greatest innovation in aerial combat - at least for the last generation. 

The media gave us that guy, on purpose believe it or not.

 Tim Pool, still calling out the media, and rightfully so:

August 29, 2021

August 28, 2021

"Men of the West" or Fall of the West?

 An allegory for the west, both then (WWII) and now:

That is an inspiring speech. Meanwhile, the gentlemen at Daily Wire in a long form discussion/debate, cover the current situation in Afghanistan as it relates to the crumbling strength of the West (primarily the United States), when just a few years ago under president Trump, it looked as though the superpower was finally regaining its resolve and strength.

But this is a bigger discussion than just Afghanistan.  It's a question of who we are. Whether Afghanistan was a good idea is not the important question. That time has passed. As far as Afghanistan the question is about what do we do now. As an aside, I think Matt Walsh (and not because it's him, but it's the most daunting conclusion) is the most correct here. American has, over the 20th century, stopped fascism and communism from winning. Its moral duty as leader of the free world is to both continue to do so (where it can), and to foster democracy, where it can. That does not always mean wars. In the case of Germany, Japan and South Korea, thriving democracies were created due to American blood and treasure AND patience. America is reasonably justified in demanding compensation of the costs for these efforts from the beneficiary countries. America has not and instead they have become sacrifices for America. But this sort of sacrifice is one whereby America in fact does reap benefits beyond just the spread of democracy and abatement of tyranny. Trade opportunity and national security are both improved. Just because the nature of the threat has changed, does not mean the nature of the moral duty diminishes. In the case of Afghanistan (or any case), the question is a balance between the moral duty and the potential self-interest cost/benefit analysis.

And where does this leave us?  President Reagan once said that the freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  Is this the generation that allows it to be snuffed out?  Or perhaps even contributes to its extinction?  Has the West gotten softer with each passing generation to the point where it is now too morally weak and lacking the fortitude to stand against the forces of tyranny and darkness? I pray that is not the case.  And further, I exhort you to teach your children well that they must have the same moral convictions of previous generations or they will see their own freedoms perish - not in an epic battle, but in a slow (and now growing faster) creeping death.

Weakness has consequences

That guy, projecting weakness both personally and nationally.  If this doesn't entice China to invade Taiwan, then there is not much else will.

Donald Trump Jr. is a bright guy

Donald Trump Jr. discusses Afghanistan with Anthony Cumia (Compound Media). Donald Trump Jr. uses some strong (and occasionally vulgar) language talking about the failures of that guy. That doesn't stop him from being absolutely right.

Dictator Watch - China vs. India, and other stories

China In Focus, an excellent source of news and analysis on the communist country, takes a look at why China is encroaching on India, and why it matters to America  (as well as a couple of other stories): 

August 26, 2021

Dictator Watch - Russia is still a bad actor

Russia was not using president Donald Trump, but they are still a bad actor on the world stage.  It looks like they are targeting American agents with microwaves.  

The right to stand your ground reaffirmed by governor

The governor of Missouri has pardoned the McCloskys, who were convicted of misdemeanor gun charges for standing their ground against BLM protesters.

August 25, 2021

OnlyFans is not like Big Brother apparently

I've never been on OnlyFans, but I've read that there is a lot of explicit (adult) content there.  They recently had announced an intention to ban all of that sort of content from their platform.  I get it, they may not have intended to be that sort of a platform (and obviously not all content on OnlyFans is adult type content).  It's their prerogative  to make that sort of policy change.  But then something interesting happened that made me sort of become a fan of OnlyFans, despite never having been on their platform even once.  They listened to their users (both producers and consumers):

The content subscription service announced plans last week to block sexually explicit photos and videos from October.

On Wednesday, it tweeted that it has "suspended the planned 1 October policy change".

It is currently unclear if the delay will be permanent.

OnlyFans wrote on twitter that it would "continue to provide a home for all creators".

"Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard," said the company.

"We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned 1 October policy change.

"OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators."

OnlyFans might be a much newer platform and unwilling to take the hit of a producer/consumer revolt.  So this could end up being a temporary change of heart.  They could end up being as heavy handed and autocratic as Twitter or Facebook.  But for now they are not, and that is a win.

Why am I suddenly a fan?  They just did something other platforms  have refused to do, serve the community.  The heard the backlash and changed their minds.  That is called being responsive to the marketplace.  It's how capitalism is supposed to work.  This flies in the face of other decisions by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr.  It's refreshing.  So much so that I plan on checking the platform out to see if there is anything of interest.  Not because of the adult content, but I will be checking it out as a result of their willingness to allow creators and users to produce and consume the content they prefer to produce and consume.  Hopefully there ends up being some political content or something worth keeping my attention because I'd like to be able to reward OnlyFans for their responsiveness.

FBI on January 6th: Not an Insurrection

 Via Dinesh D'Souza:

This was yet another concocted nothingburger by the left, along with the aid of the FBI, to demonize the right using a valid but unorganized protest (that to be fair, did contain a few troublemakers) on January 6th of this year.

While this matters greatly to those unlawfully imprisoned (in violation of their proper Constitutional rights at a minimum), and their families, to anyone else this has been the making of a mountain out of a molehill. The FBI should be doing the right thing at this point for those it has imprisoned unlawfully, but to date they have not, shamefully.

August 24, 2021

Cuomo Commuted Communist Terror Convict

I didn't use the insult in my last post, but Cuomo proved he is even more of a scumbag on the way out.  I am not in favor of ad hominem attacks, but if ever there was someone deserving of name-calling, this is the guy. he commuted the sentence of a communist terrorist.


Self serving tripe, absent important facts about his governorship.  He was a cancer on so many levels. And he has avoided the impeachment he so richly deserves.

Larry Elder: California's Target #1

 Larry Elder would make California successful again.  Liberals won't have it:

August 23, 2021

August 22, 2021

August 21, 2021

CNN goes after that guy after realizing the Taliban ain't woke

That guy is in the cross hairs of the left.  They can only exist with someone to blame.  But in this case, they aren't wrong.

August 20, 2021

Is the GOP full of liberal sleeper agents?

We know there are RINOs.   We know there are weak-willed Republicans afraid to do anything that rocks the boat.  We know there are establishment Republicans who are driven by money rather than principle.  All of these combine to make the party vastly less effective than it could, and should, be.  Here's the question though - is the GOP full of liberal/Democrat sleeper agents?  At times it really, really seems to be the case.

How else would you explain this (via Gateway Pundit):

Pennsylvania Republican Senate leader Jake Corman has squashed Doug Mastriano’s quest for an audit of the PA 2020 election results.
Senator Mastriano put up a video on his Facebook page blaming the “powers that be” for keeping his committee from meeting and issuing subpoenas. The video was subsequently taken down.

This despite some pretty convincing evidence that president Trump actually won the state. Why, as a Republican would you stand in the way of exposing this? Is the GOP that obsequious?  Or are Democrats in Republican clothing infiltrating the Republican party at all levels, rising through the ranks, and making decisions contrary to conservative beliefs?

August 19, 2021

When "anti-racists" don't realize they are racist.

 This is sad, but funny. But sad.

Why people are being red pilled

"Why don't they believe us?"  Here's why.  A fantastic article, as read on The Crigler Show:


Here's a link to the article itself.

August 18, 2021

Although there is a silver lining.

Afghanistan is a serious mess.  But there is a silver lining.  The White House guy is becoming really unpopular.

But wait, it gets worse

Today has been a sad, SAD day for Taliban news. But wait , it gets worse.  Afghan's future leader has significant ties to Obama failures.

This is how terrible Afghanistan is going to become

 Bodies falling from fleeing American planes.  This is absolutely terrible and horrific.

Dictator Watch - Afghanistan Edition

The Taliban is likely going to eliminate Christians in the country.  Oh, and slavery for women too, so there's that.

A possible preview preview of 2022

 In Canada's eastern province of Nova Scotia, a province that has not elected a provincial conservative government since 2006 and has voted liberal or socialist ever since (and in fact has had a conservative parliament only 14 out of 40 prior elections), elected a conservative government in a stunning upset with a resounding victory for the conservative party.

It could serve not only as a preview of Canada's upcoming federal election, but also of the U.S. midterm elections.

August 17, 2021

Stopped clock got it right on 2003

The guy in the video (who shall remain both nameless and without a title on this blog), like a stopped clock, was right.  Unfortunately you have to go back to 2003 for the correct view.

When president Trump announced he wanted to withdrawal all troops from Afghanistan, he made some valid points. In fact, I agree that there needed to be a timetable for withdrawal.  I think announcing the timetable was a rookie mistake however.  But the calamity and chaos was compounded immeasurably when the guy in the video started making the decisions.  The pullout under the cover of darkness, with no handoff of infrastructure and power, along with the announced delay, and his clear lack of a plan on how to do it, was done in the worst possible way. You would be hard pressed to think of anything that could have been done to make it worse.

Sure there were likely to be a lot of problems, even if president Trump was in charge during the pullout.  But you can bet it would not have been this bad.  It would have been manageable problems, not a total collapse and return to the Taliban.  

Beyond that, the guy in the video is lying now. But worse still, he continues to compound the problem, making it look like America's erstwhile allies in the country are on their own, with nary a chance to fight, flee or survive because, well, it is what it is.  The right wording might force the Taliban to at least pause before slaughtering more people.

All of that aside, was an Afghanistan war a good idea for America?  It made sense when they were trying to find Bin Laden. Not a war per se, but an invasion.  That's where they believed he was. The mistake was engaging the Taliban as enemy combatants as a side effort.  If they were in the way, take care of it, but do not put the country on a path towards democracy unless you are willing to stick it out for as long as it takes.  American forces are still stationed in South Korea and Japan and Germany.  It took decades for those situations to resolve into stable democracies that no longer needed American support. And to be fair, the purpose of continued American military presence in those locations has changed over time. But to think the situation would require any less in either Iraq or Afghanistan is foolhardy.

So the rationale for a pullout conflicts with some of the side goals of Afghanistan, but since they were decided as goals at one point, pulling out prematurely was an invitation to disaster. The only way to avoid that would have been that there was a plan made, to transition power to a self supporting Afghani government capable of at least suppressing the Taliban  if not eradicating it.  The plan should have started about 10 years ago.  It wasn't.  President Trump should have included it as part of his withdrawal model.  He didn't, even though he likely had more of a plan than this chaos.  The next guy should have at least had some basic plan for a transition of power and assets.  He failed spectacularly and Afghani people will pay the price for his colossal failure.

A personal rant regarding Uber Eats

I recently sent a complaint to Uber Eats.  If you've ever used the service, you probably already know the result; it bounced back to me with a notice about it being an unmonitored mailbox.


Here's the email I wrote. 

Customer Service,

I signed up for UberEats a few months ago. I received a $30 off coupon or promo offer via email shortly afterwards. I tried to use it at a couple of locations and got a few messages that it was not valid at that location. I got frustrated and did not order.

A few days later I tried again but received a notification that the offer had already been used. Annoyed, I decided not to use UberEats and instead went back to SkipTheDishes to order.

In a few weeks I noticed a new offer, it was either $30 off or 75% off my first order. I figured it had been sorted out and tried again. After letting me order and applying the coupon, it was when I finally submitted the order it came back and said not valid for this account and that if I wanted to order, it would be full price. I did not order.

I have since received an offer every few weeks (roughly) and have tried several times to order with the new account promotion. It has failed EVERY TIME I HAVE TRIED (I'm at about 7 or so attempts by now). Somehow it looks like I have already taken advantage of the offer, but if you look at my account you will see I have never placed a completed order with UberEats.

This has been the single worst customer service experience I have ever had in my life. Why offer me the same 'welcome' offer every few weeks, only to say I do not qualify to use it? I am frustrated beyond belief and thought I would express my concern so that you are aware of this issue, as I do not believe this will ever get rectified, have a very bad impression of Uber Eats at this point and do not see myself ever using the service (given the issue as well as the difficulty involved in even finding where to raise my concern).


They kept referring me back to the app, where there was no place to properly describe my circumstance, only a circular loop of standardized Q&As, none of which applied to my situation. UberEats has provided one of the worst customer experiences, if not the worst, of my entire life.  I get it about having to deal with scammers trying to get free stuff. I get the whole low overhead to keep costs down idea. What I do not get is creating a situation that causes customer dissatisfaction to turn to anger, without a mechanism to address it.  

I will never use UberEats.  They are on a list of companies that have pissed me off so much I refuse to use them, EVER.  There are now a total of 2 companies on that list.  Only two. And the other company was one I had worked for and saw the dysfunction from the inside.  Way to go UberEats.  You have joined the ranks of companies who, if asked, I will do everything I can to dissuade people from using.

August 16, 2021

America's non-answer to Taliban resurgence

 What's going on in Afghanistan?  Exactly what was predicted, the Taliban has won after an extremely poorly planned and poorly executed American cut and run.  Not a withdrawal, a panic fleeing.

Careful, this might trigger you:

Meanwhile, the administration that botched the withdrawal, is missing in action:

August 15, 2021

Refuting atheism's claims

 Courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow, this constantly rehashed trope:

Every single problem in the world is due to religion; that's her conclusion. It's based on the idea that religious conflict has caused more death than any other reason in history.  Let's forget disease and famine for a moment.  And old age. Let's also set aside conflating all religions as equally guilty of war deaths.  And let's assume she meant wars of religion as opposed to non-religious conflict since she mentions war specifically.

While it's hard to estimate how many people have died due to wars, one reasonable estimate has it that 500 million people throughout human history.

If, out of the thousands of wars throughout history, I pulled out 20 of the larger wars of conquest, rebellion or ethnic conflict, I can come up with more than half of total deaths due to war that were not religious. 

1. World War II (70-85 million deaths, minus approximately 6 million Jews who were killed by the Nazis. The overall war was not religious in nature). On the conservative side that leaves 64 million deaths. 

2. Three Kingdoms War (38 million deaths)

3. Mongolian conquests (30 million)

4. Qing conquests (25 million)

5.  World War I (20 million)

6. Timur wars of conquest (17 million)

7.  An Lushan Rebellion (13 million)

8. Hui Minorities War (an ethnic, not religious war) (12 million)

9. Chinese civil war (communist revolution) (8 million)

10. Russian civil war (7 million)

11. Second Congo War (4.7 million)

12. Napoleonic Wars (3 million)

13. Hundred Years War (2 million)

14. Mfecane (Shaka Zulu) conflicts (2 million)

15. Korean War - (1.5 million

16. Soviet War in Afghanistan (1.2 million)

17. Nigerian civil war (1 million)

18. Mexican civil war (1 million)

19. Vietnam war (1 million)

20.Gallic Wars (1 million)

That's 252.4 million deaths out of an estimated 500 million deaths. Those 20 conflicts/wars alone,  caused more than half of the estimated total deaths in human history of war.  Those are non-religious in nature.  Now to be fair they are for generally three different reasons, and if all of the other wars combined were religious in nature it would be the single biggest factor in deaths due to war, and her statement would be correct.  But that is not the case.  I only pulled 20 larger conflicts out of history. I'm confident that many, many more wars were fought that were not religious and it would significantly alter that number.  Furthermore, if we look at wars of territorial expansion and rebellions and combine those as being wars about power, which essentially is what they are both about,  then 19 out of the 20 I have mentioned would qualify as such and make at a minimum 48% of wars about power.  That clearly would be the single biggest factor since the one ethnic war I mentioned accounts for another 2% leaving at a maximum 50% of all wars needing to be religious in nature for Paltrow's quote to be valid. That would include the Iraq war, the American Revolution, the American Civil War,  you get the idea.

The point is don't let this trope get past you without challenging it.

Sunday verse


August 14, 2021

Socialism is the useful idiot of fascism

Why "defund the police"? Here's why. The movement among the woke left to defund the police goes against all common sense. So why are they pushing it? There's an agenda behind it that might seem counter-intuitive until you take a closer look.  The latest example (via Hot Air), provides a good case in point:

There was a shooting in Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood last weekend. A man attempted to intercede when two men got out of a car and attempted to steal purses from two women walking along the sidewalk. One of the robbers shot the man twice and then got back into his car and drove away. As you’ll see in this report, one local resident said of Oakland’s streets, “There’s no law and order. We’re going back to the wild, wild west.”

Carl Chan, president of the Oakland Chinese Chamber of Commerce in response to the shooting demanded help from the state by asking Governor Newsom to both declare a state of emergency for the city and deploy the California Highway Patrol.  

That's a draconian solution.  And that's exactly what those behind the woke left want.  I cannot speak to the politics of Carl Chan, he may be a radical leftist or he may simply be playing into their hands. But his response is exactly the agenda that is being sought. It's all about the centralization of power into fewer and fewer hands.  Here's their flawed logic - if we defund the police, there will be a rise in crime (including violent crime), probably dramatic.  With increasing crime, comes a clamor to do something about it.  With no levers to pull at the local level, there will be a call to the state to intervene.  Once they have done so, established a precedent, there will be a subconscious understanding among the public that the state can do what the local municipality cannot accomplish.  There will evolve both a comfort in that and an expectation. Over time it will become the norm. Municipalities will lose power as it becomes centralized to the state.  Once that is accomplished, the process can be repeated from state level to federal level.  The eventual result -- all the power centralized, all the control in the hands of a few.  But here's the flaw:

Socialism is the useful idiot of Fascism.

The social justice warriors of the woke left are suckers if they think they are working towards a more egalitarian society.  They are doing the dirty work of the corporate elite, corrupt trade unions, the government bureaucracy and fascists and communists of all stripes (from China).  They are serving the goal of power centralization in the misguided belief that the downtrodden of society will be lifted out of misery and poverty once that occurs.  

The corporate elites for their part, are not woke in response to market conditions - they are working under the assumption that as power centralizes, they will be part of the inner circle.  Maybe they will. Crony capitalism as part of the oligarchy may be the outcome. Or maybe they will frozen out once they are no longer needed.  It depends on what turn it will take towards the end of that path.

The thing is, power corrupts. Look at how Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter all unilaterally decided they could box out conservatives.  They were doing it to curry favor of the left in order to hold onto a portion of that power.  But  if you go back to their roots, they were not doing that.  At some point each of those entities decided it was okay to do what they wanted instead of what was ethical. They became corrupt as their power rose.

But as the number of those who have participatory access to that centralized power dwindles, they will come to see each other as potential threats. Most of them will also get boxed out, having outlived their own useful idiot moments. And those who retain power will become more and more paranoid about potential threats, and/or more avaricious and seek to neutralize any threat to their ever-increasing consolidation of power. 

Socialism, communism and everything outside of individual liberty (maximized as much as reasonably possible) will ultimately end up in dictatorial fascism, with power truly held among very few, or perhaps even one despotic dictator. Don't believe me?  There are myriad examples throughout history as proof. Even now it is true.  Look at Kim Jong Un, who had his uncle brutally executed. This happened in an ostensibly communist regime.

Where individual liberty exists, nations thrive.  Unfortunately it is also true that wherever it exists (and nowhere in human history has it been as enshrined in law as it has been in the United States), there are those who seek to pervert it or destroy it for personal gain.  Those who succeed in doing so are not the weak, they are those who swindle the weak into inadvertently doing their bidding, while remaining unaware.  These parties are playing with life as if it were a zero sum game and they are working with the mindset of winner take all.  There are no win-win scenarios that are plausible to them. 

Adam Smith in his treatise Wealth of Nations explained in economic terms why this is not true.  It is a difficult read, but it is the truth. Austrian-British economist and philosopher Friedrich Hayek further explained in The Road To Serfdom why the free market informs people and if left free is the most egalitarian option for humanity.   I urge you to read both of these works. This is especially true if you are a self-proclaimed social justice warrior. If you do not want to invest the effort at least seek out more brief interpretations in order to understand what you are mistakenly trying to destroy. 

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