October 23, 2021

Examples to follow: Fired ESPN reporter hired by Daily Wire

Kudos to Daily Wire for hiring talented people who are putting personal ethics and beliefs ahead of dictatorial vaccination mandates.  Kudos to Allison Williams for sticking to her guns.  ESPN and Disney are either caving to government mandates or are explicitly complicit in the mandate agenda.  Whichever the case is, we know that individual liberty must trump political agenda.

While my Rules for Patriots does not explicitly call for keeping an eye out for fellow defenders of liberty (Patriots), it's a logic extension of Rule #3 (Don't Do It Alone).  Beyond that it's just a good moral position to take.


  1. Letting someone liberal into your organization, causes you to undermine the foundations and in years become fully woke.

    1. It's a reasonable concern. However, at some point you need to open the tent to those who are disillusioned with progressivist agendas otherwise you are losing an opportunity to grow the base of conservatism. The only way to win is with numbers (that means both dollars and people).

      If she took a moral stand, that's a good sign. It should not be disregarded as merely a threat but taken as an opportunity. The threat is that she will contribute to the Daily Wire becoming more liberal, the opportunity is that she will become more conservative, and bring her audience along with her to some degree. My opinion (and belief), is that an opportunistic approach is the better option.


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