December 6, 2021

A note on Rules for Patriots

This year I have been sharing a list of Rules for Patriots (along with some related examples that are worth noting) which I believe are important for overcoming progressivism, and tyranny whether it be social or institutional.  I have devised a total of 12 rules and 11 have been published here on this blog so far.  The remaining one will be published before year end, since next year is the start of a crucial period in the world, particularly in America.

A failure in 2022 could mean the end of western civilization beyond that.  It could mean the passing of the disastrous tipping point beyond which liberty, capitalism, virtue and Christianity all cannot be recovered.  Unlike reaching a positive tipping point (as illustrated in the picture here), this tipping point would lead us further and further away from a positive, healthy reality and faster and faster towards, absurdity, inequality, tyranny, economic failure and evil. Let's not let that happen.

Stay tuned for Rule #12. It's probably the most important one of the set.

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