July 13, 2024

Double freaking standards abound

Life can be unfair.  The justice system, the liberal elite, the media, far more unfair. How unfair you ask? Like, this:

Humorous, but sad and scary

I think at this point, a rusty nail could beat Let's Go Brandon. Look, this is not piling on; conservatives have been pointing this out about Let's Go Brandon since 2020, some probably even before that:

I actually feel a bit bad for the guy, I used to point out his issues as a political point. It's scary to have a man with cognitive issues in charge of the world's lone superpower. But as a humanitarian issue, this man needs political asylum from the people forcing him to cling to power.

July 12, 2024

Deep State Trauma for America

This is what deep spending Democrats have wrought upon America, a deep state so entrenched that is an existential threat to the continued existence of the country. It doesn't matter if those in positions of power within the beaurocracy are Democrats or not, they are self-serving, not America-serving.

The panic hasn't stopped and it's going to get wild

It's popcorn time folks. Democrats panic continues and it's fun to watch. I'm not a schadenfreude type of person, but after the absolute lock the left/Democrats have had on the narrative for decades, it is good to see a large crack form and a division in that narrative, endangering its ability to continue.

What's interesting about how it's shaking out is that the media and the elites are primarily the ones turning on Let's Go Brandon while the far left progressives are the ones rallying.  I can think of only one reason that's happening; the media and the elites want to win and retain their grip on power, while the far left are being their typical team-player selves. They of course would pivot and support Harris or whomever steps into Let's Go Brandon's spot because they only know one thing; they must support the team. That's how the far left works, team first, individual second.

Right now, the team for them is still Let's Go Brandon so they are starting to rally around him.  Of course that's not a universal truth (The Young Turks for example have turned hard) but it seems to be at least somewhat correct. The point is, they haven't got the memo that the team is considering releasing their 'star' player.

As of this writing, it's 38 days (5 and a half weeks) until the Democratic National Convention; that's a long time in politics. But as of today, Let's Go Brandon has already lasted 2 weeks. He has lasted a little over 25% of the way until he locks up the nomination, I think he might last.

The panic itself has not faded as much as I would have expected.  The debate did a number on a lot of people on the left who had no clue that Let's Go Brandon was such a cognitive mess. To quote Bill Burr, they just didn't get the information (thanks to the protective media bubble).  I understand that Let's Go Brandon had to step up in order to quell the immediate panic, But the effort was a train wreck. The Stephanopoulos (Elvis comeback special) interview made things worse, as did his accidental introduction of Zelensky at NATO as President Putin and his accidental mention of Donald Trump as his VP. It has been abysmal performance after abysmal performance that we on the right almost fully expected because we have been seeing it for years already.  We weren't shocked, and now I guess we should not be shocked at the left's continued shock.

So while I never expected Let's Go Brandon to win in 2024 (possible cheating aside), I thought it made a lot of sense for him to lay low.  It's worked for him for at least as far back as his 2020 presidential campaign when they sequestered him into his basement. Let the handlers handle it. Oh sure there would be blowback about that on the left, but it would diminish over the course of the summer. When you take a look at the calendar, there's a lot of things to hide behind.

First there's the Republican National Convention where president Trump will be forced to take center stage; no doubt he likes that but he's shrewd enough to let Let's Go Brandon continue shooting himself in the foot as much at the forefront of the news cycle as possible.  Trump will announce his VP pick and no matter who he picks, some conservatives will be disappointed. That will take some heat off Let's Go Brandon as the GOP convention dominates the news cycle. The media may even rediscover it's hatred for Trump and move on to the next shiny object permanently. Maybe not, that depends on the polls. Either way there's a least a small respite for Let's Go Brandon starting next week.

Then there's the Olympics, one week after the GOP convention. The week in between will be full of media poll watching to see if Trump hurt or helped his chances of winning. Once the Olympics kick in, there's another two weeks during which people are on vacation and/or focused on non-political matters.  Even the media may be focused on the Olympic stories to a sizable degree.

One week after that, the Democratic National Convention. Laying low to get those locked in delegates is not a cakewalk for Let's Go Brandon, but the next five to six weeks are going to be a hell of a lot easier for Brandon than the last two weeks. It won't be easy but I think Let's Go Brandon will be the presumptive nominee by the convention. 

At that point the Democrats have two options; back Let's Go Brandon fully or convince him to step aside and have Kamala Harris become the nominee and inherit not only his nomination but also all the campaign contributions. The former option they probably see as playing music on the deck as the Titanic sinks. The latter they likely see as their best option. 

Assuming Let's Go Brandon cooperates (and there's no way to assume that's even as good as a 50/50 shot at this point), this is where it gets wild.

Who would Kamala Harris pick as HER VP nominee? Gavin Newsome? Gretchen Whitmer? Sherrod Brown?  This could be the real DNC ploy where these people's names are being floated out there for consideration; not as the presidential nominee, but as the VP nominee.  

I don't believe the VP choice matters enough to swing the election but it does make Trumps VP pick all the more important for the VP debate, should one occur. For my money that makes Vivek Ramaswamy or Tulsi Gabbard the best choice as they could debate a Gavin Newsome and win, or a Gretchen Whitmer and be devastatingly victorious. But at this point, I think we are only discussing shades of a Trump electoral college and national vote total victory.

That's not to say relax and begin celebrating, after the convention conservatives must bear down and focus on making this victory one that cannot be snatched away, one that enables Trump to have a GOP congress and senate and one that gives him a clear, inarguable mandate to drain the swamp.

July 11, 2024

They're telling straight up lies

Who believes this garbage?

Power versus Principles

Principles without power are good to have, but not that useful.  As the below clip explains, you have to fight for your principles and be willing to lose but at least fight.  That being said, power without principles I believe is much worse, and their argument to put power before principles is a dangerous slippery slope.

July 10, 2024

Opposed to this

I am not opposed to some things, this everyone should be opposed to illegal voter registration:

Not opposed to this

I would not be opposed to this, and while I think it's possible, I think it's also possible she gets a Department leadership role.

July 9, 2024

This positive take, is inspiring

Konstantin Kisin believes the massive leftist Labor Party landslide in the U.K. is a sign that the U.K. is moving to the right. How is that possible? Watch this inspiring take:

Spam alert

Some of the legitimate comments I get have been getting filtered as spam for reasons that are not clear to me. Unfortunately I have failed to notice and have not marked some as non-spam. 

My sincere apologies to my readers and comment posters, I am now aware of the problem and I promise to be more diligent in checking my "marked as spam" comments going forward.

July 8, 2024

Demo-coup incoming?

Democrats are going to try to get their nominee off the ticket for the nomination for the presidential election in 2024. The party of "But Democracy!", is about anything but democracy:

For the record, I don't think he'll leave willingly.

"Extremely rare" (for now)

As I mentioned regarding France, the center and the left will stop at nothing to hold or seize power. They are sometimes overt and sometime insidious about it but the leftward drift or occasional lurch is unabating. This is what we are up against as believers in common sense, and as in the case of the conservative party in the U.K., complacency or a leftward drift within, are no longer acceptable ways of dealing with it:

France will implode with this as the guaranteed outcome

The center and the left colluded against the right to ensure Le Pen did not become the leader of France. Macron is so hostile to the right he'd rather be a minority partner in the far left's coalition. 

Two things; (1) the center really isn't a center, and that goes beyond just France and (2) France is doomed to destroy itself unless this can be fixed, and the only way that happens is for more French to wake up to reality. I'm not optimistic about a great French awakening so France will implode.  Good move France.

As they might say in French, "Félicitations France!"

July 7, 2024

French leftist parties collude with French centrists

In France, the leftist and "centrist" parties are having candidates drop out for the second round of voting to stop the conservative parties from winning an outright majority. Why would the centrist parties do this with the left?  Either they are leftists themselves, or they are being spiteful about their loss, or they realize that they will disappear if there are only left and right candidates holding the vast majority of seats. They don't want to be irrelevant. France may yet succumb to the self inflicted status quo they don't want because of this, joining the U.K. in the sadly, seemingly unstoppable drift leftward that has plagued most of western society, despite the growing desire to stop it.

Sunday verse


July 6, 2024

U.K.'s leftward drift, and maybe a silver lining?

As I said, in the U.K. the Labour Party is bound to drag the country leftward, well out of step with the U.S., most of Europe and eventually, Canada as well when they have their next election.  Paul Joseph Watson, breaks it down.  While I disagree with his take on the problems with "first past the post" elections, he does find some good news in the U.K.'s rejection of faux conservatism:

I get his frustration, but the first past the post tends to work better in the long run for conservatives, than it does for the left.  In Canada, the Reform Party from 1987 grew to the point where it replaced the conservative party as the conservative viewpoint by the time the party merged with the conservative party.

In five years, in the U.K., the Reform U.K. party will be much stronger much faster than it's Canadian counterpart took to get there.

July 5, 2024

Friday Musical Interlude - The SurfPunters

 I haven't done a Friday Musical Interlude in years, but I thought I'd share this one:

Meanwhile in the U.K., a leftward shift

The conservative party in the U.K. has admittedly gone off the rails and well into woke territory. You lose the confidence of the electorate when you lose sight of your vision that brought you to power, or by the vision itself resulting in failure.  In the case of the Tories in the U.K., the former situation led to their downfall.  They needed a reality check.

The unfortunate result is a massive Labour Party win that means further leftward drift and erosion of what made the United Kingdom great in the first place.  The Labour Party ran on "change", nothing more specific than the notion that the country was going in the wrong direction.  This was the exact approach Obama took in 2008; don't say anything (or at most very little) about what type of change you plan on making, just tap into the discontent and let the voters assume you mean exactly what they are thinking. Be a Tabula Rasa for them. 

And while the country was definitely headed in the wrong direction in many respects, and the conservative Tories were in dire need of a slap in the face wake up call, the price is likely to be steep for that correction. Are we going to see a decade of Labor party leadership? What damage will they do to Britain while in power?  Could they seek to rejoin the E.U. for example?

Saying the right things is one thing, doing the right things is not likely to follow.  Let's hope the conservatives get their act together in the next few years.

What is Project 2025?

A quick explainer:

July 4, 2024

July 3, 2024

Meanwhile in Canada, the Liberal party is trying to dump Trudeau

Let's Go Brandon is not alone in his leftist party trying to dump him,  in Canada, the Liberal party is trying to rid itself of Justin Trudeau. Ironically it's for the same reason; political failure.  And ironically, just like Let's Go Brandon, the leader is tone deaf. And just like in the U.S., the leader is dramatically unpopular.

Best outcome for GOP/Trump?

Many Democrats want Let's Go Brandon to step aside for the sake of the party. Many Republicans do too, for the sake of the country. What's actually better for the country and for the Republicans?

What's best for the country is not in question - a guy who is supposedly alert between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. is not best for the country. For that reason he should definitely step aside.  

It's arguable either way whether it's better for Democrats to stick with him or to replace him.  But what's best for Republicans? To do what they can to foster/enable the Democratic Party discord for as long as possible? To call for Let's Go Brandon to leave the race? To stay out of it?  To secretly root for him to stay in the race? To secretly root for Kamala Harris to be the replacement? To have Trump face Gavin Newsome instead? Or Gretchen Whitmer?

That's a lot to unpack. What we know with almost certainty is that if Let's Go Brandon stays in the race, Trump will win. Yes, there is a slight chance Let's Go Brandon could recover with some good campaign speeches, some good interviews, and a really good second debate. I wouldn't put my own money on that happening. Additionally if Let's Go Brandon stays in the race, there is probably a down-ballot impact that affects congress, and hopefully the senate too. That is a good scenario for the GOP  

We know if Let's Go Brandon decides not to run again, there will be chaos within the Democratic party.
Here's a taste of that:

That's also a win for the GOP, at least in the short term. If the Democrats come up with a candidate that they can rally around, that could end up being bad news for the GOP. While that's not highly likely, it is a possibility. It's a bit of a wildcard scenario come November. I would classify that as less desirable than an almost certain Trump win with Let's Go Brandon in the race.

If he decides to step down from the presidency before the election, the chaos would be much greater. Kamala Harris would become the president in that case, and most likely (but not necessarily) the nominee as well.

As I write this, it may all be moot - more to follow:

Called out on the cheap fakes

You can't spin this the way KJP is trying to do:

July 2, 2024

Either stupid or a complete liar.

Rachel Maddow is beyond wrong (you can find a much more sanity-base take, here). She is either insane, stupid or an inveterate, fear-mongering liar. You decide:

French elections explained

This is a great explainer of how French elections work and how difficult it might be for the French, female Trump, Marine Le Pen, to win the second round of French elections coming up outright. These weird tactical set-up elections favor the centrists or the left. Stay tuned.

The SCOTUS ruling for Trump goes further than you think

I was quite pleased to watch this video by Viva Frei, breaking down the opinions of the majority on the dissent by the minority, exposing that the minority's opinion is not based on Constitutional merit but rather fear-mongering. Wow! And there's even more via Clarence Thomas.

The state of the race today.

A good summary from Ben Shapiro on the presidency, the senate, the Democrat reaction, and more.

July 1, 2024

The Democrat hits just keep on coming

Or rather the hits to the Democrats' chances of winning the election in the voting booths across America or via lawfare against Donald Trump. Another SCOTUS ruling in Trump's favor because... it's correct.

Let's Go Brandon is going to be the nominee

You know how I know?  This CNBC article indicating that the Democratic establishment has not convinced him to leave; now they're backing the man.  Despite all the craziness that ensued in the media from the debate about wanting Let's Go Brandon to step aside, as Bill Burr once ranted "It ain't happening!"

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on Friday tried to do some damage control following President Joe Biden’s debate fumble against his November election opponent, former President Donald Trump.

“Bad debate nights happen. Trust me, I know. But this election is still a choice between someone who has fought for ordinary folks his entire life and someone who only cares about himself,” Obama said in a post on X, linking to Biden’s campaign website. “Last night didn’t change that, and it’s why so much is at stake in November.”

Several hours later, Clinton mimicked the defensive play.

Sounds like they're now in a prevent defense.  Damage control for Democrats is defense against their own media and base, not against Republicans.

By the way, a great takeaway here is that it's easy to tell we're winning because our focus (at least in my case), is on what the Democrats are doing, not what the GOP is doing.  The lesson there for the GOP, as aptly demonstrated by Donald Trump during the debate, stay out of the way when your opponent is shooting themselves in the foot.  Let's hope the GOP do that this election cycle.

Media tries to save itself

This is a great clip throughout, but I bring it up specifically to discuss the media's guilty complicity to serve their leftist agenda. But in particular, shortly after 3:40 in the clip below, check out the CNN fact check on Let's Go Brandon. CNN as well as much of the mainstream media are not scrambling to dump Biden, they are scrambling to save their reputations. Granted some like the New York Times are still focused on leftist partisan hackery. But the point remains, they are bleeding consumers, they need to fix it and they are doing what they have done with Let's Go Brandon, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton; burying their heads in the sand until it's too late and then a mad panic ensues. Deservedly so.

Adding to the debate fallout

 Let's Go Brandon shot himself in the foot Achilles heel in the June presidential debate. The Democrats are desperate. I think they may sentence Trump in NY to prison time. They're truly desperate.  They need to shake things up.  They cannot do it successfully any other way so far. They don't have much ammo to use. They're bereft of ideas. Lawfare is one of the few things they have left. I think it's probably going to happen.

If it does it will be the biggest backfire in political history.

Happy Canada Day

Yes, I am a Canadian.  Actually I'm an American trapped in a Canadian's body.  But for all it's flaws, Canada is a good country that is unfortunately saddled with terrible politics and policy. That will change in the next election, but for now, Canada's July 4th is July 1st; Canada Day.   Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers.

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