June 29, 2024

After the panic settles down

What are Democrats going to do now that they have exposed what they have been saddled with in Let's Go Brandon as candidate? Dump him or stick with him? 

When they first announced that the first presidential debate would happen in June (JUNE!), I immediately wondered why the Let's Go Brandon campaign team, with their list of debate demands, wanted the first debate so early in the election cycle.  This right after Let's Go Brandon himself was basically saying any time, any place. My mind immediately went to "there's a plan behind this". With the scheming Democrats, that's what you have to assume. It's not conspiracy thinking to ask the question "Why?"

The logical conclusion (and there were other possibilities, but less likely) was that they wanted time to be able to dislodge Let's Go Brandon as the nominee if he tanked in the debate.  I think they probably knew he would - at least the insiders knew. And they needed to debate Trump because they are down in most swing state polls, consistently. They are playing catch up because the leftist policies are ruining the country, and more and more people know for themselves what the policies are doing, especially in contrast to how well things were going under president Trump. 

But with Let's Go Brandon it's a roll of the dice for Democrats; you either get the stumbling and mumbling version or the hopped up on goofballs, cracked-out Biden.  They got the former when they needed the latter.  But the planning behind the timing was certainly deliberate. What Democrats got was a disaster that most every Republican voter was expecting to see, but that Democrat voters were in many cases, shocked to see after the mainstream media has been running defense for Let's Go Brandon since 2020.

So all that was before the immediate panic set in (to be honest for both Democrats and myself). Democrat elites and operatives are reaping what they have sewn.  Did they honestly think they could make it through a second election cycle hiding Let's Go Brandon in a basement?

The immediate panic was along the lines of we have to get Let's Go Brandon to bow out of the race, and Kamala Harris too. We need to parachute in a winner. A bright, younger, shiny and slick snake oil salesman like Gavin Newsome who couldn't govern his way out of a paper bag but talks well. Someone like that can win the logic would go.

But after the panic settles down, there are some startling realities for Democrats to face. It's not so easy to just drop the top of the ticket this late in the game.  As has been mentioned in a few places, he's on the ballot in some states at this point unless he dies.  Wisconsin has been brought up as an example of that. If you hand Wisconsin to Trump, along with the other swing states that are probably unreachable for Democrats (Arizona and Georgia alone), Trump has won. You're a Democrat and you're going to do that? I don't think so.

Not to mention, can you imagine the chaos of a brokered convention, the nominee decided behind closed doors after a full slate of Democrat primaries where Biden was chosen? How many disaffected Democrat voters does that create - and not just for this cycle, but perhaps permanently. Danger to democracy is their current mantra, how does that scenario fit their narrative?

It's likely that Democrats are stuck with Let's Go Brandon. What that means in the bigger picture:

  1. They need a strong second debate on September 10th
  2. Gavin Newsome is probably positioning himself for 2028.  
  3. Democrats may have to discourage early/mail-in voting
  4. After the realization sets in, an avalanche of mainstream media support for Brandon
The first point is inarguable.  The taste left in voters mouths is going to linger for the summer. Unless every rally is great (or the media goes back into full cover mode to portray it as such) for Let's Go Brandon, he has to perform amazingly at the second debate. I don't think that's likely but they don't have much choice other than to try to make that happen.  Maybe a month of debate prep for the next one, Democrats?

The reason the first point is true is because of the third point, which I will get to shortly.  The second point, Gavin Newsome needs to say the right things now, because while I believe he wants to be president, I think this cycle is so tarnished for Democrats that he would probably prefer to run in 2028 and not have so many Democrat self-imposed hurdles to overcome.

With Democrats needing a Let's Go Brandon recovery, they face some additional obstacles. Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon, Vermont and most notably Pennsylvania all have some form of early/mail-in voting that could run up against the debate date. Oregon is all mail-in voting. Pennsylvania "does not offer early voting, but counties may make absentee and mail-in ballot applications available to voters in person up to 50 days before Election Day."  That 50 days is September 16th. They are going to need Democrat voters to see a second debate win for Let's Go Brandon before casting a mail-in or absentee vote. 

Here's the problem; the second debate will most likely be a replay of the first debate.  While the hopped up on goofballs Let's Go Brandon is more likely to be the one that shows up next time (he has to be), no matter what the stimulants they fill him up with, he doesn't seem capable of what he was capable of doing at the State of the Union a mere few months ago. 

I'm not saying this race is over, dirty tricks from the Democrats are inevitable, cheating is inevitable, a miracle performance is possible too (however unlikely). We are seeing that with this half-thought out plan to have an early debate in case Let's Go Brandon failed miserably and they could replace him. What I'm saying is that Democrats have screwed themselves with their insatiable lust for power to the point it has become untenable.  It's not about Trump Derangement Syndrome - they hated Bush, they hated Reagan,  heck they even hated RINOs McCain and Romney when they ran for president. There is no Republican they will ever paint as human, let alone respectable in an election scenario. It's about retaining power and drifting the country evermore leftward through lies, deceit, manipulation and whatever else it takes. That is a house of cards that eventually HAS to collapse in on itself. I think we are seeing the beginning of that now.

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