July 5, 2024

Meanwhile in the U.K., a leftward shift

The conservative party in the U.K. has admittedly gone off the rails and well into woke territory. You lose the confidence of the electorate when you lose sight of your vision that brought you to power, or by the vision itself resulting in failure.  In the case of the Tories in the U.K., the former situation led to their downfall.  They needed a reality check.

The unfortunate result is a massive Labour Party win that means further leftward drift and erosion of what made the United Kingdom great in the first place.  The Labour Party ran on "change", nothing more specific than the notion that the country was going in the wrong direction.  This was the exact approach Obama took in 2008; don't say anything (or at most very little) about what type of change you plan on making, just tap into the discontent and let the voters assume you mean exactly what they are thinking. Be a Tabula Rasa for them. 

And while the country was definitely headed in the wrong direction in many respects, and the conservative Tories were in dire need of a slap in the face wake up call, the price is likely to be steep for that correction. Are we going to see a decade of Labor party leadership? What damage will they do to Britain while in power?  Could they seek to rejoin the E.U. for example?

Saying the right things is one thing, doing the right things is not likely to follow.  Let's hope the conservatives get their act together in the next few years.

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