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April 29, 2023

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Saturday Learning Series: Jordan Peterson's Biblical series X

An ongoing continuation of the latest Saturday Learning Series, as Jordan Peterson continues his Biblical series. 

April 28, 2023

The GDP sucks

Despite the spin, a GDP slowdown and continued relatively high jobless claims are bad.  Consumer spending isn't strong, it's hidden inflation keeping spending from collapsing.  This is not a good news in any way shape or form.

This is what happens with really bad fiscal policy combined with misguided and reactionary monetary policy; bad GDP is only part of the problem.

Eric Swalwell is at best, a dupe

I'm saying that because it's the best thing I can say about the man, and I try not to engage in ad hominem attacks.  Saying he's a dupe or a patsy is pretty safe to say given his history, and frankly it's going easy on him.  Even as a dupe, how is he allowed to continue in Congress, without any contrition on the subject.

How does RFK Jr. impact Let's Go Brandon?

RFK Jr. is going to run against Let's Go Brandon as a Democrat. As a Democrat! When a sitting president gets primaried, it's not a good sign. Is it enough to mortally wound him for a general election against president Trump? Hopefully, but it's too early to tell.

April 27, 2023

Disney vs. DeSantis

Disney is targeting people with woke corporatism and now they are suing Florida governor Ron DeSantis for targeting them and their special status.  Boo hoo.

April 26, 2023

More on Let's Go Brandon corruption, from a real president

President Trump talks about the corruption and the fact that the media is complicit: 

Let's Go Brandon's collusion

 The real collusion is always from Democrats.

April 25, 2023

Vote these patsies (or liars) out in 2024.

Manchin, Tester and Kelly all need to be voted out of office in the Senate in 2024.  Here's Joe Manchin claiming buyer's remorse on the Bill he sponsored - the Inflation Reduction Act - because he isn't getting what he agreed to out of it.

Buyer's remorse? Here's the thing, he's either a liar trying to position himself as a stand-up guy for his own reelection effort, or he's a gullible patsy undeserving of the office. Either way, not good.  I'd say it would be good for him to move across the aisle and become a Republican, but do we really want him, or anyone of that caliber?  It's not worth it.  He needs to be voted out West Virginia, make him a former senator.  The same goes for the other two supposedly independent-leaning senators.  They are all socialist liars to their voters, or else patsies. 

Let's Go Brandon 2024

What a joke; announcing a reelection campaign by video because you know it probably took him 47 takes to get a successful runthrough without faltering, flubbing words, or forgetting where he was.

It's out of touch.

Mom's for Liberty - now that's grassroots

This is not astro-turf, it's real.  This is the type of organization that people on the right who don't know how to get involved can join or support financially, or volunteer to help.  This is how you can make a difference locally, as well as nationally.

April 24, 2023

Let's Go Brandon super-corruption

Evil on display:

This is much worse than whatever Hunter was up to - it's collusion (that includes federal bureaucrats ) to lie and hide the real story, in order win the 2020 election.  This is corruption at its most evil.

What. Is. Happening. ???

Tucker Carlson is the latest big name to leave Fox News? Why?

Bill Whittle's latest take on socialism

 And it's a great take:

April 23, 2023

April 22, 2023

The root cause of woke capitalism

Going back to the Bud Light issue I discussed earlier today, I want to make a point about the root cause of woke corporate culture.  Companies didn't decide all at once to abandon reason for becoming woke.  And it isn't simply a matter of responding to a Facebook/Twitter bubble culture (of years gone by in the case of Twitter, but on-going on other social media platforms).  Nor is it the bureaucratic growth of self-important HR (Human Resources) departments that spew this corporate social responsibility garbage, as some suggest.  HR departments are a symptom not a cause of the problem. What then is the root cause?

Let's work backwards through the chain.  Companies, as more conventional, conservative executives and management age out, need to replace their leadership with newer, younger talent.  That is done through a process of hiring in which Anheuser-Busch's recently taken leave VP of Marketing serves as a prime example.  Companies look to the educational system to find what they consider to be the elite of the educated wherever possible (i.e. if they can afford it).  What they consider elite are institutions are Ivy League schools typically.  But even beyond those Ivy League schools, colleges and universities in general were always left-leaning and the tilt has grown ever-sharper over the decades.  They are incubators of socialist NPCs/drones/non-thinkers.  They have, over many decades, rooted out critical thinking and replaced it with dogma.  

Because these institutions have always had a liberal bias they are predisposed towards furthering that bias. How they got that way to begin with is for another time, but the phrase "those who can do, those who can't teach" is not out of place in the discussion.  The disaffected and unsuccessful end up in education. While that is not to say they are the entire population of educators but rather those who can be successful in teaching but have proven unsuccessful elsewhere end up teaching their blame-others dislike for capitalism to students who have not yet (fully) developed the ability to do some critical thinking. Woke universities are incubators for a woke populous, including its leaders.  And of course it has trickled all the way down to grade school educators and school boards.

But even woke education is not the root cause.  Woke education is fuelled by money that allows it to continue to exist. The money comes from two sources; enrolment and donations from those who can afford it.  Donors are coming from an increasingly insular leftist-thought-bubble elite who have the money to influence thinking, and from government funding.

The root cause for woke capitalism to continue is of course, money.   It may have not been the initial seed, which was socialist and communist idealism among a few, but they were a few who understood how to make their ideas take root.  Once it has done so the growth of woke into corporate culture was, eventually, inevitable once the critical mass was attained.  There's a reason that the likes of Soros have moved on from funding ANTIFA and professional protesters to District Attorneys because they have consolidated their gains and are moving onto the next battlefield.  As conservatives we have been playing defense since the 1960s and have not moved beyond that mindset.

But while we will always have to play defense, we also now need to mount an aggressive offense.  We cannot change Harvard overnight but education is where we need to start and marshall our resources. And Harvard is not the place to do it, it's too far gone.  We need to work with the same organic growth strategy as the left has done.  The difference is we need to do it with parallel institutions.  Public education is bad. It's really bad.  We don't need to try to fix it, where that is not possible.  Instead we need to replace them with our own alternatives from pre-school right through higher education.  That is playing offence.  Boycotting Bud Light is playing defense, but any successful team HAS to do both effectively.

Bud Light deals with it's scapegoat...sorta

The Let's Go Brandon of beers, after several failed attempts to deal with their self-inflicted crisis has decided that their Let's Go Brandon VP of Marketing is their scapegoat - and rightly so.  Except they are still hedging their bets; she hasn't been fired and a full-throated apology been issued, she's taking a leave of absence.  That's a move someone makes when they are waiting for a crisis to blow over and be forgotten.  Which is why we cannot let the crisis end (more below the video).

Letting up on the boycott of Bud Light now is tantamount to losing because it allows Bud Light to slide and the Left to see that we lack their resolve when it comes to a movement.  Bud Light needs to become an example to corporate America as well as the Left;  this must be the symbol of Get Woke Go Broke because it has achieved the inertia to be noticed.

I understand the unfortunate nature of the situation in that Anheuser-Busch is a significant GOP donor. That's unfortunate but there are two significant and overriding factors. Firstly, they have not truly resolved the problem and are still hoping to sweep it under the rug - they need to clean house to ensure this was a one-off error in judgement and then not only issue a sincere apology but also state their commitment to their customers regarding their core values and their core customers.  Anything short of that is simply a bogus attempt to placate those they have offended and frankly betrayed.

Secondly, the broader context of making an example out of them and what has happened to them matters.  The implications of that greatly outweighs the short term costs to the GOP.  The GOP in part, is also part of the problem.  At the moment they are a necessary tool but the longer term, the GOP also needs to be fixed and not be beholden to corporate overlords.  If not they are simply a different shade of what the Democrats have become.

Saturday Learning Series: Jordan Peterson's Biblical series IX

An ongoing continuation of the latest Saturday Learning Series, as Jordan Peterson continues his Biblical series. 

April 21, 2023

Massive Toronto Airport Gold Heist

This isn't typical fare for my blog, but it is interesting.

April 20, 2023

Senate 2024 update

 Via Red Eagle Politics, a look at the 2024 senate race situation:

John Fetterman has failed upwards so far it's beyond words.

 At least for him anyway.

April 19, 2023

Secret ban on your money in progress

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem recently vetoed a state bill on currency redefinition.

Wait! Elon Musk is Canadian?

Well, sorta. He has a Canadian and an American citizenship.  But that's really not the point.  The point is Canadian crybabies in the government funded media (CBC) are whining about being labelled "government funded media" on Twitter. Boo hoo.

April 16, 2023

April 15, 2023

Saturday Learning Series: Jordan Peterson's Biblical series VIII

An ongoing continuation of the latest Saturday Learning Series, as Jordan Peterson continues his Biblical series. 

April 14, 2023

Disbar Alvin Bragg taken further

One step beyond, I agree with president Trump, fire them all if they have agenda that they put ahead of equal justice.

Disbar Alvin Bragg

Alan Dershowitz agrees:

April 13, 2023

What do you think of this insider dirt on Let's Go Brandon?

An Obama-era staffer blows the whistle on Let's-Go-Brandon's business deals. The family are grifters, plain and simple. Will they get prosecuted endlessly like president Trump? That's not so simple, but the answer ultimately will be for now, of course not.

April 12, 2023

Failed War on the Left

Years ago I wrote a couple of posts on countering Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, a pseudo-communist manifesto to exert leftward pressure within the United States (or any Western democracy for that matter).  Later I even wrote a series of Rules for Patriots. What have we done in the intervening decade plus? Not nearly enough.  We've become exceptionally good at ceding ground so quickly, even those on the left have been overrun by even further left-leaning radical non-thinkers. The likes of Elon Musk, Jimmy Dore and even Bill Maher are looking at the lunacy (to which they all contributed) and are wondering what the hell is going on.

Sure we all complain about the lunacy of where we find ourselves today, but that's not really doing anything at all.   I've come up with a few simple things that we must start doing, en masse to affect change towards sanity before it reaches the point of no return.  Never in my lifetime did I expect to be so close to that point.  Even during the abysmal Obama administration did I not think it was near-unfixable.  Turns out the Democrats do more damage with a senile leader than with a pseudo-intellectual leader. With his out-of-touchness in command they seem free to run amok. Now is the time to act, it has to be.

Here are a few concrete counter-offensive items to not just ponder but actively pursue, effective immediately:

Education: We bitch about the woke running the education system, but it's because we have let them.  It is the left who have pulled us to the point of having drag shows for young children.  We allowed it by not being demanding enough. The left sees the classroom as an blank slate where they can insert whatever they want.  Why aren't we doing the same?  Why are we not demanding that American history be taught, and taught correctly?  Why are we not demanding grammar be taught, that any other patriotic idea be taught?  We should be filling up school board agendas with our own versions of topics instead of inclusivity, global warming, etc.

Target Isolation: Straight outta the Rules for Radicals playbook but flipped on its head (after all we are the ones called radicals now).  What is happening with Bud Light right now is the example to follow; pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.  We are succeeding in driving down the brand and parent company.  Here's the rub, we cannot boycott and mock everything headed leftward, instead we need to pick a few high profile examples and make examples of what will happen if you continue leftward.  

We should not let up at the moment as we have the left on run on this one.  Be wary as they try to shift the narrative, keep up the pressure, because it's working.  Share your story about Bud Light. Make it funny or exciting or unique.  Keep the headlines going in our direction.

Word Matter: The 'failed war on drugs' is a perversion of the original concept of 'the war on drugs', but it took hold.  Why has no one ever decried the 'failed war on poverty'? Democrats have used the phrase for many decades yet poverty still exists. Why?  Because their ways have failed. One word changes the whole perception of the issue. Why not leverage that?

I encourage you to try these ideas and share them with your fellow patriots. Otherwise we have a failed war on the left.

April 11, 2023

Snapshot of more insider cheating

How does Hunter Biden's lawyer know this?  It's not above-board, that's for sure.

April 10, 2023

Sam Altman's disturbing dystopia

You might not know who Sam Altman is, but he's pretty important right now.  He's a genius and he's got a dystopian view of the future.  It doesn't matter if it comes from a place of goodwill, it's the outcome that matters.

Firstly, Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI, and has been so since he co-founded it.  OpenAI is the company behind the now-familiar ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence engine that has become the focus of so much speculation about the future of humanity.  It's speculation that's premature in my estimation.  AI is nowhere near sentient it's justs exceptionally good at mimicking human writing, research and other human capacities.  It makes decisions but not based on anything more than predictive statistics. I have worked for years in Analytics with predictive modelling and am not saying this offhandedly.  I believe Sam Altman knows this and part of what he is saying is likely to hype up his companies.  It's smart business.

That is not to say that the discussion is not worth having. At some point true AI may exist and we are certainly not prepared because we have not had truly meaningful discussions about it and the various implications from a broad societal context.  Firstly let's start with a rundown of Sam Altman's thinking on this as summarized by YouTuber AI Explained.

The dystopia here comes from the concept of wealth redistribution in a varied form of Universal Basic Income. I'm not against the notion of everyone having food to eat and a roof over their head.  How could you be against that?  But it's a notion not a societal model.  How you get there is what's really important.  Conservatives argue that you have to give a person a purpose (most often via a job) in order for people to have a positive sense of self-worth.  

If Altman is right about the cost of goods and services falling to near zero, then my first question would be, why is a universal basic income needed at all?  If food and shelter are almost free, why do I need $15 per hour, or $2000 per month? Being out of work is still problematic since near zero is not the same as at zero.  And we still have many issues:
  1. Conservatives' notion of working providing meaning and self worth is a real concern.
  2. Some level of modest income is still going to be necessary at a minimum, for everyone.
  3. Besides those who own companies how is any income going to remain possible?
  4. There will still be a cost if we can get what we want when we want, all the time, but the cost could be environmental (this coming from a staunch global warming skeptic)
  5. UBI rewards the laziest among us and penalizes the most industrious
  6. What alternatives to Universal Basic Income exist?
Beyond that Altman's suggestion of taxing companies based on their valuation is ludicrous.  What if they lost a lot of money in a given year but still have a significant market value?  Are we then not accelerating their decline?  

His notion that society won't tolerate divergent levels of income flies in the face of all of human history. People dislike it, but they have always tolerated it. It also flies in the face of the idea of capitalism; those who want to push society forward, are the ones who make progress, and in the process, become rich. Socialism penalizes them and society suffers as a result. Altman's suggestion is worse; abdicating the pushing of society towards being better into the 'hands' of AI, is abdicating our responsibility as human beings.

Instead of focusing on Universal Basic Income, we should be focusing on Universal Basic Opportunity.  It allows us to continue to be humans and find meaningful ways to provide out individual meaning and sense of self worth. 

Indictment response

From Donald J Trump:

Don't fall for the anecdotal

In 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency, somewhat handily, despite the deep state collusion against him.  I was skeptical because of polling, despite the anecdotal evidence that he was drawing huge crowds, and people were responding enthusiastically.  Polling was predominantly not on his side.  I figured it was going to be a close election, not a Hillary Clinton blowout. I thought either candidate could win but it would be close.  The anecdotal evidence of crowds and the enthusiasm gap proved to be correct.

With the same situation in 2020 with president Trump drawing large crowds and Let's Go Brandon sequestered in a basement somewhere or talking to a dozen or so cars it was tempting to fall for a president Trump blowout win.  I did.  So did many other pundits.  The anecdotal evidence was clearly incorrect that time around.  

As conservatives it seems like we are relying on the anecdotal again, heading into 2024.  While I want this to be true as much as the next MAGA Republican supporter, we can't fall for it being the narrative, and certainly not rely on it.  We are no longer in 2016 and we have seen the lengths the left and the deep state are willing to go to prevent his winning again.  We cannot fight the battle 2016 style. It won't work.

As heartening as it is to see that, it's not a strategy.

April 9, 2023

April 8, 2023

Saturday Learning Series: Jordan Peterson's Biblical series VII

A further continuation of a brief revisit to the Saturday Learning Series, as Jordan Peterson continues his Biblical series. 

April 7, 2023

Good Friday

Keep your faith.

April 6, 2023

Take the wins

Wherever you can get them, take the wins.  This is how you fix America.

Boycott Bud

Full disclosure I don't drink and haven't for decades. I've seen alcohol damage lives, so I stopped - more to be a good example for those around me than anything else. But that said, the boycott of Bud Light makes a lot of sense.  Matt Walsh explains why.

April 5, 2023

Double standards for everyone!

It's not just for president Trump, they have double standards for everyone.

Double standards and the weak case against president Trump

There's a double standard - Hunter Biden (Ukraine, China), Joe Biden (see Hunter Biden), Hillary Clinton(Bleachbit-gate, the Steele dossier), and countless other people on the left commit crimes in their pursuit of wealth and power. They do not get prosecuted. President Trump plays by the rules and they make up high crimes and misdemeanors with which to charge him. As Glenn Beck recently pointed out, the reasons behind the nefariousness and virulent attempts to disable president Trump are no longer about Donald Trump, they are about the symbol that he has become; a symbol of resistance to a self-serving beaurocracy or deep-state that exists to serve insiders only at the expense of everyone else.

But a made up case is weak.  So say many in the case against president Trump:

While the case may be weak, it doesn't stop them.  And that brings up three possible scenarios:
  1. Trump Derangement Syndrome has blinded them to rational thought
  2. It's about weakening him prior to the 2024 election, not convicting him
  3. They have a case
As a conservative we gravitate towards scenario #1.  These people have been doggedly relentless in their pursuit of a ill-perceived evil.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. But Trump supporters depending on that being the case is potential echo-chamber thinking.  And while currently their TDS is causing them problems, rather than president Trump, that may not remain the case up until 2024.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is the best case scenario for conservatives because it could easily explode in Democrats' faces.  But relying on that is a mistake. Even if this blows up in their face, it won't stop them from continuing to pursue this man.  And eventually something could stick, or at least be enough to galvanize the anti-Trump vote for the 2024 general election.  I don't see that but we still have to be prepared for the possibility and make moves to counter it.

Weakening president Trump (scenario #2) ,even if they know they have a bad case, may be the real motivation for Democrats.  If his approval surges among Republican voters just enough to win him the Republican nomination but also hurts him enough among Democrats and independent voters, he's a politically wounded adversary and easier to beat. Some people may just have had enough of the circus that surrounded Trump from 2016 to 2020, even if most of it was not of his doing. Fatigue may be the goal here. We can't count on Democrats continually shooting themselves in the foot and discount the possibility that it might work. We underestimate our political opponents at our own peril.

Finally the last scenario (#3), they may have a case.  While the case itself may be ridiculously weak, that's not the only consideration. We have a politically motivated DA in a far left-leaning state, with a far-left leaning voter base from which to select jurors.  They could win.  While it probably would lose on an appeal, eventually, it still could be enough to derail president Trump's chances forever.  He's not getting any younger.

I was listening to Breitbart News Radio this morning and the host was arguing that we should forget about going after Hunter Biden because it's not the best use of our efforts.  I disagree. Wholeheartedly.  He also said he didn't want to live in a country where that's the norm.  I understand that. But until Democrats feel the sting of it themselves, they are not going to change their tactics.  And if they don't we have a one-sided mechanism that only goes after conservatives.  You can't stop this until Democrats agree to a ceasefire.  Why would they do so when only the other side is taking damage?

April 4, 2023

America over today?

No. I don't think America is over yet.  I don't think this political stunt in NY state to arrest president Trump will succeed, not by a long shot.  But the political implications are still bad.  

Mark Dice expounds:

April 3, 2023

The killer is a victim?


Sam Harris is still wrong on vaccines

Sam Harris would rather justify than admit to being wrong.  He has demonstrated that talking to Jordan Peterson about religion, and here he demonstrates it about vaccines talking to Lex Friedman.

April 2, 2023

April 1, 2023

Saturday Learning Series: Jordan Peterson's Biblical series VI

A further continuation of a brief revisit to the Saturday Learning Series, as Jordan Peterson continues his Biblical series. 

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