April 22, 2023

Bud Light deals with it's scapegoat...sorta

The Let's Go Brandon of beers, after several failed attempts to deal with their self-inflicted crisis has decided that their Let's Go Brandon VP of Marketing is their scapegoat - and rightly so.  Except they are still hedging their bets; she hasn't been fired and a full-throated apology been issued, she's taking a leave of absence.  That's a move someone makes when they are waiting for a crisis to blow over and be forgotten.  Which is why we cannot let the crisis end (more below the video).

Letting up on the boycott of Bud Light now is tantamount to losing because it allows Bud Light to slide and the Left to see that we lack their resolve when it comes to a movement.  Bud Light needs to become an example to corporate America as well as the Left;  this must be the symbol of Get Woke Go Broke because it has achieved the inertia to be noticed.

I understand the unfortunate nature of the situation in that Anheuser-Busch is a significant GOP donor. That's unfortunate but there are two significant and overriding factors. Firstly, they have not truly resolved the problem and are still hoping to sweep it under the rug - they need to clean house to ensure this was a one-off error in judgement and then not only issue a sincere apology but also state their commitment to their customers regarding their core values and their core customers.  Anything short of that is simply a bogus attempt to placate those they have offended and frankly betrayed.

Secondly, the broader context of making an example out of them and what has happened to them matters.  The implications of that greatly outweighs the short term costs to the GOP.  The GOP in part, is also part of the problem.  At the moment they are a necessary tool but the longer term, the GOP also needs to be fixed and not be beholden to corporate overlords.  If not they are simply a different shade of what the Democrats have become.

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