April 5, 2023

Double standards and the weak case against president Trump

There's a double standard - Hunter Biden (Ukraine, China), Joe Biden (see Hunter Biden), Hillary Clinton(Bleachbit-gate, the Steele dossier), and countless other people on the left commit crimes in their pursuit of wealth and power. They do not get prosecuted. President Trump plays by the rules and they make up high crimes and misdemeanors with which to charge him. As Glenn Beck recently pointed out, the reasons behind the nefariousness and virulent attempts to disable president Trump are no longer about Donald Trump, they are about the symbol that he has become; a symbol of resistance to a self-serving beaurocracy or deep-state that exists to serve insiders only at the expense of everyone else.

But a made up case is weak.  So say many in the case against president Trump:

While the case may be weak, it doesn't stop them.  And that brings up three possible scenarios:
  1. Trump Derangement Syndrome has blinded them to rational thought
  2. It's about weakening him prior to the 2024 election, not convicting him
  3. They have a case
As a conservative we gravitate towards scenario #1.  These people have been doggedly relentless in their pursuit of a ill-perceived evil.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. But Trump supporters depending on that being the case is potential echo-chamber thinking.  And while currently their TDS is causing them problems, rather than president Trump, that may not remain the case up until 2024.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is the best case scenario for conservatives because it could easily explode in Democrats' faces.  But relying on that is a mistake. Even if this blows up in their face, it won't stop them from continuing to pursue this man.  And eventually something could stick, or at least be enough to galvanize the anti-Trump vote for the 2024 general election.  I don't see that but we still have to be prepared for the possibility and make moves to counter it.

Weakening president Trump (scenario #2) ,even if they know they have a bad case, may be the real motivation for Democrats.  If his approval surges among Republican voters just enough to win him the Republican nomination but also hurts him enough among Democrats and independent voters, he's a politically wounded adversary and easier to beat. Some people may just have had enough of the circus that surrounded Trump from 2016 to 2020, even if most of it was not of his doing. Fatigue may be the goal here. We can't count on Democrats continually shooting themselves in the foot and discount the possibility that it might work. We underestimate our political opponents at our own peril.

Finally the last scenario (#3), they may have a case.  While the case itself may be ridiculously weak, that's not the only consideration. We have a politically motivated DA in a far left-leaning state, with a far-left leaning voter base from which to select jurors.  They could win.  While it probably would lose on an appeal, eventually, it still could be enough to derail president Trump's chances forever.  He's not getting any younger.

I was listening to Breitbart News Radio this morning and the host was arguing that we should forget about going after Hunter Biden because it's not the best use of our efforts.  I disagree. Wholeheartedly.  He also said he didn't want to live in a country where that's the norm.  I understand that. But until Democrats feel the sting of it themselves, they are not going to change their tactics.  And if they don't we have a one-sided mechanism that only goes after conservatives.  You can't stop this until Democrats agree to a ceasefire.  Why would they do so when only the other side is taking damage?

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