April 22, 2024

Monopolies are not capitalism

Canada has a monopoly problem. It serves as a cautionary tale for any economy becoming oligopolistic or worse, monopolistic. The trend in Canada has been towards fewer and fewer players in most major industries. It harms consumers, employees and stifles innovation.  In Canada it has become a critical problem.

No worse monopoly than government, and there is no bigger monopoly than government. Socialists who are anti-business and prefer to consolidate power favor government as producer.  They are in favor of an even bigger super-monopoly, refusing to see the error of their own illogic.

April 21, 2024

April 20, 2024

Gen X resilience

I'm a Gen-Xer, early enough in that generation to be just post-baby boomer.  I'm not saying we were brought up properly. The Baby Boomer generation were not typically terrific parents, most of what was said in this clip was very typical of my childhood and also true of most everyone I knew growing up together. They made a lot of mistakes as parents.  But I feel like I have a lot more resilience than I see in subsequent generations.  

That lack of resilience probably enables Millennials and Gen Z susceptible to woke culture and safe spaces and all that that entails. And there's a lesson to be learned from that.

April 19, 2024

If it's not scripted, he can't handle it

Let's stage a  Let's Go Brandon clip, except they forgot to destroy the scripting part by mistake. If there's no script, Let's Go Brandon can only stammer.  That's how we knew this sort of thing has always been scriptyed.

How about 'No!'?

I get that police should be straightforward and reliable, but realistically; "How about no?"

April 18, 2024

Canada's last hope

I just shared how bad it is in Canada.  There is hope left, barely. Help us Pierre Poilievre, you're our only hope.

Justin Trudeau broke Canada

I'd like to tell Cher, Barbara Streisand, Meathead (aka Rob Reiner) et. al. "Do not come to Canada when Trump wins in November 2024. We don't want any of you and your socialist elite tripe."  But instead, I'll let the facts, and others say it instead.

In summary, Canada is broken, really, really, badly broken.  It's thanks to the socialist policies of Justin no-brains Trudeau.

And for the rest of America's sake, do not allow Let's Go Brandon to drag the United States further down this path.  PLEASE!!!

That's how bad it really is, but it gets a lot worse.  This video, is REAL!

Trudeau's popularity is in the gutter but we are stuck with him for another 18 months or so.  You in America have a shorter window to try to fix things.  GET IT RIGHT before this happens to you:

(For context, 1 liter is 0.264172 U.S. gallons, and the price per gas per liter has just gone up to $1.79, or $6.78 per gallon!)

There are so many more of these but here's a view from what seems to be the left side of the political aisle, and it explains why Justin Trudeau is so despised now:

It's not too late to stop this from happening in America.  All you have to do is not vote Democrat. Vote Republican or this WILL happen in America, guaranteed. 

April 17, 2024

China is a bad actor on fentanyl

This is not shocking at all, China sees America as an enemy. A lot of America is still not awake to the facts:


January 6th derangement syndrome is still rampant on the left:

April 16, 2024

Israel response imminent?

How soon until Israel responds to the drone and missile attacks from Iran?  Probably not long.

April 15, 2024

Fani Willis' job performance

Fani Willis' job performance is terrible. In the private sector she'd have been fired:

April 14, 2024

April 13, 2024

America, forget not your history, or who you are

I'm a Canadian, living in Canada.  I like my country, but I don't love it.  I certainly don't like our current facsimile of a leader. I do love what the United States is supposed to be, and throughout most of it's history, has been.  In the United States you have your own facsimile of a leader at the moment. One who can barely stand, who can barely speak, barely walk, and clearly barely think, is no leader.

America has the capacity, as a country, of unparalleled greatness. If that greatness is not eroded by the people who would have you forget your history.

Here is one small sample of what it means to be American.  This used to be celebrated. It should be celebrated again, instead of your pronouns:

April 12, 2024

Specifically for Joe Rogan

A while back Joe Rogan responded to the viral video of Canadian opposition leader, and next Prime Minister, Pierre Poilievre disarming a leftist reporter. He was impressed but had trouble with the leader's name. This video will fix that for Joe Rogan, and others who have struggled with reading or pronouncing Pierre Poilievre's name:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib loudly speechless

Death to America chants includes death to the American government.  It means her job, possibly even her safety.  Does she care? Not enough to say anything.  Her radical agenda comes first.

Contrast this with Let's Go Brandon

Contrast this with Let's Go Brandon, because you cannot compare the two.

April 11, 2024

Keep the electoral college!

I have so much to add to this, but for lack of time, I'll let this speak for itself for now.

An explanation

Once again I have a lot going on with my day job, my company was bought out by another and there's been a lot of transition work going on, both before and after the switchover. As a result I haven't been able to post as much in the way of my own thoughts as I'd like.  I've been leaning on videos by others and just adding some of my own thoughts quickly to it. It's been less than ideal, but this blog has always been a time permitting situation.  Nevertheless in previous years I have been able to still  manage 500 posts per year relying on that formula.

I don't expect that to change.  I just wanted to offer an explanation as to why my posts have been probably more reliant on videos by others of late as compared to earlier this year, where I tried to offer more exposition than in the past few years.  Early on in this blog's history it was mostly my own exposition. I sincerely wish to return to that and at some point this year, I believe it will be the case again.  Short term though, likely not.

Blogger has afforded me a platform, but not much of an income (I only make about $30-$50 per year from AdSense).  So while it is an enjoyable pursuit, a worthwhile pursuit, it's not a living.  Therefore, sadly, the day job must come first, at least until I retire.  

More frequent expositional posting will return, as soon as possible.

April 10, 2024

Climate change caused the earthquake and the eclipse???

I'm not going to add anything to this; not because I can't but because Sunny Hostin from The View, is too stupid to merit any comment:

April 9, 2024

Let's Go Brandon's Ohio trouble

I guess when you keep changing the rules on everyone, it's kinda good to keep track of things:

April 8, 2024

Jimmy Kimmel's willful blindness

Courtesy of Paul Joseph Watson, Jimmy Kimmel ignores the fact that where America is unclean, is predominantly the progressivist bastion cities he applauds for other reasons.  Kimmel is willfully blind to the correlation of leftist policies and resulting filth.

April 7, 2024

April 5, 2024

He's not lying

Donald Trump is not wrong with this video:

When Democrats say these things it's supposedly not violence.  Then they make up falsehoods about violence on the right. Not blanketing all Democrat voters, but those who do espouse violence are vile people.

April 4, 2024

Good news coming from Nebraska?

Nebraska is trying to get Donald Trump one more electoral college vote. About time.  This notion of proportional allocation is a miasmic sewer hole of ways to shift votes to Democratic candidates.  You don't see New York or California doing this, why should a solidly Republican state do it?

We're seeing this more and more

Recently Piers Morgan had YouTubers Nerdrotic and The Critical Drinker (a personal favorite) on his show to discuss Disney's recent parade of flop movies. It was a good discussion but my takeaway went in an entirely different direction, not involving Disney except peripherally .  Firstly, here's their discussion before I pivot away.  Notice there are two other guests to round out the panel debate but meh, who cares.

As I said, a good discussion, but not my point.  My observation is that more and more we are seeing (no offense intended) second tier YouTubers show up on more mainstream outlets.  Let me be clear, neither of those gentlemen are second tier in terms of content. I mean that they are not at the level of say a Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson in terms of viewership.  Not yet at least.

Why are these people being elevated to mainstream status? Again, I am fans of both of these YouTubers, this is not meant as a slight at them. They are talented, educated, intelligent and well spoken. But why them, why not say Ben Affleck (whom I would be much less likely to watch on Piers Morgan's show)? I think I know the answer, or at least a few possible answers.

Firstly, I already answered it in part; who wants to watch Ben Affleck pontificate on anything? We have already seen him make a clown out of himself on Bill Maher's show. So there are ratings to consider. But then why not Ben Shapiro, who is clearly a top tier catch? Maybe it's because he is already a known commodity. Media is always looking for the next new thing, and when you have people like Nerdrotic and The Critical Drinker who can do just as good a job as guests, you are in the right (perceived) lane as mainstream media.  Furthermore, you can't just keep doing the same thing and expect to maintain ratings. If that was the case, TV shows would all be reruns, music artists  would only make one album, and Gone With The Wind and Wizard of Oz would be the only movies in theaters. New and different don't always work, but they do often enough to be absolutely 100% necessary.

Secondly, Nerdrotic and The Critical Drinker have become a bit more than just second tier. They have over a million and nearly two million subscribers respectively. These are not small players. The media in general is at a point where has to embrace these independent content producers because they are continually losing ground to the likes of YouTube.  As the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Unfortunately I think much of the mainstream media, and I'm not talking about Piers Morgan here, have not understood the main lesson here.  The reason people are going to YouTubers, is the same reason they had started moving to Netflix; you are producing crap that people do not want to watch. The woke message hammering in movies and shows is not a winning formula. Ironically, this was the Piers Morgan Disney debate's topic in the above clip.  

Disney is still not getting the message it seems. 

As an aside, I've noticed this happening more on the right side of the political aisle than the left side.  That could be an observational bias since I watch very little left leaning content, it's hard to stomach for long. But the idea that it's predominantly a right sided phenomenon does make sense. The right has far fewer celebrities and therefore needs more 'celebrities' than does the left.  The right is more open to conversation from outside the echo chamber; we are not a lockstep thinking group. Therefore we need new perspectives, the left mostly does not.

If the left eventually comprehends all this, it will hopefully be too late to save their media hegemony.

April 2, 2024

Not gonna do it

You cannot force people to recognize a holiday they don't recognize. You especially cannot do it on Easter. That, is exactly what Let's Go Brandon and the far left LGBT social mafia are still trying to do:

April 1, 2024

Democracy leading to tyranny

I'm no longer sure that tyranny is an eventuality. In 2009 I despaired it was inevitable. It isn't. There are real reasons that the danger exists, as Academy of Ideas points out:

But ultimately, there are cycles that tyranny begets liberty which in turn begets liberty. Everything is cyclical. Tyranny is certainly part of that list of cyclical things. But when I say tyranny is not inevitable, I mean specifically a few things.
  • tyranny is not inevitable at this point in history
  • tyranny is not an inescapable end state for all
  • tyranny is not universal in the sense that it will exist in all places at all times
  • tyranny cannot ultimately overcome our God given, inalienable rights
Tyranny as is argued in the video exists in many forms.  The video is not wrong. But there are degrees of tyranny and different locus points for tyranny; for example woke culture's attempted tyranny is as much tyranny as government's impositions. But the spirit of freedom is a flame that cannot be snuffed. And so long as that's true, tyranny cannot only not be absolute, but it can be held at bay for long periods of time, It can be pushed back. It can be fought and defeated withe every successive generation, if they choose to do so. That is an encouraging thought. 

This does not matter

Calling out the New York Times does not matter. Mostly it doesn't matter to be more precise.  The New York Times will not change it's stripes because people who already thought they were vile, disgusting, manipulative and deceitful see this as vile, disgusting and manipulative (and probably deceitful too).  The New York Times is what it is: a radical left propaganda vehicle, and nothing more or less. It will not change, it's too late.  It will go down to absolute bankruptcy continuing to do what it has been doing for decades; lying for the left's ignoble cause.

Where this does matter, is to those who pay attention that they may be reminded of what the NYT is, and to those few who happen upon the story on Fox and are awakened to the ill intent and evil of that rag.

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