April 11, 2024

An explanation

Once again I have a lot going on with my day job, my company was bought out by another and there's been a lot of transition work going on, both before and after the switchover. As a result I haven't been able to post as much in the way of my own thoughts as I'd like.  I've been leaning on videos by others and just adding some of my own thoughts quickly to it. It's been less than ideal, but this blog has always been a time permitting situation.  Nevertheless in previous years I have been able to still  manage 500 posts per year relying on that formula.

I don't expect that to change.  I just wanted to offer an explanation as to why my posts have been probably more reliant on videos by others of late as compared to earlier this year, where I tried to offer more exposition than in the past few years.  Early on in this blog's history it was mostly my own exposition. I sincerely wish to return to that and at some point this year, I believe it will be the case again.  Short term though, likely not.

Blogger has afforded me a platform, but not much of an income (I only make about $30-$50 per year from AdSense).  So while it is an enjoyable pursuit, a worthwhile pursuit, it's not a living.  Therefore, sadly, the day job must come first, at least until I retire.  

More frequent expositional posting will return, as soon as possible.

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