April 1, 2024

Democracy leading to tyranny

I'm no longer sure that tyranny is an eventuality. In 2009 I despaired it was inevitable. It isn't. There are real reasons that the danger exists, as Academy of Ideas points out:

But ultimately, there are cycles that tyranny begets liberty which in turn begets liberty. Everything is cyclical. Tyranny is certainly part of that list of cyclical things. But when I say tyranny is not inevitable, I mean specifically a few things.
  • tyranny is not inevitable at this point in history
  • tyranny is not an inescapable end state for all
  • tyranny is not universal in the sense that it will exist in all places at all times
  • tyranny cannot ultimately overcome our God given, inalienable rights
Tyranny as is argued in the video exists in many forms.  The video is not wrong. But there are degrees of tyranny and different locus points for tyranny; for example woke culture's attempted tyranny is as much tyranny as government's impositions. But the spirit of freedom is a flame that cannot be snuffed. And so long as that's true, tyranny cannot only not be absolute, but it can be held at bay for long periods of time, It can be pushed back. It can be fought and defeated withe every successive generation, if they choose to do so. That is an encouraging thought. 

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