October 31, 2018

In Florida governor's race - Gillum vs. Project Veritas

Andrew Gillum is finally falling behind in the Florida race for governor.  This Project Veritas report is likely going to finish him off.

Midterms Matter: Indiana's senator Joe Donnelly's race problem.

Joe Donnelly sounds like he's a bit racist in this clip, listen for the "But" he uses twice in relation to his campaign staff.  It's cringe-worthy.

Just, wow.

If only there were some guy running against him who could win.

More great personal #Walkaway stories

Why are these people walking away from the Democratic party?  They'll tell you in their own words.

From socialist to #WalkAway:

Western culture is vulnerable:

Always conservative and didn't know it:

Super Beto Prostate

I finally figured out where Democrats have come up with the idea that Beto O'Rourke is Superman.  Here's their image of him.

Here's the where I think the original Super Beto idea comes from.

As invasive to your taxes as a prostate exam.  Yep, that has to be it.

Midterms Matter: In NY 27, please support Chris Collins

Common sense conservative values and fiscal discipline need strong representation in Congress.  That calls for Chris Collins.  Despite the establishment's attempts to slander and silence Collins he has had the strength to fight on and is still leading in the polls.

Please support him; volunteer, donate, get a lawn sign if it's not too late, and do check out his website.  And by all means vote.

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: Nebraska 2nd District needs Bacon

Don Bacon is a first term incumbent and is polling 9 points ahead of his Democratic challenger.  But he still needs your support, be it yard signs, volunteers, or donations.  Check out his website for more details about his positions and accomplishments.  Most importantly he needs your vote.  If people take the race for granted, he won't win, and the district will suffer for it.

Please support Don Bacon. It's not just Nebraska, America needs more Bacon.

Midterms Matter: In Illinois' 14th district, support Randy Hultgren

Results matter.  Re-elect Randy Hultgren for congress. The race is listed a a toss-up and Hultren holds a few points lead in the latest poll.

Check out his website, volunteer, donate and VOTE!

Thanks you.

Midterms Matter: In Florida's 16th district, turn out for Vern Buchanan

Vern Buchanan is going to win re-election, let's get that right (to borrow a turn of phrase from a famous English chef).  All of the polls have him 7 to 10 points ahead of his Democrat challenger.  But just because he's leading this is not the time to become complacent.  Votes matter.

Just like results matter.

Check out Vern's website, and by all means possible, assuming you can legally vote, turn out to vote for him.

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Arkansas 2nd district, please support French Hill

Incumbent Republican congressman French Hill apparently has a 12 point lead in his effort to continue to represent Arkansas' 2nd district in congress.   Both president Trump and Mitt Romney carried the district by double digits.  All of that only rates a Leans Republican rating.  French Hill should win this race but that doesn't mean you can skip voting this time around if you are in the district.

Please support French Hill's re-election bid; volunteer, donate, get a lawn sign if it's not too late, or at least check out his website.  And by all means turn out to vote.

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Pennsylvania 8th, please support John Chrin

A district pollsters are calling likely Democratic is Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district, despite the fact that the district went from +12 for Obama to +10 for Trump (a 22 point swing).  Yes the incumbent Democrat has a lead in the NYT/Siena poll from mid-October, but those polls seem suspect as I've mentioned before.

The incumbent Democrat, Matt Cartwright, has tax issues, he's ineffective in congress and just plain wrong for the district and the state.

John Chrin  is different. 
John Chrin is a passionate believer in the economic power of education. He will strive to create affordable educational and training opportunities for students and adults in Northeast Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley. Winning the competition for good jobs isn’t just about degrees, it’s about learning skills and gaining knowledge that help people succeed in the real world.

New job creation and stronger local economies are among his top priorities. He believes that Members of Congress can and must play an active role in bringing economic development to their districts. In order to provide the right training programs and educational opportunities, there has to be an understanding of the needs of existing businesses and the skills which will attract new companies and industries to the region.

John’s first-hand experience with the best and worst of America’s businesses and of the global financial system will be a driver of his stance on policies. He is a unique advocate for reforms, especially those related to the financial system, in that he understands what the real world impact will be; whether laws will work as intended or make problems worse or potentially create new ones.
John Chrin has a good chance at winning and he deserves your support.  Please support him; volunteer, donate, get a lawn sign if it's not too late, and do check out his website.  And by all means vote.

Thank you.

Window Wednesday: There's still time to #Walkaway

Follow the journey of each of these people and think for yourself.  After you have at least opened your mind to different ideas, you can say that you have thought through your opinions and are not simply parroting what the media have told you to think.

Midterms Matter: In NH 2nd District please support Steve Negron

Steve Negron is the underdog, running to unseat mean-spiritedevasiveill-prepareddo-nothing incumbent Democrat Annie Kuster.  Did I mention that she's evasive?  If you don't believe me, check this out. Let's face it, she's not up to the requirements of the office.

Her opponent thankfully, seems much more able, a business owner, veteran and community leader, Steve Negron has priorities that align with New Hampshire's needs, and he has the vision to address those priorities.

Steve Negron is an underdog, but he should not be. Please support real leadership in congress for New Hampshire. Please support Steve Negron, volunteer, donate, get a lawn sign if it's not too late, and do check out his website.  And by all means vote.

Thank you.

Happy Halloween

October 30, 2018

Democrats - immigration and the politics of opportunism

Take a look at these Democrats on the record on immigration.  Here are a few examples of Democrats, on record, supporting tougher border enforcement.  Were they lying back then , or are they lying now that many are joining the abolish ICE bandwagon and wanting to allow anyone in at the expense of national sovereignty?  My educated guess is that they were lying then.

Midterms Matter: In NY's 3rd District, please support Dan DeBono

New York's 3rd district definitely has a Democratic lean, but not so insurmountable that a strong turnout for Republican challenger Dan DeBono could not pull off a surprise win in the district.

Dan is all about service to the country, the state and the district.
Dan is an independent-thinking Republican with a unique combination of a history of service to our country, and deep fluency in economic matters forged over 20 years at the nation's top military unit and top private financial institutions.

No other candidate will fight as hard as Dan will on behalf of the people of New York's 3rd Congressional District.

No other candidate has the breadth and depth of experience in connecting the dots between regular people and jobs, wages, purchasing power, inflation, the economy, competition and the actions of our federal government.
His opponent on the other hand, seems to have a history of hush money related to a sex abuse scandal.  That does not seem like much of a choice service vs. self-serving.

Please support Dan DeBono, volunteer, donate, get a lawn sign, and check out his inspiring website.  And by all means vote.

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Wisconsin 3rd District, please support Steve Toft

Another district that voted for president Obama (by 11 points) but also swung over and voted for president Trump (by 4.5%) is Wisconsin's 3rd congressional district. Steve Toft is seeking to unseat Democrat Ron Kind.  Steve Toft has an important reason for running:

I am not and never planned to be a politician, but after serving my country for 32 years I knew that it was time to stand again and serve. Our country is being torn apart by the career politicians is Washington who are more interested in getting re-elected than serving their constituents. The problems facing this great nation need to be addressed by those who have the fortitude and desire to make the tough decisions no matter the cost. 

This is why I am running to represent the 3rd District and am asking for your vote. 

- Col. (Ret.) Steve Toft
Please vote for Steve Toft.  Do what you can to support his campaign; donate, volunteer, visit his website and please vote.

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Iowa's 2nd District please support Chris Peters

This might be a bit of a long shot but I am hoping that voters in Iowa's 2nd district see what conservative policies have meant to the state.  President Trump carried the district in 2016 even though former president Obama carried it in 2014.  Nevertheless in the only poll in the district back in early September, incumbent Democrat Dave Loebsack had a 24 point lead.  That seems artificially high, especially with 28% of responders undecided.

Chris Peters seems right for the state; he has common sense, fresh ideas, and a desire to actually make a difference.

Consider voting for him. Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Pennsylvania 14th District, please support Guy Reschenthaler

Guy Reschenthaler is looking to unseat incumbent Democrat Bibiana Boerio in Pennsylvania's 14th congressional district.  The district is listed as likely Republican - Mitt Romney won it by over 17 points in 2014 and president Trump won it by 29 points in 2016.  But that does not mean this is any time to be complacent.  Democrats are being flushed with cash by the likes of former New York mayor Bloomberg and are going to push hard in this last week.  For conservatives, independents and Republican voters, no votes means no wins.

There have been no polls either so you have to treat this race as if it were a toss up.  Guy Reschenthaler  needs your support to win this race. lease support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

October 29, 2018

Midterms Matter: In Nevada 3rd District, please support Danny Tarkanian

Nevada has had substantial early voting already, but the 3rd district race is especially tight.  Republican Danny Tarkanian trails by two in an October poll that has a margin of error of 7.6%.   The margin of error is high because the sample size is small.   This is an exceptionally important race nationally, not just for this district.

There are a few reasons why the Democrat in this race must not win.  Firstly there's honesty and accountability:

And then there's this weirdness:
Over a dozen Democrat House candidates campaigning for election this fall are doing so with the public endorsements and financial backing of a population control group that wants to punish families for having more than two children.
That's absolutely cringe-worthy.  Thankfully there is someone in the race worth voting for, and that's Danny Tarkanian.  He's in favor of common sense fundamentals, that keep money in the pockets of hard working Nevadans.

Danny Tarkanian is looking out for Nevadans. Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In New Hampshire's 1st, please support Eddie Edwards

A couple of smaller but recent polls in New Hampshire show Republican Eddie Edwards trailing his Democrat rival by about 7 points.  This despite Edwards being the better candidate, and an inspiring  self-made success story.

His opponent is far too progressive for mainstream America and for New Hampshire.  Live Free or Die does not refer to welfare and free healthcare. Live free means liberty and the Democrat in this race wants government to run your healthcare, removing choice.  Eddie Edwards says it best:

On the issues, Eddie Edwards is far closer to common sense values. This race is going to turn out to be close.  Please support Eddie Edwards and his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Minnesota 2nd District, please support Jason Lewis

Minnesota has been represented by Jason Lewis since 2017.  He deserves your continued support. He's an independent thinker, but focused on common sense approaches to issues:
Since taking office, Jason has served on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, the Budget Committee, and the Education and Workforce Committee.

Though an active Minnesota resident for two decades, many people in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District know Jason from his popular radio show in the Twin Cities. On the air, Jason was known for an independent streak – critical of the status quo in Washington and St. Paul.
The alternative to Jason Lews, might appear promising but really, is not an option:

It's not just health care; the economy is finally awakening after sleepwalking for the better part of a decade.  That's thanks to the tax cuts that Jason Lewis supported. Angie Craig doesn't want any part of it.

On the issues, Jason Lewis is far closer to common sense values. Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Florida's 7th district, please support Mike Miller

Mike Miller could provide a surprise upset for Republicans in Florida's 7th district; in the latest poll he's trailing the Democrat incumbent by only 1 point.  That's well within the polls 4.7% margin of error.  Granted the poll was done in late August, but Mike Miller seems well suited to this district and to this race.
He has spent most of his career advancing common sense conservative principles, and supporting the community he loves. Many people do not know that back in the day, he also had one heck of a fast ball, earning a scholarship to pitch for the University of Florida.

After his college baseball career, Mike worked for some of Florida’s legendary common-sense conservatives like U.S. Senator Connie Mack, Congressman Bill McCollum, U.S. Senator Mel Martinez and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

In 2014, Mike first ran for public office and was elected to the Florida House of Representatives. In a district that was evenly divided Republican and Democrat, Mike defeated the incumbent Democrat, Linda Stewart, who had been a popular two-term county commissioner. And in 2016, Mike handily defeated his Democratic opponent in a district where Hillary Clinton won by 12%.
He's won despite the odds, which are stacked against him thanks to 71% of her political donation coming from out of state interests.  That's not a recipe for looking out for the people of the district.  Mike Miller's interests are in serving the district.

This is a tight race.  Mike Miller needs your help to win this district for the people of the district.  lease support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In California's 7th, please support Andrew Grant

Alright California 7, this is your chance to clean house. Andrew Grant is looking to unseat representative Ami Bera - the guy whose father went to jail for election fraud involving the finances of his son’s campaign committee.  Ami Bera claimed he knew nothing about his father's scheme, but c'mon.  Do you really believe that.  When Republicans talk about draining the swamp, THIS is exactly the type of fetid swamp gunk they are talking about.

Andrew Grant is a refreshing alternative with some remarkable credentials:
Andrew Grant is a business leader and former intelligence officer, who served in combat as a Marine, a senior official in the U.S. State Department, and for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As CEO of the Northern California World Trade Center, he helped regional businesses expand their international trade opportunities, creating more good-paying jobs for Californians. His experience and understanding of the challenges facing us at home and abroad makes him the right person to fight for us in Congress.

This race is going to be closer than the experts are predicting, and integrity-minded voters need to turn out for Andrew Grant because he can, and should win. Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

October 28, 2018

Midterms Matter: In Virginia 10, please support Barbara Comstock

Virginia 10 has seen a lot of polls for a congressional race.  A lot - 5 polls since late September.  In every poll the Democrat has a lead over the Republican incumbent Barbara Comstock.  Because there is a general consistency the Democrat appears to have about a 7 point lead by my interpretation.  But this district is still winnable for Comstock, who has worked to achieve and delivered real results for Virginians, her proven record matters.

She boasts an impressive resume and has a nose for what really matters:
Congresswoman Comstock – the only woman in the Virginia Congressional Delegation – has been fighting for our families, our businesses, our communities, our military and our veterans – and getting results: Historic Tax Cuts; Rebuilding our Military; A New Veterans Center in the Heart of the 10th District; Support for Battling Opioid and Heroin Addiction; Passing Legislation to Crack down on MS-13 gangs and Fund Community Policing; Confronting Sexual Harassment in the workplace and passing legislation to protect women and victims.
Her opponent has some truly radical supporters.   That's because she holds some truly outlandish positions that will hurt, not help Virginians.

This is another game-changing race that needs common sense voters to turn out and surprise the liberal establishment with a win for common sense Comstock. She really needs your support to win this. So please support her efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out her positions on her website. And by all means - vote to keep this district Republican for at least two more years.

Thank you.

NYT/Sienna polling - I have my doubts.

In district after district there are New York Times/Siena polls that are really out of alignment with other polls in the district. Invariably they are skewed heavily towards the Democrat in the race.  Where other polls have for example a Democrat 3 point lead, the NYT/Siena poll shows an 11 or 12 point lead.  Once the midterm elections are finalized, the NYT/Siena polling is going to be proven correct, in the case of a big blue wave, or proven to be complete garbage.

It's not going to be  long wait but Nate Cohn, I'm watching you.  I believe your polling methodology is flawed. I'm not saying it's being done intentionally, but there seems to be something amiss. Whether there needs to be more work done on phone answers vs. non-answers or mobile vs. landline or the weighting, there needs to be some change.

I'm merely speculating here, but do calls for the polling have caller ID labelled as New York Times?  Maybe non-responders believe the call is solicitation and are choosing not to answer.  If that's the case it could introduce a bias towards people who have not had their phones as long and are less likely to screen solicitation calls.  That would be younger people generally, and therefore more likely to be liberal and vote Democrat.  Again that's speculation - I cannot see the crosstabs because they are presumably behind the firewall.  I'm not going to pay for a subscription just to validate polls, because I really d not like the New York Times' editorial slat.

After the election we will see if your methodology is good or garbage.  If I'm wrong, I'll admit it, if the NYT polls are wrong, I'll call it out, because I don't expect the same admission from you.

Sunday verse

October 27, 2018

Midterms Matter: In Pennsylvania's 17th district, please support Keith Rothfus

Pennsylvania's 17th district is competitive for the first time in forever. Contesting the race is a Democrat darling, Conor Lamb.  He is no centrist. Keith Rothfus conversely, is and he has coupled it with compassion and common sense.  Keith Rothfus is a regular guy who ran for Congress to get our country moving in the right direction.

Here's who Conor Lamb is, versus who he pretends to be:

Here are a couple of snapshots on who Kieth Rofus is, and what he stands for:

This race is closer than the polls are indicating, and regular people need to turn out for Keith Rothfus because he can, and should win.  Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In New Jersey's 11th district, please support Jay Webber

I'm starting to wonder if the various NYT/Sienna polls are interviewing native New York City liberals for polls across the country as they are consistently showing outlier Democrat leads in races across the country.  In New Jersey's 11th district, Republican Jay Webber has been polling within the margin of error in a tight race in a district president Trump carried in 2016.

Democrat carpetbagger, Mikie Sherrill viciously assaulted her opponent, dragging his children into the campaign as part of a statement, and then refused to apologize for it.  She is literally being backed by the progressive Elite who are out of touch with common people.

Jay Webber is a different kind of candidate.
Jay Webber serves in the New Jersey General Assembly representing the residents of the Garden State’s 26th Legislative District and has been called “the conservative conscience of the State Legislature.” He serves on the Assembly’s Labor and State & Local Government Committees. Assemblyman Webber and his wife Johanna live with their seven children in Morris Plains, where Assemblyman Webber is a trustee of St. Virgil’s Parish and a volunteer youth basketball and baseball coach.

For his legislative service, Assemblyman Webber has earned the Taxpayer Hero Award from Americans for Prosperity-NJ; the Outstanding Legislator of the Year Award from the NJ Society for Environmental Economic Development; and the Defender of the Family Legislative Award from the NJ Family Policy Council.
When you contrast that, with this radical agenda, there's really no reason not to vote for Jay Webber:

On the issues, Jay Webber is far closer to common sense values. Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

Fed Chairman has damaged the economy and the Trump recovery

Jerome Powell, Fed chairman, gets my nomination for idiot of the year:

I had previously pondered "how bad can it be?" but apparently I was wrong.

Midterms Matter: In Minnesota's 7th district, please support Dave Hughes.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Collin Peterson has a 93% chance of winning re-election in Minnesota's 7th congressional district. I suspect that's mainly due to his over-extended incumbency.  When you look at what Collin Peterson stands for, it's hard to understand why any Minnesotan would want him as their representative; higher gas tax, questionable insider donations, lack of constituent accountabilityunwillingness to investigate the IRS group targeting scandal,  and more:

Minnesotans deserve better. Thankfully Minnesotans have a choice. Instead of sending an establishment, partisan, do-nothing-and-feel-entitled politician back to congress, in Minnesota's 7th district, voters can vote for real change, for effective and responsible representation by voting for Dave Hughes.

President Trump won this district by almost 31 points.  Mitt Romney won by almost 10 points.  That difference shows that voters want real change, and in a more common sense direction.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote for the unhealthy status quo.  Dave Hughes has a real shot at winning the district and representing Minnesotan values in the next congress.  

Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Colorado's 6th District, please support Mike Coffman

Mike Coffman wants to continue working for Colorado.  He's the current representative in congress for the district, although he's trailing in the polls, he's a hard working man who loves his district and his state.

Despite the lies of his opponent, he's an independent bi-partisan representative who puts his constituents first. 

His opponent, has a different approach, as you can see with this contrast:

Despite the media spin, the truth is out there about the Democrat in this race.  Mike Coffman deserves to be re-elected.  He's a proven commodity with integrity and grit.  But to win he is going to require a strong Republican and independent voter turnout.  Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Arizona 2nd District - please support Lea Marquez Peterson

The race for Arizona's 2nd congressional district is one in which the polling definitely seem skewed.  Hillary Clinton won this district but so too did Mitt Romney.  The district is consider a Leans Republican district but the only poll conducted so far, in late September by the NYT, showed the Democrat with an 11 point lead. FiveThirtyEight shows the Democrat having a 96% chance of winning.

But is that really true?  I'm not convinced any polling done by NYT/Sienna is valid, and FiveThirtyEight had Hillary Clinton's chance of winning in 2016 at 71% chance of winning, but only at the very end.  And there is a heavy reliance on the one suspect poll in this race.  The odds at 96% are frankly ridiculous given what we know about the candidates in this race.

The Democrat, Ann Kirkpatrick seemingly fended of her more radical primary opponent after an infusion of cash from the Democratic establishment.  Will Arizona's 2nd district progressives turn out for a party insider? Enthusiasm has to be down among the far left in this race.

But Kirkpatrick herself is not counting on progressives, she's trying to pull a Heitkamp and lure unsuspecting independent and Republican voters into her orbit.
Kirkpatrick said she has “always voted like a Democrat” and that she’s “always” had challenges from the left “in every campaign.”

“It’s a swing district, and I have to remind people of that,” Kirkpatrick said, standing in the hallway of her campaign office as two dozen volunteers phone-banked on her behalf. “You can’t win this district with just Democratic votes.”
The contrast in those two paragraphs is truly stark - always voted like a Democrat vs. can't win with just Democratic votes.  That's as underhanded as it gets. 

It doesn't start and end there - even her primary opponent tried to legally challenge her openness of her actual residency.  Even though she can legally run, she's a carpetbagger. And when it comes to being attacked, she reverts to playing the victim, trying to tie her opponents remarks to, of all things, sexism.  That's just plain manipulative.

She's also been non-responsive to constituents, having been implicated in the VA scandal.

Imagine how she will be if she gets into congress.  There's a stark contrast in what her opponent is offering.  She has an impressive resume of qualifications to serve the District. President & CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Co-chair the Arizona Zanjeros, a business leadership group formed to promote economic development in the state. She chairs the board of St Mary’s Hospital and the Pima Association of Governments Economic Vitality Committee. Lea has received dozens of awards and recognitions throughout her career. This is to name but a few of her many accomplishments. In addition, Lea has resided in the 2nd Congressional District for over 40 years.

Lea Marquez Peterson needs your support to counter the establishment left agenda and to provide meaningful and purposeful representation in the district.  Please support her efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out her positions on her website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

Saturday Learning Series - Geography (Kuwait)

Oil.  And other stuff.

And the flag:

October 26, 2018

Friday Musical Interlude: Red Storm vs Big Blue Wave

This first song is an alright song, but I love the name of the song way more than the second song being featured today.  Red storm:

Big Blue Wave by Hey Ocean! (another alright song, but not happening on November 6th though):

October 25, 2018

Midterms Matter: In Nevada's 4th District, please support Cresent Hardy

In 2014 Cresent Hardy beat incumbent Democrat Steven Horsford, to win the seat in congress for Nevada's 4th district.  This year the roles are changed around completely.  Cresent Hardy who lost the seat in 2016, is being challenged by Steven Horsford. 

Despite the Democrats' registration in the district, there's a reason Horsford lost to Cresent Hardy:

Those issues have not gone away.  They were simply overshadowed by more recent Democrat corruption.

Cresent Hardy on the other hand , understands what makes for a vibrant local economy.
As a small business owner, Cresent knows what it takes to create jobs, make a payroll, and meet a budget. He knows first-hand that a low-tax environment that encourages business growth and expansion is critical to creating the new, high-paying jobs that bring economic prosperity to our communities. He also understands the negative effect that overly burdensome government regulations can have on job growth.

Cresent’s continued commitment to community is reflected in his vast public service. Serving in the United States Congress from 2015 – 2017, Cresent made constituent service his priority.
Cresent Hardy trails by 2 points in a race with an 8 point margin of error.  He could be leading, he could be behind by 10 points.  But this is a race that Cresent Hardy deserves to win.  His opponent is once again in it for his own material well-being.

To win Cresent Hardy needs your support.  Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Minnesota 3rd District, please support Erik Paulsen

In Minnesota's 3rd district, quality incumbent Eric Paulson has been trailing his Democratic opponent but the gap is closing.  His opponent is a hypocrite: an "environmentalist" millionaire who is heavily invested in fossil fuels.

This is an interesting situation - a rich, connected silver-spoon millionaire co-opting the liberal line, in a ostensibly liberal state in order to gain power. Unseemly.  Self-serving. And it's not the first time he's been a hypocrite.

Erik Paulsen has been a tireless servant for regular people and has worked hard in his role in congress in doing so.
Erik is a leading voice for accountability, transparency and fiscal discipline in the federal government. He serves of the House Committee on Ways and Means, and is a champion for small business, and supports pro-growth initiatives to create jobs. He is an active voice for fiscal discipline, ensuring our veterans receive the support they’ve earned, and strengthening American jobs and competitiveness.
This race is going to be close.  Erik Paulsen needs your vote and your help.  Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: New Jersey it's not just scandal, it's hypocrisy.

Besieged New Jersey senator Bob Menendez is not just scandal-plagued, he's a hypocrite.  Vote for his opponent and do New Jersey a favor.

Midterms Matter: In New Jersey's 5th District, please support John McCann

Despite the fact that both president Trump and then candidate Mitt Romney carried the New Jersey 5th district, the district seems to be considered a leans Democrat district.  That could be due to the fact that the incumbent is a Democrat.  The incumbent is also a Clinton insider, indeed, protege, which carries it's own baggage to be sure.

In fact, while campaigning as a fiscal moderate, the incumbent congressman also has very liberal social views. He opposed the Trump tax cuts on the basis that taxes would go up.  In fact they did, for people like him.  But for the average voter the tax cuts have been a boon.  He was wrong on that and even more wrong on the fiscal impacts he spouted before the entirely predictable results proved him wrong:

John McCann believes tax cuts help ordinary Americans, not the elite.  He's right, he's been right, and the policies he espouses are right for the state and for the country.  But in order to help get the ideas enacted, John McCann needs to win this election.

To do that, he needs your support in this important race. Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

 Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Florida's 27th District, please, please support Maria Salazar

The quality candidate for congress.

In Florida's 27th district, there's a choice between a good candidate and a self-servingscandal-plaguedtone-deaf  carpetbagger, on top of which she's an establishment Clinton insider (and even those inside the Democratic party have recognized that).  The downside of the Democrat candidate should be enough to crush her polling, and indeed until recently Maria Salazar was leading the polling.  But as the Democratic corruptocrat has surged, the need to point out the positives of her quality opponent are more important than previously thought.

Maria Salazar is a quality candidate and a quality human being. On the issues she is on the right side of history.  On the district, she's always considered it home. 

This is an important race.  What matters in these last two weeks is voter support. Maria Salazar needs your support  in this important race.  Please support her efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out her positions on her website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

The logical extension of admit-anyone immigration policy.

Eliminate ICE. Have completely open borders. And by the way, anyone who comes in to the United States can vote.  These are actual progressive Democrat positions.  Let's pair that with the Democrat efforts to open voting to voters on days other than election day.  Let's pair it with the out-of-state voters efforts and the mail-in-ballots. So anyone regardless of documentation can vote, from anywhere, and increasingly, any time.

And then let's pair all of that with society increasingly existing in an information age. The technology exists to allow people to vote electronically from any location, at any time.  Let's assume to be magnanimous that there are no issues to privacy and fraudulent voting - or assume that they can be resolved eventually. If there are no borders, that means there are no nationalities.  And if that's the case, why limit voting in American elections to just constituents?  Why limit it to Americans? Why not open it to the entire world?  Isn't that the logical extension of the liberal immigration policy?  Someone in Jakarta voting for a senator in Texas or for the next president is a frightening prospect.

The world is full of socialists, Islamists and radicals.  Do Americans really want them all voting in America's elections?  Imagine what sort of radical, globalist, anti-liberty government would result.  Maybe that's actually the end goal of these Democrat ideas.

Do your part, help build a red wall

Less than 2 weeks to the 2018 midterm elections.  After a relatively slow year of blogging through September,  I have been in high gear this month.  The reason for that is that I believe this is a crucial midterm, even more important than 2010, or 2014.  More important than 1994.  Each of those midterm elections were important, but they pale in comparison to what has been exposed now: America first works, globalism is a road to ruin.

I've already said this month that now is the time.  This is the opportunity for America to continue to step away from the brink of progressivism and socialism and to be frank, national failure.  I'm hoping that those who turned out to vote for president Trump feel as energized as those who oppose him and the successes he has achieved for the country since his election.

As an outsider (I'm Canadian, but was thinking of starting my own caravan to the greatest nation on earth), I feel like my only ability to make a difference in the cause of liberty, is to focus on the one country that really matters - America.  If I can help influence even one congressional or senatorial election by highlighting the differences in the Republican and Democratic candidates in individual races, then that's what I must do.  It's the least I can do, even as it is the most I can do.  I don't get to vote in American elections (since it seems non-citizens are only allowed to vote illegally if they vote for Democrats).  

But you DO.  

It is incumbent upon you, it is your duty as an American who enjoys liberty, safety, opportunity and wealth like no other national on earth to protect those things.  Liberty in particular is a flame that can easily be extinguished by as little as complacency.  One party stands for individualism.  Liberty means individualism.  The other party stands for collectivism.  That's a recipe for subordinating the individual to the identifiable groups with which they can be associated.  That is anathema to liberty.  If you can not be you, you are not truly free.

Unlike totalitarianism, which requires acquiescence, liberty requires effort.  America has made your effort as simple as standing in line to vote.  It does not require your blood, or your treasure.  The cost therefore is minimal. The risk that results from doing nothing is a turn back to malaise, weakness and misfortune that might be inescapable afterwards. The reward for making the effort is the chance for America to be truly great again.  Making America great (or keeping it great) is a work in progress - always.  Do your part. Vote. At a minimum.  If you are able to do more, do so - volunteer, donate, talk to others whom you might convince.

It's your duty as an American.  I'm not saying that to be trite. I'm saying it because there are millions of people around the world, myself included, who know what is at stake and would change places with an unconcerned American in a heartbeat. If we can see that, I assume you can too and are already ready to act on November 6th.  But if you are not there yet, please take my word for it; a Blue Wave is a wave of darkness. Do your part to make sure there is no blue wave, no blue trickle, no blue anything.

October 24, 2018

President Trump stands up to China's Navy

Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Steve Green analyze how the President is making the world safer by standing up to the Chinese Navy:

Window Wednesday: #Walkaway seems like it could go on forever

More personal stories about the electorate awakening to the truth.

Tucker Carlson says some weird stuff

Midwesterners have antiquated ideas? Roosevelt was a pivotal president (in a good way) and a genius?  Republicans were never the party of the middle class? Trump's "autistic way"?  A lot of stuff Carlson says in this Rubin Report discussion is far afield from what Fox viewers think of him.

To be fair, he's also said things you'd expect. I have not fully digested the implications of some of his comments.  I'll have to circle back.

Are Democrats behind their own bomb scares?

After mobs of Democrat-inspired progressives repeatedly and uncivilly going after Republicans and Trump supporters, today there is news of domestic terrorists going after Democrat leaders and CNN.  Every single one of them have been stopped.

Color me suspicious.  The Democrats, the liberals, all  eager to make conservatives look worse than themselves could be behind this.  Why would any conservative go after Hillary Clinton (a two time loser) or president Obama ( a has-been) or CNN (a dying media entity)?  We are winning, so there is no need to do this.

True, this could be a nut job.  But if it is, it's nothing more than that.  And for leaders and news outlets calling for uncivil action, unfortunately, you reap what you sew.  This is only going to get worse across the board until everyone with a microphone stands down on the hyperbolic rhetoric.  Unfortunately no one realistically can see that happening. 

Midterms Matter: In Arizona's 9th District, please support Steve Ferrara

Arizona's 9th District has been reliably Democrat in the last few elections.  That's largely due to then congressional candidate Kristen Sinema winning and holding the seat.  Now that she's running for the senate, where she can really damage the country, the seat is open.  But as a result of the district's voting history, it is still listed as "Likely Democrat" by most pundits.  That's a shame because the Republicans are blessed with a quality candidate.  Furthermore, this race is not over and Steve Ferrara has a real shot at winning this race.

There have been no polls but Steve Ferrara is a grassroots conservative with common sense positions on the issues.  He is a veteran and a radiologist.  Those are some impressive credentials for dedication and service.  

His opponent is a former mayor with a history of scandal and is secretive about his radical progressive agenda.  Pundits give the Democrat a 99% chance of winning.  However, only 41% of eligible voters are predicted to turn out.  With significant influential endorsements, and presidential accomplishments that have many voters enthusiastic about a GOP win in the district, Steve Ferrera could win with a strong surge of voters who think the country is finally heading in the right direction.

What matters in these last two weeks is voter support. Steve Ferrera needs your support  in this important race.  Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

Midterms Matter: In Montana's At Large District, please support Greg Gianforte

In a district that leans Republican, Montana's at-large district, incumbent Greg Gianforte has consistently led in polling.  But as the election draws nearer, polls have tightened and in the latest poll his lead is probably within the margin of error.  Why that is, is not at all clear - his opponent is undeniably an extreme liberal (no matter how hard the media will try to claim otherwise), far out of touch with the voters of Montana.

Greg Gianforte on the other hand is a down to earth, solidly pro-Montana congressman.  In his own words,
I’m not a government insider. I spent my entire career creating jobs in the private sector – from mowing lawns as a teenager to founding five different start-up companies. I’ve worked to improve Montana’s economy through the “Better Montana Jobs” project and launched scholarship programs to help low-income Montana students and our veterans pursue the education and training they need to start a career in Montana.
The liberal media negatively portray Greg Gianforte as a wealthy congressman.  His wealth comes from the business he created in Montana that is has grown into a significant employer of high paying jobs in the state.  That should be celebrated, not condemned.

Because the race has seemingly tightened as his liberal opponent has aggressively avoided allowing herself to be portrayed as anything but a moderate, by being evasive on direct questions, this is no time for Montana voters to be complacent.  

In order to represent the state, Greg Gianforte needs your support  in this tightening race.  Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

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