October 22, 2018

Save your country! Now is the time.

Early voting is showing warning signs not only for the Trump presidency but for the future of America. If you care about America you have to care about this election.  Democrats are leading in early voting.  Their agenda is to impeach Trump, to (radically) impeach a supreme court justice, to reverse the president's tax cuts and thereby imperil the wonderful GDP growth rate, the historic across-the-board record lows in unemployment, wage growth, jobs, increased income tax revenues for the government, better trade deals, reduced risk of North Korean nuclear war and on and on.

Why would you allow the reversal of those great accomplishments to decimate your country?  2 years of president Trump is not enough to undo 8 years of a radical progressivist agenda under his predecessor Obama.  If you allow congress or the senate to be overtaken by a party that is out of touch with the American people and the reality of the success this president's success, you deserve your fate.

This election matters more than any election in history, except perhaps 2016.  I say that with enough years to recall the election 1980. Which was probably the biggest election of my lifetime.  And I say that with a full memory of the midterms of 1994 which was the most important midterm elections in my memory.

With an election that matters this much, votes matter, donations matter, volunteering matters. Do what you can to help, please.

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