June 28, 2014

Saturday Learning Series - Constitutional History Part 3

Continuing from some time ago, finally, part 3 of the Constitutional history lesson which talks about the Imperial Crisis.

June 20, 2014

Friday Musical Interlude - My Silver Lining

A late post today, but a good one. First Aid Kit's brand new song, My Silver Lining has been described as New Folk.  I would describe it as simply good.

June 19, 2014

Redskins trademark revoked

The Patent office has revoked the trademark of the Washington Redskins.  Because the politically incorrect name had not been removed voluntarily by the organization, the government clearly took a look at what it could do to "fix" the situation. Revoking the patent means potentially lost revenues.  The notion is that the Redskins will have to change their name now. 

Government deciding what the free market  can and should do. And in fact it has done it already. If the name was so egregiously offensive, the team would suffer financially and change it's already. It hasn't.  But your government of busy bodies knows better America. Sleep safely because they are protecting you....

Thursday Hillary Bash - the book thing

I've missed a few Hillary Bash segments this month and it's been an inopportune time do so.  With Hillary having a new book out and on a tour ostensibly in support of that, there have been a lot of opportunities to bash her.

Firstly the book sales have been surprisingly weak. It actually isn't all that surprising.  There hasn't been a lot of clamor for a new Hillary book. Those on the left who want her to run just want her to run. Say you will Hillary and you might help your book sales.   Those of us on the right who want to see her put her foot in it, meanwhile, should have been clamoring for this book.

That's the second item worth mention- Hillary claimed after Bill Clinton left the White House they were broke.  That laughable lie follows a pattern of Hillary distorting the truth. Remember her story about flying into the former Yugoslavia under enemy fire?

She is a liar. She says things to fit her own narrative even if they are untrue.

Getting back to the book tour, she was in Toronto recently and roundly (in the media here at least) praised for her visit. But why here? And why get a free promotional appearance on a CNN "townhall"? If she us schilling her book that's a good enough reason. But she's raking in a lot of money. That is either destined for fundraising for her presidential run or she is pulling a Sarah Palin and cashing in on her celebrity while she can and she has no intention of running.  The difference in my opinion is that Palin really wasn't sure about her intentions at the time but with Hillary, run or not, she already has her mind made up.

June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Just a quick note also on the scheduled resumption of regular blogging.    My lack of access to my laptop continues and I have started a new job this month.  As a result I have both limited time and resources.  However, there is a lot to talk about and posting will be resuming a more regular schedule this week. Posts though may continue to be shorter than normal in the short term.

Have a great Father's Day.

June 11, 2014

Colossalizing failure in Afghanistan

NOTE: For the immediate future posts will be being made by a mobile device.  Consequently posts will be shorter than normal, less frequent and less visually appealing.

Far be it from me to point out a failure in foreign policy by this president (see what I did there?).   But it needs to be pointed out that in addition to the domestic downside of the prisoner exchange for a possible deserter or worse, and in addition to the negotiating with terrorists issue (and claiming the technicality that the Taliban are not terrorists), there is another reason that the prisoner exchange is a catastrophe in the making.
With the U.S. mission ending in Afghanistan, the timing of the release of 5 senior Taliban officials certainly helps the group's chances of retaking power in that country.  The timing couldn't be worse.  The president who claims that Afghanistan was the good war, may have a vested interest in seeing ultimate failure for Bush's wars. The decision to make this prisoner exchange was so bad that it has to be seen as a deliberate attempt to ensure Afghanistan returns to its pre-war state.

Delayed Posting Notice

I have not posted anything in over a wek.  Unfortunately I have suffered a major laptop malfunction and posting has been impacted.  Regular postings will resume as soon as possible.

June 5, 2014

No posts this week

I've started a new job this week and haven't been able to post.  Regular posting should return on the weekend.  I hope.  Because there is a lot I hadn't finished and a bunch of new Obama bungling that I need to catch up on commenting on.

Back soon.
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