July 31, 2021

GOP Best Case 2022

Let's start with a couple of caveats; (i) this is not Red Eagle's prediction, it's a best case scenario and (ii) this far out predictions, best case and worst case scenarios are suspect at best.  Still, it's pleasant to think of the possibility AND, it's probably a worthwhile goal to set, even if it is too lofty.

July 30, 2021

Hoping for the best for Steven Crowder

I hope Steven Crowder comes out well on the other end of this.  He's too good to lose, especially on the heels of Rush Limbaugh.

Get Well Soon Steven.


Watch this guy try unsuccessfully to explain his flip-flop on masks for vaccinated people. It's a new level of pathetic I like to call patheticosity.  I now that's not a word but we need new words for the new levels of pathetic we are seeing now.

July 29, 2021

Dr. James Lindsay on CRT, Gender Theory, and the Need for Truth

 Via Breitbart, this is a great chat and worth sharing as is, without additional commentary:

Correlation Between Prevalence of Infectious Diseases & Authoritarian Belief

Jordan Peterson talks about Hitler and how he managed tuberculosis with some frightening implications for governments today in relation to how they have dealt with COVID.

July 28, 2021

Republicans missed their shot

 The lesson, next time you have power, USE IT!

They're coming for your memes

 Censorship runs amok:

July 27, 2021

New York Nadia goes off on BLM

New York Nadia, a first-generation Cuban-American, goes off on Black Lives Matter.  Bravo to her for nailing them with the truth.

Canada imposes travel sanctions on non-vaccinated, while creating new woke holiday

Thanks COVID, for helping make the world a more authoritarian place.  Even though my blog is primarily about U.S. politics, my interest in its founding principle extend beyond U.S. borders.  I'm unfortunately not an American. I'm Canadian, envious of the amount of freedom Americans still have relative to other countries.

Case in point, my own government has imposed travel restrictions for travelers entering Canada which recursively affects Canadian citizens.  Going down a rabbit hole on our federal website I came across these conditions for Canadians returning from a vacation to the U.S. or another country (which I will summarize below if you prefer to skip the details):

Pre-entry test requirements All travellers 5 years of age or older, regardless of citizenship, must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result. You don't require a test to fly within Canada.

There are no exemptions to pre-entry testing for fully vaccinated travellers.

If you're driving to land border crossing, you must take a test in the United States within 72 hours of your planned entry into Canada.

If you're flying to Canada, you must take a test within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your flight to Canada. Airlines will refuse boarding to travellers who are unable to provide a valid molecular test result.

If you have a connecting flight:
    -the test must be conducted within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your last direct flight to Canada
    -you may need to schedule the test in your transit city

All travellers must:
    -provide one of the accepted types of tests, not an antigen test
    -keep proof of your test results for the 14-day period that begins on the day you enter Canada

You must show proof of your test results even if you:
    -have tested negative for COVID-19 previous to the 72 hour period
    -have been vaccinated for COVID-19
    -recovered from COVID-19 and no longer test positive
    -recovered from COVID-19 and continue to test positive

At this time, travellers should have their test performed at a reputable laboratory or testing facility (i.e., one recognized by the local government or accredited by a third party, such as a professional organization or international standards organization).

...If a Canadian citizen, person registered under the Indian Act, or permanent resident does not provide proof of a valid molecular test result they:
    -will be allowed entry, but may be subject to a fine of up to $5,000 per day or face criminal prosecution
    -may also be required to go to a designated quarantine facility if they are symptomatic on arrival at the border, or do not have a suitable quarantine plan

In summary: you must get a test within 3 days prior to returning to Canada.  It must an "accepted" test.  You must keep the proof on you for 14 days. If you fail to meet the requirements upon return you will either be subject to quarantine or a fine of up to $5,000 per day.

That all seems perfectly reasonable excessive. They are making it nearly impossible to stay unvaccinated.  I don't trust the vaccines due to the lack of sufficient testing, so I was planning on waiting as long as possible to see if the long term side effects of RNA vaccines are a disaster in the real world testing environment.  But this makes me want to not get vaccinated at all out of spite for the authoritarian government. 

But hey, don't worry Canadians, you'll be placated with another holiday to forget about this intrusion on your freedoms because...

Meanwhile, the same ultra 'liberal' federal government which took away Remembrance Day as a statutory  federal holiday years ago is adding a new federal holiday shortly after Labor Day called the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation to honor indigenous survivors of residential schools.  Not to downplay the atrocities that happened at some schools, but why not combine it with Remembrance Day and honor anyone who lost their freedoms as well as those who fought to protect it for others?  To add insult to injury the name of the holiday is ridiculously Trudeau-esque. It's a woke-named holiday.  I have never been so unhappy about getting another day off work.


July 26, 2021

Should people flee the cities now

 How this (below) plays into that:

Check out the link above.  The problem with people fleeing the cities is that it may be exactly NOT what the country needs, even though it makes sense on an individual basis.  Regardless of whether that is a realistic scenario, clearly there is a paradigm shift happening in America and it's interesting to see what the various theories about it are.

Is there a real shift towards conservatism happening in minority communities and the outlandish Democrat policies we see are a desperate reaction to that?  Are conservatives blindly unaware that we are a coming permanent minority doomed to persecution? Is the Build Back Better effort really a part of the World Economic Forum's communist Great Reset? Is hyperinflation coming? Is China less quietly than before, taking over the world?

Not only are the theories interesting, the consequences are potentially life altering.

A different take on the rise of housing prices

I've maintained a coming high inflation is leading to a surge in prices for homes and precious medals.  I still believe that's true, but there's potentially more in play here.  And there are INTENDED Consequences to this (as well as unintended consequences): 

Dictator Watch - New Iranian genocide edition

There has not enough coverage of this new Iranian genocide underway now.  Calls for regime change are mounting however.

July 25, 2021

Dictator Watch - Fat Kim Jong Un edition

Yeonmi Park discusses how healthy fat Kim Jong Un might be:

Sunday verse


July 24, 2021

Viva Frei gets real

I've watched Viva Frei on YouTube for about a year now.  His interpretation of events from a legal perspective has been a great, and healthy watch.  Now he's running for parliament.  It's Rules for Patriots in action, specifically Rule #2, Rule #3, and probably a bit of Rule #1 as well.

While he says he's not conservative, he is indeed what conservatism in large part represents, and the outlier and small, political party he is joining is a reflection of that.

Russell Brand calls out Pelosi corruption

Russell Brand may be slowly getting red-pilled, maybe not.  But on political corruption with respect to Nancy Pelosi and her husband and Big Tech, he's making a lot of sense.

Brand still leans left in terms of a lot of his ideas on solutions for a lot of problems. However, the good news is that he is starting to recognize a lot of the right problems.  And to be fair, a lot of Republicans did not step up in the face of Big Tech, and they need to be called out as well.

Hilarious: Government video poses a COVID question then avoids answering it

This government (propaganda) video from Canada asks "How do I know COVID-19 vaccines are safe without long-term data?"

Then it goes on for 30 seconds without answering the question and talking about something else instead. Something of no real value.  Pose the question as if you are going to answer it, then avoid answering it.  It seems like they want to control both sides of the dialogue but then they do not even answer their own question. So why ask it? To trick people. Sadly over 4 million people have already viewed it and probably 70% don't even think about it critically and just assume everything is okay.

July 23, 2021

When Common Sense is no longer an advantage

Common sense is in such short supply that it is no longer a political advantage.  Educational institutions, the government, the media, the entertainment industry, Big Tech,  and now big business have abandon common sense for wokeness. The last refuge of common sense is the little guy.  How long do you think that will last with everything stacked against us?  That's not to say we will abandon common sense, but we may end up having to avoid it, or using it to counter shrill wokeness blasting in our faces as if it were a maelstrom. 

I have come to praise common sense, not bury it though.  While it is increasingly in societal remission, it is worthy of our protection.  But it is no longer a tool, it is an asset to be protected.  What works instead is emotion.  Elicit a gut response.  The Left does this so effectively that it seems like every outlandish issue or cause seems like a coordinated attack on reason because the response to it is so broad.

What if it isn't coordination?  What if it is a Pavlovian conditioned response to a supposed evil?  What if the Alinsky tactics have been honed so well by the Left that it has become a snowball that can no longer be controlled?

We are not helpless in the face of this threat.  We can still bring people to common sense even while it is a longer journey these days.  The trick is to get to the starting point.  Gut reactions.  And further, the trick is to get there before the Democrats and progressives do, so that we can set the language, set the tone, and set the framing of the grievance. By all means do not abandon reason, you need it.  That IS indeed an advantage to possess.  But it is not a communication advantage, it is a detriment. Start instead by using phrases like "unfair practices", "unsafe", "killing innocent Americans".  That will get attention.

And if the media hear that they will respond and feature it, allowing Pavlovian conditioning to work for the Right.  By the time they have figured out they are steering people towards common sense and start bashing whatever "it" we are talking about, they will look smug, dismissive or out of touch by turning their back on a pressing social issue.  It will work a few times at least.  And it sets a different path for the Right in bringing common sense back to America, indeed to Western society instead of this woke self-loathing death spiral it now finds itself engulfed in.

July 22, 2021

US Rep, Daughter of Cuban Exiles, Humiliates Idiotic Witness in House Hearing Over Cuba

 Thanks to Dinesh D'Souza for sharing this:

"This is why we will win" is wrong

 I often hear conservatives look at something ridiculous the Left has done or observe how pompous they are being or how much they have overreached and they say "This is why we will win" or "This is why they will lose". It's wrong.  And it's thinking like that that makes me think, "This is why we will lose".

That sort of lackadaisical thinking is a recipe for failure.  Democrats will not lose because of something they have done, or gotten wrong or their hubris.  They will never admit to their base they got something wrong.  Their base doesn't care if they got something wrong either.  They often win because of their overreach.  Republicans lose because of their under-reach. And the same is true for elections: if we under-reach, if we do nothing and hope that obvious, common sense of the population will lead to victory for conservatives, this is why we will lose.

Action matters.  Democrats are willing to cheat, willing to change rules, willing to march, willing to do anything to win.  It's not moral but it often gets the results they seek.  We must, on the right, not expect the rest of the populace to open their eyes in numbers so large it overcomes the Democrats' efforts at subterfuge.  It rarely happens.  RARELY.  And in an era of win-at-all-costs on the left, it will not happen now.

Mobilization matters.  Money matters.  Hours of voluntary efforts at outreach (not protests which are frankly a waste) to moderate voters matter.  Organization matters.  Rules for Patriots matter.

Whenever I hear a conservative say "this is why we will win", I want to blow an air horn at them and yell "Wake up!" (well yell first because they'll be deaf after the air horn).  Smug complacency is not a recipe for success it is a substitute for it.  Effort.  Mobilization.  Money.  Strategy. Hard work in the face of a massive societal disadvantage. Action.  This is how we will win. Not why.  Why implies surety.  There is no surety. The only certainty is failure without effort.

Next time you hear a conservative offer that platitude, challenge them on it.

July 21, 2021

AOC uses capitalism and doesn't realize it

 This is as sad as it is funny:

Dictator Watch - Palace intrigue in North Korea

Kim Jong Un has had his sister's two top aides executed. The meaning, an implications as explained by North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park:

July 20, 2021

Cuba response is a disgrace

At least on China, the U.S. is saying something.  It's not nearly enough, but at least it's something.  on Cuba the response is worse than pathetic; the silence is deafening.  This woman's answer is exactly right.

Pointing out China is not enough

Every day America and its allies do not aggressively confront China on all fronts, economic, cybersecurity, military development, and in every industry, China advances and the free world cedes more ground.

In that light, this response is anemic and shameful.  It's mere window dressing.

July 18, 2021

The Big Bang Theory and Genesis

I've always been on the same page as Dinesh D'Souza on this - the Big Bang Theory does not conflict with or rule out the idea of God's creation in Genesis.  I'd say further that Creationists who think the world is only 6000 years old are misguided.  The Bible does no state that. Furthermore it often refers to a "short time" but in the Biblical scale, that could mean several millennia. What is a short time to an infinite God? God's creation of the universe took six days according to Genesis.  But what is a day to God who is eternal and outside of time?  

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July 17, 2021

Thomas Sowell teaches (part 2)

Following on my previous post on Thomas Sowell's teaching, here he talks with Dave Rubin about discrimination.  Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man worth reading or listening.

Thomas Sowell teaches

 Thomas Sowell explains what you don't hear about slavery in history.

July 16, 2021

Operation Mockingbird 2.0 is working

 Mark Dice talks about Operation Mockingbird, as did Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greewald. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but what bothers me about it most is that the media and Big Tech seem to be suppressing discussion about it .

American "leader" backs Cuban communist thugs

 AOC is proof America is falling apart.  She's not the problem, she's a symptom.

July 15, 2021

BLM supports Cuban communist oppressors

 BLM should be disqualified as a legitimate political force in America based on their support of Cuba's oppressive communist regime.

DuckDuckGo > Google BUT...

If you are using DuckDuckGo because you don't like Google tracking you, you are probably doing it wrong. You can still be tracked unless you follow the guidance in this video. 

Now if you are simply trying to not do business with Google because they are part of the evil empire / progressivist problem, then that probably doesn't matter as much to you.  But it should matter.  DuckDuckGo is doing their part to help you and you only have to make one small change.  It's worth it and you are also making life harder for Google.  Use the DuckDuckGo extension.

To Liron Segev's last point about Google having better search results, I have found this to be true for some searches, but to be fair Google has roughly two decades of head start on DuckDuckGo.  They are also data mining your browsing data to improve their results.  It's a trade-off.  DuckDuckGo will improve over time but may never match Google because of their value proposition (privacy).  I've learned to use both where appropriate and default to DuckDuckGo as much as possible.

July 14, 2021

2021 inflation is not transitory

The government (via COVID relief spending as well as through the Federal Reserve) has injected a lot of money into the economy since 2020.  An obscene amount actually.  That means there are more dollar chasing the same amount of goods and services. Prices will rise as a result. In addition supply chains have been affected by  lockdowns which means less supply relative to demand.  This too means that prices will rise.  It's fair to say the latter part has been transitory.  But labor shortages, and ricing prices of commodities necessary to produce goods mean that that part may be less transitory than expected.  And as for the "money printing", well that is real, and a real problem.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Compared with two years ago, overall prices rose 3% in June. Overall prices jumped at a 9.7% annualized rate in the three months ended in June, on a seasonally adjusted basis, faster than the 8.4% pace in May.

This inflation is likely to lead to shortages, like there was for gasoline in 1973.  It will certainly lead to pressure for higher wages, as inflation likely eats up the real wage gains made under president Trump.  Rising wages will lead to another cycle of upward price pressure and more inflation.  This is not going to be transitory if by that economists mean 2021.  This problem is likely to persist for a few years.  It also risks becoming a lot worse than it currently is.   The way to combat inflation is to reduce demand. Lower demand coupled with lower supply means a new equilibrium potentially at a similar price point but with lower quantities of sales (and therefore a lower GDP).  That's basic economics.

But to lower demand requires increased savings which can typically only be accomplished through higher interest rates.  It's a painful medicine. mortgage rates go up as a result, as do loan rates, credit card rates.  It can lead to a lot of bankruptcies for overextended consumers.  But here's the thing, the government itself can no longer afford higher interest rates because it owes so much money to lenders due to deficit spending.  Which means the government itself faces hard times with higher interest rates.  It can't afford it either. It may have to leave rates lower, which means inflation could go unchecked.

Expect harder times ahead.

Dictator Watch - The Latest on China

 Via China in Focus, here's the latest news on the evil communist empire.

I'm from the government and I'm here to help

How does this help?  I guess the government doesn't trust you to form your own opinion.  I hope you are comfortable with that progressives: one day this will be used against you.  You know that, right?

July 12, 2021

South China Sea doesn't belong to China

 So says an International Court:

Cuban Revolution 2.0?

 Cubans seem to get it, why can't AOC?  Good for these people. We must support them.

July 10, 2021

Let the man speak

 As he says, it's on.

When China calls out the U.S. administration's hypocrisy

 Sheesh.  Thanks to Dinesh D'Souza for catching this.

The [removed] administration has no moral authority to lecture China or anyone else because it practices the same forms of tyranny that it deplores in others, and the Chinese are fully aware of these hypocritical double-standards.

Sadly, China is right on this one.

NOTE: The administration name was removed by me out of concerns for their legitimacy. I continue to not recognize the administration formally. Sort of like the U.S. and China do with Taiwan.

July 9, 2021

Rules for Patriots in action - school boards

Kudos to these parents for standing up for proper education for their children.  Their hearts are in the right place, and their words are pretty effective.  Following the video I have a few suggestions based on my Rules For Patriots, that could make them even more effective.

Rule #1: Know Your Facts.  How are local school boards elected?  How can the be censured?  Can they be impeached?

There's a great piece on how to remove school board members here. I've extracted a relevant section:

Request copies of public documents and media, such as television interviews, that may support your assertion that the board member qualifies for removal. The specific documents you may need to request may differ based on the circumstances, but good places to start are the school board meeting minutes and the board member's term contract. Any public document must be provided to you under the Freedom of Information Act.

Make a formal list of complaints against the board member you wish to remove. Be as specific as you can. Cite clauses from the documents and media, as well as information such as dates of violations and the names of any other people involved.

Draw up a formal petition stating your reasons for recalling the board member.

Contact the Board of Elections for your county. Ask them for a list of names and addresses for members of the school district in which the board member serves. Inquire as to the percentage of signatures needed in your specific district to put a recall on a ballot. The percentage is determined by the population of registered voters within the district.

Go in fired up, but go in prepared.

Rule #2: Get Involved, Stay Involved. These parents clear are involved - they are already showing up out of concern for indoctrination of their children.  But after these moving displays of concern and shows of disgust for the school boards, what happened?  Did they stay involved?  Were they able to follow up?  It's unclear but if they followed Rule #1 they would be prepared to take things to the next step - board member removals.  If someone's job is on the line for not listening to their constituents, they are more apt to start listening to parental concerns.

Rule #3: Don't Do It Alone. Show up in numbers.  These impassioned parents need to get more people out to support them and work in partnership with each other.  If one person's "time is up", the next person can continue with the same message.

Rule #4: Play Offense. Complaining is not playing offense. Temper is not offense. Showing up with a list of demands and a threat of impeachment, that's playing offense.  Remover CRT from the curriculum or we are coming for your job.  We have 35,000 signatures on this petition to remove you if you do not agree; that's playing offense.

Rule #5: Improve You Arsenal. Speak in terms that school board members will understand.  I'm not talking vocabulary (although talking intelligently is generally preferable to expletives). I'm talking about knowing the size of the district, the size of the population willing to switch to private schools, home schooling or changing districts.  If the district educational need shrinks, their power shrinks.  There is no reason for a school board to feel untouchable.  As long as children are being taught math instead of critical race theory, the school board should feel safe in their jobs.

Rule #6: Set Objectives, Build Momentum, Succeed, Move On.  Understand that this is not just a school board issue. There's state laws, there are union pressures all lined up to defend each other.  Getting a school board member or members to change their tune or having them removed is a good objective.  But it's a battle, it's not the war.  State pressure on the next school board member could result in no value in your victory.  Similarly union pressures to teach a progressive agenda will be unabated.  However, what teachers teach is not within the purveyance of a union.  Their bailiwick is wages, and working conditions. No more.  Lawsuits against overreach of unions is not a bad idea if they are interfering in educational matters.

Rule #7: Be unpredictable.  Show up to these meetings when it's not expected.  Demand more time when they close off public participation.  Raise objections, even on unrelated topics if they have successfully moved on to another matter.  Disrupt.  Civilly and legally of course, but do not let other business proceed if your issues have not been sufficiently addressed.  Have someone else video the proceedings.  Show up and video them yourself even if it is on unrelated business.  Don't let them try to sneak agenda items in on unrelated meetings.

Rule #8: Size matters.  Money matters as always.  You need volunteers and concerned citizens participating.  But you also need large petitions with thousands of signatures.  The bigger the better.  You need to be able to place local television ads condemning school board policies or decisions.  For that reason you need to be organized and legally able to accept donations.  Then, go in with the force of numbers to demand the changes you seek.

There are other rules to be shared in the coming weeks, and some of them were on display in the video already.  Most importantly, these people are more involved than most of us and that is to be commended, not criticized.  This was not meant to be a criticism, but rather a suggestion to enhance their efforts.

Inflation is coming

I've been telling my friends this for about 8 months now, inflation is coming.  It's inevitable.  You could even say it's already here.  But it's going to get worse.

When approximately 30% of all the currency in circulation in the U.S. has been printed since COVID, that's a recipe for inflation. Guaranteed.  The same is true for other countries, although I did an analysis on the top 12 economies and the United States was the worst for money printing since the beginning of 2020.  

Normally inflation gets reported, but there are ways to hide it and it is being hidden from you so that those in the know (mostly the wealthy) can hedge against it before it's too late.  By the time you find out there will be shortages and rapidly rising prices everywhere.  My local Walmart just raised bread prices by just under 50%.  That doesn't just happen by accident.

Tim Pool discusses it further, below:

July 8, 2021

Rules for Patriots - Rule #8: Size matters

 This is a continuation of my Rules for Patriots series, designed as a patriot's guide to success in fighting the creeping progressivism infecting America. It's a conservative response to Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. This series is a lengthy read, but it is very important to understand.  This one happens to be a video, so it's more digestible. Being able to use this approach, as a team, will simplify, streamline and expedite achieving our patriotic objectives.

Links to previous rulesRule #7Rule #6Rule #5Rule #4Rule #3Rule #2 and Rule #1.

Size matters. In politics, size matters. Why? Because in order to get things done on a large enough scale you require a critical mass. We on the right are not upset with Small Tech, we are furious with Big Tech. We do not need to worry about combat alternative media because we are faced with a deluge from the mainstream media. We face unions trying to teach Critical Race Theory across the nation. The NSA is apparently spying on Tucker Carlson, and on election night 2020 what looked like a clear Trump win suddenly, and very oddly uniformly evaporated in state after state. These are not small obstacles we face, they are huge. You cannot combat that with blogs and talking to your neighbors who probably already agree with you. To fight big, you need to be even bigger.

If the United States were ever to go to war with China, the technical advantage that the U.S. still holds (though tenuously) could be overcome by sheer volume. The same is true for politics. It does not matter if you know your facts while CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Google, Facebook and Twitter are streaming misinformation 24/7 to an unsuspecting public. We are spitting into the wind.

We need to grow bigger and stronger. We need to coalesce around the best options and grow them to a dominant size. Take Twitter for example. It's wildly leftist partisan and barely feigns otherwise. It's also the dominant quick communication tool. First Parler and then later Gettr have arisen as alternatives that patriots need not fear being marginalized or silenced. But neither hold the sway of Twitter yet. As a conservative I'm all for competition. Normally the more the better. But not here, not now. In order to compete with Twitter one of these will need to grow exponentially and it will likely, and unfortunately, be at the expense of the other. That's a shame because they are both good. But it is the reality. The same is true for Rumble as an alternative to YouTube.

Bigger and Stronger need to be achieved quickly too, given the state of the nation and the seemingly routed nature of conservative voices. So if size matters, and speed matters, what else matters? Money.

I'm a fan of the underdog by nature. But when it comes to growing really big, really quickly there are only two things that will work - money and synergy. Clearly we need money to grow, so we need to invest not just time in the patriot cause, we need to donate. But we need to donate smartly. Where we see momentum, that's where we need to allocate our time and money to support. We will get bigger faster that way.

The other way to facilitate it is synergy. There is no point in having two anti-Critical-Race-Theory organizations where one larger one will suffice. Either define distinct areas of focus and work together or else join together and grow the voice. I am not suggesting we have our voices and our arsenal of organizations whittle down to one as if we were socialists. That would be dangerous and likely ultimately counter-productive; competition still spurs innovation. But we are at this point, too scattered, too small and to disjointed to be a counterforce to the progressive behemoth we face.

Where you see opportunities to join forces do so. Where you see opportunities to raise funds for organizations do so. When you see momentum for one conservative venue over another, join it, even if it is not your preferred option. Conversely when you see an organization faltering, know when to abandon it versus throwing good money after bad or wasting time and effort on it. That can be tricky both intellectually (knowing when) and emotionally (having connections to an organization makes it hard to let go). But this is a war for the soul of America, which is the soul of freedom in an increasingly unfree world. It's imperative this war be won, so sentimentality as to take a back seat to size unfortunately.

Taiwan taken by China? Why Dinesh D'Souza is wrong.

Taiwan are the good guys, but not if China can help it.  Dinesh D'Souza thinks an invasion is imminent. I respect him, although I disagree in this case. While I hope he's wrong, there's a good chance he's right.  Here's his case:

Here's why this analysis could be wrong.  While they are clearly able to do so at this point, and the current American administration, whom I still refuse to call by name, is weak.  They are in many ways beholden to China.  BUT even though there is no Pacific version of NATO, South Korea, Japan, Australia and a number of other regional nations would not be happy and call upon the United States to engage militarily. 

Geopolitically it may be unavoidable to engage militarily.  China is not blind to this possibility. I'm sure they've wargamed it all out. China's philosophy is to play the long game.  Their most recent foray into domination of Hong Kong is a win for them.  They will likely be willing to consolidate that win and play the long game against America.  It's in their best interest to avoid a war since they are winning without actually fighting one.

It makes sense for them to keep a feckless oaf as their adversary rather than to risk alienating even more voter from him and potentially facing another Trumpian president after 2024 who is willing to stand up to China and embolden allies to do so as well.  Would they rather face that or have an extra four years of a know-nothing, do-nothing administration?  Especially when all of the levers in America are pulled in the support-the-feckless position (big tech, the mainstream media primary among them). 

No, I don't see a war.  I see China using the threat of a war where it might suit them politically, but that's all.  If there is going to be a war, the earliest opportunity would be 2025. 

July 7, 2021

Go Trump!

 President Trump is joining a class action lawsuit against the Big 3 in Big Tech. Nice!

Was Bill Barr a good Trump AG?

 Here's a brief comparison of his good and bad as Attorney General (AG) for president Trump.

My personal belief is that he was a faux supporter of the president.  He did enough to convince president Trump he was an ally, but when it came time to stop playing defense and go on the offense against illegal Democrat actions, he promised but did not deliver because he was protecting them.  That's what he was put next to president Trump to do - protect the establishment.

Who is JD Vance?

JD Vance is running for Senate in Ohio.  I've heard him on the Patriot channel on Sirius XM satellite radio, I've seen him in Breitbart clips.  He seems like a solid America first conservative.  Check the link for his website.  Or here for his Twitter.  He's worth checking out, especially if you are in Ohio.

July 6, 2021

Hey Leftists, try Cuba.

 This speaks volumes.

July 5, 2021

Teacher's Union declares war on free-thinking parents

 If you oppose CRT (Critical Race Theory), America's largest teachers' union sees you as the enemy.

July 4, 2021

Happy 4th of July!

 Happy Independence Day to every American who believes in America. 

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July 3, 2021

A unique Walkaway story

 This is a heartening story:

Senator Marsha Blackburn for the win

 Via Breitbart, Senator Marsha Blackburn nails it on Kamala Harris:

Canada has statue issues too

 Statues are evil.  Unless you are George Floyd.  And Canada is not immune.

July 2, 2021

COVID lab leak? It's finally okay to ask.

Johnny Harris, unafraid to ask questions, and is looking for facts.  Now that's a real journalist.  While he is clearly not a fan of president Trump, he's at least willing to take a look at other possibilities, not spout the rhetoric of political convenience. I'd take that over anyone at CNN, any day.

July 1, 2021

Symbolically, music's Golden Era has past

As music devolves into trash (not universally but nearly so), does it symbolize the decay of Western society?  I have argued (long ago on this blog somewhere) that musical decay is a symptom of societal devolving.  Bill Whittle and Alfonzo Rachel discuss the same idea. Roman society decayed dramatically towards the end. I'm not sure about it's music, but as I said, musical decay is a symptom of a larger problem.

Is growth always followed by decay? Is every society destined to fail? In another example of the decay, does the defund police movement provide more evidence of a descent into anarchy right before a societal collapse?  I don't believe we have come that far but if we don't turn the ship around, so to speak, it may become inevitable a lot sooner than we'd like.

I like his optimism.

 But um, I am less hopeful.  That said I do believe the GOP will take the House and retake the Senate.  But I'm not expecting a wave.  Every time we expect a wave it doesn't materialize.  Well, usually. It has happened.  Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable, optimistic watch.

Happy Canada Day

 Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.  As we slowly slip away from being a free people, at least we have the comfort of knowing our American friends still care about their liberties in large numbers.

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