July 8, 2021

Rules for Patriots - Rule #8: Size matters

 This is a continuation of my Rules for Patriots series, designed as a patriot's guide to success in fighting the creeping progressivism infecting America. It's a conservative response to Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. This series is a lengthy read, but it is very important to understand.  This one happens to be a video, so it's more digestible. Being able to use this approach, as a team, will simplify, streamline and expedite achieving our patriotic objectives.

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Size matters. In politics, size matters. Why? Because in order to get things done on a large enough scale you require a critical mass. We on the right are not upset with Small Tech, we are furious with Big Tech. We do not need to worry about combat alternative media because we are faced with a deluge from the mainstream media. We face unions trying to teach Critical Race Theory across the nation. The NSA is apparently spying on Tucker Carlson, and on election night 2020 what looked like a clear Trump win suddenly, and very oddly uniformly evaporated in state after state. These are not small obstacles we face, they are huge. You cannot combat that with blogs and talking to your neighbors who probably already agree with you. To fight big, you need to be even bigger.

If the United States were ever to go to war with China, the technical advantage that the U.S. still holds (though tenuously) could be overcome by sheer volume. The same is true for politics. It does not matter if you know your facts while CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Google, Facebook and Twitter are streaming misinformation 24/7 to an unsuspecting public. We are spitting into the wind.

We need to grow bigger and stronger. We need to coalesce around the best options and grow them to a dominant size. Take Twitter for example. It's wildly leftist partisan and barely feigns otherwise. It's also the dominant quick communication tool. First Parler and then later Gettr have arisen as alternatives that patriots need not fear being marginalized or silenced. But neither hold the sway of Twitter yet. As a conservative I'm all for competition. Normally the more the better. But not here, not now. In order to compete with Twitter one of these will need to grow exponentially and it will likely, and unfortunately, be at the expense of the other. That's a shame because they are both good. But it is the reality. The same is true for Rumble as an alternative to YouTube.

Bigger and Stronger need to be achieved quickly too, given the state of the nation and the seemingly routed nature of conservative voices. So if size matters, and speed matters, what else matters? Money.

I'm a fan of the underdog by nature. But when it comes to growing really big, really quickly there are only two things that will work - money and synergy. Clearly we need money to grow, so we need to invest not just time in the patriot cause, we need to donate. But we need to donate smartly. Where we see momentum, that's where we need to allocate our time and money to support. We will get bigger faster that way.

The other way to facilitate it is synergy. There is no point in having two anti-Critical-Race-Theory organizations where one larger one will suffice. Either define distinct areas of focus and work together or else join together and grow the voice. I am not suggesting we have our voices and our arsenal of organizations whittle down to one as if we were socialists. That would be dangerous and likely ultimately counter-productive; competition still spurs innovation. But we are at this point, too scattered, too small and to disjointed to be a counterforce to the progressive behemoth we face.

Where you see opportunities to join forces do so. Where you see opportunities to raise funds for organizations do so. When you see momentum for one conservative venue over another, join it, even if it is not your preferred option. Conversely when you see an organization faltering, know when to abandon it versus throwing good money after bad or wasting time and effort on it. That can be tricky both intellectually (knowing when) and emotionally (having connections to an organization makes it hard to let go). But this is a war for the soul of America, which is the soul of freedom in an increasingly unfree world. It's imperative this war be won, so sentimentality as to take a back seat to size unfortunately.

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