February 28, 2019

February 23, 2019

More Walkaway

Another story worth sharing:

Saturday Learning Series - Geography (Libya)

The geography of Libya.

And the flag:

February 22, 2019

Friday Musical Interlude - The Stone Roses

Fool's Gold by the Stone Roses.

Forget Jussie Smollett, where is the outrage over Hayden Williams?

A violent attack on a conservative Hayden Williams at the U.C. Berkeley campus based it appears, to be on purely political hatred.  The immediate outrage that accompanied the seems Jussie Smollett fake attack by the mainstream media seems to be lacking in this case.  Clearly there's a double standard at play.

NewsGuard is for snowflakes

Microsoft has decided it needs to police what is considered news.  They have created an app - NewsGuard - that tells you if a news story is from a trusted site or a fake news site.  Of course it is something that they will decide for you so you do not need to be bothered with the cumbersome exercise of critical thinking.  Why on earth would a society want people actually thinking for themselves?

Of course there are a lot of twists to the NewsGuard story. Firstly, it's clearly inconsistent.  It's arbitrary; do you want some unknown cabal of liberal Microsoft techies deciding what is trustworthy? It's ham-fisted.  If a news site is deemed untrustworthy ANY story they produce, even if completely factual, will be deemed fake news.  In other words if you've been damned, it's for eternity.

But it's also about continuing the old media oligopoly at the expense of upstart rivals.  When you have Fox News supporting NewsGuard as a valuable tool, you know it's less about left and right politics (although it's still definitely about Left over Right) than it is about the big media giants versus smaller outlets.  It's anti-competitive, and that is anti-American. Period.  Competition keeps people honest or else it drives them to such levels of craziness they out themselves as kooks.  You can see that in the polls showing Americans' distrust of media in poll after poll.  Yet apparently Silicon Valley (and yes, others will follow Microsoft with similar tools), doesn't believe you are capable of discerning fact from fiction.  They want to do that for you.  If you hand that power over to them, you deserve your fate.

So who would do such a thing?  Snowflakes who are afraid to see differing points of view and also do not have the critical thinking abilities to look at divergent opinions and interpretations of facts and decide for themselves.  They'd rather be spoon-fed their own world-view in a constant stream of reaffirmation. 

This is where conservatives and liberals, particularly social justice warriors, diverge.  Conservatives are forced to ingest liberal opinion on a daily basis because it is so prevalent in media it cannot be avoided.  Whereas in the case of liberals, it's pretty easy to avoid coming face to face with conservative opinions or ideas.  In addition to a liberal media, you have safe spaces, trigger warnings and now - NewsGuard.  Keep taking your soma and live in blissful ignorance.  Be an individual free-thinker in your sameness with everyone else.  

As for me, and many like me - no thanks.

Tax Season is time for more mainstream media deception

When you have less taxes deducted from your paycheck each payday, at the end of the year a lower tax refund does not mean your taxes have gone up.  But that doesn't stop the mainstream media from telling you that you are now worse off under the Republican tax cuts.

Mark Dice dissects the lies.

February 21, 2019

#WalkAway lives

A daring and courageous (and new) #WalkAway story.

Meanwhile, in Canada Trudeau still sucks

Second generation far left liberal (a.k.a. socialist) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under fire, and his government is under fire for yet another scandal:
Canadians are due to go to the polls in October but Mr Trudeau is battling to maintain his popularity after becoming embroiled in claims his aides pressured former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to ensure construction firm SNC-Lavalin avoided a corruption investigation. The 47-year-old insists there was no wrongdoing but 41 percent of Canadians disagreed with Mr Trudeau in a Leger poll for news agency The Canadian Press. Just 12 percent believed he hadn’t done anything wrong following the allegations which has left his Liberal Party in turmoil.
This is just the latest instance of the former drama teacher's abysmal leadership of Canada.  Recent polls prior to the scandal had new Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer within a percentage point of Justin Trudeau.

After a decade of conservative leadership under Stephen Harper, Canadians elected a liberal Trudeau for the second time in history. Justin's father Pierre led Canada from 1968 to 1979 and again from 1980 to 1984. His tenure was marked by both personal popularity and abysmal social and economic results. That Canada would elect another Trudeau is hard to understand but it proves again that an electorate is highly susceptible to charisma over substance, which is something conservatives continue to forget or not understand.

There's a lesson to be learned in Canada's Trudeau dynasty - facts and logic do not always matter in elections when liberals and socialists manage to nominate charismatic telegenic leaders.  Conservatives mocking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her lack of understanding of practically everything, do so at their own peril.  Yes, her policy pronouncements are downright foolish, but she has an audience. Just like Bernie Sanders climbed into national prominence, she could be a political threat down the road.  That part needs to be taken seriously.

February 19, 2019

Jussie Smollett actually made fake news about himself.

Actor Jussie Smollett faked his own assault because ____________________ (fill in your own social justice warrior reason).  It's pathetic.  It's criminal mischief. It's twisted and immoral. The fake news that ate up the story because they were full on Fox Mulder ("I want to believe") on the evils of America, are nowhere to be found on correcting themselves for their initial reporting of fake news.

February 18, 2019

Emergency Funding for the border wall

The path to this outcome was inevitable and the president's end game was well thought through. More on that later.

February 17, 2019

February 16, 2019

February 13, 2019

Coming soon: No Russia collusion (from Trump campaign at least)

Tucker Carlson breaks down the details that are soon to come out.

Green New Deal insanity

Ben Shapiro breaks down Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Green New Deal, because ultimately it's a broken, idiotic plan that would destroy America.  Not surprising coming from a socialist, but sadly, something a bunch of low information voters (and apparently Democratic presidential candidates) buy into.

Here's more details:

Ilhan Omar, racist or misunderstood?

With a history of Antisemitism, Ilhan Omar is trying to back peddle via a weak apology for her latest antisemitic remarks on Twitter (who clearly, and counter to their own stated rules, are not going to ban her).

But she's a racist and is not being called out by enough people, particularly within her own Democratic party.

Media accountability goes beyond Convington students

Tim Pool (aka Timcast) discusses the mistakes the media made on the Covington kids and in other instances where they have literally destroyed lives and why they need to be held accountable.  Maybe they now will be, given what lawyers for the Covington kids have begun doing.

February 11, 2019

February 10, 2019

February 9, 2019

Five lessons for America from the death of Mice Utopia (Saturday Learning Series)

Yes, Mice Utopia was a real thing.  That is, until it died. We can learn a lot about ourselves from the death of Mice Utopia.  First, here's the background on what Mice Utopia actually was.

There are some eerie similarities between Mice Utopia and human society (and of particular interest , America).

(1) Population growth - it's really interesting that despite the ability to expand, the population growth just stops.  This is a reflection of human societies where in societies with an abundance of resources or wealth (i.e. first world nations) birth rates start to sink below replacement levels of death rates.  In short Utopia does not lead to equilibrium but rather decay.  Why is that?  Perhaps as humans, and apparently also for rodents, we need a biological imperative to strive to achieve something productive (the propagation of the family).  If there is no hurdles, the imperative to struggle to achieve disappears.  Ultimately socialism therefore, with it's stated goal of unlimited comfort and care for all, is doomed to failure.

(2) The breakdown of social bonds leading to cliques (or gangs) that fought each other for seemingly no reason is representative of a lack of purpose leading to compartmentalization of purpose around false flags.  In humans think voting blocks which the Democrats end up co-opting into their quest for power - women, African Americans, Hispanics, LGBT voters etc.  Except instead of attacking each other physically (excluding ANTIFA) and without purpose, the attacks are political and politically motivated by those who want to guide the behaviors towards specific, politically self-motivated objectives.

(3) The clustering of rodents around overcrowded spots instead of expanding into open areas is an interesting development that is not as easy to understand.  That is unless you look at the social disarray around it - killing each other and unrestricted breeding and random violence clearly causes a need for a collective grouping for protection.  It's a safety mechanism driven by social decay.  In humans cities are crowded because it's where the jobs are and vast open areas of the country are left pristine because no one wants to expand into that area.  It becomes a self fulfilling situation - more clustering leads to more radical, irrational behavior which leads to more clustering.  In the case of humans it seemingly also leads to more entrenched rationalization of political beliefs as cities become more and more liberal to the point of complete irrationality.

(4) Even in mouse societies there was a group of elites ("the beautiful ones") becoming detached and separating themselves from society completely.  The wealthy elite in America are seemingly equally detached from the rest of society.  If society is failing the desire to become apart from it is understandable.  A more noble goal would be to try to fix the problem.  However, in human societies, having become detached from society, the ability to foment reasonable solutions for it is probably lost.  The disconnect is too great.  This is why you see wealthy people embracing socialism as if it were a cure-all without understanding that it is either a path to their own demise or else a belief that they are above the solutions they wish to impose on others because they are the "beautiful ones".

(5) It appears the once the population dwindled to pre-dystopia levels, the behavioral changes had become permanent and the society was unable to recover itself and regrow.  That might be the scariest lesson of all.  It is possible that societies from Rome, to the Mongols to Great Britain to America are not able to escape the inevitability of self-destruction. 

Saturday Learning Series - Geography (Lesotho)

Continuing with the geography of the world, Geography Now takes a look at Lesotho.

The flag:

MUST READ: Virginia Democrats call on Lt. Governor to resign - it's a set up!

Virginia's state Democrats are trying to save their control of the state in the face a three scandals involving the state's top Democrats.  Virginia's top 3 political figures, all Democrats, have all been implicated in either sexual or racial scandals.  Here's a quick breakdown:

Virginia Democrats have called on the African American Lt. Governor to resign, but not the white Governor. Conservatives have rightly seized on the inherent racism of those calls but they have overlooked the real problem. It's a set up.

If all three Democrat politicians were to resign, all three positions would be appointed by the Republican state legislature, thereby flipping the state to a Republican controlled state.

Here's the trap: that's only true if all three resign at the same time.  The Democrats however, by only calling on the Lt. Governor to resign are plotting for the governor to appoint a new Lt. Governor, free of scandal, before having to step down himself, thereby insulating themselves from losing control of the governorship. Then, when the inevitable does happen and all three of the scandal-plagued politicos are gone, a Democrat will still be in power due to the appointment and he or she can refill the other positions with more Democrats.

It's cynical. It's calculated and deliberate. It's being overlooked.  A triple impeachment should be on the Virginia state assembly agenda or more Democrats will be replace the disgraced trio and nothing will change.

February 6, 2019

President Trump's 2019 State of the Union

unfiltered by the media, here is the full 2019 presidential state of the union, which apparently had a 76% approval rating by viewers.

Backlash on Joe Rogan interview

Joe Rogan has had a lot of great interviews on his podcast (Jordan Peterson for example).  But when he recently had Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on, he either badly missed an opportunity in the discussion of banning Alex Jones or else chickened out on following up on Dorsey's non-answer.  There's been a backlash against Joe Rogan resulting from the mishandling.

Mark Dice discusses the details:

I won't go so far as to say Rogan is an idiot.  Anyone can miss an opportunity or make a mistake.  This was certainly a fumble by Rogan, but I think he deserves a chance to redeem himself.  That said, hopefully he does so soon.

February 5, 2019

What is the Learn To Code meme?

This video explains it, starting with the specific details at roughly 3:30.

Fake News exposed

I've been swamped with personal things the last month or so and have not been able to post very much.  I have a lot of good essay-type writing planned that I just have not gotten around to doing. 

But I don't want to leave my blog dormant so I'm going to try to fill the gap until my life returns to a normal pace with videos and links to important material.

Today, a video showing how the media jumped the gun on the Covington teens in their haste to attack president Trump and his supporters.  They apologize, they don't care, in fact they so want their narrative to be true, anything that refutes it gets ignored.

This is the tripe that passes for information.  This is the decayed and toxic state of the mainstream media today.  When you see the truth you have to question every narrative they provide as potentially fake news.

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