December 31, 2022

December 29, 2022

Hypocrisy not just on China

Let's Go Brandon criticized president Trump for racism when he blocked travel from China. Now he's doing the exact same thing.  The hypocrisy doesn't end there.  While he's blocking travel from China, it seems that anything that can be done to enhance illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America is good with Democrats. I dunno, allowing in some unabated while blocking others outright seems selective and racist to me.

Title 42 remains in effect

Newsmax reports that The Supreme Court has kept Title 42 (the Trump era illegal immigration restriction) in place while it rules on the status of multiple states challenging the Let's Go Brandon administration's attempt to cancel it.

December 27, 2022

The silent majority on electric vehicles

Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green discuss the notion that silent majority within the automotive industry don't believe the industry should go all in on electric vehicles.

December 24, 2022

December 23, 2022

Trump criminal charges explainer

A less informed but conservative-leaning friend of mine asked me about the recent latest Trump criminal charges.  This post is an explainer for him (and others like him). 

December 22, 2022

Tim Pool on Elon Musk's Twitter dying warning

Twitter could be on death's door. Tim Pool discusses the situation that Elon Musk has been talking about. Turns out that Twitter had been receiving government all along. I don't think Twitter will fail, despite the current scenario because of Musk's probably plan for the platform all along, which I believe was Musk's plan all along.

Maybe it's not a certainty!

Per this tweet, maybe the latest, dreadfully awful Democrat spending bill is not only not a certainty, it may be dead in the water.

There is hope.  

Latest Democrat spending bill is disgusting

Democrats have pushed forward yet another $1.7 trillion spending bill. In times of fighting inflation it's the worst idea ever.  In times of growing interest rates and government debt payments at all time highs and bound to go higher, this is the worst idea ever.  A 4000+ page bill with no time to review let alone read, before voting on it is the worst idea ever.  That's three strikes on this bill, but Democrats will be awarded a home run anyway.   Disgusting.  Inane. Insane.

The Twitter files (so far), a summary

If you haven't been following the Twitter files saga, Elon Musk has started sharing behind the scenes information about the nefarious goings-on that had been happening at Twitter prior to him buying out the company.  Here are some summary videos about the first 8 Twitter file releases to date.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

If you watched all that, you are roughly up to date.

December 20, 2022

An interesting Russell Brand conversation with Tim Robbins

Kudos to Tim Robbins for being reasonable about COVID.  Here he explains to Russell Brand, his recent apologies and attempt at rapprochement with those with whom he disagreed.

December 19, 2022

Woke social credit system warning from Jordan Peterson

 Jordan Peterson is spot on in this interview.

This is happening at the border

 This is merely a tiny fraction of the problem:

America cannot be a nation if there are no borders. It will collapse, and maybe that's exactly why the left want open borders. 

December 18, 2022

December 17, 2022

CNN reporter suspended from Twitter

For doxing Elon Musk, several reporters have been suspended.  And yet the claim there was no reason for the suspension.

Yes, there was an explanation as to why.  But that doesn't stop CNN from lying about it.

December 16, 2022

Pete Buttigieg vacations during rail strike

 This guy is not a serious candidate for president.  This sums up all you need to know about him.

December 14, 2022

Tim Pool on Republican ballot harvesting

Tim Pool discusses Kari Lake's lawsuit in the Arizona election regarding Katie Hobbs' questionable win in the Arizona governor race.  The court is willing to look at the case, which is good news.  But Tim makes the larger point that Republicans should be ballot harvesting low information voters the same way Democrats have successfully done.  It's a strong point.

Pool also makes a great point about the need for establishing confidence in the election system.

December 13, 2022

Raquel Dancho speak for herself

 ...and for a lot of Canadians too, after she was kicked out of parliament for telling the truth:

If you still think Canada is this great place to live, you haven't been paying attention.

December 12, 2022

Sinema is good news, but not the solution

Democrats like Senator Krysten Sinema who leave the Democratic party to sit as an independent are a sign of the problem, and a reaction to the problem but they are not necessarily part of the solution. The problem, is that the Democratic party has over decades and decades continued to tilt so far to the left that they are in many if not most ways, socialists.  They want to to overhaul the fundamental principles of America and in large part they have succeeded.  That's the main problem, the real problem.  It was always the direction but it has accelerated dramatically since 2008.  Unravelling their mess is the challenge of our lifetimes.  

Thankfully their ship has listed so far to the left it now has all the makings of a capsizing in progress.  That's great.  But it's also not.  There are a couple of problems with the death spiral of the socialist Democratic party when you notice the likes of Sinema abandoning ship.  It's an indicator that there's a problem for sure.  But firstly, it's just one person.  Jeff Van Drew switched parties in 2019/2020 and now Sinema has done so in 2022, oh and Tulsi Gabbard also left the party this year (but she also bowed out of politics as a candidate at least).  That's not exactly a wave of departures.   It's a trickle, much like the expected but not materialized Red Wave of the 2022 midterms.  A departure here and a departure there are clearly good signs, and they should be applauded for awakening from their 'woke' stupor. But the Blue ship socialism continues to ride the seas largely intact and unchanged.

Secondly, these individual moves may signal a larger, longer term trend but they could also be for individual gain - Van Drew may have seen the signs on the wall in his particular district.  Gabbard may have been sick of politics or seen the opportunity for more money in the private sector. Sinema may have been sick of harassment from within her own party for her reluctance to groupthink the nation's way into insane deficit spending in light of the inflation monster that is still raging.  I'm not disparaging the motives of any of these individuals, simply questioning if it is indeed a sign of a real rupture in the party or just people being personally practical.  We don't know with certainty.  Our confirmation bias leads us to believe they have seen the light.  We want that to be true but we don't know with certainty.

Is the demographic wide shift to the right started?  Has the left gone so far they have finally started alienating sane people who were still left-leaning? Hopefully.  But these small pieces of good news are not the solution.  Sinema has not declared if she will caucus as a Democrat or Republican or neither.  Joe Manchin is still a Democrat. Sinema has not lost any committee position so far.  There is evidence this is still all just a trickle rather than an unstoppable wave

What then is the solution?  Short of a mass exodus of representative Democrats to the Republican party, the most appealing scenario I can envisage is a significant splintering of formerly moderate Democrats breaking away to form a new party.  It would most certainly suck more votes away from Democrats than from Republicans in future elections. The split would ensure Republican hegemony for at least a decade. That would be a truly significant amount of time that is needed to undo the massive cultural and geopolitical damage Democrats have done to the country. It's what's needed.  It's possible it could happen.  What would make it a much more possible outcome is if disaffected but seemingly unmovable Joe Manchin were to follow suit with Sinema in the very near future.  It's the not the first but the second person to join a movement that actually starts the snowball effect. 

This, THIS is the solution in action.  We need another high profile Democrat or two to follow suit soon.  Whether it's a new independent party or new Republicans or even standalones, the tipping point depends on Democrats more than Republicans now.

More axing at CNN

Mark Dice gleefully discusses the removal of Chris Cillizza at CNN, the latest highlight of purging of losers...

December 11, 2022

December 10, 2022

December 9, 2022

Meanwhile in Canada

Michelle Rempel Garner, member of Canadian parliament provides some good news for a change.

Did that just happen?

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema registering as an Independent?

This doesn't make her suddenly pro-Republican, but at least there's a chance to avoid the 51-49 senate now, especially if Joe Manchin decides to follow suit. And the good news is that with high profile Democrats like Sinema and Tulsi Gabbard leaving the party, the fractures in the Democratic party from the speed rush leftward have finally begun to show in a highly visible and undeniable way.

December 7, 2022

Arizona, what happened?

 Georgia was a bad enough situation but the circumstances in Arizona are outright appalling.

Hundreds, if not, thousands, of Maricopa County election workers have come forward with evidence of illegality in this election.

Katie Hobbs refused to debate, did not campaign, and had almost no following. No reasonable person would believe that she actually won this race. She ran against Kari Lake, one of the most popular Republican candidates in a generation.

But Hobbs ran the election, oversaw 30% of election day precinct machines breaking down, had the media in her pocket, and is working with social media platforms to silence her critics.

The power brokers on the left are laughing at you for allowing this to happen America. 

Georgia, what happened?

 Georgia decided to turn it's back on GOP senate candidate Herschel Walker. Yikes.

...The other Republicans in the statewide races won by 10 points. But Walker, a Trump-endorsed candidate, trails the radical leftist for the US Senate seat. Got that?

UPDATE: with 87% of precincts reporting Newsmax called the race for the Jeremiah Wright radical Raphael Warnock.

Democrats will now hold a 51 to 49 seat majority in the US Senate.

What happened to Georgia??? 

If Tim Pool were still a lefty, this would be front page news

Tim Pool has been under attack for talking truthfully for quite some time, and it keeps getting worse. These people are domestic terrorists but the FBI doesn't seem to care.

December 5, 2022

Why Georgia matters

 Newt Gingrich explains why the runoff election is so important:

Herschel Walker’s election is crucial to Georgia and all of America.

Despite some misconceptions that the Georgia runoff won’t have a major impact, the difference between a 50-50 Senate and a 51-49 Senate is enormous. Vice President Kamala Harris can break ties on the Senate floor – but not in committees.

With 51 seats, Democrats would control every committee. They would be able to report out judges and other Biden administration appointees without needing any Republican votes. They would be able to schedule hearings and report out whatever radical legislation they dream up.

At 50-50, there is genuine power sharing. Every committee has an even number of Democrats and Republicans. All nominations require bipartisan approval to be reported out of committee. Hearings must be held with bipartisan agreement.

This is crucial to stalling the leftward march of government for the next two years. 

December 4, 2022

December 2, 2022

Just, lol!

 The Babylon Bee being awesome:

December 1, 2022

Let's see what it says

 I can't wait to see what Elon Musk reveals about Twitter's election interference. Grab your popcorn.

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