March 7, 2022

Conservatives, time to copy California

It's worthwhile to wonder when conservative leaning states will catch on to the California model and start imposing their own dictates upon corporations the way California does.  I get it, as conservatives we want to be business-friendly.  More government mandates and requirements are not good for businesses and that's not good for the free market or for consumers.  Hear me out on this though.

California is notorious for imposing it's own requirements on industry after industry. As an example, CAFE standards require certain levels of fuel efficiency in automobiles.  So in order to sell in California, auto manufacturers must meet those standards.  And since they have to achieve a certain fuel efficiency for California, they might as well do the same for all the other states rather than have a separate production run for one state, even if it is the most populous in the nation.  So as California goes, so goes the nation in many regards.

Now what if a state like Texas or Florida, mandates that a company like Twitter cannot ban, shadow ban, suspend or otherwise compromise targeted users for having opinions that its oversight board deems not liberal enough?  What if they required a level of transparency that would expose how their systems work with regard to free speech? Would Twitter stop allowing users in those states to be users of its platform?  Would it create special algorithms to manage the rules for those states?  Maybe, if they are truly agenda driven.  But maybe not.  Maybe they would change their rules for all states.  Or maybe they would fight it in court.  But if they become resistant to the legislated changes, or tried to isolate it to a specific state, then perhaps Tennessee can come up with an entirely different way they would have to comply.  Followed by Ohio.  You get the idea; legislate the industry into the ground.

It's not ideal because it goes against our principles.  But this is a culture war and we have to start getting our hands dirty instead of playing by Marquess of Queensbury rules while the left plays by Mob (as in mafia) rules.

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