November 15, 2022

Take heart conservatives, and stop playing "fair"

I mentioned a while back that a poor midterm performance for Republicans had a silver lining for conservatives. Then more recently, I questioned whether it was time to devolve into chaos (before arguing not to do so).   But conservatives, there is reason to take heart.  Take a look at this latest House performance snapshot from RCP. What do you see?

I'll tell you what I see; Republicans won the generic congressional ballot vote. At least as of now. They won, not by a "slim majority" but by 4.1%.  In other words by 4.3 million votes.  

Now we can unfairly use the Democrats' own words against them: the majority of voters have been disenfranchised because the popular majority of voters is not reflected in congressional seats.  True, at that ratio the GOP would net out at about only 222 seats.  True, we do not  stand for majority rule but the constitutional concepts of a representative republic and avoidance of majority tyranny.  But so what?  Why play fair when we do not clearly get that from the other side?

We can also take hear that the RCP polling (or at least my interpretation of it), was pretty darn close to accurate.  What that means is more important than just interpreting poll results.  It means the country, at least for now, is drifting towards the right.  It's not surprising given how bad this administration, senate and congress have been.  In fact it should have been far better a performance, but the electoral wind is still at our back, we are less afraid to mix it up, we are less inclined to roll over and take it.  Given all that, given that the Democrats are bound to make things still worse over the next two years, 2024 is shaping up to give us the red tidal wave we wanted in 2022.

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