November 19, 2022

Existential 2024 Dangers

With the White House going after president Trump (yet again) as a response to the Republican congress pursuing the Hunter Biden laptop investigation as a backdrop, Republicans not only a presented a great opportunity for 2024, they also face existential dangers in trying to retake the senate and the White House as well as expanding their lead in congress.


The backdrop of the White House going after president Trump is only the beginning.  Come January Let's Go Brandon and the rest of the Democrats, along with a gleefully willing media, big tech, entertainment industry and establishment Republicans are going to push back, harder than ever.

It won't just be directed at president Trump.  There will be a hue and cry that as the recession gets worse, it's only the Republican congress that is standing in front of the Let's Go Brandon led effort to fix the situation.  They are obstructing help will be the one-note chorus.  They want the suffering to continue.  They have no ideas and are standing in the way of great Democrat ideas. Blah. Blah. Blah.

It's stupid because the Democrats will not compromise and they will not face the culpability of having created the mess (remember the Russian gas hike phoniness?).  But despite the stupidity and despite the universal and correct cry from the right that more of the same policies will not solve but merely worsen the situation, that message will not get through the miasma of leftist shills and Republicans could be stuck with  100% of the blame for the worsening economy and global issues.

Worse still, they could actually contribute to that message unintentionally.  While proposing many ideas in congress that will inevitably be stalled in the senate, before ever reaching a potential Let's Go Brandon veto, they will investigate the Hunter Biden laptop.  That presents an obvious narrative to the left: "the Republicans have no ideas and so are focusing on a non-scandal to distract voters."

Which brings us to their other issue.


The Republicans are going to be hard pressed to show much success with a bare majority in Congress and a minority in the senate.  They will have no major legislative successes to proclaim come 2024. That will be a boon to Democrats but it will also potentially create apathy among conservative voters.  You can see that narrative already trying to take hold with the left's accusation that Trump has lost his energy.  They want us to feel hopeless.  Failure will only reinforce itself in a circular feedback loop.

Where this becomes exceptionally problematic for Republicans is in the election fraud area.  Democrats with their early voting schemes, ballot harvesting schemes, etc. have opened up significant doubt on the right about electoral fairness.  In losing governorships, in losing much of the ability to do something on a state by state basis about voter IDs, poll watching etc.,  the Republicans have painted themselves further into a corner. Despite voter shifts to the right in the 2022 midterms, the red wave did not materialize thanks to a concerted effort on the left to ensure days and weeks of vote counting uniformly benefitted their chosen candidates.

While some Republicans seem content to  allow the left to win as long as their own fiefdoms survive (ahem, Mitch McConnell), conservatives cannot let that happen. The Republicans in the senate have already ceded some of that fight by allowing current leadership to continue.  That means the fight to overcome the rolling failure must be conducted outside of Washington D.C. It must be conducted in state houses, it must be conducted in courts, it must be conducted in communities.  Citizens must take action at local and state levels. Failing that, 2024 will be a true failure for Republicans and more importantly, for liberty and justice for all. 

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