January 4, 2022

"Let's Take That From Them"

Progressives are forward-thinking. For real. Luckily (or perhaps unfortunately) the way they are forward thinking is limited to the political sphere, and even then it's not in all ways.  When it comes to the long game of converting hearts and minds, they have been out-thinking conservatives for many decades. By sheer synergy of art and liberalism, the left has had a near monopoly on the entertainment industry for most of the past century. They've used it as a tool to subtly (originally) and then more overtly (now) to try to mold public opinion towards their viewpoint.  The same has essentially been true for journalism and the news media in general. At one point they still possessed the underpinning of needing to tell the truth. No longer.  They've realized (erroneously) that lies work better than the truth. Still, they were forward-thinking on that point. They realized that Hitler's Big Lie worked pretty well, so why not do it now in the name of social justice and progressivism?

And here's where their forward thinking has been especially effective; they realized that there is no better place to indoctrinate the uninitiated than school children, where they could have unfettered access to young minds for six hours a day. So they set about taking control of the agendas of schools.  The idea was to own participants (mainly the school boards and the unions), then force education to be what they want in exchange for re-election, higher pay and more job security. The taxpayers would fund it and progressives get their agenda both subsidized and ingrained in generation after generation until The Big Lie becomes the perceived truth. It's evil, but it's brilliant.

They didn't stop there though, what they have done, in arena after arena, is to look at what social structures conservatives still possess (e.g. churches, sports, corporations (including Big Tech) and some types of clubs/organizations like the Boy Scouts), and they said to themselves "Let's take that from them." And where they felt they could not succeed, they would simply choose to erode interest or support in those organizations. It's sinister, but it's brilliant.

Immigrants, primarily from socialist-leaning South and Central America were encouraged to come, legally or otherwise.  It was a short-cut to an overwhelming demographic advantage. Let businesses get away with below-minimum-wage pay because they can help fund the  ideological invasion. It's immoral, but it's brilliant.

And so for decades, they have effectively and systematically take one conservative social construct after another, and subverted it to their own agenda. They did so for most of that time subtly, imperceptibly and slowly, as if it were some sort of long march.  They were playing the long game and conservatives and even moderates and many liberals did not notice.

Now however, could be the point where their whole agenda collapses.  Because with the advent of president Obama, they undertook an effort to rapidly accelerate that drift towards socialism. In the last decade they have ramped up their efforts so drastically that it is now out in the open. They may have thought they had achieved overwhelming numerical and tactical superiority that there was no longer any reason to be covert about their efforts.  They were wrong.

The openness of their nonsensible advance towards Marxism is easy for all to see. They've overplayed their hand and now been caught in the midst of it. They are more victims of their own success and of a conservative counter-cultural revolution, in that their over-reach has been the birth of a counter-revolution. They have gone about re-creating what they sought to destroy. They have given birth to not just a potential red wave in 2022, but also a conscious understanding among regular Americans that they it is time to not only push back, but work to reverse the flow of a change that has been for the far worse. And yet they do not see it. In the face of resistance they double down, invoke the slurs of racism, sexism or any other 'ism' they can throw at it.  And they have created their own echo chambers and continue to believe they are winning and only need to continue accelerating towards the communist goalposts. They are sure they are that close, despite this awakening of conservatives to realize they must work hard to defeat this. They are sure it is within reach despite many moderates coming to the realization that this is bad, and even liberals starting to question where this is all headed and why so quickly. They are seeing people jump ship from socialism. They are saying not "Let's take that from them" but rather "Let's take back our country to when it worked." In other words, let's Make America Great Again.

The irony of it all is perhaps immoral to enjoy, but it's brilliant.

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