December 14, 2018

Do Not Use Google, try Duck Duck Go instead

Despite Google's recently repeated insistence that they do not have a bias (they do), that they do not manipulate search results (they do - their business model is based on ranking results - there is an algorithm built into the ranking, which automatically will favor one site over another.  Not sharing that algorithm obscures whether they are playing fairly) and that they do not track you unless they are given permission (they do), you are not anchored to the search engine.  There are many options.

Duck Duck Go, despite the awful name, is a great alternative\, especially for conservatives.

Friday Musical Interlude - Christmas music

More Christmas music for the month of December. This time some Christmas pop.

December 12, 2018

Well, Theresa May survived

British Prime Minister Theresa May has just survived a no-confidence vote among conservatives to remain Prime Minister.  This despite delivering such a weak-tea effete deal for Great Britain that those who voted to exit the European Union are probably having second thoughts now.

I'm not sure she will survive politically though, and she seems to realize that too.

December 9, 2018

December 7, 2018

Friday Musical Interlude - Christmas Music

It's December.  How about some Rush Limbaugh inspired Christmas music? Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas (full album).

December 5, 2018

Also while you weren't looking: trying to foil Brexit

British establishment is trying to sign a deal so bad for Britain to leave the European Union, that it destroys the Brexit movement.  Why else would this deal, destined to fail in parliament, be proposed for ratification?  OMG it's so bad:
I’ve said some hard things on this page about the 45th president, but credit where it’s due: He’d never have come back with the miserable deal that Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to sell to an incredulous British public. The famous dealmaker saw right away what had happened. “It sounds like a good deal — for the European Union,” he told reporters as details emerged.

For once, Donald Trump was guilty of understatement. This is the sort of deal that a country signs when it has lost a war. Under its terms, Britain will remain subject to all the costs and obligations of EU membership, but will give up its vote, its voice and its veto. In Brussels, they crow that the sole change, for at least two and probably four years, will be that the U.K. loses its Commissioner, its Members of the European Parliament and its vote when the EU makes decisions. If the remaining 27 members now pass a measure deliberately designed to harm British interests — to shift business from London to Frankfurt, say — the U.K. will have to apply it.

And at the end of that “implementation period”? The original idea, as the name “implementation period” suggests, was that the U.K. and the EU would use it implement a comprehensive trade relationship. In practice, they haven’t begun work on such a relationship, and the EU now has no incentive even to start.

Why? Because of the so-called “Northern Ireland backstop.” Unbelievably, British negotiators have agreed that they will remain within the EU’s tariff walls, and contract out their trade policy to Brussels, unless and until the EU side is satisfied that there don’t need to be physical checks at the Irish border.
The thing is, this is not going to turn out to be Brexit supporters turning on the idea. This deal is so blatantly bad for Great Britain, that it is actually the British establishment shooting itself in the foot. Nobody is buying that this is a good deal. No one is falling for it. So to put this to a vote, not only will it fail, it might actually topple the conservative majority in parliament. That's a bad thing. But with Theresa May on board with this deal, perhaps the party really needs a shake-up and a return to a Thatcher-like leader, just as the Republican establishment in America is undergoing a shake-up.

While you weren't looking (or being told) France caves

Remember that Paris Agreement on climate change that president Trump withdrew from on behalf of the United States?  Turns out people in France are not so keen on the imposition of more taxes on gasoline either.  As a result France's leader Macron has backed down, for 6 now at least:

Populism it turns out, is not strictly an American phenomenon.

December 2, 2018

December 1, 2018

Saturday Learning Series - Fake News Exposed (indisputably and for real)

Taking a break this week from the recent Saturday Learning Series focus on geography to take a look at two recent scientific items in the news that are in all truth, fake news and clickbait.

Anton Petrov's "What Da Math" looks at these two instances of hyperbole and brilliantly puts some truth to them. Firstly let's look at the giant asteroid expected to destroy life on earth in 2023.

Here's the other fake science news being exposed. A gamma ray burst from Apep.

When you watch the media, always, ALWAYS question what they tell you.  They might be right, but there are facts, there are distortions, there are opinions and there is often hyperbole.  It's up to you to sift through what they say and discern for yourself what part is fact.  That's because they do not limit themselves to to facts, more and more they are about the rest of that list.  Fake news is a strong term but it is a necessary term as so much of what the media shares is bias-filled, clickbait focused tripe.

Ask yourself:  If the media can lie about our imminent doom, why can't they do it for immigration, politics and climate change (formerly known as global warming)?

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