December 18, 2018

I deleted my Patreon Account today, here's why

Just like Twitter, Patreon has set up some sort of Trust and Safety Counsel.  That counsel is really a policing free speech counsel.  Look what happened to Sargon of Akkad.  I'm not saying I support the language he used, but the policing being done is clearly, CLEARLY, selective and targeted at conservatives whom they are holding to a much higher standard than they are with progressives. How can I stick around on the platform in the face of this?

Here's what Dave Rubin had to say as he mulled over a response to Patreon himself.

Me leaving Patreon is singularly, pointless.  But if we leave en masse then it possibly makes a difference. I urge you to do the same. Except - where do we go?  What's obviously lacking is a conservative platform that encompasses the functionalities of Patreon, Twitter, Facebook and Google. Why don't we have that? No one has stepped up because it is a massive undertaking requiring huge funding and it has a slow growth path before becoming financially viable. But it is so necessary because what conservatives are facing is a slow virtual silencing in an era when virtual presence is what matters.

Nevertheless we only have two options at the crux of the situation - capitulate and meekly die off as a voice, or fight back.  If a company takes enough of a hit then maybe it reconsiders its Gestapo tactics against the right.  And maybe, just maybe an alternative might, in light of the obvious opportunity, emerge.
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