February 28, 2022

Deep Sanctions that "are not designed" to prevent the flow of oil

You cannot make up this level of incoherent inconsistency on a team.  Let's Go Brandon.  Watch past the bumbling for the real wow moment.

An update on Freedom Convoy frozen assets

The Canadian Constitution Foundation provides an update on the situation involving the frozen assets under the dictatorial invocation of the Emergencies Act under Justin Trudeau.

Inflation and bad data

Data means everything.  You've heard the expression "garbage in, garbage out"? It applies completely to data.  If you have bad data, it doesn't matter how sophisticated your formulas in a system are, your results are going to be flawed.  In a more real world example, let's say someone tells you that eggs are on sale at the local supermarket for 10 cents per dozen.  You love eggs and that's an awesome price, so you hop into your car and drive to the store, hoping to buy so many dozens that you couldn't have walked and saved on your carbon emissions.  But it turns out when you get there it's actually not on sale.  So much for your egg-stravaganza this month. Bad data, bad result.  But there is one thing worse than bad data, and that's manipulated data.

Manipulated data means that someone using that data has altered it to get the outcome they desire. I've been arguing that inflation is going to get much worse than it is. I've also argued that a lot of the price of inflation is hidden by things like size changes in product prices.  Fewer sheets of toilet paper on a roll does not get factored into the price of a dozen rolls of toilet paper.  12 rolls before is 12 rolls now, even if the rolls have been shrunk down to half their former size.  This is how companies hide price increases.  And it aids and abets government's calculation of inflation. It isn't some sort of deliberate co-operative effort, but it is mutually beneficial so no one does anything about it.  The only ones hurt are consumers (aka people).

Here's a great video explaining how it's more prevalent than you might know, and indeed far scarier.  It's worth watching if you want a better understanding of what's happening to us in 2022.

February 27, 2022

Tulsi Gabbard; this is what a rational Democrat sounds like

If I lived in Hawaii, I would still vote for a conservative GOP candidate over a Tulsi Gabbard, but this is a great speech at CPAC this year, and I respect her for making it.  In fact I would not have been upset with her as my representative given that she holds views like this:

She may be a closet Republican in many ways.

Traitors? Definitely liars at least.

 Traitors?  Slanderers?  Despisers of Good?

Sunday verse


February 26, 2022

Ask Justin Trudeau how to choke out an opponent with sanctions

Those who think that half-hearted sanctions on Putin over the Ukraine invasion will make a difference, minus removal from the SWIFT system, should ask Justin Trudeau how to do it properly.  Yes, he used goon police forces but the real arm twisting came from cutting off people economically; freezing bank accounts, removing insurance, etc.

Real economic squeezes will make a difference for the Ukraine, not this mamby-pamby BS that Let's Go Brandon is saying will make a difference

Reason's Great Escape

I think there's a certain naivety in this, despite the validity of the sentiment.  Klaus Schwab is not a good guy. Dare I say it, evil.  So this Reason video on a decentralized world and decentralized economies makes a lot of sense.  But there is a naivety in thinking that there is not some sort of conspiracy behind it.  I'm not saying there's some secret cabal guiding all of this, but there is a common socialist/communist vision along with a technocrat vision that drives many of those who are pushing for this.  So it is not a closed door back-room conspiracy but it is a common ideological goal that is driving those who drive this.

There's also a naivety to think think that a Great Escape will overcome the Great Reset. Not without a tremendous amount of push.  Look how they were able to shut down the Freedom Convoy using economic levers.  That's tough to overcome. It will take a herculean effort by millions of people.  Let's work towards that rather than just hoping it will materialize.

February 25, 2022

COMPLETELY Wrong Time for this Let's Go Brandon!

Is it just me or does anyone else find it truly bizarre that during an international crisis in the Ukraine, Let's Go Brandon has a briefing to nominate someone for the Supreme Court for seat that is not yet even vacant.  Not only that, he nominated a radical and fumbled around during the announcement like a bumbling idiot, dropping stuff on the floor.

Wrong time. Wrong message to Russia (it screams "we don't give a damn about the Ukraine"). Wrong focus. Wrong nominee.  This is horrible.

It gets even weirder.

 This is a follow-up or addendum, to this.

WTF is this???

Border Patrol agents leaving the southern border to help in the Ukraine situation.  This cannot be real. America has a military Let's Go Brandon.  How about you use the government assets in every department the way they were intended. If you want to fight the Russians, use the military.  Leave CPB agents to actually manage the porous border.  And while you are at it how about leaving the IRS to just collect taxes rather than as a political tool?

Putin, Ukraine, and Let's Go Brandon

If Putin is suddenly open to peace talks on the Ukraine invasion, maybe he's smarter than Let's Go Brandon.  Scratch that, he's definitely smarter than Let's Go Brandon.  My initial thought was hat Putin would grab a couple of provinces closer to the Russia border and call it a day. He gets a win and Let's Go Brandon can claim his sanctions stopped Putin from going further.  It's a win for Putin and a seeming win for Let's Go Brandon, which is actually another win for Putin.

Remember, president Trump is the only U.S. president during whose term, Putin did not attack some other sovereign country (Chechnya (technically not a sovereign nation, but wanted to be), Georgia, Crimea (in the Ukraine) and now the entire Ukraine).  If Putin can make Let's Go Brandon look good, he could possible get him re-elected and enjoy another four years where he could try to conquer another neighbor, possibly one of the Baltic states.

President Trump, who purportedly praised Putin (actually just his craftiness, it was not praise for his actions), would not have stood for this, and Putin knows it. Putin is evil, and everyone (including Trump) knows it.  But Putin is also crafty. He may settle for less than all of Ukraine, because there are all sorts of other possibilities that would suit him - a puppet regime, a destabilized and weak Ukraine, a Russia land grab of a large swath of the country for example.  What would he have to give up for any of those outcomes, probably nothing more than a cessation of hostilities.  Let's Go Brandon has already proved hostile to the Ukraine, he's not going to negotiate on their behalf fairly. As long as he comes away looking like a peace maker he'd probably be willing to give up 50% of Ukrainian territory. 

Who really wins?  Putin. Let's Go Brandon loses even though he doesn't realize it. Ukraine loses the most.  And Russia probably loses as well as they may end up fomenting an insurgency and more resentment among its neighbors. The only real winner there is Putin.

The other possibility is that Putin takes the entire country. Russia endures growing sanctions and the Russian people pay for Putin's global ambitions.  Let's Go Brandon looks even more feckless than before and ends up ensuring a Trump 2024 victory. Putin is faced with a leader who will stand up to him, and an insurgency that will rival the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.  He also will be faced with a flood of countries asking to join NATO and potentially some like Finland and Sweden, being accepted into the club.  That's a loss for Putin in the medium term.  That seems far less likely an option he'd pursue, despite the aggressive actions currently underway. The only way this is his possible strategy is if he believes the West has become so weakened that it will continue to elect weak-willed leaders and everyone will let this stand.

February 24, 2022

Trudeau's effort was not a dry run, it was a failed run

...And that's assuming it actually failed.  First things first, Canada's titular prime minister Justin Trudeau pulled the Emergencies Act, saying it was no longer necessary.  Here's where the failure comes in - this happened less than 48 hours after it passed a partisan parliamentary vote. So why did he cancel it?  The vote needed to be ratified by the senate, and it probably would have failed.  Trudeau probably got wind of that and rather than being humiliated he wanted to act first and look like both the tough guy and the compassionate guy in the same week.  It was not a dry run.  Why would he want it invoked for an indefinite period of time? 

So it was a failure from that perspective.  Here's why it still could be argued as a success. They have incarcerated leaders of the Freedom Convoy.  They were denied bail. They still have mandates in place. And they've sent a message to Canadians - don't you dare question our authority over you or you will be put away and forgotten.  That only becomes a failure if Canadians (and similarly those in other nations) refuse to be frightened by such a blatant abuse of power.

We shall see.

February 23, 2022

The politics behind Freedom Convoy organizer's denied bail

 The judge in the case ran for parliament and is connected to Justin Trudeau. This is not justice.

World laughs at Trudeau, problem is not enough Canadians are laughing

Too many Canadians, at least according to one poll, are okay with Justin Trudeau being a dictator and calling out other dictators. That's because Canadian mainstream media is Trudeau's lapdog.  As a result, far too many Canadians see this, as serious rather than ridiculous:

Many Canadians however recognize what a laughingstock this man is.

February 22, 2022

Russia invades Ukraine. Let's Go Brandon's response? More sanctions.

Let's Go Brandon is in this fight for political purposes only.  Putin is not in this for all of the Ukraine, just as much as he thinks he can without any serious pushback.  Well he's not getting any serious pushback from Europe, because he's not getting any serious pushback from Let's Go Brandon.  He's not even talking tough. 

Let the stock market tank.  Let inflation soar.  Let Canada fail. Let's Go Brandon is afraid to do anything, and even afraid to say anything. My grandmother could have said something or done something more forceful, and she's unfortunately, dead.

I honestly think Let's Go Brandon was selling this whole misadventure as 'Putin will take all of Ukraine' so that when Putin doesn't do just that, Let's Go Brandon can proclaim a win for his tough sanctions.  Putin is smart enough to see that and will stop just short enough to allow Let's Go Brandon to claim his victory and help him try to win another four years as president so that Putin can then go after the Baltic states like Estonia. Let's Go Brandon is a patsy.  He's a patsy for Democrats, he's a patsy for Putin. He's weak and effete. He's pathetic.  Canada has a tougher leader in the smug self-righteous and ham-fisted Justin Trudeau.

There you go America.  This is who you selected as leader of America and the free world. I hope you're proud.

It's not actually suspicious, we know exactly why it's happening

A lot of the YouTube videos I've linked and shared on the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers over the past weekend are systematically being "removed by the uploader".  Odd, but not really.  The word systematically is key.

February 21, 2022

Dictator Watch - This is Canada now

This is tyranny, not liberty.

Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy discuss Canada's dictatorship

Two intellectual giants discuss Trudeau's dictatorial drive in Canada.

Canada's Freedom Convoy is expanding

These are not truckers, this is not Canada's capital Ottawa, this is in Toronto, Canada's largest city.  While the truckers have been largely arrested, dispersed and in some cases beaten or trampled, the government continues to lose sight of reality, so this peaceful protest will only continue to grow.

February 20, 2022

February 19, 2022

Let's Go Brandon's misdirection

The Let's Go Brandon administration keeps ringing alarm bells on Russia's 'imminent invasion' of the Ukraine.  Why? And also, why?

Why is he warning us instead of warning Russia not to do so? And why is he so worried about freedom in the Ukraine when freedom next door in Canada is being trampled?

Does he have actual intel? His previous 'intel' indicate that February 16th was the day of a Russian invasion. It's possible that there will be an invasion.  It's also possible there won't be. Either way, the Let's Go Brandon's handling of the situation has been beyond fathomable, and entirely inept. No one, not even Let's Go Brandon could be this clueless on how to deal with this situation. So one can only surmise that this 'response' has been deliberate.  Either he's preparing the West to do nothing about a Russian invasion of the Ukraine, or he's preparing for a war with Russia (perhaps as a distraction from everything else that is going on in America), or else he desperately doesn't want to have to deal with a peaceful protest in Canada gaining traction there let alone anywhere else.  Or perhaps it's some combination of the above.  In any case, it's yet more bumbling and not actual leadership coming out of Washington.  And it's no surprise.

Canadian freedom convoy will just move elsewhere

As the Trudeau regime cracks down on peaceful protesters, the protests are simply moving elsewhere.  Here's a convoy of tractors in the province of Quebec.

And here's a protest in the province of British Columbia from yesterday.

Hopefully this morphs into even more protests against this despicable government.

Russell Brand derides Justin Trudeau

 And rightly so:

Dictator Watch - Further proof Canada's fall into dictatorship

Underscoring the seriousness of what is going on in Canada, Andrew Scheer, former leader of the Conservative Party of Canada pointing out that Justin Trudeau has suspended Parliament so that his actions of violent repression of the Freedom Convoy peaceful protesters cannot be questioned.  Canada has become an autocracy.  A fascist dictatorship, seemingly (but not really) overnight.

More police brutality in Canada

Reinforcing the urgency of my post from earlier today, police in Canada are brutalizing peaceful protesters.

Urgent: Canada is no longer free

This is insane.  Yesterday was my birthday.  I've had a few more than I'd prefer to count actually. But I never thought I'd live to see a birthday where Canada has become this (commentary below videos):

Police forces involved should be ashamed of themselves for this behavior.  It's 

This is no longer about vaccine mandates.  In fact this was never really about vaccine mandates, it was about authoritarianism under the guise of public safety.  Now it is no longer about that.   Now it is about an urgent need in Canada (and outside of Canada) to universally denounce the thug tactics that the government has begun in order to subjugate peaceful protesters.  Canada is no longer a free country.

Canada was never as free as we believed; not when this sort of thuggery has been allowed to happen.  Canada has moved from silently dictatorial to openly dictatorial. Members of parliament, from all parties must stand and turn their backs on the prime minister in the next session.  Members of the police forces across the nation must refuse to work.  Those in the military must make clear that they will not harm or incarcerate Canadians who are protesting peacefully.  Ordinary Canadians must begin protesting in other forms.  Banks must be held accountable for freezing assets of peaceful protesters or those who are making donations.

Here's Tim Pool's take:

February 18, 2022

Meanwhile elsewhere in Canada, this

Where is the international condemnation from the U.N. for arresting peaceful protesters?  Where is the U.S. condemnation for Canada's violations of civil liberties?

Freedom convoy leader arrested on video

Canada's government has lost its way. This protest has been peaceful and does not merit Emergency Powers.  Now one of the primary leaders of the Freedom Convoy has been arrested. It's disgusting and shameful. Canada has become nothing more than a radical left dictatorship. 

February 17, 2022

Justin Trudeau is insane

 How does he get away with this.  Why doesn't his own caucus censure him over this?  They are complicit.

February 16, 2022

Sarah Palin vs. New York Times and the judge

Bill Whittle and company discuss the judge throwing out Sarah Palin's lawsuit against the New York Times, while the jury was out deliberating a verdict. Just wow. That might be the most inept judge in history.

Durham probe vs. media silence

The media is complicit in this crime, just as much as Hillary Clinton, and that's why they have not covered the Durham probe that is clearly leading to criminal charges against people involved in the Clinton campaign.

February 15, 2022

Truckers bad, BLM activists good. But...

When a BLM activists tries to shoot a Democratic mayoral candidate, it won't get notice in the mainstream media. Why? It goes against their established narrative, and they can't have that.

Another thing the media won't show you

Anything, absolutely anything, to do with a Trump success (especially one as profound as this), will not be allowed on the radar of the mainstream media. An Israel peace deal laid out by president Trump, has taken root and is starting to pay dividends already:

Trudeau is a coward

The Prime Miinster of Canada, Justin "scardy-cat" Trudeau has upped his fascist game by invoking Emergency Powers to intimidate the peaceful protesters into backing down.

February 14, 2022

Media blackout to protect Hillary Clinton

Because of this, now we have this - a media blackout - about to go into a defensive shell around Hillary Clinton to cover her and to cover their own, already destroyed, reputations:

Democrats spying on Trump was beyond Watergate

According to a report by The Federalist, the spying on Trump was bad that it vastly exceeded the Watergate scandal. And apparently, there's more legal bombshells to come.

Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway validated former President Donald Trump’s weekend claim that the latest revelations to emerge from the Durham probe expose the Russia hoax scandal as worse than Watergate.

On Friday, the latest filing from John Durham’s special counsel investigation alleged that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid tech workers to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Tower and the White House.

“It’s not just the president’s view that this is worse than Watergate,” Hemingway said on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz.” “If you want to remember what happened in Watergate, that was a relatively low-level break-in to a Democratic Party office and then a cover-up from the White House. … The spying operation against Donald Trump wasn’t just during the campaign, they were also spying on White House servers [and] Trump Tower while he was president.”

Of course this is all a year too late but at least it's validation that we are not a bunch of lunatics for suspecting this. Now the need is to get this story out there, loudly.

February 13, 2022

February 12, 2022

Why Democracy is bad

Far too many Americans believe that they live in a democracy and not a republic. While that alone is a problem, an educational problem, it's not the most egregious problem.  The real problem is that far too many people believe democracy is the ultimate, most egalitarian  form of governance.  It's not.  

When I was in university, in Canada, I took a course on American political science. The professor was an American.  He described himself as a "yellow dog Democrat".  He said he would vote for a yellow dog for any office before he would vote for a Republican.  The point is that he was a liberal.  Very liberal in fact. He made a point back then of making sure that we understood that the United States was and is, a representative republican, and that it was so for a good reason.  He was 100% right, and what he said is still 100% right.

This was his logic (though not solely his, it was the idea of the Founding Fathers): When you have a representative republic, especially one with a separation of powers, three branches of government, it is very difficult to have a majority tyranny.  America was designed to prevent majority tyranny. That's because majority tyranny is the same thing as mob rule.  When the mob can decide that you do not deserve equal rights, or any rights or that someone else deserves more rights than you, that is majority tyranny.  My very liberal professor was right.  Luckily I was able to agree with him enough on the fundamental principles that I did not need to betray my conservative beliefs to do well in his course.

The American government is set up to be a brake on majority tyranny so that minority rights are protected.  Along with that, it is imperative to define minority rights.  Minority rights does not mean women, African Americans, or people of different religions or differing sexual orientations, although it can mean any of them.  What minority rights refers to is anyone who is experiencing an infringement on their rights, their Constitutional rights, by any other majority.  That means anyone can be in a minority, either demographically or ideologically. Anyone deserves equal protection under the law.

The one thing that used to enjoin all Americans was the idea that while you would not necessarily agree with someone else's opinion, you would still be willing to die for their right to express it.  That is no longer the case with political correctness culture, with shoot-first-don't-answer-questions-later social justice mentality.  That is because too many people mistakenly believe that democracy is the ideal and taken further, that means mob rule is fine.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Mobs behave quite often in very evil ways. A representative republic prevents that, for the most part by requiring representatives be elected at regular intervals, so that they are less likely to be responsive to immediate gut-reaction demands by the public.  It is further enhanced by the fact that senators serve a longer term than those in congress, and the president serves a different length of time as well.  It is served by institutional hurdles as the executive, legislative and judicial branches are separated into different areas of responsibility.  This means that change comes slowly, not haphazardly in a rapid fashion.  In a true democracy where everyone voted on every issue, the law could change back and forth daily. It could be chaos.  Slow change is more likely to be thoughtful change.  It's not going to be perfect, but it's more likely to get things right in the long run, than wild swings in every direction that a pure democracy could see.

February 11, 2022

Tone deaf Premier of Ontario

Say it with me --  "I will never vote for the conservative party of Ontario as long as Doug Ford is the head of the party."  This man is the most disappointing leader I have ever seen.  With Justin Trudeau you expect stupidity.  Doug Ford was elected as a conservative but has been governing as a frightened child. 

Draconian Canada

 This is horrible.

7.5%: inflation or Let's Go Brandon's approval rating?

It should be the approval rating for Let's Go Brandon.  I keep saying this inflation is going to get worse.  I don't think 7.5% is the end of it. It's not just supply chain issues.  It's Fed money printing that is the major culprit.  You can't just undo $5 trillion of stimulus spending with no additional output/production to go along with it and not have each dollar chasing the same amount of goods without each dollar being be worth less than before.  Oh and don't you dare try to blame this on truckers.

February 10, 2022

Diverse Multicultural Canadian trucker protests

 Breitbart helps debunk the racist Canadian truckers myth.

Tim Pool talks God and comedienne collapse

It feels like this might be Tim Pool blog day. Tim zeroes in on the blasphemy angle of the story about comedienne Heather McDonald collapsing after her bit on vaccinations and the religious implications.  He refers back to the George Floyd mural being struck by lightning on a sunny day.

Tim Pool talks polls

Tim Pool analyzes recent polls showing Biden at an all time polling low, worse than Donald Trump at this point in his presidency, and Democrat polling in general.

February 9, 2022

Let's Go Brandon administration wants the poor dead

 If this is who you voted for, this is what you get:

Why is this happening?  Do they want to have the addicted self-eradicate?  Or is it just a new voter demographic they want to own?  Doesn't matter.  The policy is murderous individually and decaying societally. 

February 8, 2022

Canadians vs. Trudeau

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is a proven misogynist, a proven racist and he has the gall to call Canadian protesters those things.  At this point HE is the fringe he claims his protesters to be.

February 7, 2022

February 6, 2022

Sunday verse

Instead of a Bible verse today, I thought I'd share this well thought out interpretation by Jordan Peterson of a particular element of the Bible.

February 5, 2022

Bypass GoFundMe using GiveSendGo

As I posted earlier here's some details on how to donate to the Canadian truckers. Please share this information.

Workaround for GoFundMe shutting down Canadian trucker donations

I think there's 2 things that need to be addressed here. Firstly the donations to Canadian truckers through GoFundMe so that they can continue their protest, have been frozen by GoFundMe.  How can you support them now? This video addresses that issue:

But the other issue is GoFundMe has probably broken the law by doing this. It seems like a deceptive trade practice by deciding to reallocate the donations.  They need to be boycott until they release the funds.

Do not trust or use GoFundMe.

February 3, 2022

Canadian Conservative Party decides on new interim leader

Erin O'Toole was a liberal leader of a conservative party.   When you see him speak, his lack of self awareness is also obvious.

Candice Bergen has a bit more bite and the timing of her as an interim leader is fortuitous.  Just this week she called out Justin Trudeau.

This is getting ridiculous

 The war on liberty is getting really, really evil.

The Daily Wire summarizes the Joe Rogan controversy perfectly

The Daily Wire encapsulates the Joe Rogan, Neil Young, Spotify controversy perfectly:

Tim Pool on Spotify, Joe Rogan and woke outrage

 I'd stop sharing Tim Pool clips if he'd stop being right.

February 2, 2022

Conservative Party of Canada votes out party leader

Meanwhile in Canada, conservatives voted out a leader who was a Canadian version of a RINO.  He lost to Trudeau in the last election.  He flip flopped.  He has been a simp when it comes to the trucker convoy when it presented a golden opportunity for conservatives to embrace populism.

Good riddance to bad baggage. 

Dave Rubin's take on Canadian truckers

 Dave Rubin discusses the Canadian truckers standing up against vaccine mandates.

Let's change Groundhog Day

I think it's time we update Groundhog Day.  After all, aren't we exploiting an innocent animal for human-centric purposes?  I'm not sure what would be an appropriate replacement but here's an idea.  Let's call it Snowflake day.  Instead of a Groundhog, a snowflake emerges from it's government cocoon, and if it sees its own shadow, or any shadow, or anything, it retreats to its cocoon never to re-emerge from the 'safety' therein.

Just a thought.

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