February 14, 2022

Democrats spying on Trump was beyond Watergate

According to a report by The Federalist, the spying on Trump was bad that it vastly exceeded the Watergate scandal. And apparently, there's more legal bombshells to come.

Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway validated former President Donald Trump’s weekend claim that the latest revelations to emerge from the Durham probe expose the Russia hoax scandal as worse than Watergate.

On Friday, the latest filing from John Durham’s special counsel investigation alleged that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid tech workers to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Tower and the White House.

“It’s not just the president’s view that this is worse than Watergate,” Hemingway said on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz.” “If you want to remember what happened in Watergate, that was a relatively low-level break-in to a Democratic Party office and then a cover-up from the White House. … The spying operation against Donald Trump wasn’t just during the campaign, they were also spying on White House servers [and] Trump Tower while he was president.”

Of course this is all a year too late but at least it's validation that we are not a bunch of lunatics for suspecting this. Now the need is to get this story out there, loudly.

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