February 19, 2022

Urgent: Canada is no longer free

This is insane.  Yesterday was my birthday.  I've had a few more than I'd prefer to count actually. But I never thought I'd live to see a birthday where Canada has become this (commentary below videos):

Police forces involved should be ashamed of themselves for this behavior.  It's 

This is no longer about vaccine mandates.  In fact this was never really about vaccine mandates, it was about authoritarianism under the guise of public safety.  Now it is no longer about that.   Now it is about an urgent need in Canada (and outside of Canada) to universally denounce the thug tactics that the government has begun in order to subjugate peaceful protesters.  Canada is no longer a free country.

Canada was never as free as we believed; not when this sort of thuggery has been allowed to happen.  Canada has moved from silently dictatorial to openly dictatorial. Members of parliament, from all parties must stand and turn their backs on the prime minister in the next session.  Members of the police forces across the nation must refuse to work.  Those in the military must make clear that they will not harm or incarcerate Canadians who are protesting peacefully.  Ordinary Canadians must begin protesting in other forms.  Banks must be held accountable for freezing assets of peaceful protesters or those who are making donations.

Here's Tim Pool's take:

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