Why is your blog called Nonsensible Shoes?

I needed a name.  I'd like to pretend that it has something to do with the United States trying on a pair of non-sensible shoes in the form of a neophyte leader, with little practical experience and then realizing that they were wearing nonsensible shoes.  But alas, it was the result of a struggle on blogger to come up with a name that had not yet been taken.  It was the first one I'd tried that wasn't already taken.

How can I contact you? 

email deanl.can@gmail.com

Is there a God?


Do I look fat in this dress?


Is Bob Saget funny?

No. And actually that isn't asked all that frequently.

Who are you?

Me. I'm a middle-aged Canadian, who loves the United States and what it means.  I'm a Reagan conservative and hopefully someday I'll be in the right country to support those convictions.   I have two sons, a fiancĂ©e and step-daughter. I live in the Toronto area. I'm a fan of the NFL and of warmer climates. I want to learn to surf someday.  I'd also like to take my knowledge of marketing and databases and some day use it to support conservative causes in the United States. I believe in conservative values, particularly economically speaking but I'm a social conservative as well with occasional libertarian values.

Can I get to the interstate from here?

Only if you fly.

Why U.S. Politics if you're Canadian?

Canada is a little boring.  Sorry Canadians, but it's true.  By proxy, Canadian politics is boring.  Not always -  federal elections catch my interest - but usually.  American politics is immeasurably fascinating.  It's also a matter of scale of importance.  The United States is the modern day cornerstone of liberty, justice and opportunity.  That needs to be defended because if that candle flickers out, well, that's about as close to abandoning hope as anyone in the free (or relatively free) world will necessarily be.

Why Are You (still) Canadian?

Getting a Visa or Green Card to the US from Canada is pretty difficult when compared to most other countries.  That aside, I still have family reasons to not move to the United States just yet.  But someday I hope to be a citizen of the United States.

What time is it?

Do I look like a clock?

Why the hidden identity?

I'm surrounded by liberals, both personally and professionally.  Canada has a good number of conservatives, there's just not many around me.  Being 'outed' as a conservative in my situation has it's risks.  In due time I might be more forthcoming about my identity, but having the option to avoid unwanted publicity and having the anonymity of an undisturbed personal life also has it's appeal.  That is of course, predicated on the assumption that I will one day become insanely wealthy and immensely desired as a blogger.  Yeah.

Why no guest bloggers?

Nobody literate likes me enough.  If you read this blog, would you like me?  Again, that's a 'someday' thing.  There have been discussions about guest bloggers, and I'm certainly open to the idea.  UPDATE:  I've finally posted a cross post.  So I'm working on it.

Who are your political influences?

In no particular order, the obvious cast of characters; Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Thomas Paine, Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Milton Friedman, Alexis de Tocqueville.  Those figures aren't necessarily all seen as political, but their philosophy indicates a certain necessary predisposition politically.  The not so obvious influences -  Ed Morrissey, Jim Geraghty, Karl Rove, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Daniel Hannan and James Burke.  I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting right now.

Do you really need a FAQ page?

No. I was bored.
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