June 17, 2019

Daily Wire Backstage discussion

Had to share this discussion from last week:

Conservatives should want tech monopolies busted

Bill Whittle makes the case that anti-monopoly moves by government are pro free market. More specifically, he argues why we should break up YouTube, Google and Facebook.

June 16, 2019

The myth of the gender wage gap explained

Via PragerU, the explanation is pretty simple, really:

Censorship: Are we are living in Inception now?

Tim Pool's video about censorship is being censored by YouTube. If the video below about the censorship of censorship is censored then we are living in the movie Inception.

Sunday Verse

June 15, 2019

Has Parler become the censorship-free alternative to Twitter?

Parler is the French verb to speak, (pronounced Par-LAY) and it might be becoming the free speech alternative to Twitter.

Left wing media bleeding viewers and jobs

A lot of conservatives are jubilant about the slow and agonizing death of far left fake news media outlets.  Count me among them but I cannot but help considering what the unintended consequences of the displacement of all these radicals into unemployment or jobs at Starbucks.  Okay, maybe only a little.

Saturday Learning Series - return to geography (Liechtenstein)

It's been a while since geography featured in the Saturday Learning Series, but it's back now with Liechtenstein:

And the flag:

June 14, 2019

I can't let this pass.

The Toronto Raptors  are the 2019 NBA Champions:

And some earlier series' highlights...

Project Veritas is fighting back - this time it's Pinterest

Project Veritas reveals that Pinterest is also anti-free speech:

Then the guy who came forward, sadly, got placed on administrative leave.

And then Project Veritas also got hit:

This is a coordinated big tech exercise to silence dissent, nothing less.

Paul Joseph Watson & Jordan Peterson are fighting back

Paul Joseph Watson is trying to fight back against Youtube and other social media censorship:

So is Jordan Peterson:

Are these the final answers to YouTube and Facebook? Probably not, but they are steps in the right direction, even if only temporary solutions. Perhaps if one of them takes off then maybe conservatives, and free speech advocates will have a real, viable platform sooner rather than later.

Friday Musical Interlude - Roseanne Cash

Seven Year Ache, from 1981.

Demonitized week - episode 7

YouTube is broken according to Sandman:

June 12, 2019

Coldest, wettest and fewest fires on record

Climate change junk continues to be debunked.

Demonitized week - Episode 5

Literally hundreds of YouTubers demonitized.

Here's another example.

Trump to lose bigly in 2020

Apparently there is an anti-Trump landslide coming in 2020. Am I worried?  Absolutely not.

June 11, 2019

China espionage of intellectual property continues

Fake Nike.
A recent FBI news release indicates that last week they caught a foreign national trying to steal medical device technology:

...Lu’s secret goal was to use trade secrets stolen from his employer to strike it rich in his native China. However, thanks to an FBI investigation, his plan was thwarted, and Lu is now serving a 27-month prison sentence.
Lu worked for several different U.S. companies, all of which developed high-tech medical equipment, such as clot retrieval tools and balloon-guide catheters. In each job, Lu signed a non-disclosure agreement for his research and development work.
Despite signing the confidentiality agreement, Lu routinely did “data dumps” from his various medical research employers for about three years until his arrest in 2012...
...The investigative team learned that Lu had planned to create and run his own medical device manufacturing company in China using the stolen technology and Chinese government funding. He had even applied for Chinese patents using technology stolen from the American companies. (China’s government creates policies that disadvantage American businesses, and hacking against American companies and interests is a common tactic.)
That's all well and good but notice the date of 2012?  This was posted on the FBI's website just this month.  Why the delay? Was this a FISA case, was it public knowledge that Lu had been convicted?   That's one curious aspect of this news release  that otherwise shows China has been unrelenting in their theft of intellectual property.


Joe Biden would be the worst president on China.  Here's why.

The Left silencing conservative women

A brilliant video from PragerU on the left trying to silence conservative women:

Demonitized week - episode 4

JB Gunner TV was also demonitized this month by the YouTube overlords of leftist dogma.

Warning - a lot of language, which according to the vlogger, is not about to change.

June 10, 2019

Demonitized week - episode 3

Yet another example of recent demonitization by YouTube. Red Pill Philosophy calls out YouTube for bragging about censorship.

June 9, 2019

Demonitized week - episode 2

Here's another example of a recently demonitized channel, in this case it was back in April.  The channel is known as Jake Eyes.  I'm posting it during demonitization week in hopes that (i) it helps bring the issue to light and (ii) it helps demonitized YouTubers understand what is going on.

I'm not sure it will accomplish either goal but still...

More climate "science" debunked

Experts predicted the ice in Glacier National Park would be gone by the year 1948, then 2002, then 2020 and now 2044. But there are reports coming out that the glaciers have been growing for the past decade decade. NOAA responds in their usual fashion by tampering with the temperature data.

Sunday verse

June 8, 2019

Demonitized week - episode 1

YouTube has demonitized  A LOT of people this past week.  Every day I will share some videos of people who have been demonitized by YouTube.

Firstly, here's the obvious one - Steven Crowder:

Here's another Haasio Draws, demonitized under a dubious rationale:

June 7, 2019

Important: NYT rewriting their own history

A look at how the New York Times (NYT) is ignoring their own history and rewriting or overwriting it with their current take on climate change.

Important: How do leftists de-platform conservatives?

Here's an expose from Tim Pool on some of the underhanded techniques we are up against as conservatives:

I know conservatives are proud of the fact that we do not try to silence our opposition but I wonder if it's time to de-platform or de-monitize a few really bad actors like the gentleman from Vox who shall remain nameless, in order to get them to see how it feels.  After all, we all praise president Trump for fighting back and we still are not doing it ourselves, still standing on principle.

#WarOnFreedom - episode 6

YouTube caved to Vox by demonitizing Steven Crowder, even though they said he has not violated any YouTube policies.

Friday Musical Interlude - The Liberty Bell

You might recognize this as the Monty Python theme, at least if you are of a certain age.  But John Philip Sousa's The Liberty Bell is actually a great march.

June 6, 2019

Brennan still has his security clearance? Why?

Why is this traitor being protected by the deep state?  I think we all know why, there are still a lot of corrupt people in the government and the swamp still needs draining.

Trade deficits - the unseen factors

I've always contended that the trade deficit is far too simple a metric to view the balance of trade.  American companies operating in China (for example) export product back to America, but some significant portion of the profits are actually going to those American companies.  Fox Business talked about that, and while in my view it's still to simplistic and does factor in things like the portion of the financial transaction that remains abroad, becomes part of the foreign GDP, is taxed abroad, or even the impact of offshored jobs, it's good a step in the right direction. It helps in showing the real balance of trade.

#WaronFreedom - episode 5

Mark Dice railing against YouTube's nefarious practices at the behest of the far left .

June 5, 2019

#WaronFreedom - episode 4

Vox is openly trying to get Steven Crowder shut down.  Steven Crowder had Tim Pool on his show to discuss the matter.

Tim Pool later reflected on how it's going.

You're kidding?!? Biden climate plan is plagiarized.

Biden announced his climate plan recently.  Turns out much of it was plagiarized:

Sound familiar? Biden= plagiarism.

June 4, 2019

This is the death of video evidence

Believe none of what you see or hear anymore.  This technology is very cool, but even more scary than it is cool.  How can we trust video evidence after this?  Watch Bill Hader's face turn into Al Pacino's and then Arnold Schwarzenegger's.

Coldest on record

It's been the coldest, and wettest October to May on record.  On record!  Global warming is not happening.  Climate change as a crisis, is a hoax.

June 3, 2019

NPVIC - stupid idea gets a setback

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) took a hit last week.  The idea is that if enough states that possessed 270 electoral votes combined signed on to the NPVIC they would all agree to cast their electoral college votes for president to the winner of the national popular vote rather than whoever won the popular vote within their own state.

The idea is just plain stupid.  The idea behind the formation of the United States was that they were an alliance of states with similar interests, aligned for common defense etc.  States' rights and ability to individually determine what is best for their own interests is paramount.  To subvert the will of the people of New Mexico to the will of the people in Florida, Texas, New York, Illinois and California is potential counter to the self interest of the state.  What if those states (with a very significant percentage of the electoral college at 171 votes combined) and a few key others all supported a presidential candidate who backed the idea of using New Mexico as the national toxic waste dump? And what if that candidate won, despite citizens of New Mexico voters voting 97%-3% against the candidate? The state would still transfer their electoral college votes to that candidate.

You see the problem.

Good news though.  After the Nevada state senate signed onto the compact, the governor wisely vetoed the bill.  Tim Pool argues that this is self defeating for the Democrats.  The bigger problem, the real problem is that it is counter to the intention of the Constitution.

Dicey technology, fake news and 2020

I've been concerned about this possibility for years, even before the technology was possible.  They are now able to imitate voice, manipulate video and even photos to do things that were never actually done or said.  While there are some cool things that could be done with this technology, it has huge fake news implications and I had not considered the possibility that it could be used by 2020 to torpedo president Trump.

Via Mark Dice:

China and Russia nuclear buildup concerns

If China and Russia are indeed gearing up their nuclear arsenals, a strong response is required by the U.S.

June 2, 2019

Sunday verse

Google facing anti-trust investigation

Google could be the first tech company to get hit with an anti-trust investigation. I'm not sure if they are the worst offender but they are an offender, and who goes under the microscope first doesn't really matter.  They all need to be looked at.

Trump Winning: China

Tariffs hurt consumers ultimately. But the goal is not to punish China directly for cheating mercantilism. The goal is to shift customer and manufacturer behaviors in America which ultimately hurts China and either induces them to change their behavior or else weakens them and strengthens America at the same time.

You can see in the video below there is a strong bias towards the status quo and against disruption but the trade imbalance, the intellectual property theft and the currency manipulation cannot continue or America will cede world leadership to a corrupt communist regime that values centralization above liberty, at any cost.

President Trump has been patient but bold and unflinching in the face of resistance across party lines at home, and retaliatory actions abroad. 

The president is taking needed action against America's slow and painful death by a thousand cuts from China and Mexico and NATO and others.  That alone should ensure him an electoral landslide in 2020 if voters are smart enough to recognize what is happening.

June 1, 2019

Dictator Watch: North Korea

Kim Jong Un had officials executed after the failed last summit with the U.S.

Trump winning: Mexico

Tariffs on Mexico to combat border security failures will work.

Vox is trying to take down Steven Crowder

Don't let this happen.

Tim Pool defends Crowder's right to create the content he creates, not specifically Crowder.

Saturday Learning Series - Defending Capitalism (Part 10)

In this incredible, easy to understand lecture, Prof. Antony Davies explains that if you really want to understand how the world works today, you need to rethink almost everything you’ve been told about inequality.

This should be shared with everyone you know who does not understand basic capitalism and why it is a good thing. It's brilliant.

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