June 26, 2019

Google, still evil as of 10 minutes ago

To recap, Ted Cruz grilled a Google spokesperson on the Project Veritas expose as well as other evidence that Google has gone well beyond bias:

Tucker Carlson last night gave the Project Veritas story the coverage it deserved, since Google has removed Project Veritas' ability to speak for themselves.

Not surprisingly, the Leftist media is ignoring the story.

This double standard and duplicity must not be allowed to stand.  If you are an American and you love your country you need to vote straight ticket Republican in 2020.  Yes, there are a lot of lackluster Republicans every election cycle, but the alternative to a crushing defeat of progressivism at the ballot box is not something that will allow America to be sustained.

Even if you are a liberal like Tim Pool is, you cannot abide by the destruction of free speech.  You must not abide by the existence of a shadow government trying to thwart a duly elected president and the first amendment rights of all Americans simply by hiding behind the notion of being a private entity.  They are no more a private entity that was the phone company which was broken up for far less nefarious reasons than those being attributed to Facebook.

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