June 27, 2019

Democratic candidates' debate

I have to applaud those who sat through the clown show that was the Democratic candidates' debate in order to critique the absolute buffoonery on display; I could not make it through 10 minutes.  It was painful to watch and I just couldn't do it.  I was hoping the foolishness would be entertaining, and I'm sure in the right context it would be.  But here's the problem - too many people in the venue believe the garbage being spewed is gospel.  So too, too many people watching on TV are swallowing this tripe whole.  And what's worse, I thought a lot of the candidates do not actually believe their own hate-filled, factually deficient bile, but it seems they actually do believe their own rhetorical extremes.

Kudos to these guys for sticking it out and offering their opinions; they have stronger stomachs than I do.

I know at some point I will have to watch some of these train wrecks but I can wait until they've whittled it down to a reasonable 12 or so candidates...

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