April 30, 2024

Using their own tactics against them

When a conservative decides to use the tactics of the left against the left, things tend to go well. Political jiu-jitsu works.  It takes on many forms.  Texas governor Greg Abbott bussing illegal immigrants to 'sanctuary cities' and pro-illegal immigration states is a fantastic example. The left lose their minds when it happens - look how insane they are going over Israel defending itself and having had enough of the terrorism of Hamas deciding to not do a half-assed job in dealing with it.

Last Friday, Florida governor Ron DeSantis may have gotten his political fortunes back on track by doing something similar. He has announced that Florida will not comply with the Let's Go Brandon interpretation of Title IX and their new Title IX rules. Good job, governor.  

Using a tactic of the left (everywhere from ANTIFA to the courts, to the president not enforcing the southern border) by not complying with what they demand, is simply a matter of fighting smarter. Every tactic the left uses, is fair game, short of anything they do that is illegal. But this is not an illegal situation; not enforcing a rule is something that is done in government all the time, from the federal level right down to local police not giving tickets to jaywalkers. 

Conservative American governors are starting to figure out that they do indeed have some room to maneuver. This just needs to continue to grow and extend down to municipal levels and upwards to congress. 

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