February 29, 2020

Saturday Learning Series - Leap Day

Things you might not know about Leap Year and Leap Day:

February 26, 2020

Biden's worst debate moment (South Carolina edition)

According to Joe Biden, almost 50% of Americans have been killed from gun violence in the last 13 years. Was there a massive national bloodbath we all missed?

February 24, 2020

President Trump's China containment strategy involves India

President Trump may seem like a loose cannon when it comes to geopolitics but if you look closely, he's doing a lot of things that precisely fit American national security and geopolitical interests.  Containment of China for example is being handled deftly.  Of course there is always an economic component to the Trump doctrine, and that is being handled through the trade deal negotiations.  But the communist Chinese government started getting very militarily aggressive during the Obama administration.  Military containment remains a priority.  To that end, American strategy includes a sort of ring fencing around China.  With Russia to the north, it is not possible to entirely encircle China to prevent aggression, but neither is it entirely necessary.  It's southern Asia where Chinese is attempting to expand it's influence.

While president Trump is attempting to draw down all American presence in Afghanistan, that does not mean he is not acutely aware of the China situation.  Evidence comes in the form of the recent military deal with India:

This is entirely consistent with the Trump doctrine: allies, with common interests, need to pay their fair share of the cost in confronting totalitarian regimes and geopolitical rivals. 

More Russian Interference Garbage

This tweet by Catherine Herridge sums up how little there is to the NYT fake story about Russia trying to help president Trump get re-elected in 2020:

February 23, 2020

February 22, 2020

February 20, 2020

Warren TKO's Bloomberg in Round 1

Yesterday I was speculating about the possible outcomes of the Democrat debate.  My last point seems to be the most apt with respect to the outcome.  Warren went after Bloomberg hard and fast and it made a difference. It could provide her with a mini-resurgence in polling.  More importantly she hurt Bloomberg.  Bloomberg meanwhile went after Sanders and got in a few jabs himself.

It was so bad it almost makes Bloomberg the preferred candidate for president Trump to trounce in November.  But watching the debate, it seems the candidates' impacts are as follows:

-everyone not on the stage, has become irrelevant (I'm looking at you Tom Steyer)
-Warren should see a mini surge but it is likely to not be a sustained trend unless she does something else to capitalize on it (i.e. when is the next debate where she has the opportunity to attack someone?)
-Bloomberg is definitely wounded and he needs to recover quickly.  More advertising is not the answer here, he will need to do interviews and brush up for the next debate so he can perform better.  His weakness was obvious and it's exploitable unless he can correct it quickly.
-Biden seemed annoyed that he had to debate, when he was making points it seemed like scripted talking points
-Klobuchar and Buttigieg both were unremarkable but looked like they were going after each other as a sort of under card, side battle.  It diminished both of them overall.

The real winner was president Trump.  The Democrats looked badly in disarray.  Coming out of this I think if I had to call a Democrat winner it was Sanders - he continues to lead and he wasn't the main target last night.  As long as that continues, he will be able to consolidate his lead unchecked, perhaps only stalled a little due to Warren's good showing.  The big loser was clearly Bloomberg.

February 19, 2020

Democrat Debate Free For All on Bloomberg

We know that his opponents are going to go after Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg at the upcoming debate in Nevada.  It's his first debate in a long time, and he does pose an existential threat to all of their chances for the nomination.  If he wants to win, he should be prepared for an onslaught.  Everyone else in that debate has something to prove - either their own ability to withstand an advertising blitz and a faltering campaign of their own (Biden), or their ability to take on a billionaire and ultimately president Trump (e.g. Warren), or the fact that he represents the antithesis of the ideology of the future of the party (Sanders) or even just the viability of their continued campaigns (Buttigieg or Klobuchar  -the former seems oblivious and almost seems to be embracing Bloomberg, the latter too, seems resigned to acceptance).

I expect that save for the latter two, who oddly may have pre-conceded to Bloomberg and are busy vying for a VP slot, there will be a battle for a change from the previous love-in debates.  But what will be the fallout?

Does Bloomberg effectively acquit himself of all of the recent charges of racism and sexism?  Does he falter?  Does it even matter if he has become the perceived first choice thanks to his ad blitz?  This is all hard to predict.  But my suspicion is that this will not be a game changer for everyone.  But I do think it will winnow the field. Anyone who does not go after Bloomberg will become irrelevant and start to fall in the polling in the coming weeks.  Warren has signaled her intent so Sanders has to outdo her and so too does Biden.  The question is who will be the most effective.  

I think the result of this debate is that you will see Buttigieg and Klobuchar will start to fade.  Here are the IFs:

-If Bloomberg looks like he handles it all well, he will knock Biden into an also-ran.  If he does not, Biden may see a resurgence (unless Buttigieg actually does go after Bloomberg and does so better than Biden)
-If Warren does a better job than Sanders in attacking Bloomberg she will experience a mini-revival and continue to pull votes from Sanders.  If not then she will fade as well and it will allow Sanders to become one of the 2 people in what seems to be headed towards a two-person race.

Bloomberg is the iceberg that will hit the Titanic of democracy

Yesterday I postulated that we should be cheering for Sanders because Bloomberg could swamp the system.  It turns out, I am not alone in that thinking.

Maybe all that money can't overcome who Bloomberg really is, but if you aren't worried, you've got your head in the sand as much as most Bernie Sanders supporters do.

February 18, 2020

Tommy Tuberville for Alabama

Not gonna lie, this sounds pretty good to me. Admittedly I'm not from Alabama but it seems a lot better than a Democrat OR a Sessions.

Should we be cheering for Bernie Sanders?

It's early in the Democratic primaries.  President Trump is the strongest Republican president and candidate since Ronald Reagan, and he's fearless.  He should trounce his Democratic challenger in November no matter who it turns out to be.  Biden is a gaffe machine. Buttigieg is a lightweight with no staying power.  Warren is a complete dud.  Klobuchar is equally uninspiring. Tom Steyer is as appealing as taxes.  That leaves two candidates that merit discussion. Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg.

Both are completely beatable.  Bernie Sanders winning the nomination could split the Democratic party asunder, and that alone is enough reason to cheer him on.  Not only would a Sanders nomination ensure a Trump re-election, it would probably ensure a victory for Republicans in Congress and Republican presidencies for at least two more cycles.

But that's not it.

I think a lot of Republicans seem to be secretly worried about the tidal wave of Bloomberg spending (>$400 million and counting, more than 10 times that of his nearest spending competitor who happens to be Sanders).  Money changes everything and billions can change a lot of minds.  I know president Trump tricked the media into A LOT of free publicity in 2016, but he can't count on them being that stupid this time around (true, they've given no reason for anyone to think otherwise so far).  But what we are looking at is the bombing of Dresden in political advertising form.  Bloomberg could overwhelm everyone.

I'll admit, I'm worried.  Yes Bloomberg could easily crumble when he has to debate, he could easily fail in facing reporters which he has so far avoided.  But he may be taking a page from Trump's book - run the campaign he wants and not what is expected.  If he manages that he can just approve messages and hide until election night hoping to have voters not know what a terrible leader he would be.  But the money, geez. I've always said that America has to have a robust economy because a strong military, strong alliances, a strong bargaining position internationally, pretty much everything, flows from a position of economic strength.

That's the case here.  Bloomberg represents an existential threat.  I think we should be propping up Bernie Sanders.  I don't think I'm alone in that.  I don't know, maybe it's just time now that he's starting to attract attention but it seems like in conservative circles, he's getting more attention now.  I think that's nerves.  Here's just one example of subtle coaching of other candidates to attack Bloomberg.

Facepalm intersectionality.

The state of the country today - not that everyone thinks this way, but that there are enough people that think it's okay to be this way.

Why have you let this happen America?  Complacency? Shame? What is it? 

I understand with the election of Trump and the growing backlash against political correctness that perhaps the pendulum has begun to swing back in the right direction but there is so much damage to the national fiber to undo.  It will take decades to repair the corrupted thinking of generations of gullible people.  It should never have come this far to start.

February 17, 2020

Evidence that the mainstream media is lying about the coronavirus

Washington Post and New York Times are calling recent reporting about the source of the coronavirus "already debunked".  Why because a Republican has said we should be open to all possibilities because China lies. 

It's politics over truth for these rags.

The ethanol scam

You know how they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions?  That seems to be how the ethanol fuel industry got started.  With OPEC making living more expensive for everyone, it seemed like a good idea to use a renewable American resource as an alternative fuel.  And then of course it was supposed to be cleaner and better for climate change. But as is typical, when regulations got involved, it turned into a scam.

February 16, 2020

February 15, 2020

Wait, the FBI collaborated with the Clinton campaign?

We know the Clinton campaign was crooked.  We know the FBI was corrupt.  So as surprising as these revelations are, why should we be surprised? Nevertheless these new findings are shocking.

Saturday Learning Series - How Americans got manipulated to buy into Egalitarianism

Yaron Brook explains how Americans got tricked into a false sense of equality - egalitarianism.

February 14, 2020

No charges against McCabe???????

Ridiculous.  This is feeling more and more like the swamp has circled the wagons and everyone is going to come out unscathed - McCabe, Comey, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and others.

Meanwhile Roger Stone they wanted 9 years in prison for lying to Federal agents, but McCabe did exactly the same thing.


Is this designed to help Joe Biden regain some momentum, in the face of his self-imposed tanking? Is it Barr's push back on president Trump's comments on the Roger Stone case?

One other thought - WTF is taking thew Barr investigation so long? I mean we don't want to see a slapped together case like the Democrats did with their phony impeachment, but come on.

February 13, 2020

Why would any country accept Huawei?

It's the back door / Trojan Horse company that is ensnaring other countries for the Chinese government.  Why would anyone want that, other than communist China?

February 12, 2020

Joe Biden, tanking on purpose?

Joe Biden has had a string of gaffes this election cycle that I would like to say are inexplicable except that he has a track record of gaffes and mistakes every time he runs and most of the time in between.  He's not electable and Democrats have already recognized that despite the fact that they have as their best other options a socialist and a cardboard cutout or a racist, billionaire.

But this time it has been especially bad.  Look at these:

He insults a supporter:

He tells a potential supporter to vote for someone else:

He called a former marine a fat liar at a town hall meeting:

So why has the formerly presumed front runner tanked so badly? Is it possible that he's hoping to derail his own candidacy because he's worried about the Hunter-Biden-Ukraine-Burisma scandal blowing up if he becomes the nominee?  After all, president Trump for the most part has the levers of power at the moment (minus the resistance of the swamp) and the AG is looking into the Biden corruption linkage.  If Joe slinks away, maybe the scandal goes away too.  He's made his money, his family has benefited financially from his career, and maybe he's decided that's good enough.

True Biden could rebound in South Carolina but each passing day it his prospects are looking worse.  He's not coming in 2nd or 3rd in these early states, it's 4th and 5th.  Either Biden really is an unelectable hack or he is deliberately trying to bow out without making it look like he wants out.

Bernie wins NH, but that's not the headline.

As of this posting it looks like Bernie Sanders has won the state of New Hampshire primary on the Democrat side. But that is not really the big story.

Here are the results right now:
  • BERNIE SANDERS 25.9% (73,470 Votes) + 9 Delegates
  • PETE BUTTIGIEG 24.4% (69,216 Votes) + 9 Delegates
  • AMY KLOBUCHAR 19.8% (55,982 Votes) + 6 Delegates
  • ELIZABETH WARREN 9.3% (26,266 Votes)
  • JOE BIDEN 8.4% (23,813 Votes)
  • TOM STEYER 3.6% (10,138 Votes)
  • TULSI GABBARD 3.3% (9,255 Votes)
  • ANDREW YANG 2.8% (8,023 Votes)

But Bernie's win is probably the 4th most interesting story of the night last night ranking just behind Andrew Yang dropping out of the race, Joe Biden tanking (so badly he may actually work for a gas company like Burisma himself) and the biggest story of them all - Mike Bloomberg is a racist.

It leads one to wonder if he will make it out of Super Tuesday where he is placing all his financial efforts (that's all the effort by the way, financial).  Democrats were starting to warm to his bombardment of advertising in some states but this could derail him entirely.

February 11, 2020

The pros and cons of the Democratic candidate field

I do not envy the Democrat voters, they have quite an unremarkable slate of options to choose from for their presidential candidate nominee.  Nevertheless, going into tonight's New Hampshire primary results, I have been following along on developments (just not with any enthusiasm).

I have compiled what I believe most of the candidates brings to the table for their fight to win the nomination as well as their eventual defeat by president Trump.

Michael Bloomberg
Biggest Pro: He has billions of dollars to spend to create an aura of his greatness.
Biggest Con: His real aura.

Bernie Sanders
Biggest Pro: He has a cult following of socialists and the naive.
Biggest Con: He has a cult following of socialists and the naive.

Elizabeth Warren
Biggest Pro: name a persecuted group and she'll join it.
Biggest Con: her medicare for all with no tax may be the biggest con of all time.

Pete Buttigieg
Biggest Pro: He looks like a cardboard cutout of a model.
Biggest Con: He answers questions like one too.

Amy Klobuchar
Biggest Pro: Is able to meekly refuse support for a socialist nominee
Biggest Con: Who, now?

Andrew Yang
Biggest Pro: He knows the maths.
Biggest Con: The maths are against him.

Tom Steyer
Biggest Pro: None
Biggest Con: What's the point?

Tulsi Gabbard
Biggest Pro: Common sense on many issues.
Biggest Con: Democrats are against common sense.

Joe Biden
Biggest Pro:  This was hard but I gotta go with the Establishment is only half backing him.
Biggest Con: He physically attacks his supporters and has probably gone insane.

Politifact is Fake News (aka PolitiFake)

A Canadian lawyer breaks down how Politifact is indeed, fake news, using a real example.  Partisan hackery:

February 9, 2020

February 7, 2020

Friday Musical Interlude - Bet My Brains

L.A. band Starcrawler's 2019 single, Bet My Brains has a really catch guitar riff in the chorus, good vocals and a sound reminiscent of some 90's bands like The Breeders.  Oh, and a weird video.

February 6, 2020

Biden is in trouble...

...because the GOP members in the senate have a spine as it turns out.

Oh and Nancy Pelosi is getting hit with an ethics probe too:

February 5, 2020

Are we done here, now?

The Senate just acquitted president Trump on both counts of the impeachment.  No surprise there. While that should put to rest the impeachment frenzy on the left, it won't. I can say this: even though we should be done with it, no, we are not done here.  The Left will keep coming back until 2024 trying to impeach president Trump.

Here are some senators to note - Mitt Romney, Kyrsten Sinema, Doug Jones and Joe Manchin all voted to impeach president Trump.  These members of the senate should be voted out.

Mitt Romney is being a d*****

Mitt Romney is on the Senate floor now announcing that he is for impeachment.  Not a team player, and he is wholly embracing his own political bias, despite what he is saying.  He will never be welcome back in the GOP and should be primaried, hard.

That's just rude!

Pelosi being petulant made another mistake.

February 4, 2020

Democratic Iowa Caucus: We'll get back to you

The Democrats run a caucus like they run a state or country - come up with grand ideas for change, don't vet them, make the changes and then watch the fallout as it fails miserably.

Here's a taste of how bad it was:

Currently there are no official results despite a few declarations of victory by candidates.

February 3, 2020

February 2, 2020

February 1, 2020

Saturday Learning Series BONUS - Why China never took over Taiwan

Every wonder why communist China did not take over Taiwan?  Here's a brief primer:

Saturday Learning Series - The End of America

Milton Friedman explains how the United States over the 20th century had cut the power to its engines and changed it's inevitable upward trajectory into one that could, if unchecked, lead to the end of America.

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