February 12, 2020

Bernie wins NH, but that's not the headline.

As of this posting it looks like Bernie Sanders has won the state of New Hampshire primary on the Democrat side. But that is not really the big story.

Here are the results right now:
  • BERNIE SANDERS 25.9% (73,470 Votes) + 9 Delegates
  • PETE BUTTIGIEG 24.4% (69,216 Votes) + 9 Delegates
  • AMY KLOBUCHAR 19.8% (55,982 Votes) + 6 Delegates
  • ELIZABETH WARREN 9.3% (26,266 Votes)
  • JOE BIDEN 8.4% (23,813 Votes)
  • TOM STEYER 3.6% (10,138 Votes)
  • TULSI GABBARD 3.3% (9,255 Votes)
  • ANDREW YANG 2.8% (8,023 Votes)

But Bernie's win is probably the 4th most interesting story of the night last night ranking just behind Andrew Yang dropping out of the race, Joe Biden tanking (so badly he may actually work for a gas company like Burisma himself) and the biggest story of them all - Mike Bloomberg is a racist.

It leads one to wonder if he will make it out of Super Tuesday where he is placing all his financial efforts (that's all the effort by the way, financial).  Democrats were starting to warm to his bombardment of advertising in some states but this could derail him entirely.

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