June 30, 2011

Welcome Muslim Brotherhood, To Legitimacy

I'm sure this has nothing to do with Glen Beck's last episode being aired:
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday that U.S. officials intend to build contacts with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, a sign of American concern that the conservative Islamic group is becoming one of the most important political forces in the post-Mubarak order.

Speaking to reporters in Budapest, Hungary, Clinton said that "given the changing political landscape in Egypt…it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful, and committed to nonviolence, that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency."

The Obama administration has indicated since the uprising early this year that it sees a legitimate role for the group in Egyptian politics.
Way to legitimize them Hillary.  This can only go well.  By well, I mean not so good.

The liberal tax lie

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal,
Mr. Obama has a point that tax receipts are near historic lows, but the cause isn't tax rates that are too low. As the nearby table shows, as recently as 2007 the current tax structure raised 18.5% of GDP in revenue, which is slightly above the modern historical average. Even in 2008, when the economy grew not at all, federal tax receipts still came in at 17.5% of the economy.

Today's revenue problem is the result of the mediocre economic recovery. Tax collections in 2009 fell below 15% of GDP, the lowest level since 1950. But remarkably, tax receipts stayed that low even in the recovery year of 2010. So far this fiscal year tax receipts are growing at a healthy 10% clip, so the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) January estimate of 14.8% of GDP is probably low. We suspect revenues will be closer to 16%, but even that would be the weakest revenue rebound from any recession in 50 years, and far below the average tax take since 1970 of 18.2%.

But what about the liberal claim, repeated constantly, that the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 caused today's deficits? CBO has shown this to be demonstrably false. On May 12, the budget arm of Congress examined the changes in its baseline projections from 2001 through 2011. In 2001, it had predicted a surplus in 2011 of $889 billion. Instead, it expects a deficit of $1.4 trillion.
The CBO debunks the liberal lie about the Bush tax cuts and revenue. Bam!

Obama runs it in from the one.

President Obama is undoubtedly a glory hound. This week he was admonishing Congress to stick it out and get a budget deal done and not take a recess. This from the man who has taken countless golf vacations and is going to be taking a break himself. He wants to be seen to swoop in and sign the deal at the last moment and take all the credit. Glory hound. But there's a worse example.

For nearly 10 years the country has been battling to eradicate Al Qaida. If it were a football game, President Bush would have been the quarterback as America started at it's own one yard line. Over the course of his term in office he managed a couple of big plays (like toppling the regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq). Those were, big pass plays. Perhaps even, ugh, long bombs. But mostly he moved the ball down the field with short, unexciting run plays. 3 to 5 yard gains.

Getting closer to the end zone, Obama was able to hand off for a run play to get the ball right into the Al Qaida end zone by killing Osama Bin Laden. But he just as Bush did, called the play he didn't run it. But Obama wants you to remember that he was responsible for the entire scoring drive. Touchdown Obama, not touchdown America. He's the team star. He deserves all the glory now that next is the possible clock running out on the game for Al Qaida.

June 29, 2011

What the hell is with Ben Stein?

Yesterday, and again today he's out there arguing for higher taxes on the rich. Did someone sneak him the liberal Kool Aid?

WTF dude??? No sense of offshoring, or the rich withholding spending or investment? Even 100% taxation on those he talks about is a drop in the bucket.  Why jump straight to 'tax the rich'?

Taxes are a line in the sand because spending is the problem, not revenue. If you know a heroin addict who can't afford his habit you try to get him to kick the habit (for more reasons than just money), you don't go out and rob a bank to support the continued heroin use!

The world is surely losing its grip on sanity when Ben Stein joins the dark side.

Give me...lieberty?

“Government should not tell you what to do unless there’s a compelling public purpose.”
~Michael Bloomberg.
(HT: Allahpundit at Hot Air)

June 28, 2011

Get ready for the latest media Obamaspin

Yesterday Jim Geraghty on the Campaign Spot at Nation Review, pointed out the latest notion that President Obama is back in the Obama groove.
Rest assured, America. Barack Obama has confidence in his own instincts again.
In the first two years of Obama’s presidency, his top aides had grown accustomed to a process in which Obama drew out and explored the views of his full team and searched for a consensus — decision by ballot, some called it.

Increasingly, however, that process has changed, according to a wide group of Obama’s personal friends, informal advisors and top aides interviewed during the spring. In recent months, they say, the president has been relying more heavily on his own instincts and feeling less impelled to seek accord among advisors.
This is the new meme. Obama needs more time because now he's on his game. Forget those first 3 years. He was busy consensus building.What a load. The same President who has ignored his advisers repeatedly is now suddenly getting things right because he's listening to his own gut instincts once again?

IT'S AN EXCUSE!  An excuse for the last few years of abysmal performance.  Why?  To get Obama re-elected. The consensus among experts (military, economic or otherwise) couldn't possibly be as smart as Obama.  So now, in 2012 we need to give him the chance to do what he didn't have a chance to do over the last few years because NOW, now, he gets that he's been right all along and by trying to be a consensus builder (also a crock) he got away from doing what he knew, and nobody else could possibly know, was right.

Pure unfiltered manure.

Why Sarah Palin Must Run

Whether Sarah Palin can win or not, whether she does win or not, from her own political perspective, she has to run for President.  Having good reasons to leave the governorship of Alaska isn't acceptable in the minds of some voters.  But the reasons were sound personally and on some level politically as well, and that can probably be overcome as a political liability.  What likely couldn't be overcome, is after having to wrestle with the quitter label for the Alaska resignation, stringing supporters along on a possible run and then quitting without even entering would be politically devastating for her. The quitter label would be held both on the left and among some of the most fervent support from then right.  

Winning or losing doesn't even matter, what matters for her political career is the attempt. That is assuming politics is something she still wants to engage in as a career, in a capacity other than as a commentator.

What's more interesting though is her avoidance of declaring either way her intention.  Could she be looking to be drafted to run?  Could she be looking to score a s a write-in candidate and make her route to the possible nation even more unconventional?  Declaring an entry now is politically and financially draining with little upside for her.  Unlike Bachmann or Cain, she doesn't need to build name recognition.  What she needs is her favorables to turn, and she's got an independent biographical documentary going into release to help with that.

Democrat duplicity on the debt ceiling

Democrats didn't raise taxes with the approaching debt ceiling issue when they held both houses of Congress. With profligate spending they must have been able to forecast running out of ceiling room soon. Does that mean they ignored it on purpose to saddle the GOP with the cuts and, they hoped, tax increases to disaffect the Republican base? Or to use the tax the rich meme as a class warfare tool? It's possible, although that seems inherently evil in terms of putting politics ahead of a dire national predicament. Or were they so blind they couldn't see the train wreck coming? In that case put it down to unimaginable stupidity and gross incompetence.

And yet people vote for this insanity time an again. Apparently there are thousands of suckers born every minute.

June 27, 2011

This is about 2012 - Part 4

Just watch.  Closely.

This is about 2012 - Part 3

Just watch (with an open mind).

Worst 48 hours of the Obama Presidency

Passing Obamacare despite public opposition?  The nonchalance on the BP oil spill?  Appointing ultra-liberal Supreme Court Justices? Unemployment peaking above 10%? Buying GM? Trillion dollar deficits?  All those are bad, but the last 48 hours have delivered us to a point of an American autocracy.

June 25, 2011

Keeping tabs on your government

Ever wondered what your government is doing all day, every day?  Or have you ever wondered how departments sneak things out with deliberately timed press releases?  As a blogger, have you ever wanted to know more about what's being done that what you see filtered through first a press release and then the media? I've put together some help for you.

June 23, 2011

Obama's Debt Is Bad According To The Congressional Budget Office

Personally, I'd call it a train wreck, but to each his own.

The 2011 Long-Term Budget Outlook, released Wednesday morning, reports that the “the combination of automatic budgetary responses” and Obama’s stimulus “had a profound impact on the federal budget.” According to CBO projections, before Obama’s stimulus became law, federal debt equaled 36 percent of GDP and was projected to decline slightly over the next few years. Instead, thanks in large part to the stimulus, debt reached 62 percent of GDP by 2010.
Ouch.  Sounds like President Bush may have been doing something else right.

Geithner: Save A Government, Raise Small Business Taxes

This is truly unbelievable:
(CNSNews.com) - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told the House Small Business Committee on Wednesday that the Obama administration believes taxes on small business must increase so the administration does not have to “shrink the overall size of government programs.”
Perhaps he could just get them to use TurboTax with the same aplomb he did.

June 22, 2011

2014 for full Afghanistan withdrawl?

President Obama said tonight he will complete the pullout of Afghanistan by 2014.  Here's Obama in 2007 saying he'll get them out in his first term.   He does have a reason for breaking the promise though - it's not about health care.

Just pointing it out.

Oh by the way, if I'm in the Taliban, this is good to know stuff.

UPDATE:  While I got the numbers wrong, my pre-speech assessment was still correct.

Sarah Palin - jury duty?

The media reports (with giddy glee no doubt) that Sarah Palin's tour has been called off or is fizzling.  Apparently that's not the case - it's simply a matter of civics.
As I said myself at the end of the east coast leg of the tour, the summer is long, and I’m looking forward to hitting the open road again. The coming weeks are tight because civic duty calls (like most everyone else, even former governors get called up for jury duty) and I look forward to doing my part just like every other Alaskan.

Prediction on Obama's Afghan Draw Down Speech

The prediction in one word: punt.

June 21, 2011

Obligatory Sarah Palin Is Dumb Video

Everybody's doing it - Sarah Palin is dumb as a post.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Obama is smarter than, well, everyone.

It's not you, it's me.  Me, me, me!
President Obama won't listen to his lawyers. He's too smart for that.  He knows more than them because he taught law.  In fact, he knows more than anyone as it turns out.  The president also won't listen to his generals either.

June 20, 2011

Pakistani Bombers Tipped Off

FOR the second time this month, bomb-making factories in Pakistan were evacuated shortly after US officials notified Pakistani security forces of their existence, fuelling suspicions this intelligence is being shared with insurgents.

The disclosure prompted senior members of Congress to accuse Pakistan of playing a double game by aiding the US on some counterterrorism operations while also maintaining ties to extremist organisations operating from its territory.
In case you were not aware, Pakistan is not a solid ally of the United States.  This from a country that has received billions in aid from the United States in exchange for aid in combating terrorism.  The U.S. government is not getting its money's worth.

Medvedev endorses...Obama?

According to Big Government, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he wants his US counterpart Barack Obama to win re-election next year. His fear is that the two men's efforts to improve ties may falter under a new administration. There's a great endorsement - the leader of an autocratic regime, being led by those who want to consolidate power for themselves. Perhaps he's looking for Obama to return the favor as Medvedev may have to fend off a challenge by the sure-to-return Putin next year as well.

Obama endorses...wood?

No, this is not an Anthony Weiner post.  President Obama is hard at work solving the nation's economic stagnation and non-recovery issues.  We know this because the administration took the important step this month of endorsing wood. Seriously.

June 19, 2011

Liberal yawner: Republicans don't have ideas

From Fox News, team Obama has started in on the pat response to any GOP candidate or position; "they don't have any ideas", "there's no new ideas", "they're just anti-Obama, they have no ideas of their own".

Sunday Reading Linkage

Happy Father's Day to everyone.  As a special Father's Day edition, I'm linking to some new blogs (for me) in addition to a number of my regular reads.  It'll be a short set of linkage today, as I'm due to get served a coffee from my son momentarily.  It'll be his first brewing of coffee and making of a cup.  I'm sure it will taste great.

Maggie's Notebook covers Project Gun Runner (aka Gunwalker, aka Fast and Furious)with precision. My two cents as to whether Holder knew, which I strongly suspect he did, he will have some type of plausible deniability.

For more on Gunwalker, King Shamus frames the Eric Holder background and helps the 'why he knew' case with a plausible motive.  

Proof Positive has the Klaven comparison of Obama and Ryan on the economy.

Conservative Pup eloquently addresses the alarming, unabated effort to remove religion from the country in contravention of the founders' intent.

Rational Nation USA's Les Carpenter III looks at the nation's historical IQ, and the results are double plus ungood. Watch the video at the end if you want to be particularly taken aback.

Moonbattery has a quick note on Sheila Jackson Lee's reflexive ability to do no right.  This time it has to do with somehow confusing Islamic terrorists with Christian militants. (Hat Tip to Paul Mitchell aka Mean Ol' Meany).

June 18, 2011

AGW scientists creating their own worst case scenario

Phrenology - it's real science.
With all the phony AGW (man made global warming) hysteria coming out of certain scientists, with the recent data padding to suit the story line, I noticed myself last night doing something I think the pseudo-science AGW community is doing something the real scientific community would want to deliberately avoid.

NYT Headline spin on Obama

Here's a quick example of the New York Times spins the story to make President Obama look good.  In fact, in this case they are only spinning the headline in President Obama's favor. But it becomes clear after you read the first paragraph.

Saturday Learning Series - Is The West History (Part 6)

The continuing series of "Civilization - Is The West History?" Niall Ferguson takes a look at consumerism and what it has done for the West. The series picks up from Part 1: competition, Part 2: science, Part 3: property, Part 4: medicine and Part 5: consumerism as the other factors that gave rise to the power of the West. In Part 6, he looks at the last component, work. Hopefully there is a dissertation on the future of the West as part of the conclusion as well.

June 17, 2011

Grover Norquist is a hero. Or a dolt.

Grover Norquist is the head of the Americans For Tax Reform.  He's been in the news a lot lately because of the current debate over ending ethanol subsidies.  From a conservative perspective he's either a hero or a dolt, depending on who you read or how you read it.

June 16, 2011

When Al Gore Praises You, You're Done

At least one would hope that when that hyperbolic bag of wind who frowns on any other opinion on mankind's sole blame for global warming praises you, that you're done with the conservative base.  So when Al Gore praises Mitt Romney, it's time for Republican voters to start considering other candidates.

Another Black Conservative has the story summed up nicely;
Oh boy, talk about the kiss of death. Mitt Romney's conservative bona fides is already suspect by many in the Republican base. How can it not be with so many flip-flops and the creation of ObamaCare's father RomneyCare. Adding to conservatives' suspicion of Mitt Romney is Romney's new support for Global Warming. A support he has stuck to as well. Now the chief charlatan of the Global Warming hoax, Al Gore is giving Mitt Romney a big Kudos!

If conservatives ever need more proof that they should think long and hard about having a President Romney, this is it.
That Mitt continues to lead is perhaps only a matter of time and ironically, a little bit of sunlight shining on his candidacy.

Site Update

I'm unreasonably busy of late but I wanted to let readers know two things. (1) There's more posts coming and (2) Now that I've got my blog name sorted out, I'll begin working on a new and improved design with a nicer look.  There's no time frame for it yet, but I'll keep you posted.

June 15, 2011

Peak Oil versus Peak Medicare

The people who insist on alternatives to oil like solar and wind are insistent for a number of reasons; there's the global warming scam, there's the dependence on foreign oil and the money supporting questionable countries with questionable motivations, and then there's the worry over peak oil. Ah, peak oil. Proven reserves, the theory goes, have peaked and production will ultimately start to decline as we have reached the right hand side of the production bell curve. Here's some news for those of you who are so desperate to see a future of windmill-powered cars. You are as wrong about peak oil as you are about Medicare being untouchable.

Bankrupting Medicare

Sometimes I find myself tempted to say, “Let Medicare go bankrupt in 12 years.”  Like I and others, said with CaliforniaIf Democrats are so eager to stick their heads in the sand and say there’s no problem, or that the problems are merely waste and fraud that need more policing, then let’s let the chips fall where they may and hold them accountable in 12 years when it goes broke and the baby boomers, so eager to ignore reality get a really big dose of “there’s nothing left, you’re on your own now.”

June 14, 2011

GOP debate winners and losers

A lot has been written since last night about the GOP debate winners and losers.  Adding a detailed analysis here won't add much value, so here's a quick assessment.

On CNN's John King and thinning the GOP herd

Let me clear my throat.
CNN moderator John King took a lot of heat last night on Twitter and on conservative blogs for his debate moderation at the GOP candidates debate last night in New Hampshire. I myself joined in the King bashing. But now, on second reflection, I think critics on the right have been a little unfair to King. I also think the CNN debate format, done rapid-fire-MTV-generation style, serves a purpose beyond the obvious liberal ones. That is, provided it doesn't become the sole format for debate among GOP candidates.

June 13, 2011

Obama's 10,000 engineers.

As I tweeted earlier today, Obama's solution, 'unexpectedly', for the economic malaise is for America to spend more money.  This time the purpose of the spending is to add 10,000 engineers to the graduation rolls every year.  Again paraphrasing what I tweeted earlier today, the purpose of that is have the best educated unemployed the country has ever seen.

More engineers may be a great idea, but it does NOTHING to help the current unemployment rate or even the medium term economic recovery.  Why is it so out of touch?  As I said on twitter - listening to Obama explaining how to recover and grow the economy is like listening to a window washer explain astrophysics.  Economics is not his forte.  Neither is foreign policy.  Neither is energy policy.

Now appointing liberal judges, spending money and inventing unconstitutional rights and responsibilities - those things he truly excels at. 

This is not a Weiner post!

Representative Weiner is taking a leave of absence in order to seek professional treatment for his disturbing behavior.  Don't worry this is not a Wiener post.  What concerns me is the following quote from CNS News;
Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) will continue to collect his $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary without interruption while he is taking a leave of absence to seek “professional treatment,” according to the House Administration Committee, which has oversight over the congressional payroll.
You've heard of being Rick-rolled? A trick where under the guise of some other online purpose you are suddenly and unmercifully exposed to a specific Rick Astley video. Well guess what America - you've been Weiner-rolled! Not by me, by Rep. Weiner.  Weiner is collecting your money to NOT WORK but undergo a personal journey to discover his better-behaving self. In other words he's a welfare recipient at this point. A loud-mouthed, obnoxious and egotistical welfare recipient with no sense of shame, who doesn't know enough to walk away from the 'free money' that you are paying for.

If this isn't simply symbolic of the lack of understanding by the left of the inappropriateness of taking other people's money I don't know what is.

Blog Note - Domain Name Change

Well, I did it.  Nonsensible Shoes has it's own domain now.  I had planned on notifying readers before hand but I didn't do it, I just switched over.  I hope I didn't lose anyone...

June 12, 2011

A thought on shoes

Nonsensible Shoes.  Soon to be Nonsensibleshoes.com, minus the blogspot.  It's just a question of when to flip the switch because it looks like an outage of about half a day for DNS correction is in the cards.  Plus some follow up on the feed may be needed.

And then there's the re-direct and how that might work.  If you are following this site and want to continue and think you might find problems afterwards, send me an email. I'll try to make sure you don't lose me in the shuffle. Meanwhile once I pick a time, I'll let you know.

Here meanwhile are some truly nonsensible shoes (they aren't mine):

Baltic Dry Index - What Recovery?

The Baltic Dry Index is a measure of shipping volume and is considered by many to be a precursor to future economic activity and hence recession or recovery.  Apologists for BDI weakness claim a number of reasons for it's softness.  MJ Perry at Carpe Diem first made me aware of it back in 2009, and while he seems to be at times a proponent of strong free market capitalism, his apologist nature for BDI recovery is ringing hollow.  

Must Read George Will Column

Sometimes George Will gets on my nerves with his penchant for establishment Republicanism.  But make no mistake, he is fundamentally, a conservative voice, and in Friday column in the Washington Post, he cuts through the Obamacare debate like a laser into one of the greatest dangers that the country faces in those 2000+ pages of legislative wordiness.  Will's column is a must read. The problem is that not enough Americans yet care about the implications of his point.

Sunday Reading Primer

That is all.

June 11, 2011

Should I Change My Mind on Weiner?

I was done discussing Weiner.  I meant it, and aside from the gratuitous shirtless shot I posted for sarcasm, I was pretty much ready to move on.  Lambasting him was a distraction from the dismal Obama recovery among other things.  

MSM Meme in trouble - Palin not a dimwit

Newsflash:  Sarah Palin apparently is no dimwit, but was a hard working loyal and diligent governor.  How do we know?  CNN says so.

Saturday Learning Series - Is The West History (Consumerism)

The continuing series of "Civilization - Is The West History?" Niall Ferguson takes a look at consumerism and what it has done for the West.  The series picks up from Part 1: competition, Part 2: science, Part 3: property and Part 4: medicine as the other factors that gave rise to the power of the West.

For more historical and economic studies , search Saturday Learning Series (James Burke or Milton Friedman also provide some great series and make a good search term on this site).

2009-2010: A reminder for 2012.

A video entitled 'Remember November', just to remind you why 2012 is so important.  The video was made for the 2010 midterm elections, but nothing in the video is outdated nor will it be in 2012.

Pelosi's uncoolness on Weiner

Nancy Pelosi promised as speaker she would run the most ethical House in history.  Drain the swamp? Pelosi, you crazy madcap girl, you just keep fooling everybody with that one.  By everyone, I mean yourself.

Or maybe that's just above your pay grade now.

UPDATE: Apparently not.  Pelosi has reversed herself and is calling for Wiener to step down (no hot dog pun here).

June 10, 2011

CNN - Certainly Not Neutral

Via Sodahead.com
CNN came in to existence as a great idea - a news feed.  Looking back, the writing was already on the teleprompter - CNN was doomed to ratings decline because of the irresistible urge to proselytize (that's a good word, look it up) the viewers.  It's no secret what political slant Ted Turner was (or is) - he married Hanoi Jane after all.  A liberal slant, a media outlet, and armed with the conscious or unconscious understanding Alinsky's rules for radicals (specifically 5, 8 and 12), all made the journalistic drift from news to editorializing inevitable.  That formula can't exist forever without consequences.

June 9, 2011


The soft diplomacy espoused by the Obama administration isn't really much more than embracing the enemy and eschewing the friend, isn't it?  The latest example siding with Argentina (not an enemy, but not England) over Great Britain on the Falkland Islands, a question settled nearly 30 years ago in favor of the nation that Ronald Reagan sided with as a first among friends ally.  That is simply unbelievable in it's foolishness.  It's exceeded only by it's irrelevance. Of course, the reason is probably oil.  Nevertheless, is it worth throwing away the special relationship with the closest ally?  Of course not, but maybe the President is just embarrassed by all the diplomatic screw ups he's made with the Queen and the Prime Minister and this is his way of ending the relationship...

June 8, 2011

More two word opinions

Once again I'm on the receiving end of swamped.  Here's some quick thoughts on some topics in the news.

The Senate is pushing through Debit Card fee capping. Unintended Consequences.

Obamacare may be unconstitutional. Ya think?

Fairness Doctrine going away? About time.

Dems see end to GOP's Wisconsin wave with recall efforts. Counting chickens.

That's it for now.  I'm still swamped...

June 7, 2011

Obama's economy is a failure

These are just bumps on the road to recovery.  Really?

President Obama, it's your economy now.  You've been President for nearly two and a half years.  The lack of success is your own.  You own it.  You can't go back to blaming Bush or the Republicans.  For two of those two and a half years, you've had free reign with friendly Democrat legislative branches.You've not only not pulled the economy out of a major slump, you've managed to lengthen it and threatened to cause a double dip recession.  In the process, you've managed to demoralize a large segment of the business sector. You've managed to choke off your chances of a solid recovery before 2012. Congratulations.

June 6, 2011

Don't be a weenie.

I'm just saying...

Sarah Palin knows her history

Not only does she know it, she knows it well, and she knows it far better than President Obama knows his geography. Democrats had a field day with Sarah Palin's seemingly incorrect version of Paul Revere warning the British. The only problem for them is she's right.

Two Word Opinions: Not surprised

I've been falling behind on posting the last few days because of a busy schedule.  But I'm still here.  In the spirit though of being rushed and having little time to post, here are some more two word opinions on some current media fodder.  Longer posts hopefully will return soon.  As for deeper thoughts - sometimes two words carry a lot of meaning, and sometimes though shallow, go as deep as you need to go.

June 4, 2011

Saturday Learning Series - Civilization (Part 4 - Medicine)

Niall Ferguson continues his look at the rise and the West and the possible future of the West. In Part 4 (continued from Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) medicine is featured. Can the West survive?

June 3, 2011

Weinergate - Why I'm so done with it.

Anthony Weiner is a loud-mouth opinionated liberal. He interrupts and shouts down those with whom he disagrees. He's bull-headed. Let's not forget cocky...

June 2, 2011

Some Notions Of Who Is Wrong On The Debt Fight

The short answer in this debt fight is - everyone.  The real issue is the type and degree of wrongness. 

June 1, 2011

Two Word Opinions

More quick opinions after a busy day.

Now Anthony Weiner doesn't know if Weinergate photo was of him? Going blind?

'Unexpected' Double Dip recession looking very possible, who knew? Non-Keynesians.

Government limos almost double under Obama. Marie Antoinette.

China cyber-attacks Google.  

Palin's tour to go national. Already running.

Al Gore blasts Rupert Murdoch over Sky Italia issue. Partisan whining.

Jon Huntsman blasted GOP in 2009. Can't win.

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