May 28, 2011

Saturday Learning Series - Civilization (Property)

Part three of Niall Ferguson's series on Civilization: Can the West Survive, looks at property - another of the six unique factors that led to the preeminence of the West. A fascinating stroll through important history.

(Part 1Part 2)


  1. Dean,

    I'm really enjoying these weekly posts! Thanks for an enlightening post.

  2. Joe, thanks! They are a great series from Niall Ferguson.

    Go back and check out earlier series on my blog from James Burke called Connections (20 episodes), or another series by him called The Day The Universe Changed. Another series by Milton Friedman on economics is also excellent. Search "Saturday Learning Series" to find them all.

  3. I just remembered - For the Connections search, there are a few Connections series from James Burke. The first, while oldest, is clearly the best one. Connections 2 and 3 are still good but nearly so much as the first one.


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