May 21, 2011

Saturday Learning Series: Is The West History? (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, Niall Ferguson looked at competition as the impetus for the rise of the West.  Not only competition among companies but also critically competition among nations.  European competition among neighbors made it an imperative to succeed or die - sink or swim.

There's a 10th Amendment lesson in that.  A lesson of 50 experiments versus 1.  When states have to compete against each other - for education, for business, for labor - they ultimately will look after their own interests as best they can.  By taking that away, the federal government is removing that diversity, and removing that best opportunity for innovation, the federal government is stagnating the American economy. Indeed, they are killing one of the fundamental pillars of what Niall Ferguson correctly says drove the rise of the West to preeminence.  While European leaders seem bent on a European Union, it appears the Democrats want to follow suit, to the detriment of American.  Ironically those who call most and loudest for diversity, are most trying to homogenize American society by removing competition - in government, in business, in medicine,  in labor and even in people.

It almost makes me want to help hide the second installment of Is The West History instead of promoting it as a good thing for people to see.  We don't want to tip off the Obama administration as to what to stifle next.  Nevertheless, more information is good.  Watch as Niall Ferguson talks about science.

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