June 28, 2017

9-0 or not, SCOTUS was pretty convincing on travel ban

Firstly, here's the details on the court ruling.

And the 9-0?

Newsweek on a despicable and highly disrespectful page where they had a Gollum version of president Trump, argued that "Per curiam" does not mean unanimous.

Okay, maybe unanimous, maybe not. But,
Per curiam refers to a decision handed down by the court as a whole, without identifying any particular judge as the author. It is the opinion of the court as a single body. Most decisions on the merits by the Supreme Court and other appellate courts in the U.S. are signed by individual justices. Even when such signed opinions are unanimous, they are not termed "per curiam." Per curiam decisions usually deal with issues the court views as relatively non-controversial.
[Emphasis added] Non-controversial means it was closer to 9-0 than 5-4. The left is busy in publication after publication trying to convince themselves this is not a win for president Trump.  But come October, this will be a convincing win for the president, should he decide to extend the order beyond 90 days (which arguably he could do, given the obstinate inaction on his Executive Order, he has every right to impose at this point). What do I mean by convincing? At least 6-3 in support of his temporary ban.

Trying to convince yourself it will again be overturned at this point is to truly take leave of your senses.  This was not a 5-4 decision, and the October revisit will not be either.

MUST SEE: CNN is crashing and burning, slowly.

Just wow.  "Nothing burger".

June 27, 2017

Trump wins on travel ban

The media is spinning this as a partial win and that only 'parts' of the travel ban will go into effect.  But those excluded based on existing relationships constitute a small percentage of those affected by the ban.  The real win, is the fact that the Supreme Court recognizes that the president does indeed possess national security powers and that lower court rulings were the ones overstepping their bounds.  A full case will be heard before the Supreme Court in October.

Project Veritas catches CNN telling the truth on Russia

The truth is out there. And James O'Keefe is finding it. [Note - some strong language]

Google caught in the act of manipulation

Google's being fined by the E.U. for discriminatory search results.
The European Union’s antitrust regulator on Tuesday fined Alphabet Inc.’s GOOGL -1.42% Google a record €2.42 billion ($2.71 billion) for favoring its own comparison-shopping service in search results and ordered the search giant to apply the same methods to rivals as its own when displaying their services.
Here's my question, and it's pretty much a rhetorical one: If Google is manipulating search results on shopping services, and it's being run by anti-Trump, anti-Republican, and anti-conservative silicon valley liberals, isn't it possible probable that they are doing the same on political stories?

Caught in the act by the E.U., they'll likely appeal the fine. But should they lose expect them to make the minimal changes necessary to avoid other lawsuits or fines. In other words, don't expect Google's shopping products to drop out of the top 3 results. By extension, don't expect them to alter search results to a level of fairness where Fox News pages on apolitical story come in ahead of NBC's or CNN's. That's not going to happen.

June 26, 2017

Sarah Palin has the right to say "I told you so"

What a contrast.  Back in 2008 you had this from T Boone Pickens, "billionaire investor, philanthropist and energy reform activst" who warned against expectations that domestic oil drilling could ever contribute significantly to American energy independence.

Forget what candidate Obama was saying at the time, about bankrupting coal and promising to increase drilling (something he clearly did not follow through on). Meanwhile the most mocked woman in America, possibly ever in the history of the mainstream media, Sarah Palin was saying this - for which she was roundly mocked as not seeing the reality of American energy:

Flash forward 9 years to this.  Yesterday in Bloomberg:
Donald Trump will tout surging U.S. exports of oil and natural gas during a week of events aimed at highlighting the country’s growing energy dominance.

The president also plans to emphasize that after decades of relying on foreign energy supplies, the U.S. is on the brink of becoming a net exporter of oil, gas, coal and other energy resources...

“It’s about utilizing our abundance of resources at home to create jobs and grow the economy, and at the same time use those to strengthen America’s leadership and influence abroad,” said Michael Catanzaro, a special assistant to the president on domestic energy.

...The U.S. is on track to produce 10 million barrels of oil per day on average next year, according to a forecast from the Energy Information Administration -- a milestone that would shatter a record set in 1970.
For reference purposes only two countries in the world produced 10 million barrels per day in 2016, Russia and Saudi Arabia.  America is indeed on a path to energy independence, after an eight year stall under then president Obama. Granted not all that wealth of resources is from Alaska, but if anyone has the right to say, "I told you so" today, it's Sarah Palin. 

June 25, 2017

Explosive: Democrats linked to phony Trump dossier

Democrat party credibility.
Breaking News, via NY Post:
A secretive Washington firm that commissioned the dubious intelligence dossier on Donald Trump is stonewalling congressional investigators trying to learn more about its connections to the Democratic Party.

The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month threatened to subpoena the firm, Fusion GPS, after it refused to answer questions and provide records to the panel identifying who financed the error-ridden dossier, which was circulated during the election and has sparked much of the Russia scandal now engulfing the White House.

What is the company hiding? Fusion GPS describes itself as a “research and strategic intelligence firm” founded by “three former Wall Street Journal investigative reporters.” But congressional sources says it’s actually an opposition-research group for Democrats, and the founders, who are more political activists than journalists, have a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump agenda.

“These weren’t mercenaries or hired guns,” a congressional source familiar with the dossier probe said. “These guys had a vested personal and ideological interest in smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.”

Fusion GPS was on the payroll of an unidentified Democratic ally of Clinton when it hired a long-retired British spy to dig up dirt on Trump. In 2012, Democrats hired Fusion GPS to uncover dirt on GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. And in 2015, Democrat ally Planned Parenthood retained Fusion GPS to investigate pro-life activists protesting the abortion group.
It seems Republicans and the Trump administration have gotten off their heels and moved to being on offense. More to follow, most certainly.

Global Warming is Pseudoscience

Professor Ivar Giaever, the 1973 Nobel Prizewinner for Physics trashes the global warming/climate change/extreme weather pseudoscientific clap-trap and tells Obama he is "Dead Wrong". This was the 2012 meeting of Nobel Laureates.

Sunday verse

June 24, 2017

Leftist propaganda vs. The Red Pill

Fellow Canadian Gavin McInnes speaks on the documentary The Red Pill, takes a look at the double standard when it comes to men's rights in today's society as compared to the free reign given to the likes of Michael Moore and Al Gore. McInnes is spot on - any movie that does not advocate for undeniable evil (e.g. murder,"the killing of children") should be allowed to be seen, particularly when it comes to documentaries.  Ideas can be debated, it's when you don't give ideas a chance that you homogenize the population and destroy real diversity (the diversity of ideas), which is something the left argues it stands for, universally.  Clearly that's not true.

Look, not every idea is a good idea.  Some are terrible.  But if you let those terrible ideas be heard, and then counter them with counter arguments ultimately people will see them for what they are: bad ideas.

I think ultimately this is the only place the progressive left has left for itself to go.  They have become so strident in their screaming down and censorship (both overt and covert) of opposing ideas, that people are finally starting to catch on. This is why Trump won the election.  It's why no one believes his approval ratings are or were ever at 39%  (outside of the leftist echo chamber, the shrill media and perhaps some despondent establishment, do-nothing Republicans).

The only way out for the left is to return to previous form and allow a platform for the right and then hope that they can drown out those ideas by sheer volume of counter opinion.  I don't believe they've grasped that it's their only way out of irrelevance now.  Even if they do already realize it, it's going to take them decades to undo the damage they have done to themselves.

I watched an interesting video this morning, Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on the Anthony Cumia show and they covered a wide range of topics over 48 minutes. But relevant to the topic at hand, Milo and Anthony both touched brilliantly on the same issue of how the left has done tremendous damage to itself. You can catch the entire video here or here [warning - strong language].

Saturday Learning Series Bonus - Top 10 Airport design secrets

A bonus Saturday Learning Series item today - the Top 10 design secrets of airports.

Saturday Learning Series - Why the U.S. military made GPS free to the public

Without going into whether the decision was the correct one or not, this video explains the GPS satellite network and why it was made available to the public and for commercial use, for free.  An interesting watch.

June 23, 2017

Et Tu, Captain Jack Sparrow?

Liberal assassination culture cancer keeps spreading.  Even Captain Jack Sparrow is pulling out the bloody Trump head now - or maybe he was inspired by the Trumpeques Julius Caesar assassination fantasy play.

31,487 Scientists say 'no' to global warming alarmism

The debate on climate change (aka global warming) is over?  Only if you ask everyone who agrees with you. 31,000+ highly acclaimed scientists not only disagree, but have spoken out about it.

Ben Shapiro slam dunks the epi-pen argument

In my last post I focused on the argument style suggested in a video to try to help put forth conservative arguments in a way that is on the offensive without being aggressive.  Here, conservative stalwart Ben Shapiro discusses the EpiPen discussion on health care in a way that is factual but puts empathy at the forefront, and he does so very effectively.

It's a different style as he is answering a question rather than asking it, per the previously mentioned video, but equally effective; rather than focusing on a solution, he ties it very specifically back to the urgency and immediacy of the issue with respect to those affected by the pricing issue.

Being passively on the offensive on immigration

The video below talks about the impacts of immigration on Western Civilization. While it is interesting in its own right, what is really fascinating is the approach recommended in addressing the issue with liberals.  The smart approach recommended is portable to other arguments that conservatives espouse.

Being passively on the offensive is an interesting approach and merits the attempt.

Friday Musical Interlude - Children

Robert Miles 1996 song Children (this is the Dream version).

June 22, 2017

Good times: A little bit of Hannity

Just for some feel good news. Sean Hannity's monologue on the Ossoff loss.

Pelosi clings to power

Via NBC News, Nancy Pelosi is on the losing side again and Democrats are calling for her to step aside. Instead she's mounted a desperate, clingy defense akin to "Mine!"

At this point she must be a really bitter clinger.

Well, ya.

President Donald Trump has the left, particularly the media left, apoplectic.  Tweeting out today he has no tapes of Comey.

The president clearly understands media misdirection in a way the media has yet to grasp.

I think some heads might actually explode when they realize the Nixonian tapes they thought they were going to get, don't exist and the dead end on the obstruction is really that - a dead end.

Ummmm, er, what?

Townhall force Hugh Hewitt's getting a show on progressive liberal MSNBC?  I get it from Hugh's perspective; de-hypnotizing a lost generation of ultra-leftist youth who have zero exposure to truth and reason.  Good luck with that uphill battle Hugh, seriously - I mean that.

But MSNBC?  They were languishing in the ratings until president Trump won.  There's no need to try to attract conservative viewers.

Maybe they think they can corrupt Hugh Hewitt to a progressive liberal leftist.
MSNBC, which has been soaring lately in both ratings and in advertising prices, is giving radio host Hugh Hewitt his own show, adding another conservative voice to a lineup that already includes Fox News poach Greta Van Susteren and former George W. Bush communications hand Nicole Wallace.

Hewitt's self-titled show will air on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m., starting June 24, as part of an expansion of the network's weekend programming in July. TVNewser first reported the news, which was then announced by the company.

In giving Hewitt his own show, MSNBC is sure to raise eyebrows, considering that the network has been doing well mostly on the strength of left-leaning opinion journalists like Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. NBC News chairman Andy Lack is known to favor hard news, and has programmed the network to feature a broader range of editorial opinions in addition to traditional newsmen like Brian Williams.
As an aside, note that the story overlooks the fact that if Brian Williams is a traditional newsman, the traditional newsmen ARE the problem.

June 21, 2017

Take Ossoff - Dems lose, again

Republicans win, again. Jon Ossoff, the latest Democrat poster boy for anti-Trumpism, and a man who tried to sound like a conservative in his commercials lost to a Republican.  Democrats are proving they cannot beat not only Trump, but in more general terms, elections.
Republicans held on to a hotly contested U.S. House seat in Georgia on Tuesday, beating back an aggressive challenge that showed the Democrats’ inability to turn opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency into electoral gains.

Republican Karen Handel, a former Georgia secretary of state, beat Democrat Jon Ossoff, a onetime congressional aide, in the most expensive House race in history and the most significant test of the two parties’ political strength since Mr. Trump’s election.

In nearly complete results, Ms. Handel had almost 53% of the vote to just over 47% for Mr. Ossoff, the Associated Press reported.

In winning the seat, Republicans overcame a Democratic advantage in campaign spending and demonstrated that Mr. Trump retained political capital in the district.
The trend of Democrat losses continues.  This race was a lot closer than it should have been but that's largely attributable to the massive spending Dems threw at trying to win what would have been a mostly symbolic victory.

June 19, 2017

The awesomeness that is Dinesh D'Souza

This should be a required lecture at every safe space college and university in the country. Dinesh D'Souza teaches university students about the real world. 

Bonus content:

SCOTUS unanimously gets it right.

Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg agrees that first amendment rights protect disparaging trademarks.  Why? Because it's the first amendment. Someone deciding what's offensive and what's not is inherently autocratic and anathema to freedom of speech, isn't it?

Obviously this band was self-aware enough to fight for the right to name themselves and it was a conscious decision to do so.
WASHINGTON — In a decision likely to bolster the Washington Redskins’ efforts to protect its trademarks, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the government may not refuse to register potentially offensive names. A law denying protection to disparaging trademarks, the court said, violated the First Amendment.

The decision was unanimous, but the justices were divided on the reasoning.

The decision, concerning an Asian-American dance-rock band called the Slants, probably also means that the Washington Redskins football team will win its fight to retain federal trademark protection.

The law at issue in both cases denies federal trademark protection to messages that may disparage people, living or dead, along with “institutions, beliefs or national symbols.”
The NYT editors must be eating their own livers right about now.

June 18, 2017

Milo's comeback trail

A 40 minute appearance on Dr. Drew.

Sunday Links

Some interesting (and often quick) reads for your Sunday morning.

-Via The Right Pundit, CNN is deliberately getting even the simplest things wrong. 

-Via The Right Scoop, only 80% of the Trump Russia investigation left to go. Clearly the timing is designed to push an impeachment vote circa 2018 or 2020 elections.

-PJ Media says it's not a civial war, it's an American divorce.

-Via Poweline, St. Louis Cardinals stand up to LGBT bullying and let a Christian speak.

-Gateway Pundit updates us on the "crazy fake Indian".

-Let's hope Politichicks are wrong about this one, but I suspect they are not. We're literally on a highway to hell it seems.

-Wizbang says, shun Coulter.

-Small Dead Animals succinct take on communist flavored ice cream.

Mainstream outlets:

Odds & Sods:

-We have a Republican Congress.  Why are we wasting time on things like this?

-Whatever happened to Protein Wisdom???

-Update - continue not bothering to check on former conservative turned crazy lunatic leftist website Little Green Footballs (deliberate link miss).  It still sucks sewage.

Sunday verse

Related to the verse above, I discovered an interesting blog post by Debunking Atheists here, that talks about the Biblical understanding of a spherical earth and the origins of the flat earth idea.

June 17, 2017

The Lighter Side of Trumpian Deregulation

Crisis? What crisis?
President Trump has rolled back some obsolete but on-going government efforts to combat...Y2K. The fact that this needed to be deregulated is as sad as it is funny.
Seventeen years after the Year 2000 bug came and went, the federal government will finally stop preparing for it.

The Trump administration announced Thursday that it would eliminate dozens of paperwork requirements for federal agencies, including an obscure rule that requires them to continue providing updates on their preparedness for a bug that afflicted some computers at the turn of the century. As another example, the Pentagon will be freed from a requirement that it file a report every time a small business vendor is paid, a task that consumed some 1,200 man-hours every year.

“We’re looking for stuff everyone agrees is a complete waste of time,” Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters at the White House. He likened the move to the government “cleaning out our closets.”
It's not exactly draining the swamp but at least it's a move that's in the right direction and not the government adding more burden to itself.  Nevertheless I'm sure this will get tied into the Russia collusion investigation by the left.

Saturday Learning Series - Reagan's Star Wars Win

Curious Droid covers president Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative and how it caused the Soviet Union to bankrupt itself trying to compete.  You won't see it in the mainstream media, but Ronald Reagan won the cold war for democracy.

It's ironic that the left, formerly so enamored of the Soviet Union now see Russia as the biggest bogeyman in America's geopolitical arena. Even president Obama thought that Russia as a problem, was so 1980s. Yes, Russia is a serious geopolitical foe (and president Trump knows it). The Soviet Union was worse - we do a disservice to ourselves to forget just how bad it really was. Just as we do ourselves a disservice to now use Russia as a pawn in a purely political game designed to destabilize an American president.  It seems almost treasonous.

June 16, 2017

Friday Musical Interlude - Strange style Sultans of Swing

Dire Straits classic Sultans Of Swing performed on a gayageum by Luna.

June 15, 2017

Comically accurate

Democrats are trying to revive the dead horse they've beaten into the ground on the phony Russian collusion theory.

Acosta Tweeted, “WH official on hospital visit: “President Trump did not meet with Scalise and did not go into the room where Scalise is being treated.”

This was proven to be fake.
Follow the link and read the full story, it's a good callout on fake news.

June 14, 2017

Sanders' quasi-response to supporter sniper.

Following up on my earlier post, here's some background on the Sanders supporter who took sniper shots at Republicans, this video points out more detail about the shooter and Bernie Sanders' milquetoast response:

Shocking: Liberal violent rhetoric just got real, dropped the rhetoric part

Liberals, in this case a Bernie Sanders supporter, are turning from violent rhetoric to violent action.  The over-the-top rhetoric is inciting real world violence.  It's time for the left to get a grip and start acting responsibly.

The far left have blood on their hands. And let's not forget the former agitator-in-chief, former president Obama:

And now they are trying to assassinate Republicans.  This has the potential to escalate quickly and horribly and Democrats who have been covertly encouraging this had better step back quickly and noticeably, NOW before the country devolves into chaos.  Or maybe, that's just what they want.

June 13, 2017

Hey left, this is what big government means

This is what you are fighting to accomplish - your own subjugation via "environmental specialists" and similar bureaucrats.

June 12, 2017

Liberals pull out all the entertainment stops

Some liberals have moved on from ranting about president Trump winning the election to once again using their strong suit (the entertainment industry) to disparage the president. I'm not expecting much from Roseanne Barr's show reboot.  That is not much new. Meanwhile, the NYT newspaper is sponsoring a president Trump assassination Julius Caesar play. For real.
New York's venerated theater organization, the Public Theater, is facing a PR disaster over its long-running free "Shakespeare in the Park" series. The organization is mounting a production of Julius Caesar, which (spoiler alert!) ends with the Roman politician being assassinated. Many far-right online personas—including Donald Trump Jr.—consider this to be offensive given that Caesar appears Trump-like in this particular production. (It depicts him with blonde hair and modern attire.)

A flurry of online trolling and hysteria over the show has resulted in two corporate sponsors—Bank of America and Delta—cutting ties with the Public Theater. But not everyone is ready to cut and run. Today the New York Times, another corporate sponsor, confirmed to me that it will continue supporting the theater.
Kathy Griffin redux.  I wonder if this still applies?

Roseanne reboot because...Trump

Flashback to prior disrespect.
It looks like wacko liberal turned bizarre libertarian turned anti-Trumpian loudmouth Roseanne Barr is coming back to tackle president Trump because, apparently no one else on TV is doing it.  Wait, what???
Expect comedian Roseanne Barr to tackle Donald Trump and the current reality of ordinary Americans when a revival of her popular family sitcom debuts on ABC mid-season.

ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey just isn't certain Barr will personally identify the U.S. president. "I don't know whether Roseanne (Barr) will speak about Trump by name. But she's going to speak very honestly," Dungey told the Banff World Media Festival on Monday during a keynote address.

"We're going to be tackling some of the topics that are in the conversation today. I'll leave it that," she added. Original castmembers Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman and Lecy Goranson will return 30 years after the original Roseanne comedy debuted, this time with new kids and grandchildren thrown into the mix for new story-telling.

"Now we will have three generations — Roseanne, her kids and her kids have kids who are teenagers. So we'll bring back a point-of-view that has really been missing on the air," Dungey said. By that, the ABC Entertainment boss is talking about a push by her network to deliver TV shows that speak to U.S. audiences as a whole, including those that elected Donald Trump as the U.S. president, and not just to the coasts.
It sure sounds like speaking to those who voted for president Trump is going to positioned as a lecture. Progressive liberals still don't get it. ABC is moving from outrage, to lecturing. Wait and see, then tune out.

June 10, 2017

Saturday Learning Series Flashback

The reason I started the Saturday Learning Series years ago, was James Burke and his series Connections.  Here's the first brilliant episode of a brilliant series (one of several brilliant series by historian Burke.

veetle-Connections S01E01 The Trigger Effect by pip3000

June 9, 2017

U.K. votes, barely, to keep Brexit alive

Theresa May read the tea leaves wrong.  Pollsters two months ago had her perched to get a mega-majority if she called a snap election.  Predicated on a mandate to strongly negotiate Brexit, she did so.  It was partly political but it seemed to be a shrewd move.  As election day approached the popular support numbers for the conservatives tanked and May has barely hung on to maintain a coalition government with the pro-Brexit DUP party.

It turns out the move by May was a political blunder, but to be fair, it was one she didn't see coming.  It will be interesting to see what the post analysis brings out.  Did ultra-leftist Corbyn bring out, a la Obama, a stronger than anticipated youth contingent of voters?  Or did, as the British MSM seemed to expound, lose popularity as people got to know her better?  At least an aggressive Brexit negotiation is still on track, but the election really feels like a badly missed opportunity for the Tories (conservatives) in the U.K. to strengthen their position for the next several years.  But in every problem there is opportunity.

Expect an emboldened Corbyn to be even more outrageous than he has previously and with that exposure comes the opportunity to paint him as the extremist that he really is, setting May (or her successor) up for a strong victory next time around.

For a great analysis of the results themselves, check out the Legal Insurrection take here.

Friday Musical Interlude - Obama stuttering "If" remix

OMG, too funny! With a guest appearance by president Trump.

June 8, 2017

Trump lawyer makes some great points on Comey

Via USA Today:

Comey early testimony highlights

Via Fox 10 Phoenix, a few important portions of the James Comey testimony today:

NYT article on collusion was fake news:

Comey took "I hope" to mean an order. That doesn't mean it was.

Marco Rubio brilliantly questions James Comey

As I mentioned on Twitter, I am pleasantly surprised at how well Marco Rubio did in questioning Marco Rubio.  He may have gone 95% of the way in acquitting the president of any wrongdoing in a matter of minutes.

This is not the entire exchange (which I will share as soon as I can find), but it's a good chunk of the exchange.

South Carolina - please primary this guy

Lindsey Graham is trying to walk a centrist line but consistently ends up undermining conservative values.  In this case, the CBS news headline takes his line about "half of what Trump does is not okay" and makes that the headline.  For the left, Graham is a useful idiot.  And in his attempt to walk a thin line Graham spends most of the gotcha interview "defending" Trump's innocence.  But his willingness to disparage Trump in general makes a great headline for the left.  South Carolina, please primary this guy. Get. Him. Out.

June 7, 2017

President Trump is moving forward on health care

While Democrats pound sand on Trump and Russia, the president is moving forward on his agenda.  In the end this approach to politics from the left is going to work in president Trump's favor. The president's remarks start at 2:50.


Coats and Rogers initial answers made continued hearings pointless

I'm watching Shepard Smith on Fox News trying to make smoke out of wet noodles on the testimony today of the denials made in the Senate committee hearing with Dan Coats and NSA chief Mike Rogers about feeling pressure to do anything illegal, or immoral ever. Yet people like independent senator King tried to create some spectacular sound bites to make it seem like the two were stonewalling.

That should be the end of it - at least so far as those two were concerned but questioning continued, needlessly. But facts were never the point.  If inveterate liberal Shepard Smith of Fox was trying to spin this, I can't imagine what the likes of MSNBC and CNN must be doing right now. 

June 6, 2017

White House leaker caught

It's no surprise the leaker was an avowed Bernie Sanders supporting socialist.  This is against the law. It's counter to national security.  She will and should be, imprisoned if proven guilty in court.  It sounds like she has already implicated herself.

How CNN fakes its news.

Mark Dice shares some behind the scenes CNN manufacturing of the news.  What's interesting is not the content of the broadcast, but rather what CNN is doing here behind the scenes. It's must see stuff.

Judicial Watch - new Hillary Clinton email troubles

Hillary Clinton is out there complaining about her loss again.  Maybe she should have kept her head down and moved on.  Judicial Watch has released new information about Hillary Clinton and her email scandal.  I doubt any new investigation will be opened as a result of this but it doesn't matter.  What matters is that she violated national security protocols and should not be allowed near government ever again.

The real cause for anyone concerned about national security should be ensuring that her reputation is besmirched to the point that she cannot possibly undertake another run for the presidency or anything near it.  She's too irresponsible to be in government and the public needs to understand that.  Only mainstream media style repetition and volume can accomplish that.

June 5, 2017

Suggestions on avoiding pop culture's swan dive into excrement

I've blogged about this notion in the past - pop culture has over time, become bland, uninspired and beyond that, often disgusting. Forget comparing Eminem to Bach, how about comparing the Black Eyed Peas' Boom Boom Pow (2009) to Roxy Music's song Avalon (1981).  It presents an intensely noticeable decay of effort, quality,  thoughtfulness talent and skill, in just a span of  28 years.  And yet the former video has over 260 million views (as of this writing) compared to a mere 10 million for the latter.  And there are far worse offerings than the Black Eyed Peas - there are some truly disturbing things out there masquerading as entertainment and culture.

Granted there's a generational shift in viewing habits - buts that is precisely part of the problem, isn't it? What have we let ourselves become?  As Paul Joseph Watson explains - culture is supposed to elevate us, but it has deliberately, done the exact opposite, reducing people to our basest level.  It's truly sad what society has become.

As conservatives we might have lost the culture war in terms of entertainment media, education in schools, and of course the news coverage of event but we still have ways to win. I used to think that taking back those elements was crucial to cultural victory. But that will take generations to achieve. Fox News has been highly successful (until recently) in offering alternatives to the likes of CNN's bias. But Fox's status in that regard is now in question. We cannot rely on Facebook, Twitter or Google searches to be unbiased.

But as parents we still have one thing we can control - our own family agenda. And that's where we can instill a generational shift in ideas. How? By changing the venue of our children's activities. There are no politics in soccer camp. There is morality we can choose to expose our kids to in Sunday School. There are piano lessons, swimming lessons. There are no disgusting rap lyrics in a family walk in the park. There are no violent video games at the beach. There is no lewdness is a game of Monopoly.

Filling our children's time up with family activities and physical activity has the double effect of bonding with quality time and removing the incredibly negative impacts of cultural decay. No, it's not always free or cheap, but it can be if you are creative. And yes, it is time consuming as an adult to spend time reading to your children and doing all of these activities. I didn't say it was an easy or cheap. It's an exhausting effort to be sure. But isn't investing in the development of our children the greatest responsibility of parents? Are they not worth it? And in terms of saving your country, it's the one weapon you can use to have a direct impact on the future.

I must confess that I did not do perfectly in this regard myself. I did merely okay. But knowing what I know now I hope to do better with my grandchildren someday.  Which brings me to my last point - support.  Undertaking this effort requires support.  It requires family and it requires a community of like-minded people with similar objectives to support each other and develop community activities that support these objectives.  But it is all achievable, and reducing the cultural decay could be a beneficial side effect.  Not only growing the alternatives to the decay, but a lowering demand for the social tripe being proffered might jolt the culture into some better alternatives as a means of survival for artists and musicians.  In any case, it's better than doing nothing but complaining.

June 4, 2017

The European migration crisis exposed

Paul Joseph Watson does some investigative journalism on the 'refugee crisis' in Europe.

Sunday verse

June 3, 2017

Don't get me started on how wrong this is.

China has reduced human life to the equivalent of a machine part. How feudal.

Attention U.K. citizens, this is why you need to vote for Theresa May

More terror in London.  A stronger mandate for exiting the E.U. and giving Prime Minister Theresa May the strong backing to negotiate BREXIT forcefully and not leave the U.K. subject to any whims of the E.U. - especially on immigration and national security issues.

What you need to know about Canadian immigration

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister and prime purveyor of multi-culturalism Prime Minister continues Canada's trend of subverting our own culture for political gain (re-election).  The problem is snowballing and Canada's future will be affected.

The Far Left have co-opted the term Far Right for political purposes

This video from Rebel Media explains quite well how the term "far right" has been twisted by the far left for the purpose of 1984-thought-crime-style censorship of ideas.  The one exception I have with it is that it skims over the Nazi far right misnomer.  Nazi is the German truncation for the term National Socialist.  Socialist means far left, not far right.  Other than that, great video.

June 2, 2017

Kathy Griffin career implosion, day 2

Earlier today I watched Kathy Griffin's version of the Obama apology tour mixed with Hillary Clinton style meltdown.

After what appeared to be a heartfelt apology for going to far, today Griffin was all about blameshifting and justifying her action. If the grotesque, ISIS-esque 'comedy' was not career suicide, today's news conference should do it.
Griffin, who asserted that she has been contacted by the Secret Service, said the Trumps are “trying to ruin my rights forever.”
She sounds like a 6 year old. The Secret Service are engaged in due diligence - something Griffin should have done prior to participating in a mock beheading of a sitting president. As for the Trumps - how did she expect them to react? Stop pretending to be a victim mere days after you engaged in a mock bloody execution of a sitting president. Nobody's buying it, not even CNN.

Friday Musical Interlude for Trump haters

Remember when being a liberal meant peace symbols and love your enemy?

Let's Work Together (Canned Heat).

June 1, 2017

Trump presidency has turned the corner on jobs

Looking at this CNBC graphic, it isn't immediately obvious the positive impact president Trump's election has had on job creation in America.

Assuming we allow November private sector jobs added to fall under the president Obama tally, from May 2016 through November 2016 his economy added an average of 170,000 jobs per month over 7 months. Since president Trump's election job creation has increased dramatically on speculation that his business-friendly agenda would mean better profits for business and more jobs for America.  Hiring started in November, but let's leave that one in Obama's column and start president Trump's tally in December.  

Over 6 months president Trump's economy has added an average of 233,333 private payroll jobs per month over 6 months.  That doesn't sound like a dramatic increase over his predecessor but it represents a 37.25% increase in jobs added over the previous Obama span.

Anyone trying to argue that those are really jobs added by the Obama economy doesn't understand the speculative nature of the free market.  Businesses are wise to act based on coming events not historical events.  To react as slowly as the latter means to be at a competitive disadvantage and that means economic death.  The stock market alone is proof that reaction speeds are quick.

Further to that point, if the Obama economy was so rosy, why did it suddenly leap ahead after Trump became president elect?  Why not any time in the 8 years prior to that?  Yes the unemployment rate dropped from over 10% to under 5% under president Obama.  But that fact excludes the dismal labor participation rate's historic lows under president Obama.  Less people were trying to get jobs because they had given up on looking for work.

President Trump is bringing those people back into the labor market at the same time as improving job creation.  Thatès even before his tax plans are enacted.President Trumpès economy will boom if it is enacted.  To that end, Republicans must act both on his Obamacare replacement and his tax plan or they will miss a golden opportunity to rout Democrats in 2018 and again in 2020.

Trump-Russia event BINGO

Enjoy this Trump Russia BINGO card. Fill in a square whenever that event happens..

Click to enlarge

May 31, 2017

5000 posts later...

Back in November 2008 I first took to blogging about politics here on Nonsensible Shoes.  This is my 5000th post.  In the intervening 8+ years, I've gotten over 1.4 million page views (wow!).  I never imagined that I'd still be blogging this much later, especially if someone had told me that for all of the effort, I'd have made less than $500 in that time.

Seems futile when you put it in that light.  But that's not the primary point of this blog. 

The purpose of this blog is to espouse common sense conservatism and to be part of the pushback against liberalism in it's current form - hateful, deceitful and economically and socially ineffective.  I'd hoped to be part of a deluge of conservatism against the deluge of angry, bitter liberal tripe.  Unfortunately in the time since I started the blog we've gone from BushHitler to Kathy Griffin beheading president Trump.  In other words, on the left, nothing has changed.  Perhaps collectively conservative writers/bloggers have changed some minds.  We should regard those as wins. But the left is just as bitter, as deceitful and as dangerous to liberty as ever they were.

That does not make blogs like this failures.  It makes us as important as ever in standing up to progressive liberalism in order to do everything we can possibly do to ensure a progressive dystopia does not envelop America, which I regard as the last great hope for humanity.

#Covfefe pocket tweet party time

This was clearly an incomplete tweet that became a pocket tweet by president Trump.
"Despite the constant negative press covfefe."
The left could not wait to portray it as a president out of touch with, I don't know, English maybe?  It's a meme. Even the president was able to joke about it.

Yawner at CNN.

I know what the real meaning is however. According to Urban Dictionary a Fefe is a block party or a house party. Apparently the media's house parties suck.  You know that's the case because they are going to be throwing a party over the tweet. Lame. Good thing the media parties are by invitation only. The real story is that the media party is almost over.

The deluge is working

Yesterday I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and I was stunned that he was telling listeners to tune out (not of his show, but of the mainstream media deluge (assault) on president Donald Trump). I understand the rationale - it's disheartening to hear the constant drumbeat of Russia/incompetence/malfeasance that they fabricate about the president.

But to hear Rush Limbaugh say something like that makes me wonder if fatigue is setting in for Trump supporters .  Rush has always maintained that words matter, that paying attention matters and that fighting back matters.  To hear him advise people to step back a bit for their own mental health makes sense.  But, and it's an important but, that is succumbing to the onslaught because it means not fighting back 100%.  It's important to fight back because if you don't the deluge wins.  We are literally fighting a liberal tsunami of vitriol and deceit.  You cannot step back  and still win.  You need to fight harder, and more intelligently than your political opposition who hold all the high cards - media, education, entertainment, etc.  We need to organize our own efforts to break these important strangleholds.  Stepping back does not accomplish that.

To put a finer point on it - Rush is not asking his listeners to skip listening to his show - he was talking about the mainstream media. But that does not change the overall implication.  You cannot effectively refute a charge in a conversation with your liberal friends if you don't know about it.  You need to know what the media is fabricating.  You also need to know the truth (ergo, Rush, Breitbart etc.)

Rush is frustrated.  I get that. I am too.  For my own part I've been posting less, in some part because I have been listening less.  It's also harder to defend than to attack in politics.  But that does not make it any less necessary.  Also, the frustration we are experiencing is not entirely media driven.  A lot of it is directed at Republicans who are not moving effectively enough or quickly enough on president Trump's agenda to repeal and replace Obamacare, lower taxes, reduce regulation etc.  Those issues if successfully addressed would absolutely kill the media onslaught.  A booming economy trumps (pun intended) slander and faux scandal guaranteed.  Move the agenda forward as if your political life depends on it Republicans, because it kinda does.

Kathy Griffin is a symptom of a sick liberal culture

In case you missed the latest news cycle, this happened:
Here’s what’s happened in the past 19 hours: perpetual try-hard Kathy Griffin tweeted a photo of herself holding an extremely bloody and realistic (though extremely fake) decapitated head of Donald Trump, people got mad and accused her of promoting violence, Squatty Potty dumped her as a brand spokesperson, she deleted the image from her feed, she uploaded an apology video, and then President Trump tweeted that she “should be ashamed of herself.” Oh, and at some point during that timeline, the Secret Service got involved.
Normally I would not show this outrage but I think I have to do so at this point. As repulsive as this is, people need to see it.  It's liberalism with the mask taken off.  This is how they really think.  Kathy Griffin was simply doing what many progressive liberals are thinking.  Some liberals might only be mad at Kathy Griffin because she's errantly exposed their true feelings that they would dare not speak in mixed company.   Some no doubt are also legitimately offended by her actions.

People are rightly mad at Kathy Griffin. But she's not the real problem, she's just a symptom of the real problem. The real problem is a liberal culture that encourages free thinking ONLY if you agree with their point of view. The self-reinforcing nature of the liberal echo chamber creates an environment where it becomes not only okay but is encouraging of an attempt to push boundaries. Again, only so long as you push it in the direction they desire.

Kathy Griffin got too far in front of the curve of what is acceptable. But if this is allowed to continue, by 2020, her asinine attempt at humor might already be mainstream-ready. This is why the culture of political correctness and of liberal media domination needs to be repudiated and stopped. Without an effective countermanding voice to say "this is unacceptable", it is only going to get worse.

May 27, 2017

Saturday Learning Series - Travelling to Mars

Moon?  Been there, done that.  Let's go to Mars. Now exactly how safe is it?

May 26, 2017

Bill Whittle vs Bill Nye (it's not even close)

Bill Whittle destroys Bill Nye the science guy (except he's not).

Friday Musical Interlude - Beach House

A very 80's sounding "Wishes" by Beach House (from 2012 I believe).  This video version is from their short film Forever Still.

May 25, 2017

President Trump scolds NATO 'partners'

Since when is pointing out facts scolding?  And even if it is, so what? NATO partners have been taking advantage of America for years.
BRUSSELS — President Trump exported the confrontational, ­nationalist rhetoric of his campaign across the Atlantic on Thursday, scolding European leaders for not footing more of the bill for their own defense and lecturing them to stop taking advantage of U.S. taxpayers.

Speaking in front of a twisted shard of the World Trade Center at NATO’s gleaming new headquarters in Brussels, Trump upbraided America’s longtime allies for “not paying what they should be paying.” He used a ceremony dedicating the memorial to NATO’s resolve in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States as a platform to exhort leaders to “focus on terrorism and immigration” to ensure their security.
Call me overly obsessed with facts,  but countries paying less that 2% of their GDP are not living up to their obligations and instead are doling out generous welfare and free healthcare on the backs of American taxpayers who are making up the difference.

May 22, 2017

President Trump, trailblazer

Back when Obama was first running for president, I warned some friends who supported him that less important than the first African American president would be the first successful African American president.  My argument against Obama was not based on race it was based on ideology.  Obama was a far left candidate with policies not suited to America.  If he was going to be a president that delivered uninspired results, he would make it more difficult for there to be a second African American president for a long time to come.  Perhaps the implications had a racial component, but the rationale for arguing against his presidency was strictly based on his policy positions.  While I believe a quality African American candidate with sound policies can still win the presidency, I don't think it will happen with a Democrat as the nominee.  Democrats have taken the wrong lesson from his presidency.  We are at the early stages of a Trump presidency but there are some remarkable similarities in terms of being a trailblazer.

On the heels of an historic deal with Saudi Arabia, president Trump is now in Israel and making a similarly big impact.  President Trump has an opportunity to be a trailblazer for a businessman in charge of the government. Big deals and a booming economy, jobs aplenty may not make a difference with the media but it will do so with the American people.  Conversely a failure on those fronts will matter too.  No attempt to delegitimize president Trump by the left will matter.  The American people can and will overlook that if president Trump is successful.  But a failure on the economic front will cause Americans to perhaps take to heart a bunch of those fake news stories about Russia, chaos in the White House, president Trump being ill-equipped to handle the presidency.  The stuff that won't stick now, will stick.

Both presidents Trump and Obama were trailblazers but there is the opportunity for president Trump to for it to be for different reasons.  For president Obama it was because he was the first African American president, for president Trump it can be for being the first successful outsider in the role.  President Obama was successful in his agenda but in the long run if president Trump is successful economically (and he is set to be so, policy-wise at least), the Obama's presidency will in retrospect to even his admirers seen as less than successful. 

A successful Trump presidency really threatens the status quo.  For a future businessman to run, he might need only surround himself with quality legal advisers and the American people might see the benefits of having someone with a sound business sense in the White House.  Instead of being run by lawyers, it can be run by common sense.  President Trump might be not only a trailblazer for business people but for any and all outsiders.  In that sense a successful Trump presidency would bring a real notion of democracy and equality of opportunity back to America.  How can you argue against a successful achievement of that outcome?

Passing of a friend

On Saturday a good friend passed away.  The publisher of  Bob's Rants died.  He will be missed by many. Godspeed Bob.

May 21, 2017

Sunday verse

Have courage, strength and faith.

May 18, 2017

Milton Friedman vs SJWs

Imagine Milton Friedman trying to talk at a university in America today.  His cogent arguments would be considered hate speech and he probably would not even be allowed or invited to speak in many cases.  

SJWs today are anti-ideas.  Watch how Milton Friedman answers a question in the 1970s without being shouted down.  As a bonus his answer is masterful and hard to refute.  The real story though is that his ideas, perhaps disliked were at least heard.

NOTE - I do not believe that's Bernie Sanders, but the ideas Friedman espouses nevertheless, do indeed school current Bernie Sanders.

Global Warming Reminder - still not happening

Global Warming is still just flat earth conspiracy for the 21st century.  It's a created hoax (please click that link and watch the video there, it's not shareable or I would include it here).  Here are some other reminders from some of the scientists who say the debate is not over.  It should be because evidence supports no global warming.

Not convinced? How about a Nobel laureate telling you it's a hoax?

How about the co-founder of Greenpeace saying it's a hoax?

May 17, 2017

Trust, two ways - government and people

Quality takes time.
Trust is essential in relationships but it is absolutely essential when it comes to how we expect government to operate. People need to trust that government will act in their best interest, and do so effectively.  Political differences come down how much people trust their government and consequently, how much they want the government to govern and how much they want the government to stay out of way.  Conservatives do not trust government to do things more effectively than the free market, liberals on the other hand trust government more implicitly and believe that it will act in the best interest of the public more effectively than the 'invisible hand'.

Liberals complain about sinister big business and yet put trust in a government far bigger than any single business.  Government is bureaucracy. All those departments trying to justify their existence have to find problems.  It's a recipe for sinister, self-serving decisions.  Big government even if it is not sinister, is still a recipe for inefficiency.

A defining example of  government "efficiency" is Obamacare.  It was  more than 2000 pages put together in a matter of months by cobbling together pieces of ideas from practically everywhere. Consistency, critical re-evaluation and working together (not to mention bipartisanship) were not part of the effort.  In retrospect, it's the paper tiger of legislation.  It was all sizzle and no steak.  It was hollow and left to it's own devices, it will collapse under it's own weight.  There's no way something like that hodgepodge could go wrong, right?  

For odd juxtapositional comparison, consider the best-selling album Rumours. Five (unfortunately) drug-infused musicians who were constantly at each other's throats but were nevertheless talented, spent a year putting the album together.  Eleven songs, approximately 45 minutes of music that are brilliant.  It took longer to produce than Obamacare and was considerably less detailed though far more eloquent.

Government does not deserve the trust it has been bestowed by the left today (president Trump aside).  On the other hand, government owes the public more trust than it has offered in recent history. Dodd-Frank, FATCA, the EPA regulating farmers' dust, the IRS and its predatory investigations of Tea Party groups  - it is all based on the premise that people cannot be trusted to do things for the greater good and must be forced to do so.  That's fundamentally sad, and largely wrong. In Canada, with a much more left-leaning government than America, citizens  donate to charity at a much lower rate than their American counterparts.  That comes down to two factors: (i) higher taxes and therefore lower disposable income to provide donations and (2) less tax benefit for donating because the government would rather have the money than provide the deduction.

Give people the freedom to help others, spice it with tax incentives and you will have a lot of charity happening.  Americans are more generous than Canadians not because they are fundamentally better people - people are people - but because the system encourages it to be so. And why does the system encourage it?  Because their is more trust.  Not enough trust, but more than elsewhere.  You give that away as an American, at your peril.
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