October 29, 2019

The Katie Hill Throuple scandal and downfall

I have tried to stay away from this one but Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill sewed the seeds of her own downfall, and that should not be forgotten as she goes about blaming conservatives.

In case you were unaware of the whole throuple scandal, Stefan Molyneux explains it and follows up with the perfect reaction. I mean, perfect.

October 22, 2019

Surprising Canadian Election Results

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won re-election last night, winning an election he had no business being close to winning given all of his scandals (not to mention his glaring, drama teacher phoniness).  But the polls between the Liberals and Conservative Party of Canada were within fractions of a percentage point of each other, and it could have gone either way.  So the result is not a shock, but there are some very interesting takeaways nonetheless.

It's worth noting that the Liberals won a minority government.  That means a snap election could be called at any time if a non-confidence motion is agreed to by the other parties.  Typically minority governments last less than two years.

But the results are interesting for two specific reasons. Here are the results as of this morning:

The first reason that this is unusual is clear: the Conservative party won the largest vote share but not the most seats in parliament.  People in the United States who are familiar with the popular vote versus the electoral college results will be familiar with the phenomenon.  There are groups in Canada, mainly far-left-leaning who will take the opportunity to point out that our voting system is not fair.  It's not in the Conservative Party's interest to join this fight.  Parties in Canada rarely garner 40% of the popular vote.  The Liberals (socialist lite) and New Democrats (socialist) would form coalition governments in Canada forever if there was some form of proportional representation.

Besides which, these results are rare:
It marks only the second time in Canada’s history that a governing party will take power with such a low share of the vote. David Moscrop, a political theorist at the University of Ottawa, tweeted that “the last and only time a party has formed government with less than 35 percent of the national popular vote was John A. Macdonald in 1867—with 34.8 percent.”

...Even more unusual in Monday night’s vote, it appeared the Liberals were not even the first place party in terms of absolute number of votes.
Elections Canada official website pointed out how rare this is:
...A party forming a government may receive a smaller share of the popular vote but still win more seats than its principal competing party. This has happened three times since Confederation: in 1957, 1962, and 1979. In 1925, the Liberal government continued in office although it won both fewer seats and fewer votes than the Conservatives.
There's another interesting result.  Party support is highly regionalized.  The Atlantic provinces are predominantly Liberal (though less so than in the last election).  Quebec is predominantly  Bloc Quebecois (a regional party focused mostly on provincial issues).  Ontario, the most populous and central geographically province,  is typically split between conservative (suburban and rural) and liberal (urban) voters and is the real battleground.  It's also where the socialist NDP find support.

The West is predominantly very conservative except right on the coast where there is socialist and liberal support.  The far north has very little representation in parliament but it is split between liberal and socialist support.

The regionalization has been a growing trend over the last decades and it might have reached the point where Ontario becomes the battleground province and the focus of elections going forward.  Again this is similar to typical U.S. elections where battleground states garner the majority of election efforts to the detriment of other areas.

The short term takeaways are obvious for the Conservative Party of Canada - it has grown voter share but not efficiently.  It needs to focus on growing support in suburban Ontario. It can take some comfort in the fact that it won a plurality of the vote, beating the liberals in that regard.  It must look for openings to work with other parties to force another election sooner rather than later (the caveat being it's got to build it's regional support smartly in the meantime).

More Trudeau is not a good thing for Canada, but it looks like we will have to deal with it for a while.

October 21, 2019

Trudeau's last days?

Today there is a national election in Canada.  Justin "black face" Trudeau has been plagued with scandals (from political interference in business, to multiple black face incidents, to ministers leaving due to his treatment of women in the political party), but he has somehow managed to rebound in the polls over the last month.  There is a chance that the Conservative Party of Canada could re-emerge victorious after one term of Liberal leadership but the polling all indicates a tight race between the Conservative and Liberal parties.  

All the other political parties have reverted to form as minor players with minimal representation.  But here's the problem - for Conservatives to win, they must win an outright majority of seats.  The NDP, a truly socialist party, and the Green Party would be more than happy to align with the Liberals to thwart a conservative minority government.   Should the conservatives win less than 50% +1 seats in parliament, it's very likely Canada would have a coalition government between the Liberals and NDP (and the Green Party if necessary).  The Bloc Quebecois will not win many seats but an alignment with conservatives is unlikely in any scenario other than where it would give a slim minority and make the separatist party the power brokers in the next parliament.  other party the PPC, which is a populist/libertarian leaning party might align with the conservatives but it's not clear they will win any seats at all.

I think like with the 2016 election in the U.S., the polls are off and while the Liberals might win a majority (a long shot), a minority (possible), or the Conservatives could win a majority (also a long shot) it's more likely the Conservatives win a minority and are ousted by a Liberal-NDP coalition.

As much as I hope these are Trudeau's last days, and they should be, I think sadly, they aren't.

October 17, 2019

Continuing CNN exposure via Project Veritas.

You can find Part 2 here and Part 1 here.

CNN staff admit they are leftists.

Pacific Garbage Patch alarmists' alarmism

I'm not about to make excuses for the Pacific Garbage Patch being 600,000 square miles of garbage floating in the North Pacific.  It's something that should not be there.  But I do find it alarming that when you see videos about it or read stories about it, they are filled with alarmism.  Take for example the video below.

Let me preface it by pointing out the following. 600,000 square miles represents 0.94% of the surface area of the Pacific Ocean.  Now watch when they show the size of it in their graphics.  Yes, 600,000 square miles is more than twice the size of Texas, but if you put Texas in the Pacific ocean it is miniscule.  Watch how they depict it. 

It's alarmism from alarmists, designed to make you panic.  When you panic you are more likely to accept their radical solutions.

It's also worth pointing out where the garbage is predominantly coming from;
But specifically, scientists say, the bulk of the garbage patch trash comes from China and other Asian countries.

This shouldn't be a surprise: Overall, worldwide, most of the plastic trash in the ocean comes from Asia. In fact, the top six countries for ocean garbage are China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Thailand, according to a 2015 study in the journal Science.
China mostly.  The study goes on to say that the United States contributes "contributes as much as 242 million pounds of plastic trash to the ocean every year". REALLY?  That amounts to 121,000 tons per year.  Elsewhere in the article it says the patch is only 88,000 tons.

That math doesn't work.  There are serious flaws with this 'study' as well as the journalist(s) responsible for reporting it, who cannot check basic math.

Another fact. According to PBS the patch weighs 87,000 tons.  That's a lot.  Yes, it needs to be addressed.  No, it's not actually that much compared to the size of the Pacific Ocean. 87,000 tons over 600,000 square miles is 0.145 tons (or 290 pounds) per square mile of the patch. Imagine a 300 lb. man floating in a square mile of ocean.

Put another way, the Pacific Ocean represents 46% of the world's ocean surface.  Given that "The ocean accounts for 0.022 percent of the total weight of earth, weighing an estimated 1,450,000,000,000,000,000 short tons (1 short ton = 2,000lbs)", that means there are 667,000,000,000,000,000 short tons of water in the Pacific Ocean.  You know what percentage of the ocean that garbage patch represents?


Yes, we should not pollute the oceans. But should we panic?  Should we spend billions cleaning up what is mostly Asia's mess?  No.  We should demand that they stop.  And we should not feel so much guilt or blame ourselves.

America as an energy exporter

So this is happening, and good thing it is.

GM UAW deal is good for America.

So says the president of Toyota North America.

October 16, 2019

More CNN uncovered

CNN continues to be exposed by Project Veritas:

Pelosi leaves, meeting become productive

Nancy Pelosi claims president Trump had a meltdown during meeting on Syria.  She left the meeting.  Afterwards it became productive.

Let's face it Pelosi is a rambling, politically motivated hack who is more interested in a creative soundbite than a meaningful dialogue and negotiation.

Evidence of the nefariousness of YouTube

Tim Pool notices how his videos are being suppressed.  He can't explain it, but he does see it.  And he doe discuss what he thinks is going on.

WalkAway Wednesday

Another story of departure:

Anti-war liberals (including the media) want more war in Syria.

President Trump gives liberals what they wanted when Bush was president.  Now they hate him for that too.  So what does the president do?  He fires back.

I understand wanting to support America's allies. Conservatives understand and generally support that notion too.  But president Trump is more aligned with the libertarian viewpoint (e.g. Rand Paul).  He is also being consistent.  America first also means with respect to military activities too.

While I lean more towards working with allies who are willing to work with America, I can understand the president's viewpoint.  It's not ideal in my opinion, but I get where he is coming from.

The anti-war liberals who want to stay in Syria to help the Kurds have a consistency problem that I cannot resolve on their behalf.  Clearly Orange Man Bad trumps every other consideration for them and if the president did not pull out they would have the same level of horror with his decision.

CNN exposed by Project Veritas (part 2)

I shared part 1 here.

October 15, 2019

Glenn Beck helps expose American ambassador Yovanovitch blocked entry for Trump investigation

More information that needs to get pushed into the conversation because the mainstream media will ignore it otherwise.

Via Glenn Beck

John Solomon breaks down the timeline: starting last year, several Ukraine officials working under former Prosecutor General Lutsenko raised alarms concerning the conduct of US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. They say not only was she meddling in Ukraine domestic affairs, trying to control who the government there could and couldn't prosecute, but that Joe Biden was also up to something fishy concerning his son, Hunter, and Burisma. They tried to bring it to the attention of American politicians, but could never get the visas they needed to travel to America. Why? You guessed it...Yovanovitch blocked their visa applications from ever going further than her desk. And this all happened BEFORE Giuliani ever touched ground there.

This, if verifiable, is criminal behavior.

Project Veritas exposes CNN

More from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, exposing CNN bias this time.  I share these because YouTube makes it hard for people to know about conservative news and the mainstream media of course smears it as fake news, but this is information that is credible.  It needs to be shared to get knowledge out there.

October 14, 2019

Bannon thinks Hillary is in the race for 2020

Steve Bannon is a bright guy, but I think he's wrong here.  She's a two time loser (first to Obama then to Trump, not to mention probably also Sanders in between).  She would not go far in the primaries let a lone a Trump rematch.

Then again, she is a little bit out of touch.

Liz Warren falsely attacks Facebook

...and I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook knew about this ahead of time.  After all Zuckerberg has begged to be regulated.

October 11, 2019

Debt problem is not a Trump tax cut problem

Stuart Varney breaks it down, it's not a revenue issue, it's the spending that is the problem:

Friday Musical Interlude - Rodriguez

From 1971, the song Cause by Rodriguez.

NBA team kicks out pro Hong Kong fans from game.

Is this the NBA trying to avoid getting into politics the way the NFL was sucked into it by Colin Kaepernick? Maybe they see it that way but most people see it as the NBA capitulating to communist China.

They have a lot of financial interest in China, and businesses like the NBA have been playing by the rules that were set out for them.  After pro Hong Kong tweets by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, the NBA commissioner grovelled to China in apology before partially walking that back after a flood of criticism.

The NBA finds themselves in the spotlight and trying to balance their financial interests in China with free speech.  Here's the problem.,  The NBA is trying to avoid committing to anything and hoping it will all go away.  The non-committal is de facto capitulation.  They need to come down either way - as pro-China or as the American way; pro freedom (ergo pro Hong Kong).

American values have not spread to China due to ridiculously pro-China trade liberalization.  Liberals argued for doing that with the Soviet Union to liberalize that system.  That's not what happened.  Ronald Reagan spent the U.S.S.R. into dust.  Peace, through strength.  President Trump is doing the same thing now - making the fight economic.

Yes, there is disruption to companies like the NBA.  But so too others like Apple.  Adapt or die.  Americans will not, or at least should not tolerate any company that is willing to get into bed with a totalitarian, oppressive regime like communist China.  If they won't do it on their own, maybe the rules governing trade with China need to be made more punitive.  Dealing with China is an existential necessity.

October 10, 2019

Devin Nunes is genius

There are few political pitbulls in the Republican party, but Devin Nunes is one of them.  Better still, he's an effective fighter.  Best of all, he's a genius.  The GOP needs more like him.

Here's why he's a genius:

Boycott those companies who are bowing to China over Hong Kong

I'm not a supporter of boycotts per se, but I will not support Blizzard or the NBA because they are caving to communist China instead of supporting those desiring freedom in Hong Kong.  I'm not suggesting that you do the same...per se.

Walking towards president Trump

Brandon Straka was the founder of the the #WalkAway movement where people share their stories and reasons for  walking away from the Democratic party.  It's become a movement.

But Brandon Straka did not walk directly towards president Trump.  That is until he saw this:

October 9, 2019

Moderate Democrats poised to lose, lose, lose in 2020

Kiss congress goodbye Democrats.  Impeachment will be your doom.

Addendum: Moderate Democrats are not a real thing anymore.  Sure Democrats in moderate districts are real, and that's who is in danger now.

Disgruntled Mueller did not get the job

President Trump points out that Mueller did not get the FBI Director job he clearly applied for (and lied about under testimony).

Ellen Degeneres has class

A few years back on Twitter I was unfriended by Ellen Degeneres.  It didn't crush me, I may have tweeted something that offended her (or someone on her staff in charge of her Twitter account).  I figured that she friended me based on something I posted on my blog and shared on Twitter and then unfriended me later for the same reason.  I assumed it was because it was a conservative view that I had shared.

But apparently she's bigger than that, classy even:

Just an aside, George Bush is not a truly conservative Republican. He's a Republican for sure, but conservative? Not so much. Nevertheless it was classy of her to be kind and/or friendly with someone who does not share her views and who 10 years ago was considered by the left as the most evil man on the planet.

Hillary Clinton

Where has Hillary Clinton been? Pretending she is the president. Ben Shapiro breaks down her comments on the Ukraine scandal.

October 7, 2019

Donald Trump: tough guy

The country needs a tough guy as president.  I like this ad.

Adam Schiff may have actually talked directly to the "whistle blower"

By whistle blower I mean CIA insider planted to trap president Trump.  And the speculation that he may have known is something I have suspected is the case.  That said, at this point it is just speculation.

Climate activists are pawns - an economics lesson

The world is going to end, soon, unless we stop greenhouse gas emissions entirely, and soon. This is what climate activists are demanding. But those emissions primarily come from manufacturing and energy production.  Climate emissions have skyrocketed in China and India while having declined in the United States*.  That's not uncorrelated to offshoring of manufacturing jobs to Asia. They are pawns.

The establishment wealthy want to offshore jobs to countries where they can pay 70 cents a day instead of $100 a day.  They are the same ones arguing for free trade and against tariffs on China because they say it is bad for consumers.  True, prices would be higher but it does not matter to a consumer if  they don't have a job.  It's as hard to afford $10 for pants as $50 for pants when you are broke.

It's also true that free trade is a good thing for all parties.  Except what is being passed of as free trade really isn't free trade.  Market restrictions in China means that they have free access to our markets but we have highly restricted access to their markets. Further the companies have an easy way to move production and therefore jobs) to cheap labor countries, but you as a producer of labor do not have the same freedom of movement if you are willing to work for less.   Even smaller businesses do not have the same mobility of labor options.  A small dairy farmer or manufacturer can't just move production to China.  Free trade would be truly borderless for all (which is not entirely without it's pitfalls).

So these wealthy business owners have distinct advantages over their competitors and consumers.  They have created the situation where they continue to gain wealth at the expense of jobs and smaller, weaker competitors.  Why would they want that to change?  That's why so many wealthy support climate change activism.

If you are a climate activist, unless you are a billionaire producing items to sell in China and selling them in the Western world, you are a pawn and working against your own self interest.  It behooves you to investigate how global warming climate change activism began.  You'll find it's rooted in socialism (and it's attempt to destroy capitalism through whatever means possible) and married tightly to mega-corporations leveraging the marriage of free trade and climate activism to take advantage of a gullible public to enrich themselves.

*Energy production has already been changed from coal to natural gas and nuclear power in the United States in significant proportions.  This is a large part of why emissions have declined (the other being jobs disappearing).

Mitt Romney considering kneecapping president Trump

Mitt Romney is mulling over a primary challenge to president Trump.
Romney has re-emerged, as he does occasionally, to be the self-appointed voice of morality. He slammed President Trump’s behavior during the phone call to Ukraine’s President Zelensky as “wrong and appalling”.

...While Romney is clutching his pearls over Trump’s phone call, I haven’t seen a tweet criticizing Rep. Adam Schiff for lying about contact with the whistleblower who filed the complaint that opened up the investigation into the phone call. Even the Washington Post gave that four Pinocchios. That’s the problem with Romney – he’s too busy criticizing a Republican president to criticize Democrats.
That's just a #NeverTrump attempt to kneecap the president. Mitt Romney cannot win a general election and he has exactly zero percent probability of beating president Trump in a primary. So what's his end game? Either Mitt Romney is so insulated from reality in his #NeverTrump circle with the likes of Bill Kristol that he thinks he can win, or else he's hoping he does enough damage to allow a Democrat to beat president Trump in the general election. Either way, it's not going to get him anywhere.

October 5, 2019

Saturday Learning Series - Geography (Madagascar)

Madagascar is more than a kids movie:

The flag:

The Joker vs. SJWs

The new Joker movie apparently is very well done, and social justice warriors hate it.

Bernie Sanders is sicker than we thought

The headline applies to his policy ideas obviously but this relates to his recent heart issues and the classic Friday news dump style of the real information being released:

October 4, 2019

Climate change is way bigger than you think

By way bigger, I mean way beyond humans having any sort of consequential impact.  The author of this video does not seek to dispute the impact of humans on climate change.  However, the evidence he presents, kind of does that anyway.  

I've posted other videos years ago that actually quantify the impact of the Milankovitch cycles, H20 etc. on the climate relative to human activity and it turns out we are relatively insignficant.

Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

The story behind Greta Thunberg - why she's a climate change media complex creation:

Phony Impeachment 2, like many sequels, sucks

Phony Impeachment 2, the sequel to the first phony impeachment flop, sucks even worse than the original.  

Let's see, a CIA agent, a registered Democrat gets assigned to the White House and shortly after the rules were loosened dramatically (to the point of hearsay) on what is required as evidence for whistle blowing, the whistle blower talks to Adam Schiff et. al. and submits a complaint against the president.
Nothing to see here folks:

Post faux-impeachment machinations the media goes into full tilt impeachment hysteria, completely ignoring some profound evidence (including an admission by the man himself) that Joe Biden was doing exactly what they are accusing the president of doing. They ignored the fact that what they are calling quid pro quo from the president occurred after the president had long since suspended aid to Ukraine. They are ignoring the fact that the president of the Ukraine when asked, said he felt no pressure whatsoever.

Nothing to see here folks. Let us tell you what really happened and trust us.

It's no wonder the president is not going to cooperate with Congress on the inquiry without a vote on whether to proceed with an impeachment inquiry (which is an established norm). He's learned that cooperation does absolutely nothing when dealing with Democrats other than getting them to double down.

Friday Musical Interlude - The Cars

Another member of this excellent band died recently (Rick Ocasek).  The Cars had a string of memorable hits through the late 70's and early 80's.  This one, from their 1978 debut album, Good Times Roll only peaked at 41 on Billboard but is an instantly recognizable classic.

October 3, 2019

Democrats' final tactic - silencing opponents

This is real folks.  Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris wants to ban president Trump from Twitter.  Do liberals and progressives understand how evil this is?

Don't forget Maxine Waters wants the president thrown in jail - in solitary confinement.  Probably without a trial.  She said so on Twitter.  You remember when conservatives all freaked out and demanded that Twitter ban her for it?  No, me either.

Did Adam Schiff perjure himself?

Adam Schiff lied throughout the Mueller probe claiming he knew stuff that never materialized.  He lied about what president Trump said during his call with Ukrainian president. He actually made stuff up and was called out on it.  And then he said he had no contact with the whistle blower in the Ukraine discussion between the Ukrainian president and president Trump.

It turns out Adam Schiff's office may have even helped the whistle blower craft the complaint.

Schiff is a compulsive liar. He is sleazy.  He may not be treasonous but he has done things that are not legal and he needs to be removed from his Chairmanship and congress. 

#Walkaway Wednesday

The #WalkAway campaign has been around for over a year.  Interestingly it's getting harder to find on YouTube (I never subscribed) so when I cam back to link to another video, it was not as easy as last time.  Nevertheless, here's another personal account:

A reply to Greta Thunberg from 9 months ago (before she became famous in America)

Common sense lacking in the media hysteria over a misinformed, abused young girl:

October 2, 2019

Rumors of Republican Trump support's death are greatly exaggerated.

Not just exaggerated, completely wrong. Someone named Janan Ganesh seems to be claiming that support for president Trump is actually quite shallow and Republicans could easily abandon him during impeachment proceedings.


How do I know? Record fundraising by the president:
Blockbuster: Trump, RNC Raise Combined $125 Million In Third Quarter, A New Record
How big is this number? When Obama ran for reelection in 2011, he and the DNC managed a combined $70 million in the third quarter.
Does that sound like any kind of scenario where Republicans (RNC) would be politically suicidal enough to abandon ship? 

If Hillary Clinton jumps into the 2020 race, can she win?

Very short answer: NO.

Short answer: Not even the Democrat primary.

Slightly long answer: Not a chance - even though the establishment (including Never Trump Republicans) wants her (even more than they would settle for Biden), no one else does.  She's toxic - anti-Hillary voters will flock to Trump and/or any other Democrat candidate to make sure she doesn't win the presidency or even the nomination.  If Hillary enters the Democrat race, the race will settle into Biden and Warren more quickly than you can imagine.

Long answer:  she doesn't deserve one at this point. Get back to me if she announces an intention to run - probably the day before the first primary if she's running (so as to continue to avoid any potential scrutiny).

This is not to say she isn't going to run.  On that issue I am less sure, even though I doubt it.  Nevertheless, here she is on The View talking 2020 and trying to sound better than the rest of us.  Note she mentions it's still early.  Watch only if you have a strong stomach.

In summary, she has no chance.  She's still bitter, still feeling entitled (she has not learned from being beaten by both Obama and Trump that you actually have to work for it to win it) and neither the left or the right are interested in an establishment candidate at this time.  She has no visible path to the presidency and even if there was, it's a very, very, very long shot.

For that reason I don't think she is really in it to run, just to sell books.  Either that or she is really as deluded as we thought in 2016 and before that.

Trump economy vs. Obama economy

How is president Trump not a shoe-in for re-election in 2020 with this?

Is Bernie Sanders going to have to drop out?

According to Breitbart, Bernie Sanders is facing a medical issue:
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) underwent emergency heart surgery, installing two stents in an artery, and has canceled all campaign events “until further notice,” his campaign announced Wednesday morning.

Sanders’ Senior Advisor Jeff Weaver said in an emailed statement that Sanders, 78, “experienced some chest discomfort” during a campaign event on Tuesday. A medical evaluation determined that he had a blockage in an artery, and two stents were “successfully inserted.”

Weaver said Sanders conversing and “in good spirits.” However, they are canceling all of his campaign activities until further notice.
It's well within the realm of possibility that Sanders will recover fully, but the question is whether his campaign can do the same. As a real contender, he can't afford an indefinite suspension of events and media face time. It puts his campaign at risk if he misses a weak. Further, there is an immediate perception problem. Voters will wonder, fairly, "is he physically up to the job?" It's not necessarily fair because he could recover fully but the perception may not follow suit. It's a fair perception because you cannot really know, but it is not necessarily fair to Bernie at the same time.

I am no fan of socialist Bernie, but it is an unfortunate development for his campaign. I suspect this is something that drops him back down to the top of the second tier - leaving Warren, Biden as the only contenders in the first tier. Sanders could find himself between that tier with support in the 20% plus range and ahead of Buttigieg and Harris in the 5% range. This could definitely drop Sanders from a barely top tier 16% down to 10%, clearly falling out of the top tier, away from potential recovery to a true contender.

That leaves Warren and Biden in the front runner category. If the Biden scandal pans out this becomes a Trump vs. Warren 2020 general election. Sanders' fellow socialist Elizabeth Warren has an opportunity to seize the nomination by the throat at this point. She will need to go after Biden to do it. It is interesting because with the next debate she will have to decide whether to go after the potential Ukraine scandal involving Biden, or to take the "high road" among Democrats and ignore the scandal.
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